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> I feel like you were "born awake" and never really saw this world with "mundane eyes"
The Queen said I am a walk-in. I was aware of a baptism ritual having been hijacked by the succubus collective because old photos of the event revealed to me recently clearly showed that the (female) priest was possessed by a succubus and so was the assistant. This was at 4 months of age, according to the Queen I was unable to enter the body before this time so I came in as an assistant soul only after the bodily DNA was changed from "human" to "demon". Yes, demon is a humanoid race, just like in anime they are meant to have horns, wings, and tail, but the "veil" of the earth is preventing these from growing. This meant that the "prison planet control system" registered me as non-human so I was never restricted by it. It effects only "humans" not reptilians, demons, aliens and others who also live on the planet.

>your morality may be very different to what I'm used to
Do you want to elaborate on what you mean by this, you've said this before. Of course I know my view is different, but I just go by what I consider correct instead of blindly believing in dumb authoritarian ideas spread in society.

>Do you know what servitude entails?
I think this is a trick paragraph of a contract. If I wrote it I would let the person decide what it means, and then they are likely to come up with some far reaching meaning that's even more submissive than anything I could come up with. Like Chinese censorship, if you're unclear, people expect the worst and take extreme measures on their own. I know what I mean by a marriage contract, but does Baal agree? It basically means I own everything he owns too, doesn't it? Trick vs trick. Plus that it only concerns the female body on the astral, I don't accept gay marriages as legit. I know what I agreed to, and maybe neither of us said it but it's implied that as long as it's not stated, it's whatever you each had in mind and if it conflicted the contract would not have formed as an astral object. Just shut up about it and hope the other part doesn't know.

>the existence of Lucifuge
Someone who was involved early on in the discord servers that preceded this board kept talking about how he was Lucifuge in his past life, it wasn't new to me.

Start learning something, get rid of an E, the problem is in not having agency. There are lots of online courses you can do from home that are relevant to your path.


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