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Australia's Tactic Anonymous 06/27/2021 (Sun) 07:46:09 [Preview] No. 14775
In NSW last year, I was made stupider by the Australian Federal Government, and I would like to warn others about this tactic as it is used by Australia. If you have an enemy, or in this case, a perceived enemy, you can't beat them up without an investigation, you can't kill them without an investigation, but if you were to make them 20% less intelligent you completely remove their ability to do what they intend to do, and that is what Australia did to me. I have no idea about their motivations, but that's what they did. Keep in mind, even something as simple as lead powder bought from your local hardware or online for $20 can make someone less intelligent and act out violently as well, so this tactic can be done by anyone at all on earth.

I contacted the CIA, FBI, consulate, embassy, and drove over 7,000kms to Pine Gap to whine in person, all to no avail. I have not even been contacted about this, despite complaining 24/7, sending over 100k emails, and going to everyone including giving letters to the Chinese consulate etc. Therefore as this tactic is 100% effective, and there is no chance of ever being caught, I want to warn others to watch out for Australia using this tactic on them, as they will have no recourse once the attack is carried out, therefore prevention is the only way.

Keep in mind, if there is a criminal group being investigated they could easily make the investigators stupider as a tactic, or if there is a trail then they could make the prosecutor stupider, and it would be undetectable and set them free more effectively than killing the person. That's one reason why some of the thousands of people I reported this to should have cared, but when you have Australia blocking and spoofing and lying it's impossible to get attention.

As it is, it's been over a year since I originally started doing all I can to get attention to this issue. I spent 6 months being tortured in NSW, and the last 6 months in NT being kept broke, I have only recently been allowed to get a job, and this Friday my last financial link to the USA was cut off, I was hit with a fradulent charge and forced to cancel my only US debit card. I am now completely exposed in every way to the very people who lowered my IQ and tortured me for 6 months in NSW, and the people who kept me broke or busy for 6 months here in the NT (as if I want anything besides to be able to move the fuck on!!!!) perhaps operating under the assumption that if I am busy or broke I will be less likely to be believed or get help. It's quite the opposite, all I have been begging for every day is to be allowed to achieve a middle class income so I can start to heal from the trauma.

There's a lot more than this, I live at Unit 22, 3 Larapinta Drive, Gillen, NT, 0870, and my name is Max Freedom Moussa Pollard. Please do not contact Australia, they will use it as an excuse to hurt me further. It's been a very very very long time and believe me. Please note I am totally fine now, merely annoyed and as you can imagine it's not the kind of thing you will ever get over, so I'm mad. Once I have a middle class income I will be able to start the healing process, but until then I am very much PTSD. Totally safe, secure and happy at the moment besides the fact I have been kept completely broke, and I'm now cut off from all US finance on top of that.

It goes without saying that nobody will complain as much as me about this, and I doubt anyone besides me would notice, therefore taking my case as an example, this is a crime nobody will ever be caught for. This is a crime with no chance of being caught for, ever. It can be done on anyone 1000x ways, it's evil.

Anonymous 07/09/2021 (Fri) 02:46:14 [Preview] No.14787 del
>sending over 100k emails

australians dont know how to email
nice larp jew

Anonymous 07/09/2021 (Fri) 12:19:37 [Preview] No.14789 del
>> hurr duurrp buurrjvm

well, why not report it into other sites ? sites like this one are good for free speech!

though, news sites censor quite a ton to keep the normies under control, would be unsurprising if they censor or twist your words for their liking... maybe if you license your documentation under cc-by-sa-3.0, cc-by-nc-nd-3.0, or etc. it'll help on them not manipulating/twisting your words I suppose

Anonymous 07/11/2021 (Sun) 18:44:47 [Preview] No.14792 del
this has nothing to do with tech fucking dumbass

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