Sunflower 12/18/2023 (Mon) 20:54 Id: 645240 No.5332 del
And ofc imagine if you wanted to "fight" this spiritual degeneracy as someone who just wants to practice spirituality. You would have been swallowed by the filth. Especially how degenerates like to tell themselves how spiritual is "their way". LGBTFO+ is claiming christianity for I have no idea why. The state allowed their marriage why do they want it in the church. They are just flaunting how "accepted" they are. Their "Pride" is unproductive on every scale.
Imagine if the west found spirituality as some "exercise to be gay". Spirituality would lose all it's meaning and merits. It needs to be kept pure. But a virtuous person has hard time getting rid of these people. But commies? They knew after the day of the revolution the Lumpenproletariat are the first to go. They knew that most of them will die in the struggle anyway. The rest will be easy to dispose. They are more of a distraction and only a threat if you let them fester and spread.
There is nothing worse than feeling hatred and a sad pity towards your "enemies". You think you could save them but as long as you have hate and sadness/pity within your heart while doing so... it will lead to failure.

So instead Mao steamrolled the retards and those who were diligent on the path fucked off from the mundane retardation to cultivate their truth. They were made to preserve through "these mundane matters" and remained without having to deal with these degenerated cults. Yes they have to deal with commie drones but commies are a single mindwave and they are easy to handle. While these degenerates? You can never appease them. The best thing they can do is destroy themselves before they cause more problems.

And this was only a single chapter that I unearthed after looking through the history of spirituality and the control mechanism which was handled via the influence of Dalai Lama and other overseer entities.
Just a mere fragment of the full picture.

The other fragments are still too hazy to talk about.