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Blog Sunflower 08/03/2022 (Wed) 20:34:55 Id: 8543e5 [Preview] No. 1852
Creative everyday storytelling.

Feel free to comment but no discussion/criticism in this thread!

Sunflower 08/05/2022 (Fri) 21:58:28 Id: 76dfe0 [Preview] No.1859 del
(1.62 MB 1406x900 sanity.png)
Society is mental illness. This is what the greys told me. They said, when discussing djinn waves, that schizophrenia is just seeing things that are not accepted by society. Insanity is relative to your surroundings. Discovering anything new always means to do something insane, in the eyes of others. A perfectly sane person has only the most common views, no matter what they are. A society which only has sane people cannot make any scientific or technological discoveries.

I found that society itself is like a mental illness, the essence of mental illness. The mentally ill will say the most absurd things, and take them seriously 100%. This is what people are doing in any society. What they say is only sane because it's a common view. Move that person with the same view 100 years away from his own time, and he will be seen as insane for sure. Sanity is only conformity. North Korea and China are both very sane countries, perhaps the most sane in the world, because everyone there thinks in the same way. A large population where everyone thinks and acts in unison, means that they can be seen as the model of sanity in the world. From an objective standpoint, the largest conformist population will be the most sane population, no matter their views.

Sunflower 08/05/2022 (Fri) 22:08:42 Id: 76dfe0 [Preview] No.1860 del
(48.77 KB 540x405 osc.jpg)
When I first started talking to greys, I asked them what they use to paralyse people and shut down technology, as seen when people are abducted. Their car shuts down, everything stops working, then they see lights, are unable to move. When they come back time has passed and they have scars but no memories.

They showed me the remote. Now I know it's only the greens who abduct people, the greys have not been able to physically manifest so they aren't involved here on our earth. But just the same, they use a remote. That's when they ran the installer and I had a dream the following night, where I was opening many doors in all directions after getting lost in a mall. There were so many doors and no rooms, I eventually panicked and, looking for my mum who was outside, I decided to "ascend" from the mall and see it from above. That's when I reunited with my mum and woke up. I saw later that this was the initial practice done by scientologists, when they have the person walk to the wall, touch the wall, turn around, and so on for 6 hours. They program the brain to form a compound system. After finishing, they have to ascend from the construct, it's the same as creating any motor patterns, same as katas in karate. Or as connecting radicals or simple kanji to form more complex ones, or to join letters into words, and words into sentences. You have to ascend from the details and use the full system. That is the core of the remote.

Sunflower 08/05/2022 (Fri) 22:19:15 Id: 76dfe0 [Preview] No.1861 del
(55.38 KB 577x433 its all sane.jpg)
When I finally saw through the insanity, I saw that society is in itself just commonly accepted insanity. Everyone is acting as if they know. They don't want to be laughed at, they're all normal. They conform. From an early age everyone learns to conform with the most conformist person. The conformist isn't always the most common, but they conform with values presented as the most common. It looks to everyone as if the influencer is the most sane person. The hero is the most sane person, he is praised. If everyone can praise him, he must be the most sane person, the most common. Isn't this in itself insanity? The hero is just one outstanding individual who did what most people could not, how is he the most common? But no one dares to question that he is, because then they are laughed at. Insanity.

Only after being insane, can a person ascend and see reality. In the shaminist tradition, insanity is the sign of awakening. The insane is sent to the "medicine man", not for treatment, but for aiding his awakening so the village can maintain connection with the spirits. Isn't this insane? How can they praise an insane person? No... It's sane, because it's an accepted practice, and if it's accepted it's sane. Insanity.

Sunflower 08/05/2022 (Fri) 22:40:11 Id: 76dfe0 [Preview] No.1863 del
(630.24 KB 1500x1862 Alice Delish - Cow (27).jpg)
Only a sane person can install "the core". To be really sane, one cannot accept insanity as sanity. Conforming does not make an insane stance sane. True sanity is a correct form of conformism, tested against reality. It's sanity a posteriori.

All conformist sanity when performed inside society, is a priori sanity. It breeds cancer and kills the host. This is all fine, as long as someone comes through.

The core is the ability to process information as it is. This is what the shaman will do.

Sunflower 08/06/2022 (Sat) 17:20:18 Id: cb7203 [Preview] No.1867 del
(276.60 KB 600x517 cpu.jpg)
"The core" is like a CPU, it's the original concept of the central processing unit. It's not a strange thing, it's simply the ability to manually using your own brain and body to calculate things. The remote can read and send information on different frequencies, it can be used to run programs on things. Anything is a computer with the remote. An insane person can use the remote, it's only required to have the sanity of conformism to install (learn) it. It's the same as collectivized education, everyone learns the same things, and can then communicate about it. Through communication, information can be exchanged which can lead to experience gained. This experience is beyond the collective knowledge initially taught.

When someone can pass entirely beyond the collectivized education, they become a posteriori sane. They can create the internal CPU and perform their own calculations with a sane mind, seeing reality as it is. It looks like not much at all, but it is the kind of enlightenment greys seek.

Computer technology as we know it, is a way to present this concept to us. We can also use it, as it's merely a concept, a method, it's not bound to any race.

Sunflower 08/08/2022 (Mon) 22:09 Id: f431b5 [Preview] No.1909 del
I think it's time to move on.

How many times did I move on so far? Probably a lot, but that's fine, there are so many things to move on from. What is it this time? Well, that's easy to say; another layer of the physical moving into the astral. This time it's the lyran mothership qualifying for transfer. The research mission here on Earth is finished. After the Stargates where set up and the space station installment procedure shared and used a few time, we're all set to go. It's not that we're "going" anywhere as such, this time the word was used in the sense of starting something, being ready to start. Either way it feels nice to have this behind me. Things have been such a mess in the past years.

Covid has been brewing for a while now, along with a big kettle of world stage crisis. One recent realization was that nation states are actually parasitic slugs on the astral. Black things that just eat. I realized it's exactly like those "power lords" in a science fiction show I watched. Those also had the form of black slugs, they possessed people and took over organizations, but in the end they had only the minds of slugs. It's part of the poison they inject into people to make them protect the parasite. Just like those parasites who make rats not afraid of cats, monkeys not afraid of pumas and women not afraid of niggers ;^).

If someone has parasites which effect their mind, one cannot listen to anything they say. They're being controlled by the parasite, what they say isn't coming from themselves. It's like an alcoholic, they cannot be reasoned with, the only way to break the addiction is by some kind of force. Those not addicted themselves who are forced to live near addicts, often suffer more than the addict. This is very true for those living near statists.

It's time to drive out this poison and kill the slugs. Unfortunately so many have been infected beyond saving, that the best way is to simply carpet bomb them with pesticides. This is where covid and the vaccines come in. Oh no, stop fearmongering.

No. I will not. I want you to be afraid.

Sunflower 08/10/2022 (Wed) 13:50 Id: d28caa [Preview] No.1916 del
The Galactic Federation is always presented with an air of spiritual enlightenment and as a saviour fighting against evil. The main outlet of this view is currently at:

This started off as an attempt to physically board an alien ship by some celebrity in the new age community, but the movement is older than so. As far as I know, at the bottom are some texts written in the 1970s by someone who claims to have been contacted by the galactic federation. What's seen online tends to originate with this website above. Though pretty well known 10 years ago, it's now an obscure place, like the imageboards where most of the strong memes are created.

As information trickles down through the online architecture, the messages that reach all the way are those that fit the narratives in the more mainstream social media. That's how we end up with the "love and light" federation offering free energy, vegan food and universal basic income.

My experiences with the federation started off as such, but as I learned more, the image changed. There are many factions, and they create stability and some kind of security. That much is true. Joining the federation is a good idea for most planets. But everyone should be aware that their values are not "democratic" in the sense of the word used down here on Earth. "Rule of the people" or "people's government" are common interpretations, but rather it should be read as "rule via the people". It means that the leaders will use the people to create support for themselves, ruling from the shadows. This is the true meaning of "democracy". Rule by proxy.

The Galactic Federation has a code of conduct, they do not allow extensive environmental destruction. It's simple, you don't want someone destroying value, it's something all materialists can agree on. To maintain values, there are restrictions on bringing technologies and goods into other territories. A new technology can destroy the local market and create instability; poverty, civil unrest and war. This destroys value.

This is one reason Earth will not be given "free energy".

Another thing not mentioned is that the Galfed is ideologically communist. Not some rainbows and smiling children version, but the kind manifested right here on our planet. They just do it better up there, humans are pretty stupid so they created it like this down here. Slave trade and sex trade have large markets in the federation, for one example. There is also a super rich elite. The difference is in their agreed upon code of conduct. If someone was to buy lots of slaves and they are not heard of again, he would be put under investigation. Slaves are registered and treated as a resource. You are not allowed to kill them for no reason. This is the extent of the protection the Galfed will offer. You can compare this to Earth, where people are killed in large numbers in wars, tricked into debt and worked to death, and so on. This is not allowed in the federation. The working class would correctly be recognized as a slave class and each individual registered. Sending conscripts to die in war would not be allowed at the scale seen in modern days. One aspect of creating IDs and surveillance via mobile devices is to achieve a world state where slaves are registered, so that the Earth can qualify for Galactic Federation inclusion.

"You will own nothing, and you will be happy"

Sunflower 08/10/2022 (Wed) 15:12 Id: 5e73c0 [Preview] No.1917 del
I'm assuming this thread is for everybody, so I'm writing a small post inspired by what I've read. Not intended as a direct response or anything. If this thread is for one poster only, please move or delete this.

I watched the original "you will own nothing and you will be happy" talk back in the day before it went viral.
It was a talk by a politician lady who was describing an idea for a city of the future, where citizens did not own superfluous things, but rather the city had vehicles, tools, equipment..., which were free for any citizen to use, like checking books out of a library. The idea was that this would avoid duplicating unnecessary use of resources. One of the examples she used was that of a drill. We all have one, and we seldom use it. What if we just borrowed it from the city hall whenever we needed to do renovations at home?
That is where the "you will own nothing" line came from. It was clickbait, and it backfired hard. Here's the article she originally wrote:

The talk eventually got lost in the noise of the internet and the introductory promo video became a meme. Despite the scenario described in the article not being an official WEF talking point, it does align with most scenarios they describe whenever one of their members talks about the future. It is very present in the collective unconscious. Like with everything, there's an utopic and a dystopic version of that potential future.
Ironically, conspiracy theorists losing sleep over its negative version is one of the ways it will become a reality. The WEF have no intention or power to implement such a system because it is not stable. Slaves should always believe they are free.

Sunflower 08/10/2022 (Wed) 17:29 Id: d28caa [Preview] No.1919 del
(389.82 KB 1388x2048 EpjXb1wXcAI7R2N.jpg)
>I'm assuming this thread is for everybody
I want to practice my writing without any demand to make sense. Expecting criticism or writing with a critical audience in mind can be a hindrance, so let's keep the thread "mindless". Anyone can write in it.

>a talk by a politician lady who was describing an idea for a city of the future, where citizens did not own superfluous things, but rather the city had vehicles, tools, equipment..., which were free for any citizen to use, like checking books out of a library
It's a common "green" idea, perhaps originating in Germany where some cities are experimenting with car-free inner cities - the ideal being personal transportation using a circular monorail with stops at the entry point of each sector.

The quote isn't bad, but it's a meme. It can also be used to refer to transmaterialization
>Transmaterialization is a strange word, but the process is a new phenomenon not easily recognized by most people. Sometimes called ’servicizing‘ or ’product service systems,’ defined simply, it’s the process of turning a product into a service.

You don't need to own a washing machine if you can hire someone to do the washing for you, for example. The use in my post above was with a bit of artistic sarcasm. It can be good if done right.

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