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Vampires in lore and reality #3 Sunflower 06/29/2024 (Sat) 10:39 Id: 94dc4c [Preview] No. 8172
Previous threads

Sunflower 06/29/2024 (Sat) 17:14 Id: c9a6e2 [Preview] No.8177 del
I have made progress i think. Im pretty sure ive managed to fix this energetic issue ive had since atleast way back when.This happened right before we talked here about underground dwellers.

Sunflower 06/29/2024 (Sat) 17:24 Id: 94dc4c [Preview] No.8178 del
I looked just now, it appears to be broken through, the energy is flowing by the sheer force of it. The external disturbance appears to originate with some external entity, looks like a guy in a light grey/blueish suit (?), he looks taken by surprise over not being able to effect you.

Sunflower 06/29/2024 (Sat) 17:33 Id: 94dc4c [Preview] No.8179 del
This post well be about the double evolution.

The sigil will connect you with the vampire library of magic. In here, you can find grimoires on double evolution for vampires. If you want to use the lazy approach, you can get this [servitor] which runs off a standard ScaleForm disc, it's an AI librarian who maintains local copies of the library and can find books by request.

Double evolution means that you control both male and female aspects of your being at a minimum of Arhat enlightenment level equivalents, then unite your energy flow into a single achievement. For this to work, both your male and female aspects need to have the same element ready for rising up. Example: for me it's a black fox, so I need to be able to have the black fox form as both male and female at minimum Arhat to unite into double evolution.

Double evolution is always stronger than single evolution, no matter the achievement of the single evolution. Thus, a double evolution 1st enlightenment achievement (Arhat) will always override a single evolution in 2nd (Bodhisattva) or 3rd (Tathagata) even if those are higher by normal standards.

You do not need to have a single evolution achievement in the double standard you are aiming for, but it helps greatly to have at least one (male or female) aspect in place so you have a stepping stone to reach from.
Edited last time by bard on 06/29/2024 (Sat) 17:35.

Sunflower 06/29/2024 (Sat) 17:40 Id: 94dc4c [Preview] No.8180 del
For the practical aspect of double evolution, you need only some way to concentrate your energy. I used the Simhasana (lion) pose exercise with the "roar" (no need to link, you can find this on youtube).

Sunflower 06/29/2024 (Sat) 17:49 Id: c9a6e2 [Preview] No.8181 del
After i fixed this I had a dream where i was walking by the pier. Suddenly im standing a room with a tall vampire lady in the middle. Right in front of me.she tells me there are a 100 other people in the room and they will attack me. I fight and kill everyone in the room. She holds her hand out and tells me to eat what she has in her hand. She tells me its human flesh. I refuse since i dont feel like eating human flesh. I walk around the room since theres nothing else to do and then cut of some meat of the peoples bodies i killed and eat here and there. She says alright and then shows me a girl standing in the room.its a normal girl like all the people who were ther prior. She tells me to notice how i view her has changed since i ate the flesh. She tells me i can still be friendly or feel friendly but subconsciously i will view her as prey.while she said i can still feel friendly its shown my empathy as being lined off and seperated to the right. She said that i can still be friendly part as if to confort me for suddenly losing the sense of empathy i usually feel by telling me i can still be friendly.when she said i now view the girl as prey i could see part of it as true.I mildly resisted it.when i woke up i felt "safe".its only been a few days but a lot of the issues i used to have after accepting the vampire spell have left me. I also dont feel like im getting weaker anymore.

Sunflower 06/29/2024 (Sat) 18:16 Id: 94dc4c [Preview] No.8182 del
I wonder if I ever had this kind of empathy in this life or anytime. I never experienced this kind of change, but would as long as I remember view humans as some kind of beast. Already as a kid I would have thought of wanting to kill them because they are abominations. It pained me that I wasn't able to see normal situations with any kind of connection. There was a certain moment when a girl was given a teddy bear and everyone around smiled, and I felt nothing. I wanted to be able to smile, but could not see anything other than these beasts who don't deserve it.

This specific thing was solved with "someone's" guidance through me watching Sleeping Princess in the Demon Castle
https://youtube.com/watch?v=UEktRgkNBBs [Embed]

where she keeps interacting with these demonic teddy bears. There was one specific moment in the show which felt like they had built up for: she's again getting lost in the castle, and eventually made it back to her room. Then she meets a teddy demon and hugs it, and the scene mirrored the scene from my childhood which I felt I wanted to be able to smile about.

At that moment the emotional connection was formed, and I was able to feel happy about it. It had to be framed as a sadistic and stupid princess hugging a demon teddy for me to mentally relate to it, but that actually worked to overcome this detachment.

Sunflower 06/29/2024 (Sat) 18:17 Id: 94dc4c [Preview] No.8183 del
(505.88 KB 440x660 sleeping princess.png)

Sunflower 06/29/2024 (Sat) 21:57 Id: c9a6e2 [Preview] No.8186 del
Calling yourself an empath is memed on. Although its weird with me its like i wanted to be like what you describe minus the seeing people as beasts since it seemed people like that could whatever they want.after i had that energetic issue i lost the ability to have emotions because i lacked the energy to sustain them(it was very serious and i could have basically posted about it all day on here since it felt that acute yet chronic.as if you were on the verge of madness yet to little energy to even fully express that feeling inside my inner mind.) That included my empathy but it was overall not pleasant for me. Like taking water out of an already dry well. Even a single thought was exhaustive for me.let alone moving the body.emotions especially.

Sunflower 07/08/2024 (Mon) 00:51 Id: 21a8db [Preview] No.8223 del

I dug up this from Discord, it's a channelling with the Queen/ Illivryn about La Famida.

Sunflower 07/10/2024 (Wed) 23:42 Id: dee3f3 [Preview] No.8243 del

https://www.tiktok.com/@katannaclarke/video/7389791895519612203 [Embed]

https://www.tiktok.com/@katannaclarke/video/7389826225742597418 [Embed]

This is saying so much more than it seems to say aside from what is right there. But it's all about things that are too odd to talk about even on here. A multi-layered game.

Sunflower 07/11/2024 (Thu) 21:10 Id: bba277 [Preview] No.8253 del
Ok so.

Look at what isn't the focus of these vids. The background. All the windows are covered by light blocking curtains. There's a massage bench oddly placed across from a bed and next to a tv in the corner. There are no carpets (but this last may be an american thing).

Sunflower 07/12/2024 (Fri) 15:44 Id: bba277 [Preview] No.8255 del
In the past few days I've been working with the galactic federation to hunt down the groups who have been attacking the Earth and creating the evil society. Because I have a general's rank in my faction (I apparently have this since sometime in the past, I'm not sure how or when), I can file requests for resources if formulated right. So I used this to create a unit called "The unit for protection of natural growth and free progression", and posted an ad asking for staff. I quickly got someone responding and gave them the rank of major, then told them to recruit more staff, and also requested a ship to use along with equipment like protective gear.

After forming the unit we set up on a distant planet with a ground office and I used Kit to investigate who has been causing the disturbances on Earth. Then as soon as someone was found out, or they attacked, we instantly would activate the unit and go out to arrest them and send them to the mines.

Some of the groups were seemingly targeting me specifically so I decided to give them a different treatment and deal with them personally by reversing their negative energy back at them, researching the principles of their methods and adapting them to myself.

Sunflower 07/12/2024 (Fri) 15:49 Id: bba277 [Preview] No.8256 del
Yesterday when denying the effect of a particularly nasty attack, the negative energy they sent formed into a white nail complete with a head, and it pierced them and paralyzed them so the environment clear up completely. Early morning a new group came at me, so I did the same thing against them, paired with calling in my federation unit to take those who were of a less spiritual nature. Eventually I subdued all of them, and suddenly the different reversed "nails" all merged and transformed into an artifact in my possession.

It's a short white pointed pole, like the "vampire stake" in fiction, unclear material. This seems like the core of the "white spike" energy formation. I was wondering what its actual solid form is, because I was unable to see it clearly and didn't feel I had it completely done.

This may be it. That would mean all seen spike formations are various manifestations of using this core artifact.

Sunflower 07/21/2024 (Sun) 10:53 Id: cfe2a0 [Preview] No.8315 del
Angel channelling (mostly)

Vampirism is on the same scale as angel magic, it is simply at the desire-bound or earth-bound end of the line, while angels are on the ethereal end. Anyone can practice angel or vampire magic, but this does not make them angels or vampires. To be a genuine angel or vampire in the flesh, one must be of the "pleiadan" racial cluster. That means in terms of the Earth races of the past, one must be of the race created by a silver queen (white earth mother). The gold queens who created the black races are evolved orcs, they are completely different and cannot be vampires or angels even if they can practice the magic. This means also that they will not be immortal in the flesh by practicing vampire or angel magic, it's impossible. They will be immortal by either becoming a black queen, or for men they will only become immortal after astral rebirth, because there are no black immortal men, they will have to evolve sideways to demon lord, which is the white version of the orc race when evolved. Demons are the female version of the orc lord. Demons created in the flesh by a white demon also cannot become physical vampires or angels, although they can practice vampire or angel magic.

This created a situation on the Earth as follows: Vampires were created from the silver race, and they became immortal after successful application of the vampire magic. Angels tend to not stay in the flesh so they moved on to the astral instead. Successful blacks also move on to either astral transformation for men, or they leave the planet to become wandering immortals for females. So the immortals on the planet who remain, are vampires. This is just how it is, with some few exceptions of esoteric practitioners in isolation. Some of these rare cases are the templars who hide away in caves for 1000s of years while in trance. They are of the white fungus race, which makes up most of the population in the west (did before the cleanse, they are now NPCs). Fungus races mix easily with anyone, and they absorb DNA from anyone. As a result of this, some would gain demon DNA, some would gain pleiadan DNA, some would receive white or black orc DNA. When a white fungus absorbs DNA from a different race, they change dramatically, as seen when mixed with blacks. When mixed with pleiadans they also change, but the skin colour does not change.

Sunflower 07/21/2024 (Sun) 10:53 Id: cfe2a0 [Preview] No.8316 del
For someone to become an immortal vampire, they need a high % of pleiadan DNA. It's this simple. But how do you determine this? Modern science does not know what the DNA types look like. Examining the silver queens is a impossible as getting near any other queen. Their radiating shields will burn the researcher to charcoal in an instant if they go within a one meter radius of them. So this is research done blindly, using measurements and indirect methods. They try to gain vampire DNA to research it, but vampires are also immortals and very savage and powerful, they can also twist time itself to evade unwanted attention.

DNA can be changed by practices and behaviours. So the elites in their quest for real vampirism - which is their goal, to become immortals in the flesh and engage in their desires - started ritual practices which imitate what they believe to be vampire practices, in an attempt at changing their DNA to become like the vampire end of pleiadans. They also started research on fungus queens, who lack the radiating shields, and are easier to replicate. However, any vampire DNA they would receive is from the "failvamps" who die after 800 years when facing the karmic death threshold, a known and much studied phenomena in witch circles.

They do know that any mixing with blacks renders that genetic line worthless if you are aiming for vampirism though, which is why the white supremacist movement and racism against blacks was created.

The rest is history, as they say. The western elites have since been obsessed with trying to replicate vampire behaviour while also refining pleiadan DNA which is mixed up with white fungus, trying to create a high enough concentration of pleiadan, that a ritual process is enough to bring them over to fullvamp.

That is all there is to it

Sunflower 07/21/2024 (Sun) 11:06 Id: cfe2a0 [Preview] No.8317 del
Not channelled comment: Because Africans and Russians/slavs are both evolved from orcs via demon lords, demon females or black queens, they have no real place in the quest for vampirism. Their path to immortality is by their own racial practices, so they are naturally not going to be very interested in contributing to this effort of the white westerners, or included in their version of the world system which seeks to use the Earth's resources for this single quest for vampirism. Asians are a strange mix of demon and pleiadan, which is why they are brought in, although hesitantly, by the western elites. They know that if asians "tip over" genetically towards the demon races, they will shift to not having any interest in vampirism or this effort, are are like to opposite it as well. Because it is after all a huge waste to use an entire civilization's resources just to create a handful of failed vampires, when you could just accept that whoever deserves a DNA type will simply be reborn in that line. You can't force it.

Sunflower 07/21/2024 (Sun) 13:04 Id: c9a6e2 [Preview] No.8318 del
Wasn't it previously said vampires are slav based and the look like slavs?

Sunflower 07/21/2024 (Sun) 14:02 Id: cfe2a0 [Preview] No.8319 del
(86.56 KB 1237x483 slavic.png)
Let me ask them.

Channelled reply:
That is correct. You won't find any 100% pure bloods on Earth of any kind, everyone is mixed. The group you call "slavic" is not a reference to having a certain type of DNA (see attached image) but rather those speaking a more original language which is closer to the ancient languages. Although you may say that English and Spanish combined with Latin may sound like ancient Atlantean, you should know that Atlantean is not the oldest language of the Earth, but was - like Chinese Mandarin - advocated as a uniting language for all people rather than an organically spread language. "Slavic" when used here is not a perfect representation but it is understood, (although I don't think we used it?) because unlike us, humans do not understand the term "pleiadan" or "silver race" to have any concrete meaning. It is not entirely correct to say that slavs are all evolved from orcs or demons, as they are mixed. It would be more correct to say that "vampires as you know them are of the group who speak slavic languages originally, and they have characteristic appearances which are in themselves not related to any pure blood". Rather, the concentration of pleiadan is higher in the slavic group, a further annoyance for the western fungus elites, who want to incorporate this genetic with their own. It is very difficult to separate which is demon/orc and which is white pleiadan when both of them are white in skin. It would be easier to separate them with a mix of black orc and pleiadan, but again that is an impossible combination as the male half of that line is a dead end. That is why white supremacy intended to separate off Scandinavians to derive pleiadan DNA from them instead. Unfortunately they are very much mixed with demon/white orc and white fungus, leaving a lesser concentration of pleiadan than among the slavs. In short, this "create vampires from test tubes" project was pretty much set for failure from the beginning. But they didn't know that.

Sunflower 07/21/2024 (Sun) 15:41 Id: f98b22 [Preview] No.8320 del
>silver queen
In the extremely early days of vampire threads I had a dream. I was in a labyrinth. At the end of the labyrinth there were silver female heads on the wall. All of them had "hats" similar how pharaohs were portrayed. They were all alive and not like trophies but that was the way they could "blend" into that dimensional space. As I went closer I gently touched the face of one female. I know she said something but it was without words. With that my entire hand then my body gained a silvery coating and felt like everything beneath the coating also changed. After that I could go further in the labyrinth. As I went toward an extremely poisonous spider was on the corner of the wall and it's poison leaked on me but was ineffective. The poison was not "hostile" but more of a "test". As I passed the spider there was a gate. With a mere intent the gate opened. I noticed that the labyrinth is underwater and as the water washed upon me I awoken.

Guess it might had more meaning than gaining the silver/astral body

Sunflower 07/21/2024 (Sun) 15:55 Id: cfe2a0 [Preview] No.8321 del
(10.26 KB 512x452 pizza round.png)
(14.55 KB 512x452 pizza.png)
Prior to the posts above, I performed a thing which was intended to activate and use up the preparations which were already in place for this imagined mass vampirism ritual they were aiming to perform. The plan was originally something like this:

>Jesus founds Christianity and becomes the new Moloch sun
>the kingdom of God is created for worldly power
>the entire world is united through holy war
>resources are amassed for the performance of the vampire ritual for the elites

It was just that it failed at the second step, when the kingdom of God ended with the black death, following the Moloch sun of the time crashing down as a result of European witches being persecuted, which motivated them to retaliate.

Since then they were working to recreate the kingdom of God a second time, which was performed at the end of the North American civil war. At this time they instead used grey technology and not religious methods. This new kingdom only lasted 2 decades and was killed off by a certain Ripper who intuitively killed this new American/puritan kingdom of God using a ritual in London, which happened to correlate with British royalty (reptilians) so they never interfered with the process even if they were aware of it.

A new attempt was then made with The Great War meant to function as a mass sacrifice ritual, creating again a new Moloch sun using grey technology and tying it to the creation of the UN and the arc of triumph in Paris. This new kingdom lasted until Germany got involved, resulting from them being ripped off during this American-lead ritual. Hitler and the occultists behind him actually killed off the second incarnation of the American kingdom of God, even if they officially lost the war. It took them way into the 60s before they could even begin a 3rd attempt. This lasted all the way until just before, where it was starting to crumble in 2022.

The idea was to use the mass world system to create WW3, which was to burn off remaining karma and destroy racemixing. The modern western world's energetic form was based on a black Queen female during its formation after Atlantis, because the maintenance deities just used the dominant and most influential form for the main scene of the world. This caused a lot of seething among the vampire wannabes because it rendered the central European world system energetically useless for them.

That is why they have to destroy it.

But they had no good plan for how to create the "correct" system, other than trying to connect something via Oceania, Japan and China or using an "ethereal" viewpoint where the physical doesn't rule them, so they could rise above the race-mixing nature of Europe.

This is why they opened up the Mariana trench "pizza slice" dimension and blocked the wheel of samsara in the west. It directly worked against them because of how the deities created it. And that means they went against the will of the maintenance deities to achieve their goals of immortality.

Sunflower 07/21/2024 (Sun) 15:59 Id: cfe2a0 [Preview] No.8322 del
>I gently touched the face of one female. I know she said something but it was without words. With that my entire hand then my body gained a silvery coating and felt like everything beneath the coating also changed
That's a beautiful representation of activating your pleiadan DNA.

Sunflower 07/21/2024 (Sun) 16:07 Id: cfe2a0 [Preview] No.8323 del

So what I did now was to use timeline manipulation to get a message to the "international masons", a group which although they don't understand a lot of the context, have a network and can pull off rituals with coordination.

I made them "conclude" that they need to perform a certain mass session at a certain time, using a specific symbolism and procedure. Their participants are just some rich people who don't necessarily know what they are doing but just like the form of it.

None of this matters, it can be made to work. So the procedures for giving vampirism to everyone in the elite have now been used, and the resources gathered for it are used up.

Following this, I noticed that some spiritual beings were still causing trouble, and further investigation showed that most of the "elites" as we know them were not actually invited to take part from the very beginning, they were all useful idiots, and many of them were even in opposition to this procedure or working against it because of their degeneration and low IQ. So it seems with the original proceeding, almost everyone would be ripped off and almost everyone were against the "NWO", but not because they were better in any way, they were just basing their opposition on Ego and lack of understanding.

Sunflower 07/21/2024 (Sun) 16:09 Id: cfe2a0 [Preview] No.8324 del
To clarify, the procedure was just made to function as a single use transformation where anyone on the planet who can make it in, is dragged in.

Sunflower 07/21/2024 (Sun) 16:34 Id: cfe2a0 [Preview] No.8325 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=8Vy8LTmmDvk [Embed]

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