Sunflower 08/11/2022 (Thu) 21:43 Id: 651060 No.1920 del
This season's anime shows has a new feature added, some kind of new style that wasn't there before. Most notable in pic related. It feels like a new angle in the storytelling and visual style, I think this is Gensokyo's perspective manifesting. It's using well known components to say something new. It's so routinely made that it looks like almost nothing, but the point is beyond that. The focus is on something else.

"My life with slimes" in particular is just stealing everything from other shows with no shame at all, but the animation is ok, the MC is kind of funny and it has some sort of personality to it. It feels like the anime equivalent of a Chinese browser game, but done with some creativity.

"We already know what it's supposed to be about, so let's do that and talk about something else while we're at it."