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(426.63 KB 690x1172 END TIMES NEWS.png)
United States In Grave Danger Of Another False Flag Attack, Thanksgiving Massacre Inbound!? Reader 11/16/2023 (Thu) 02:58 Id: c4850f [Preview] No. 21740
End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000199

Top American Leader Issues “Most Dangerous Times In History Of United States” Declaration

Expect Another Major False Flag Attack, Again, In America!
MY COMMENT: Notice the language! Everything they say points to abolishing FREEDOM OF SPEECH! These are not just Democrats folks! They are so-called "Conservatives" too! They are preparing very soon to LOCK DOWN THE ENTIRE INTERNET to expand their lustful profits for ENDLESS WAR! I know these neo-cons and how they think and what they do, trust me when I say this! You people have NO IDEA how your lives are about to be upended God damn it!!!

Now the real president of Ukraine named Yermak is in the United States trying to convince the American government that there is no corruption in Ukraine, and to blame the theft committed by him and those from his circle on the scheming of ‘Kremlin agents’. He is also trying to arrange a telephone conversation between Zelensky and Trump in order to gain support in Congress for aid to Ukraine, which he and Zelensky are plundering. I am the only one talking about this corruption, which is supported by numerous facts and journalistic investigations, and it is for this that they want to put me in jail on yet another trumped-up charges.

Xi Made "Progress" Alright...
For many observers, this campaign has raised concern that a world modeled on Beijing’s rules is also one where features of its iron-fisted, autocratic rule — like heavy surveillance, censorship and political repression — could become globally accepted practices.

“What the Chinese are saying is ‘live and let live,’ you may not like Russian domestic politics, you might not like the Chinese political regime — but if you want security, you will have to give them the space to survive and thrive as well,” said Yun Sun, director of the China program at the Stimson Center think tank in Washington.
MY COMMENT: I believe Xi Jingpin is right, on certain issues. Yes, Xi is correct that the US government has overplayed their hands. He is correct we need a multi-polar world too, nations that respect one another's sovereignty, and make peace and trade, yes that is correct! What I fear most is the US government is deliberately lying to Xi Jingpin - just like they lied to Vladimir Putin and everyone else - desiring to model the United States under the same kind of "iron-fisted, autocratic rule" (like heavy surveillance, censorship and political repression) in order to stir more endless wars and population control, so they can come after all of us who dissent, before they come after every other nation INCLUDING CHINA TOO! I know the neo-con playbook! They lie through their teeth! They are cunning! They are deceptive! They are evil, plain and simple! They will kill ANYONE to get their world hegemony, and sacrifice ANYONE ANYWHERE NO MATTER WHO to achieve world domination!!!

Isn't it ironic that the very FIRST people, here in the USA or elsewhere in the world, to screech publicly that a candidate or political policy is "a threat to our Democracy" are the very ones who actually BLEW UP a democratic legislative building? Literally DESTROYED IT!

House Republicans are heading home early for Thanksgiving recess after a conservative revolt tanked plans to pass more spending bills on Wednesday.

Reader 11/16/2023 (Thu) 04:13 Id: db6398 [Preview] No.21741 del
(274.86 KB 746x674 (2).jpg)
>House Homeland Chair Green to warn US is at 'one of the most dangerous times' in history
Right. Hamas are terrorists when they kill but Israelis aren't terrorists when they kill. Now somehow the United States is threatened by rightful retribution via the Palestinian people against Israeli child murderers. Good old (((Fox News))).

Yeah. A false flag is coming. It'll either be blamed on Hamas or Iran. You can smell Israel's desperation.

>Dubinsky the jew vs Zelensky the jew
Got to love that infighting.

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