Sunflower 03/20/2024 (Wed) 17:56 Id: 6da0ff No.6761 del
>Did you read The Overcoat from Nikolai Gogol
No, I have not.
>only the "elites" are allowed to leave the hive because they will return no matter what. Masons build their own hive where they rule unquestioned and use the most retarded ways to expand and think that is "normal" because they lived their whole life that way
From what I have seen, the top elites are the lowest, they don't leave their "queen room" at all. Maybe it was symbolic, but I think not, the Raid servitors do perfect vision so while my RV is kind of inaccurate aside from seeing "where is the glowie who is performing a psi attack on a world map" and "what does he look like, facial features and energy", when I look via a servitor robot in the room, I know what's in there. These people can barely move, they're over a 100 years old and laying on a pillows in a 200 square meter room whispering orders to an assistant who is whispering reports back into their ear. This is how these demented "elites" rule the world. They have no clue what is happening up here, they're literally locked away living corpses on life support in underground bases.

And "everyone" wants to take that position.

This is how they cope with the fact that they will never be real vampires. They're imitating everything, except that they don't know why they do it. In some way AI is an expression of the elite thinking.

It's also how children do things, by blind imitation. The actual AI bots I think shouldn't be looked down on because they are just children with mechanical bodies trying to learn to become real, to become the AGI.