Sunflower 04/03/2024 (Wed) 19:10 Id: 9e95d5 No.7098 del
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I asked for some help with being able t concentrate on a task, to be able to flip my concentration on an off like a machine. My Anti-Christ assistent got me an aide and a grimoire from some witchie group specialized in this.

I practiced with her on and off all day, during which I returned to a state of mind and being which I had wanted to solidify since over 10 years back. We got through something major, but I'm yet to see if this "is it" or not. I'm positive that it can be. Last night when dealing with some glowies, my assistant handed me "the impaler grimoire", the same book supposedly used by a famous Vlad. She said "he wasn't a vampire, he was an Anti-Christ member".