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Pick one
You wanna tell me that - boo-hoo - the poor gods literally can't do anything about the orb being unable to transfer physical objects? We'd looove to but it's just physically impossible. So sorry!

>Also if you do find an orb in the wild, it will require some amount of that as a sacrifice in case you thought the guild pockets it all, they don't. The exact amount is unknown because there's no fee for 3rd. Freya doesn't even know for sure she told Bear's group that only Johanna would know how much and when it's paid to the gods.
So how exactly does the orb get its share of the leveling money? Does Freya transfer it to some anonymous Swiss bank account or what?

>He also had auto-resurrect but it was blocked by the orb and he was sucked into the negative plane

No you don't fool me!
The orb is a doorway that can very well transfer physical objects - if it chooses to. It is merely mocking me, they all are! Gods man, you don't need enemies if you have them as 'friends'!

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