Sunflower 06/29/2024 (Sat) 18:16 Id: 94dc4c No.8182 del
I wonder if I ever had this kind of empathy in this life or anytime. I never experienced this kind of change, but would as long as I remember view humans as some kind of beast. Already as a kid I would have thought of wanting to kill them because they are abominations. It pained me that I wasn't able to see normal situations with any kind of connection. There was a certain moment when a girl was given a teddy bear and everyone around smiled, and I felt nothing. I wanted to be able to smile, but could not see anything other than these beasts who don't deserve it.

This specific thing was solved with "someone's" guidance through me watching Sleeping Princess in the Demon Castle [Embed]

where she keeps interacting with these demonic teddy bears. There was one specific moment in the show which felt like they had built up for: she's again getting lost in the castle, and eventually made it back to her room. Then she meets a teddy demon and hugs it, and the scene mirrored the scene from my childhood which I felt I wanted to be able to smile about.

At that moment the emotional connection was formed, and I was able to feel happy about it. It had to be framed as a sadistic and stupid princess hugging a demon teddy for me to mentally relate to it, but that actually worked to overcome this detachment.