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I was an Anarchist in my angry adolescence. Punk was trendy. As a teen with the logic center of my brain the least developed, I thought it would be a great ideal. I wanted to smash the system. The reality is, should total anarchy happen, authority rises in a vacuum. You can't enforce anarchy without becoming an authority figure. That's when you defeat the entire purpose.

So let us imagine the short period of time it could possibly happen until power seeking assholes take charge and form posses. Sure I've heard many anarchists make foolish claims like "natural morals will shine through". No they won't. People have innate desires they suppress in a law enforced society. Yet the punishment of prison is not very appealing. What man in an anarchist society would want natural courtship, going on dates and paying for meals and drawing out conversations, realizing ultimately she's going to transform into a nagging cunt? No consequences means the ability to pin any woman down and have your way with her. No strings attached. Sharing food and necessities? That's not anarchy. That's Socialism. With anarchy, you need something, you take it. You steal it. Someone pisses you off? No consequences. You kill them. Rape, murder and theft run rampant.

Everyone's darkest desires become reality. It's not sustainable. People will rise to authority or seek those who are willing to prevent that from happening to them. They then become, according to anarchist themselves, "totalitarian". "Fascist". According to the actual root definition of fascist: an organized group. Every anarchist's enemy. Yet massively organized groups are the only viable solution. Look at what happened here:


THAT is what the government fears.