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When I first started talking to greys, I asked them what they use to paralyse people and shut down technology, as seen when people are abducted. Their car shuts down, everything stops working, then they see lights, are unable to move. When they come back time has passed and they have scars but no memories.

They showed me the remote. Now I know it's only the greens who abduct people, the greys have not been able to physically manifest so they aren't involved here on our earth. But just the same, they use a remote. That's when they ran the installer and I had a dream the following night, where I was opening many doors in all directions after getting lost in a mall. There were so many doors and no rooms, I eventually panicked and, looking for my mum who was outside, I decided to "ascend" from the mall and see it from above. That's when I reunited with my mum and woke up. I saw later that this was the initial practice done by scientologists, when they have the person walk to the wall, touch the wall, turn around, and so on for 6 hours. They program the brain to form a compound system. After finishing, they have to ascend from the construct, it's the same as creating any motor patterns, same as katas in karate. Or as connecting radicals or simple kanji to form more complex ones, or to join letters into words, and words into sentences. You have to ascend from the details and use the full system. That is the core of the remote.