Sunflower 08/06/2022 (Sat) 18:06:43 Id: 9f17da No.1870 del
The effects will remain. Consider this:
>you read a book and start learning something
>you get good at some parts of it
>then you get tired of it and decide to not learn more
>what you learned will not be forgotten, but from now on you won't learn more

That's about it.

I can do a cleansing to make sure there are no qi elements left, but what is your own, is your own. If you feel annoyed or disturbed it's either your own karma being agitated or something in the egregore which isn't compatible with you. If it's the egregore that can be fixed by removing the qi connections, if it's your karma, then it's that part of you is now in conflict with the things you learned. Those are still yourself so you'll have to find a way to integrate the two sides. Those are not external to yourself.