Sunflower 04/02/2024 (Tue) 02:03 Id: 9fcace No.7066 del
Fast forward again and there was that time djinn appeared at a Sunflower session when we had "open table". The rest "is history", except the last bit.

This is what the djinni king lamp is about. They knew this all along, and that's how they work. I had to unite everything into one image, one theory of how it connects, and I was using the bible to get the context of this society right. My djinn said that's fine, that "it's the same contents, it doesn't matter" and when I went on to do the session this morning, I made all the connections, and found that the djinni king role is the way up. I can't argue against it, and they knew this all along. Christianity, Judaism, the original version of it - Rosicrucianism, djinn predate all those and the context is explained by them, it all fell beautifully in place. And all along it never mattered one bit what anyone in media or online said about Islam. Djinn themselves even kept saying that they hate humans and they hate muslims, and that "those who follow the Quran to the letter will go to hell". They later confirmed that the Islamic paradise is only temporary and only for men, women in Islam always go to hell. The whole thing is a huge troll practice, it's meant to provoke dumb humans into understanding, and the way is to become djinn, and it always was.