Anonymous 06/12/2024 (Wed) 14:22 No.52044 del
You can still use a lot of the older traditional software on Windows 7 too, as long as you don't update the OS and disable the auto-update in the system settings. I still have the old Nero Burning Rom, DVD Shrink, Fre/ac, WinMX, PsSol, WMP with all audio codecs (no strings attached or any registration needed) etc. I have all that older software backed up and can install it anytime I want to, no registration needed. This was what made computers great back in the day, imagine trying to do that with modern proprietary operating systems like Mac or Windows. I assure you they probably mandate you register EVERYTHING today and have backdoor "kill switches" in all the modern spyware I mean software today where they can monitor users and remotely disable anything the companies don't like. They are already doing that for Adobe and Microsoft Office which is why I switched to Libre Office recently.