Sunflower 08/06/2022 (Sat) 17:32:35 Id: 9f17da No.1868 del
They get stuck because they hold on to "vampirism" itself, as a physical practice. Once you drink the blood you get addicted and can't stop. Some kind of karma will effectively lock you and trap you. This is why almost no one is let in. Had you done it the traditional way, you'd had been introduced to a secret society, slowly, but perhaps (had you been female, they don't want women to age too much, looks matter more for them) it would have been fast. For men they don't mind drawing it out, it doesn't impair their confidence to look more aged to start off with. Either way, there is no way to quit being a vampire once you're in a secret society. That's about as easy as quitting the mafia. This social convention is effective in trapping you in addiction and slowing down your progress to the same speed as everyone else. It also protects everyone, it's easier to get away with murder if everyone keeps their mouth shut.

You did none of the above, no joining means no quitting. Just stop practicing things associated with this egregore, no harmful secrets were shared with you, no one can blackmail you to harm someone. What you genuinely learned is your own, what you call yourself does not matter, you still wouldn't want to unlearn it. The trapping is because of karma created during practice. If you didn't do anything like that, it can't cause any hindrance.