Anonymous 06/06/2024 (Thu) 22:32 No.19305 del
> Ignore this faggot. He is trying to get ownership over /bb/ board to himself. Literally every post from this fag is about how he can run the board better than the current admins
I'm just regular anon. Мне нахуй не надо мочухом становиться и бесплатно парашу драить, уже есть человек, который этим должен заниматься
> /bb/ has always been this way. It's a board dedicated to discussing drugs you dumb fuck. Of course there are people who discuss fapping on stimulants
Yeah, everyday there is 5-10-15 posts about fapping on salt and cumming like a pig, or about jews, and now this is crazy, literally whole general thread in shizo posts and arguing with himself. Not only that, this maggot answer to almost every post from normal anons. If you write something about weed he will answer something like that "bruh, weed is shit, try fap your ass on salt" and this is to almost every post, everyday. And everyday he posts questions about how to fuck your ass properly on bath salt