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Insulting National Socialism or Hitler or promoting jews will be banned immediately.

Brainstorming spreading National Socialism thread Anonymous 07/25/2022 (Mon) 14:04 Id: c6d076 [Preview] No. 87984 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The point of this thread is not only to come up with ideas for spreading https://endchan.gg/pol/ , https://endchan.net/pol/ and https://endchan.org/pol/ but also National Socialism in general.

The facts about endchan's /pol/ are these: This board has been the most shilled and spammed and has had the highest amount of bans across the entire site since 2017. The most (banned) traffic were always either shills for jews, Feds making entrapment threads, attempts at destroying the board with gay porn, Atomwaffen Feds calling for violence during periods of public shootings, etc. The least traffic has been genuine National Socialists. What has been lost was the presence of two great Board Owners - Ocelotte and G_C. Along with that, a regular known as Spainflag anon hasn't been around in awhile as well as Book anon and English anon. What we have left is myself the Board Owner, Slovak anon, and some who are unidentified because this board's intent is to be anonymous. The facts about true National Socialism can be seen in the images.

Suggesting websites is one strategy but there is a major problem. I myself have tried and been banned from (((David Karp's))) Tumblr, (((Jason Citron's))) Discord, (((Larry Page and Sergey Brin's))) Gmail, (((Mark Zuckerberg's))) Facebook, (((Susan Wojcicki's))) YouTube, and even (((Ben Silbermann's))) Pinterest and (((Kevin Systrom's))) Instagram and (((John Stratton's))) Flickr due to images, (((Doug Leeds's))) Ask.com. Twitter has banned me a few times and I gave up there as well. Since jews obviously own the majority of popular social media; this leaves the Chans. Endchan's /pol/ genuine user traffic began from all those who used to be banned by 8chan's /pol/ moderation. The old days of calling out Trump as a quarter jew Zionist, Merkel as a jew etc. Now when bringing up Endchan at 8chan's moe site which doesn't have a /pol/, some fat Fed no life moderator issues a ban within the very second of posting. 16chan is down. Many other chan sites which I used to know about years ago are gone now. Frenschan seems to be friendly towards bringing up Endchan. That is all I'm aware of.

Suggest alternative chans which may be told about Endchan and National Socialism here. It doesn't even matter if jews catch on as long as you can avoid a permanent ban somewhere else. This board received publicity unintentionally back when someone reposted the Oslo shooter's intent from Facebook. Endchan was even brought up by Homeland Security. Any publicity is good because bad actors will be removed. The point has always been to agitate jews and make them publicize the cause. "Never forget" is their motto for their holocaust fraud and that is why National Socialism hasn't died as jews made enemies throughout time. They never do forget. The jews are obsessed with it, as well as with hating Hitler. This can be used to our advantage as well as telling chans. Trigger them and they will whine on their mainstream media outlets.
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Anonymous 06/01/2023 (Thu) 18:54 Id: eb07cd [Preview] No.90559 del
Aryans must follow the example of the Aryan Brotherhood, Klaus Barbie and Even the same Horts Wessel (who was a street gangster and a procurer what in his time make the kike gangsters, commies and the zog decadent Weimar goverment seethe and dilate) and start to support El Mencho in their Fight against The Narco-jewry of the Sinaloa Cartel Helped by the Israelí Mafia and the Mossad




Anonymous 06/02/2023 (Fri) 08:43 Id: 9f0847 [Preview] No.90564 del
Know what? Like all jews, Mossad are invited into our nations by cucks and fuck the lives of the rest of us. The only difference is, Mossad kikes actually murder people and get away with it instead of the slow death all other jews promote. They are terrorists. They are enemies of every state that is not Israel. El Mencho cartel retaliate against those murderers all you want. You don't need our permission.

Anonymous 06/04/2023 (Sun) 21:04 [Preview] No.90577 del
bomber harris does not care if you are light or dark

Anonymous 06/05/2023 (Mon) 00:00 Id: 9f0847 [Preview] No.90578 del
(172.88 KB 1080x766 dresden3.jpg)
(337.81 KB 900x570 main_900.jpg)
(531.42 KB 1500x958 main_1500 (1).jpg)
(479.48 KB 1500x1079 main_1500.jpg)
He did care that those who got bombed where German civilians.

Anonymous 06/06/2023 (Tue) 19:14 Id: 1acb82 [Preview] No.90588 del
So then why did not Bratislava or appolo refinery was not burning like did dresden or german cities? Or was a small nation lead by priest whom was by that time a fine examole i just wanted to play videogames more important than germany becquse we have water and strategic position?
Or was it that harris had a special boner when commiting war crimes on germans and not other subjects which got a taste of what allies actually are

Its the second thing laddy

(689.51 KB 700x1126 02417-3651363822 .png)
QTTDTOT Anonymous 05/25/2023 (Thu) 19:07 Id: bdb57c [Preview] No. 90546 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
This is a successor to the 2019 Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread https://archive.is/sdM7U The point is to avoid clutter because a one sentence question is a waste of a thread. So stop doing that. Ask here instead. Keep in mind the rules. Loaded questions may be removed. https://endchan.org/pol/rules.html

Anonymous 05/31/2023 (Wed) 01:01 Id: 1b005d [Preview] No.90552 del
what is the new awakening reading list? I just found this board recently

Anonymous 05/31/2023 (Wed) 04:55 Id: bdb57c [Preview] No.90553 del

(495.24 KB 680x681 download (1).png)
(315.21 KB 680x425 download (2).png)
(309.02 KB 680x425 download (3).png)
(270.09 KB 263x448 one victim.png)
(56.37 KB 501x488 NPCs.jpg)
Hideous transgender kike bitch shoots up Nashville school Anonymous 03/28/2023 (Tue) 11:32 Id: 7ca4cc [Preview] No. 90126 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Audrey Hale resented attending Nashville's The Convenant School, a Presbyterian private school, at an annual rate of $16,500 when the kike identified as transgender. In retaliation, she shot and killed 9 year old Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs and William Kinney as well as the teachers Katherine Koonce, Cynthia Peak and custodian Mike Hill. Two officers then shot the violent kike dead. Hallie Scruggs was the 9 year old daughter of Chad Scruggs, the senior pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church. Rather than shining a light on the fact transgenderism is a direct sign of mental illness and that Audrey was a demented jew; Zionist stooge President Biden instead called for his old agenda of banning assault rifles.

Hale is a jewish (Ashkenazic) variant of Halle. If it's not clear to you now that jews want you dead, you need to start paying attention.

34 posts and 23 images omitted.

Anonymous 05/19/2023 (Fri) 10:07 Id: 7ca4cc [Preview] No.90506 del
>based sexist people
MGTOW are a kike pysop, as is every single subject that prevents procreation. Men going their own way? They rage about the existence of women. Anything to distract from jews originates from jews.

Anonymous 05/19/2023 (Fri) 13:55 [Preview] No.90508 del
Kike articles are so quick to promote the most retarded shit and say he was driven to violence but as soon as it’s a dude with white skin it’s “white supremacy”

Anonymous 05/20/2023 (Sat) 03:18 Id: 7ca4cc [Preview] No.90511 del
Not even always a dude with white skin. Sometimes it's jews they say were 'white supremacists'. Sometimes it's Commies. A stupid black bitch politician recently said a black shooter was a 'white supremacist'.

Anonymous 05/20/2023 (Sat) 06:34 Id: 17bfeb [Preview] No.90512 del
>Commies must have liked her to have some renown though

This (as retards always compliment retards ro validate each other) and the thing that marxist art was always made to humiliate (ie these little bit better looking showing something that defenetly wasnt a thing there) or to lower people into that primitivness and mediocrity by the most common artworks of bauhaus and knock offs of picassos abominations since jews coudlnt into something that expresses beauty and somehow misery needs to have a spoon of sugar to be digested by deprived populus and that combined that populus had to be stuck in certain generation by any means necceseary similar to present how AI art and output is threatening the cultural stagnation and decline into point where we will be stuck in one era the 2020s forever

From cartoons to artwork all was just a bland nonsense made to either mock you of what you had been robbed or dull you into primitivness and creative stagnation which just furthers me a view that jew doesnt see world or everything by normal eye since many of his art creations can be replicated by child as that much they are a creative bankrupt

And before someone may point me a soviet realism art (again the art suppised to mock you of world you were stolen) or how in warsaw pact was synthpop and disco a massive boom in 80s let me mind you even these things were rare thing to hear or see for pleb and more for marxist nobility as a pleb you had to either go on black market to get something better and if lucky not get scammed or to be stuck on 3 sock puppet artists from which sometimes came something what can be considered good

Anonymous 05/20/2023 (Sat) 06:37 Id: 17bfeb [Preview] No.90513 del
And about love lifes of jews in leadership of ussr or dzugasvily for someone who doesnt know and stumbles on that i will tell you one name as its a very deep rabbit hole when that bastard not being one of those who lived like a stereotypical arab Sultan having harems of women or that one for who when visiting locals needed to get some to please his libido
>Lavretin Beria and his night rides

(93.08 KB 683x909 8250.jpg)
Meta Thread 6 Anonymous Board owner 02/25/2021 (Thu) 17:27 Id: 20967e [Preview] No. 84093 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The rules are these
1. No jews. The enemy is kikes plus traitors, their religion is Judaism and they will be banned. Do not distract from the enemy. It is not possible to remove any other problem until the jewish tumor is excised from our nations.
2. Insulting National Socialism or Hitler, even by implying anything wrong about Hitler, will result in an immediate ban. (No excuses will be tolerated for this. No "but I was just pandering to normies", "I was ironic shitposting" or "you misunderstood muh context".)
3. Threads and posts must not support jewish propaganda. Expose jews, don't empower them. This doesn't matter if you're not jewish.

If you want your ban lifted, you must agree not to violate these rules. Calm appeals are accepted. Rage appeals are denied
Typing "Write your appeal" (as AIDSkike does) will not be lifted.
Ocelotte and George_Costanza are forever listed as Volunteers and may return any time they wish with zero expectations

Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply. https://endchan.net/.static/globalRules.html

Previous threads:
#0 - http://archive.fo/zPA9W
#1 - http://archive.fo/cFJEA
#2 - http://archive.fo/rPzLu
#3 - http://archive.is/b4YaS

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 02/02/2023 (Thu) 01:17.
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Anonymous 04/26/2023 (Wed) 03:22 Id: 6d6b86 [Preview] No.90356 del
(118.13 KB 820x704 00.jpg)
There is now a jew promoting pictures of kikes, kikes in gay porn and gore >>>/endpolmeta/ is the archive of deletions. If there is anyone left: report it globally, as I can't be here 24/7.

What this dimwitted kike doesn't understand is what I've already said. I have extreme apathy. The above described imagery does not phase me. The kike could post what does, but then that would be admitting what jews are responsible for by showing them massacring innocents. And that's allowed. Yidds have no power here. The only emotion they can ever draw out is disgust of them.

Anonymous 04/27/2023 (Thu) 05:17 Id: 558dee [Preview] No.90364 del
It's okay fren. Everyone makes mistakes and nobody's perfect.

I actually found a recent copy of the thread right now. It has the majority of the posts for the thread. I also saved a copy of it for myself too

Infographs mega dump

Next time, we'll just back up things better. And not unsticky good threads because of a random intruder's demands.

Anonymous 04/27/2023 (Thu) 07:18 Id: 2c08ea [Preview] No.90365 del
You're right. For those who never stay, they shouldn't have any say about this board. I should offer you Volunteer at this point, but I think you weren't interested before. Not sure.

The Vol position will be as honorary as it is for G_C and Ocelotte whom have not been around for years. You don't even have to moderate when you don't feel like it. You won't have to check in. I'm not anyone's manager.
Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 04/27/2023 (Thu) 08:56.

Anonymous 05/18/2023 (Thu) 02:21 Id: 25fb14 [Preview] No.90487 del
(24.08 KB 400x400 mill.jpeg)
>Vol position will be as honorary as it is for G_C and Ocelotte whom have not been around for years

Thanks. I just do what I can. Same as everyone else in the board

>Vol position will be as honorary as it is for G_C and Ocelotte whom have not been around for years

Was dealing with a few things in life, so I couldn't at the time. Hope you understand BO

Anonymous 05/18/2023 (Thu) 05:59 Id: 6d6b86 [Preview] No.90489 del
I'm offering in case of some unforeseen circumstance that would remove my ability to watch over this board. So the Vol position doesn't have to be active. You and Slovak anon both have your heads in the right place and come here more frequently than others (not counting the kike shills).
>Was dealing with a few things in life, so I couldn't at the time. Hope you understand BO
Are you G_C? Would be interesting if you were him this entire time. He's listed as Vol, and Ocelotte. They can both log in as they used to whenever they want. If not, you may create a login and I would add you.

Again: No time frame. No deadlines. No checking in. All I would require is screenshots of deletions to go to >>>/endpolmeta/ when deletions happen. It doesn't matter when.

(91.34 KB 958x904 1571768226510.png)
Endchan named in US Government declaration against white nationalist extremism Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 18:28 Id: bb154c [Preview] No. 76282 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>White supremacist violent extremists often scapegoat the Jewish people, voicing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.
>White supremacist violent extremists have adopted an increasingly transnational outlook in recent years, largely driven by the technological forces described earlier in this Strategic Framework. Similar to how ISIS inspired and connected with potential radical Islamist terrorists, white supremacist violent extremists connect with like-minded individuals online. In addition to mainstream social media platforms, white supremacist violent extremists use lesser-known sites like Gab, 8chan, and Endchan, as well as encrypted channels. Celebration of violence and conspiracy theories about the “ethnic replacement” of whites as the majority ethnicity in various Western countries are prominent in their online circles.
>White supremacist violent extremism, one type of racially- and ethnically-motivated violent extremism, is one of the most potent forces driving domestic terrorism. Lone attackers, as opposed to cells or organizations, generally perpetrate these kinds of attacks. But they are also part of a broader movement. White supremacist violent extremists’ outlook can generally be characterized by hatred for immigrants and ethnic minorities, often combining these prejudices with virulent anti-Semitism or anti-Muslim views.
Department of Homeland Security Strategic Framework for Countering Terrorism and Targeted Violence
238 posts and 109 images omitted.

Anonymous 03/04/2023 (Sat) 17:11 Id: fcf360 [Preview] No.89926 del

Anonymous 03/29/2023 (Wed) 17:55 Id: b69b96 [Preview] No.90138 del
>White supremacist violent extremists often scapegoat the Jewish people, voicing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.
Wow is that backward. More like "Jewish people scapegoat white supremacy for their premeditated Jewish antics."

Anonymous 03/29/2023 (Wed) 18:46 Id: b69b96 [Preview] No.90139 del
>The virus
More like
>Our obedience...

Anonymous 03/29/2023 (Wed) 19:15 Id: eeedc8 [Preview] No.90143 del
It was our obedience, and many obeyed. Now barely anybody wears a useless mask while death-vax commercials play repetitively. Some stupidity from obedient lemmings carried over. Now imbeciles come to work with full-on Covid-19 infections and think wearing a mask that doesn't hold back or protect from any virus is good enough. Our governments are goddamn idiots and as a result, people are fucking idiots. This seems to never change.

Anonymous 04/13/2023 (Thu) 18:01 Id: eeedc8 [Preview] No.90260 del
Because a kike was just banned for breaking rule 2 for a period of 5 years (they'll evade they always do) I'll just leave this here.

/SIG/ Self Improvement General - Rebirth Edition Anonymous 02/27/2019 (Wed) 00:11 Id: 706dae [Preview] No. 70828 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Before we can defeat the jews in the World Bank and the jews in Hollywood, we must first defeat the jews within ourselves

<OLD THREAD >>12552532

""Go to the gym, or start a body weight routine fat ass. Don’t neglect cardio, go for a morning run. Take a cold shower. Get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep every night, avoid stimulants in the late afternoon. Become a morning person and get up early.""

>h ttps://hooktube.com/watch?v=XtDc_iJ-j-M

""Hygiene is important. BRUSH YOUR TEETH TWICE A DAY FOR 2 MINUTES, don’t forget to floss. Make your own toothpaste. Get a tongue scraper too. Your tongue should be a nice pink color, not white or yellow. This is not some ancient, long forgotten secret, but its amazing how many people neglect oral health - it’s just as important as lifting. Deodorants containing aluminium salts are toxic, avoid their use at all costs. You can make your own spray from baking soda, water and a few drops of a nice smelling essential oil. This will stop body odour without making you sterile.""

""Lower your carb intake and eat more animal fat. Eat lots of organic meat and fish. The (((food pyramid))) overestimates the amount of carbs you should be eating - stop consuming excessive amounts. Do not eat feminized products soyboy. Treat yourself to an occasional glass of good red wine. Try intermittent fasting, a simple 18/6 routine can work wonders.""

""Do not breed with roasties or THOT’s. Find a wholesome waifu. Do not expect to meet a wholesome girl in a bar, nightclub or university campus. Plan a family. Raise strong men and respectable women who will lead in the race war.""

""Meditate. It calms the mind, builds discipline and is an ancient, tried and tested method of building mental clarity, control and spirituality. Start today, it only takes 10 minutes.""

>h ttps://hooktube.com/watch?v=Q-L2ZKYMsag

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

555 posts and 344 images omitted.

Anonymous 05/22/2023 (Mon) 18:00 Id: f7b7d6 [Preview] No.90532 del
But what is some non-jewed entertainment? What does everyone do to entertain themselves in these parts? What do you recommend? After cutting out video games, T.V., and most things I find little things left to do---so what do you suggest?

Anonymous 05/23/2023 (Tue) 03:22 Id: 3808e7 [Preview] No.90534 del
Books not by jews. That's what I used to occupy my time with growing up. Books are what all of Germany was reading as millions of Germans used to support Hitler rather than allowing kikes to ruin their country. If you cut out television and video games, that's what's left. I myself have cut out television. There is not a single TV in my house and my daughters don't watch it either.

Anonymous 05/31/2023 (Wed) 10:48 Id: 4cdc86 [Preview] No.90554 del
>taking Israel for the Black Hebrew movement.
They can fuck right off, we don't want neither kikes nor niggers in Palestine.
The Middle East is rightfully Oriental and Arab/Persian and it should remain like that.

Anonymous 05/31/2023 (Wed) 11:22 Id: 4cdc86 [Preview] No.90555 del
Slightly off-topic, but I would like to ask if anyone here has studied Ba'athism and can give an informed take on it.
It isn't a mere coincidence that kikes tremble at the mere mention of the likes of Gadafi, Saddam and Al Asad.

Anonymous 06/01/2023 (Thu) 19:00 Id: 3808e7 [Preview] No.90560 del
Kikes are in Palestine. They've already taken over and they have been slaughtering the native Palestinians for decades. Anyone without their heads in the sand knows that. Another fact is that there are 1.2 billion negros while jews are under 16 million. Kikes are outnumbered. Caucasians are not. Remove jews from the equation and we may take back our lands plus expel jews again. The one thing we were lacking when over 200 times kikes were expelled was space travel. This time around, we throw them out of fucking airlocks.
They fear Arabs for this reason pictured and Arabs at least by majority know the west and Europe are controlled by jews, unlike the majority of caucasians in the U.S. and Europe.

HOLOCAUST PHOTOS CONFIRMED FAKE Anonymous 03/15/2021 (Mon) 11:41 Id: 9db662 [Preview] No. 84228 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
In this video, Anne Frank's sister tells how the soviet government made counterfeit photos of the "death camps" many years after those camps were supposedly liberated.

In this video, Vladimir Putin tells a room full of rabbis that the soviet government, which made those fake photos of the death camps, was primarily jewish.
25 posts and 22 images omitted.

Anonymous 11/15/2022 (Tue) 22:23 Id: 9f865b [Preview] No.89290 del
National Socialists didn't even fortify Germany, their borders and coasts. Speaking of simulations, I've ran that scenario of fortifying borders and coasts through Hearts of Iron 4. Germany always wins. They lost because their military was spread too thin.

Anonymous 11/20/2022 (Sun) 05:39 Id: 9f865b [Preview] No.89308 del
(82.74 KB 1024x724 89140965.jpg)
I'm adding that I've recently read some backwoods articles about the Scole experiment communicating with other dimensions (because of the turn this thread took) but have found not much that is concrete about interdimensional travel. The dipshits who came up with the Scole experiment were using "spirit-mediums" and thought they were talking to the dead. If only some genius would merely create the same communicating device with germanium or carbide and amplify the power to an insane degree enough to rip open a large wormhole. It's apparently safe to travel through one's event horizon.

I don't usually rant about /x/-tier stuff. In fact, I tend to scrutinize anyone who posts it. But I'm fucking sick of this reality.

Anonymous 11/20/2022 (Sun) 18:59 Id: 098068 [Preview] No.89309 del
>They lost because their military was spread too thin.
Not only that but okw had miserable expectation of wars and armaments, one thing was that okw had talents like walter model, heinz guderian, erwin rommel despite being against NS and second how many they had against the majority of nobility/academy officers who had no particular skills but demanded to be treated as same as those talents just because they are either of blue blood or went from academy. Good example would be ostfront where generals insisted on conventional taking of capital instead of deadly important caucasus or thanks by them almost made a kiev encirclement a only a speculation rather than a biggest encirclement in history
Second thing was about armaments
Yes Hitler despised arms race and wanted disarming but unlike okw and sometimes producers (i look at you ME 262 and pulkzestorer version and stg 44 delays) understood the weapons and metaphysics of them in some way unlike army which was giving ridiculous demands like in case of g 42M which was a result of demands from army, the overcomplicated resource demanding rifle that had also an unneceseary feature.

Anonymous 11/20/2022 (Sun) 19:02 Id: 098068 [Preview] No.89310 del
If someone will ask what was matter with me 262 let me say the myth that hitler delayed it was not true the legendary it should be CAS was out of context where he asked if it can have one of those kits which bf 109s and FW 190s got which permited to carry bombs or rockets
Simply said if its multifunctional jet but producer went full retard and wanted to make a cas version since why not and no one can superwise us anyway

Anonymous 06/06/2023 (Tue) 09:17 Id: 6438a9 [Preview] No.90587 del
If the US government lied about the Iraq war, why would you trust the government about anything else?

(474.90 KB 652x681 4634621.png)
As American Cities Further Collapse, Mobs Of Urban Refugees Will Come For The Rest Anonymous 06/05/2023 (Mon) 22:07 Id: 6a011c [Preview] No. 90586 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
As American Cities Further Collapse, Mobs Of Urban Refugees Will Come For The Rest

The age of the American city is rapidly coming to an end. With commercial real estate increasingly abandoned, and with retailers closing up shop and fleeing Democrat-run cities, the utility of the city itself is rapidly vanishing.

Importantly, in today’s broadcast I predict we will see American refugees fleeing the cities as critical infrastructure collapses. Those refugees will flee into the suburbs and rural areas, seeking food and shelter. Naturally, being that they grew up in crime-infested, Democrat-run cities, these mobs of refugees will engage in mass theft and violence to get what they want.

They will raid towns, pillaging and destroying as they go, and any small town or city that doesn’t defend itself will find its citizens murdered and its properties savaged.

This is the desperation that’s coming for America, and the early signs of this process are already apparent.

In today’s Brighteon Broadcast News, I cover the following nine trends that indicate the collapse of America’s cities:

1- Collapse of commercial real estate.

2- Retailers fleeing the cities, including grocery stores and eventually banks.

3- Plunging property taxes and sales taxes (doom loop).

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(56.21 KB 640x480 sayno.jpg)
How 15-Minute Cities are Comparable with Universe 25 Anonymous 05/28/2023 (Sun) 14:25 Id: 931f52 [Preview] No. 90547 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>Whenever you see - or hear - someone who supports the idea of 15-minute cities, or aspects of it (e.g., public transportation, cycling distance, walkability, new urbanism, zero-emission zones), remember John Calhoun's Universe 25. The road to evil is paved with good intentions: in the name of saving the climate, 15-minute city promoters aren't only willing to ensure a total depopulation of the Earth, but also the complete extinction of Homo sapiens.

Read full text here: https://telegra.ph/smartcity-05-28

Anonymous 05/28/2023 (Sun) 15:46 Id: f3db6a [Preview] No.90551 del
Why the fat, purple haired SJW though?

Anonymous 06/03/2023 (Sat) 17:29 Id: 70e00f [Preview] No.90570 del
If leftists want to an hero , I'm all for 15 minute cities.

(129.26 KB 617x630 lies.png)
egyptian kills 2 israeli soldiers Anonymous 06/04/2023 (Sun) 18:19 Id: 536e5a [Preview] No. 90573 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Egyptian cop/security guard crossed the border and killed two kikes, wounding another one

The two armies gave conflicting accounts of the events, which indicates an attempt to lie about what happen
the drug trafficking bit sounds fishy, i would find a lone wolf having enough and purging this world of kikes more believable


Anonymous 06/04/2023 (Sun) 18:20 Id: 536e5a [Preview] No.90574 del