Basic Economic Reality Can Upset Some People, Netanyahu Discusses Possible Hostage Deal, Trump Remains Popular Reader 11/13/2023 (Mon) 13:55 Id: 13976d No.21725 del
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Biden Is Upset Because He Does Not Understand Basic Economics
MY COMMENT: Real news media reports the facts. If the cost of living is significantly rising then real news media will report it, regardless what people think. The problem is not real news. The problem is the government's failed economic policies. If the government does not know how to run an economy, then the government should not be trying to run it at all. If you increase the debt, the fiat money supply, it decreases the value of the money already in circulation, thus increasing price inflation. Price inflation is simply the currency being devalued. When you lower the value of your currency (by increasing the fiat money supply), then prices for hard assets, land, food, energy and basic essentials cost more. This is Economics 101. It's the law of economics. No amount of ideology or political debate changes this simple economic reality. No amount of debt withdrawals us from this harsh reality. If you shoot yourself in the foot, you bleed.

Like Him Or Hate Him, Trump Remains Very Popular In America

‘QAnon Shaman’ Interested In Running For Arizona Congressional Seat

Surprise, Surprise! San Francisco Suddenly Cleaned Up For Xi Jinping Meeting
Cannot allow China to see the failed State conditions many Americans had to put up with for years!?

Netanyahu Discusses Possible Hostage Deal

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