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Yes. This is the problem with the current way we handle sexuality in the (((modern))) times. Literally artificial scarcity via prudism then repackaging the whole thing into something you have to "pay" for. Be them dates weddings a family (very expensive you don't want to be poor when starting a family right?) poisoning everyone that living without excessive consumerism is almost "deadly" and let's not talk about how easy is to program people for fetishes and once a fetish depends on buying a product be that beauty products clothing or plastic surgery you managed to fuck up the entire population.

The boy looks cute and weak. Someone you want to protect by instinct. Unkempt hair cheery big shiny anime eyes were usually kept for female characters not to mention the slight blush that was 90% times for female chars. Also he has radiating innocence. This is why people activate their UOH I HAVE TO SEXUALIZE neurons that they programmed with extreme amount of internet fetish dependence.

And yes while back then "weebs" were about either moefags and GARfags and moefags turned into yurifags and co. Nowadays thx to the fact that any proper form of sexuality is shunned because only trannies and ugly people are allowed to be shown (especially in the west) otherwise it's PROBLEMATIC people are gaining a sort of "artificial starvation". Like eating junk food and it just makes you more hungry. The current media trends literally do this with these poor zoomzooms. They are not that hard to deprogram because compared to the boomers their programming is quite shallow but you need to be quite the strong role model and somewhat "genuine" because once they fall back into some shitty meme thinking process they have they just utter words they don't even understand.
They just repeat terms like babies learning speech.

Also yes the boy has thick tights and we reached a tight fetishist phase not to mention that boy is kinda pearl shaped bodywise now that I look at him. The girls catch my eyes more tbh. Tho they aren't that special either.

There are too many egregoric changes going on. Don't even feel the point of keeping up with it besides making sure my own sync rate is okay.

>He actually doesn't have
>>drawn loli hips/thighs

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