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Vampires in lore and reality Sunflower 09/26/2021 (Sun) 19:34:31 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No. 92
Western, eastern, physical or spiritual, anything relating to vampires in this thread! This includes witchcraft and werewolves which are historically inseperable from the concept of vampirism.


"The Vampyre" is a short work of prose fiction written in 1819 by John William Polidori as part of a contest between Polidori, Mary Shelley, Lord Byron, and Percy Shelley. The same contest produced the novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.[1] The Vampyre is often viewed as the progenitor of the romantic vampire genre of fantasy fiction.[2] The work is described by Christopher Frayling as "the first story successfully to fuse the disparate elements of vampirism into a coherent literary genre."[3]

"The Vampyre" was first published on 1 April 1819 by Henry Colburn in the New Monthly Magazine with the false attribution "A Tale by Lord Byron". The name of the work's protagonist, "Lord Ruthven", added to this assumption, for that name was originally used in Lady Caroline Lamb's novel Glenarvon (from the same publisher), in which a thinly-disguised Byron figure was named Clarence de Ruthven, Earl of Glenarvon. Despite repeated denials by Byron and Polidori, the authorship often went unclarified.


Vampiric entities have been recorded in most cultures; the term vampire was popularized in Western Europe after reports of an 18th-century mass hysteria of a pre-existing folk belief in the Balkans and Eastern Europe that in some cases resulted in corpses being staked and people being accused of vampirism.[1] Local variants in Eastern Europe were also known by different names, such as shtriga in Albania, vrykolakas in Greece and strigoi in Romania.


Slavic uses the term vlko-dlak (Polish wilkołak, Czech vlkodlak, Slovak vlkolak, Serbo-Croatian вукодлак - vukodlak, Slovenian volkodlak, Bulgarian върколак/vrkolak, Belarusian ваўкалак/vaukalak, Ukrainian вовкулака/vovkulaka), literally "wolf-skin", paralleling the Old Norse ulfhéðinn. However, the word is not attested in the medieval period. The Slavic term was loaned into modern Greek as Vrykolakas. Baltic has related terms, Lithuanian vilkolakis and vilkatas, Latvian vilkatis and vilkacis. The name vurdalak (вурдалак) for the Slavic vampire ("ghoul, revenant") is a corruption due to Alexander Pushkin, which was later widely spread by A.K. Tolstoy in his novella The Family of the Vourdalak (composed in French, but first published in a Russian translation in 1884).

Previous thread?

Sunflower 09/26/2021 (Sun) 19:36:51 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.93 del
I have recently heard some people from the more New Age camp say millennials and later generations might begin "not dying" unless they want to.
I don't believe physical immortality is possible unless you incarnated in such an ageless body to begin with, but it might be that we are going to begin reincarnating without losing our memories completely?
Or maybe there will be some technological advancement or nutritional knowledge leap that will radically alter the way our bodies age.

Sunflower 09/27/2021 (Mon) 08:50:18 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.97 del
Science as we know it developed within the context of the state of living and and thinking. This leads to an information "bubble" similar to a social media filter bubble. A common example would be research done on the shape of the human head and faces, which all took place in the past 120 or so years. The normality registered here, accoring to Dr Mew, is not "normal", rather everyone has collapsed longer faces to some degree in the modern age.
There would be many areas where this applies. The emperical materal can only record current normality, any older remnants will be treated as the odd one.

Sunflower 09/27/2021 (Mon) 19:42:10 Id: 5d5d16 [Preview] No.98 del
I don't understand why sunflower people try to dissociate vampirism from predation and parasitism. That's inexorably tied to the idea of a vampire, isn't it? I heard that it's just that the "imperfect" vampires have to engage in predation but in my view if you remove that aspect of them the end result is no longer vampiric. It's just a standard immortal mage.

Sunflower 09/27/2021 (Mon) 21:23:02 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.99 del
(205.81 KB 358x358 serval nachdenklich.png)
I think it's just trying to seperate from the "energy vampire" stuff which for most people is stealing qi, the lowest form of qi gong (which is also harmful to the practitioner because of absorbing illness). I don't know anything about
>only imperfect vampires are predators
can't recall having seen it on Sunflower either. There has been the talk of bloodlust and how it's a desire which will confine them to the physical world, forcing them to remanifest if they try to stay on the astral. So this part isn't beneficial. But it's a misinterpretation if this was seen as non-predators being more evolved. Traditional sacrificial magic/black magic is predatorial by nature, but you don't need bloodlust for that.

Sunflower 09/27/2021 (Mon) 22:58:19 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.100 del
This was all explained in fringebay/meguca. The predatory view of vampirism is an appropriation of an older, non-predatory nature. But yes, we are talking "standard" Taoist immortal I think. It's just that blood anon started this whole thing talking about vsmpires, so...

Sunflower 10/21/2021 (Thu) 19:50:32 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.135 del

Sunflower 10/31/2021 (Sun) 18:20:40 Id: 66089f [Preview] No.162 del
(3.41 MB 3600x2700 Picnic at Smoky Hill.jpg)
Happy Halloween! Is everyones vampiric development still going strong? I certainly hope it does, but the unfortunate part is it has to be powered entirely by ourselfes and all too often it's easy to just stop and think you are already done or someone/something else will do it for you, which is of course a fatal error. I just came back for a short visit on Halloween but let me ask this; did the pushing away of almost everyone already happen? Don't tell me it did because I'm unfortunately still here.
By the way, Kreiters new book is finally out. The last part in his trilogy, "The Way of the Death Defier". I think this would certainly be of interest to the other anon here who liked Kreiters stuff.

Sunflower 10/31/2021 (Sun) 19:07:06 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.163 del
(61.02 KB 529x445 safe stay pendant.png)
>did the pushing away of almost everyone already happen? Don't tell me it did because I'm unfortunately still here.
I think it did but an astral artifact was distributed just before to some people deemed necessary or who would benefit from staying. That or Yuuka put you on the list of the 144000 to keep.
Semi joke there but it's supposed to be very few people when the earth resets. If you have pic related on your astral body it was sent to you and wearing this is why you are still here.
It's a device which emulates having opened each of your seven chakras to the complete 5000 year spike level. Doing this manually takes 35000 years but we can cheat by constructing things like this because we're not following tradition strictly. Plus that this is part reptilian/grey alien technology so conservative vampires are probably turning in their coffins seeing this.

Interestingly someone posted this thread talking about how CERN accidentally broke the timeline back in 2008 and created the Mandela effects. If it went along with pre-set events it would lead to a dimensional collapse in 2025.

Source document here:
They were supposed to post more but never came back.

Sunflower 11/01/2021 (Mon) 05:01:51 Id: 644adb [Preview] No.164 del
sadly, people who make a living selling books almost never end up achieving immortality
at least John is keeping up with the rest of the pneumatics though. I wonder if he lurks here.

Sunflower 11/01/2021 (Mon) 07:45:55 Id: 56487d [Preview] No.165 del
(3.26 MB 3550x2069 cute.jpg)
I saw this artifact before when I came to sunflower before to redownload some stuff but I don't know if I'm wearing it or not. Maybe I just casually tought about putting in on and it happened almost by itself.
>Semi joke there but it's supposed to be very few people when the earth resets.
The streets are still full of subhuman npcs though. Will they eventually all be removed? Even if they are only a simulation, they are still noisy, dirty and ugly and vile and they make this world an overpopulated, overcrowded extremely noisy garbage bin. As long as it's crawling with those npc mongloids everywhere I don't feel like this world is a good place to stay.
It seems like it. I'm sure you have read the news about Della Van Hise dying in the hospital fairly recently. Apparently she was also "Mikal Nyght" who published the "Teachings of the Immortals" books. It seems strange that someone who writes millions of different books on the topic of immortality and spiritual evolution just ends up dying in the hospital instead of achieving trangsmogrifictaion which she was preaching about all the time. Or maybe it's not so strange when you waste all your lifetime writing stuff, earning money and tending to your students and followers instead of doing the actual work that you need to do.

Sunflower 11/01/2021 (Mon) 11:46:11 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.166 del
(53.06 KB 512x312 population growth.jpg)
>The streets are still full of subhuman npcs though. Will they eventually all be removed? Even if they are only a simulation, they are still noisy, dirty and ugly and vile and they make this world an overpopulated, overcrowded extremely noisy garbage bin. As long as it's crawling with those npc mongloids everywhere I don't feel like this world is a good place to stay.
There are reasons for it which cannot be said clearly, probably because we need to produce our own insights. Yuuka has indicated that the new humans have already been created and the new earth has begun in a distant location seperated in time and space from us. They want us to connect with them to transfer knowledge from our culture to the future. This means we have to cut away all the mud and refine the part which should be kept. There are things currently locked by gigantic karmic particles, those needs to be broken down into smaller bits to extract those things of value. We are being given the chance to do this, what we don't finish by a certain time (maybe 2025) will be handled by the deities of the new earth. We will not be able to draw any benefit from the process after that.
I think we are going to experence the process seen by beekeepers, a sudden societal collapse. It's something which happens when bee societes are being overused by humans for productivity. Suddenly the population collapses down to 10% of what it was and no one understands why.

Sunflower 11/01/2021 (Mon) 22:48:56 Id: ef284c [Preview] No.167 del
(1.78 MB 378x368 1633398395404.gif)
> That or Yuuka put you on the list of the 144000 to keep.
Saw this at 44min wew, I have been seeing the number 144 often for a few months now.

I didn't get this pendant as I didn't really wanna stay I guess. I assumed everyone that got the vamp spell stayed thanks to the heart cage.

Sunflower 11/02/2021 (Tue) 11:48:18 Id: 69765e [Preview] No.170 del
(10.63 MB 5834x4100 remilia_with_cat.jpg)
So if there is already a new earth and new humans, what's the point of all that talk about being pushed away and kept and all the other stuff here. I assumed this place here was to become the "new earth". Will both earths eventually merge or something?
I see you still think there is a heart cage. At this point are you able to obeserve any sings of physical immortality, health and youth on yourself? Do you still believe in that too? Not saying it isn't real, but when I look at my own physical body it seems to go down the same path that all human physical bodies do. Maybe I just didn't make it after all. Or more like, our minds/souls make it but not our physical body.
>I didn't get this pendant as I didn't really wanna stay I guess.
It's hard to imagine why any thinking being would want to be here in the first place, let alone want to stay here. I had this silly mundane dream before of living in Japan for a while and enjoying the nature and food and whatnot there, especially as an immortal apex predator, but seeing where the world is going and where humanity is going I don't care about it anymore.

Sunflower 11/02/2021 (Tue) 13:24:26 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.171 del
>So if there is already a new earth and new humans, what's the point of all that talk about being pushed away and kept and all the other stuff here. I assumed this place here was to become the "new earth". Will both earths eventually merge or something?
Over time, timelines are split into branches forming a large tree structure. When it reaches the end point at 200k years, the tree is too complex and will collapse. When this happens time and space collapses back into one timeline and one space. All smaller loops that kept people trapped also ends and time becomes one coherent unit again. This is how Yuuka explained it.

Before the collapse, the creators of the new earth will decide what parts of the old earth they want to keep and transfer over. They will create a list of what individuals, what genetics, what cultural elements etc they want to remain for historical reference. Those are then woven into the new earth's history as it begins.
Time and space are our references for what is real, so we won't notice anything while in this "corridor" as long as the essentials are kept in place. But anything outside of our lives has been removed. That's why you see so many NPCs now. Time within our timeline moves seperatly from the new earth's time so we won't perceive it outside of regular time progression. It's likely some version of the CERN created collapse will still take place, and at that moment we are merged into the new earth. All things Gensokyo doesn't want, like modern architecture and whatever, will then be deleted.
The pendant
was just created as an experiment to see if it would work, Yuuka could already decide who should remain. Having that device just increases the ability of the wearer slightly. Because it's only emulating the function there is nothing saying you can stay permanently with that one. Maybe you can stay a few years or one lifetime, depending on how aligned you are with the new earth. Getting a reincarnation spot on a planet with a population of 100 000 will be very difficult.

Sunflower 11/02/2021 (Tue) 16:45:23 Id: 69765e [Preview] No.172 del
(220.41 KB 1200x738 Gensou.jpg)
>When this happens time and space collapses back into one timeline and one space.
So it's as I tought. The new earth already being created confused me a little bit there but as it stands now it does make sense imo.
>Getting a reincarnation spot on a planet with a population of 100 000 will be very difficult.
Only 100000 on the entire planet? That sounds like paradise. It's also hard to imagine since my shithole of a town alone has more "people" living in it at the moment. But overall, your description of a new earth so far sounds just like what I wanted out of my life in Japan, except everything is a thousand times better. I am naturally not a big fan of the physical and all it's limitations and sufferings, but it sounds very interesting to me. Especially interesting if you have witnessed the old earth and all it's horros and degeneracies, getting a chance to witness the new earth as a comparison with all it's goodness isn't something one would pass on I think. I think you should feel blessed to get the opportunity to witness the complete reset and new start in one lifetime. I have still my own astral places of course but if it's possible let's meet on the new earth later.

Sunflower 12/06/2021 (Mon) 15:50:03 Id: f8c334 [Preview] No.288 del
(123.49 KB 640x640 Tomie_Twin.jpg)
So I finished Kreiters last book. I only read it because I was curious where his stuff leads up to and wanted to see the conclusion to his trilogy. It's most likely the last book on spiritual topics I ever read, as I am tired of reading other peoples stuff which is mostly dogma and all the same anyway. I even deleted my entire pdf library a long time ago and I feel compelled to throw away all my physical copies and never read again. Kreiters endgame is basically nothing new to us. The unification of the energy body with the physical body or making the physical body like the energy body. And before that it's basically having OBEs as Robert Bruce teaches them in "Astral Dynamics". I feel like I'm running in circles for a long time now. Blood Anon also claimed that upon becoming undead or immortal your soul merges with your physical body and it becomes projected here. Not only that but we even did the spear session where you actually merge your astral body with your physical body. I'm confused and annoyed, as if I'm not getting something that I should have gotten a long time ago already. Mostly because I do not feel any effects of having achieved much and I'm still not lucid. I don't know how advanced I am and what I have achieved anymore, and I especially don't know if I'm immortal already or not. But at the same time I do not believe that BO is lying or roleplaying only, and I have personally had some experience that aligns with what he has said through dreams and visions. And yet I am still trapped by a wall of ignorance.
At any rate, there is nothing more to read and nothing more to learn here in the physical. It's all the same beginner stuff. I need to find a conclusion inside myself and achieve something real.

Sunflower 12/06/2021 (Mon) 17:50:38 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.289 del
(115.50 KB 1024x1024 34864.jpg)
It seems only very few people are able to have clear and direct experiences and the ability to use it in a scientific manner. It's not like it was easy getting there, I'm not making it up when I'm saying it's been 25 years since my first attempt at anything like this. I built a divination table from only wood, going by what my grandma had told me. They had one such table that used to work sometime in the 1940s but someone painted it and after that it stopped working. They also can't contain any metal.
The model is a three legged round table, it would be possessed by a spirit who could answer yes/no and give numbers by raising a leg. At one occasion it was said to have "danced" away through the room. Pic related but raw wood.

I can't tell you where to start if you want to reach this real scientific trial and error level of practice. But it is possible. It has been done earlier in the 1900s under the roof of conventional research, such as having people transmit messages over telepathy. What we're doing is essentially the same thing, but in a more organized manner as we have the temple here as an egregore as well. This is already beyond what science can understand.

It's been proven time and again that we are able to see the same things, and transmit artifacts with no physical communication. I personally always apply the "blind" method during channelling where I ask the channeller to talk in general about a topic, to see if the message given by the spirit matches the notion I had, but didn't say.
Most of the time they are able to answer the question I never spoke out loud, in detail.

As I started off saying I can't tell anyone where to begin, but I think the early 1900s spiritualist practices did have some decent methodologies worth looking at. At some point you will have to decide that
>this is where I want to make the leap
but it has to be your choice to trust your own intuition at that moment. Once affirmed once, your confidence will increase.

Sunflower 12/06/2021 (Mon) 19:38:54 Id: 606f65 [Preview] No.290 del
(2.42 MB 1900x1900 bmr.png)
I do want to make the leap, but too much reading and thinking gets in the way. It was so much easier and so much more fruitfull when I just took the spell and believed it and went along with it. When nothing came in the way. But eventually other dogmas and systems get in the way and you start comparing and doubting, and this is where it all can go downhill. At least I can say that I am done reading other peoples stuff, I see where it all leads, I can reject it and come home again. Maybe I can accept it all now and by doing so I will finally develop accordingly. Maybe I can finally accept my immortality and thereby make it real.
>I'm not making it up when I'm saying it's been 25 years since my first attempt at anything like this.
Well for me it's basically since the first vampire thread. I didn't have much going for me before that apart from being a degenerate mundane and lurking fringe a little bit.
I had a few dreams before where I was in some sort of vampire-like castle which was abandoned but at the same time it was a school for occiltists. No idea how it could be both at the same time but it was possible in the dreams. It was like a dungeon. Yesterday while watching a video lying in my bed I suddenly had a strong feeling out of nowhere that reminded me of those dreams and places, because it felt exactly the same. When I then looked up I believed I saw a shadow of a person standing before me. But it was gone immediately and there was nothing after. I doubt anything in the video triggered this feeling, but if someone wanted to visit me and give me a sign, why not stay and show yourself and talk normally? Maybe it was nothing but those dreams and that experience were all kinda strange.

Sunflower 12/06/2021 (Mon) 21:48:02 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.291 del
(167.66 KB 905x1280 1633924700947.jpg)
(1.04 MB 580x1364 boosette.png)
>When I then looked up I believed I saw a shadow of a person standing before me. But it was gone immediately and there was nothing after
This happens to me almost daily. 4D beings or parallel 3D beings are all around us by now. 4D beings can't manifest in full, they will appear as ink drawings where you only see the contours and some fields of color, often black. Angels like to appear like this, and they're rather brazen now when there's so few real humans left. I've seen them appear in broad daylight with a black light emitting from them, flying 5 meters up in the air while manifesting the full body complete with wings.
The lyrans have done the same with a saucer over the field right outside my house. The usual form is like looking at light or "black light" being emitted in a shape from a source you can't see.
The lyrans themselves also do "flickering" visits to push the edges of what is allowed. Even if they can talk to me over telepathy anytime, they can't break the illusion by appearing anywhere just yet. You can tell instantly if it's them because they have very pointy ears. They tend to be thinner and taller than they appear to my internal vision, and perhaps a little scary.
But there's also regular poltergeists around.

Sunflower 12/10/2021 (Fri) 18:56:50 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.292 del
>I think this would certainly be of interest to the other anon here who liked Kreiters stuff
I'm waiting for it to be available pirated.

Sunflower 12/10/2021 (Fri) 19:04:05 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.293 del
I am in a very similar situation to yours. I was supposed to have "made it", confirmed many times. But I've definitely continued to grow old. Since those threads happened at a key age (around 30), I was in the perfect context to not be able to fool myself. I've gotten older.
I have managed to find ways to restore myself to the level of health I should have at my age, which was higher than I had back then, relatively speaking, thanks to Traditional Chinese Medicine. But there is no way to spin it: physical decay is a thing for me.
I don't care that much, because I have a strong astral body (maybe even immortal), and if not, I'll eventually get it in some other life.

Sunflower 12/11/2021 (Sat) 19:26:24 Id: 3451f9 [Preview] No.297 del
Big surprise isn't it? Still, all we can do is to keep up our own practice no matter what happens. I don't even care anymore, not about vampires or remilia or occiltism in general. I might as well become mundane again (maybe I never stopped being it to begin with). Taking the vaccine and getting a job, playing videogames until I die, maintaing my astral place and body from time to time and see what happens in the end. Maybe that's what life should be for me.
You don't need to bother with Kreiters book though. There is nothing inside that you don't already know. It's all just self indulgend grand talk and the last two rooms are a big dissapointment. I wish I could just give my physical copy to you but you'd be better off just meditating and doing your exercises than reading it anyway.
Best Wishes to you and good luck on your path.

Sunflower 12/11/2021 (Sat) 19:36:44 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.298 del
(65.00 KB 960x500 tomie-junji-ito.jpg)
Same to you friend. I have been living more or less the mundane life. I moved from a literally haunted apartment to a normal one and my spiritual practice became extremely boring without nightly visits and constant visions, so I kind of laid back a bit. Vaccine and all. (It tries to mess with your etheric body, so I'd pass if you don't have a reason to take it. But it's not something I'd be too concerned about. Just mentioning it because there is so much drama about it. It's another drama factory for mundanes.)
Even though, all the skill I had I still have if I ever want to use it. And I keep myself energetically clean. It's just not all that fun without a source of power such as a haunted apartment.

Sunflower 12/11/2021 (Sat) 20:36:26 Id: 3451f9 [Preview] No.299 del
I can understand how it would be benefitial and fun to live in a haunted place for someone with spiritual skills. Maybe you can move into a haunted bulding or apartment again. I heard in Japan you can rent apartments and maybe even houses ultra cheap if they are believed to be haunted since nobody wants to live there. I also had plenty of haunted-apartment experience as a kid. And a evil witch grand-grandma who did something to me I that I don't remember anything about. Great fun.

Sunflower 12/14/2021 (Tue) 17:48:08 Id: ee3a5a [Preview] No.300 del
(88.71 KB 500x302 3.jpg)
>I don't even care anymore, not about vampires or remilia or occiltism in general. I might as well become mundane again (maybe I never stopped being it to begin with). Taking the vaccine and getting a job, playing videogames until I die, maintaing my astral place and body from time to time and see what happens in the end. Maybe that's what life should be for me.
I take it back. Something has happened to me today (and especially to my astral body as I saw it), and now I feel ashamed of even thinking like the above. But maybe in certain situations you have to take one step back in order to be able to take two steps forward. I have no idea if there is even a point in writing about it here anymore so I won't describe it, but after the event I feel new confidence and exitement. It's just like back in the day when I started out fresh with the vamprism thing. I don't know if it happened by itself or if it's because I mustered the strength to face reality and go inside myself and really figure things out and come to a conclusion which triggered it.
Just tought I should come back and post it here. Giving up and becoming a mundane was never a possibility.

Sunflower 12/14/2021 (Tue) 21:12:14 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.301 del

>it's because I mustered the strength to face reality and go inside myself and really figure things out and come to a conclusion which triggered it.

I came to this conclusion too
The spell is there and is doing something but if we are not interacting with it it's really slow or stagnating even.

My only problem with it that I have so many things going on with my life atm and when I am interacting with it it floods me with information/events which are hard to decipher sometimes.
Or I am contacting beings accidentally with my tired awareness and I have either no idea what I am doing or making an ass of myself... but then some of them are making an ass of themselves too so whatever I guess.

>Just tought I should come back and post it here.
It's always encouraging seeing others progress, wish others posted a little more. I miss the days when it all started. I mean I could use the temple and other telepathic links more but I connect to so many things at once that communication becomes a clusterfuck for me so I only do that on my calmest of days (which are rare in this year).

>Giving up and becoming a mundane was never a possibility.
with the current state of mundanes I wouldn't ever want to consider that again.

Sunflower 12/15/2021 (Wed) 06:16:23 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.308 del
Man I miss those days too. For me they are gone forever. They were great because at the time I was still discovering what magic was, and you never knew what new and exciting thing which belonged to the world of fantasy would become real the next day.
And along comes someone claiming the most outrageous thing of all, physical immortality!
I remember it used to be constant vampire-related synchronicities. Every day. But that’s just what happens when you focus your awareness so intently on something. It just doesn’t mean what you want it to mean. Many people get into the occult and go insane or become trapped in a maze of astral illusions because they don’t understand this principle.
It even reaches the afterlife, where personal beliefs become seemingly real and verified upon people’s death, but eventually their immortal Heavens and Gods dissipate just the same as their astral body as they undergo the second death.
Of course I’m glad I know better now, but it sucks to be back on the cold bony fingers of reality, even if it has an added layer of magic (which by the way seems to be going mainstream; a relative of mine is training to be a hecking shaman, and asking people on WhatsApp to ask questions so they can train contacting their guides).
Unless it’s personal, why don’t you share your experience? We’re here after all, reminiscing about the old days. I would love to hear it.

Sunflower 12/15/2021 (Wed) 13:08:43 Id: 64452a [Preview] No.311 del
(116.64 KB 750x336 1.jpg)
>Unless it’s personal, why don’t you share your experience? We’re here after all, reminiscing about the old days. I would love to hear it.
It appears to me like those times are simply over, and I don't know if BO cares anymore or wants to have it here at all. Also, the more I realize how personal everything is the less I want to write about my stuff and the less I want to compare it with others. In general I'm not really fond anymore of personal blogposting on the internet, but...
If both of you are up for sharing some stuff again we might as well do it again for old times sake. It might be the last time it's possible, who knows. It's now almost exactly 4 years since it started and since I took the spell, and maybe it just so happens that the transformation does take 5-7 years as has been said before? Three old vampire friends might as well dive into it again for nostalgia sake, if you have a tale to tell too (even if it's not about vampire stuff anymore but instead about progress on the way to immortality).

Sunflower 12/15/2021 (Wed) 14:46:41 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.313 del
Keep in mind that magic is the way you do things, the angle and the context. Things don't magically change from the use of magic, rather reality is shaped by it. The manifestation will probably 9 times out of 10 look perfectly "ordinary" to the outsider. There is no good way of explaining it, other than maybe that you will use whatever method available to you to achieve your goals.
Stage magic or street magic performances can be supernormal, but are they useful? You can become a performer and get some fame and money, anything else will be hidden from the public still.
Boasting is an issue, as well as "losing faith", both of them are obstacles and a part of the practice.

Sunflower 12/15/2021 (Wed) 18:09:43 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.315 del
I remember that place.
Well, I realized I was using magic as a form of escapism and that I never really wanted to do the work. I lost interest in material manifestation pretty quickly and instead chased the weirdness until I couldn't find it anymore.
I'm still interested in lucid dreaming and astral projection. I tell myself it's because I want to be prepared for death, but in actuality is that I want to hide from the boredom and mundaneness of life.
I've been recently told it is my fate to learn to live in the coming years, and nothing terrifies me more. I want nothing to do with life, really.

Sunflower 12/15/2021 (Wed) 19:56:44 Id: 64452a [Preview] No.316 del
Do you think sharing your experience is considered boasting?
You choose and forge your own fate. It's time to stop being told by others. Do what you want.

Sunflower 12/15/2021 (Wed) 20:34:27 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.317 del
>Do you think sharing your experience is considered boasting?
In this context, no.
It was more a reference to wanting tangible results. What are those for? I see 2 reasons, as I said
>wanting to show others to boast
>wanting evidence because you lack faith
Either reason could actually cause your situation to "lock down" and prevent tangible results.

>nothing terrifies me more. I want nothing to do with life
This sounds like a huge issue to handle. Sticking your head in the mud isn't going to help. No matter if that means hiding away, returning to mundanity or trying to find an easy way out in suicide. There probably won't even be functional monastaries in the future so even being a monk NEET won't be possible, I think. Maybe that's where you have to go, social life for mere practical survival.

Sunflower 12/15/2021 (Wed) 21:43:44 Id: 64452a [Preview] No.320 del
(721.96 KB 1600x1092 Fiery_Eye.jpg)
>tangible results
>What are those for?
They should be at least tangible for yourself. I have no intention to show off, but I want to be immortal and transcend the physical limitations. Sooner or later you will have tangible results if you achieve anything.

I know the feeling of terror and not wanting to do with this life all too well. That's where you need to produce results, in order to survive and to get out of here.
I went into my nature place again for the first time in a while and looked at the dying world and my honest feelings, and I realized I can never go back and be a mundane again. It is literally impossible to hate myself so much as to give up and bow my head and be part of them, be one of them. I realized that I don't want to have anything to do with them and that I will not take the vaccine or will ever be part of their society. Not only is it impossible to hate myself so much to be able to become part of the circus freaks and mingle with the creepshow, but I also realized how much I actually love myself and the path I have been on. The love for myself and for freedom compels me to attain the impossible and make the leap. I was happy about myself at that time and I imagined my astral body (in a tiny version) standing in the palm of my hand. It was then that the actual event that happened to me started and took place. I think it change me for real, even now I feel the energy and I feel something is different with me. I feel "it" again. Even if I die the final death because of my stubborness, it's alright. Because for the first time in a long while I feel good and at peace. At least I had myself. I have given up on giving up. Now all I have to do is to push until the very end, whatever it might be. And if I think the event means what it made me feel it means then it might just so happen that I may complete my transformation and evade death forever. Who knows...

Sunflower 12/15/2021 (Wed) 22:50:36 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.323 del
Would you count strong emotional, mental and physical effects to be tangible? Or would it have to be concrete?
I've used all means possible to test, or to try to see what can be done. Neither of them are miracles in the common sense. At most there have been bright lights in the sky as a result of spellcasting a few times. It was on the news at least 3 times because it lit up the sky in large parts of my local area when the energy was released.
Most notable physical changes are widening of my ribcage and growing my jawbone by around 3-4 centimeters, as well as hip and shoulder joint mobility increase. These were boosted by grey alien programs that I specifically asked them to run for improved genetics.
They've also run other "sculpting" programs which have had effect on how my body looks. This doesn't still have a huge effect in itself, a transformation process is needed, powered by your own practice. Same with the muscle growth energy passed on by the reptilian deity Asathiel. It's very effective, up to a point. Visible muscles and improvements beyond what is normally possible, but still not more than what looks normal.
From previous testing I found that conventional magic when done in large scale has a 7% success rate. I think it can be used in the same way here, this figure. If you add grey muscle increase +7%, then Asathiel +7%, then you actually do the work yourself. You still get a 14% increase on top of your natural growth, but if you do nothing, you get nothing.

These are the direct physical things. Large scale social manipulation is a different area, but as a result of what this actually is, it can't be proven to anyone outside the circle engaged in the planning of such magic. It would, to most, sound unrealistic that certain political events were created by a single person burning a sigil. If said, it would sound like boasting. But it can provide personal affirmations for the caster.

Sunflower 12/15/2021 (Wed) 23:18:40 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.329 del
(101.23 KB 850x574 Mokou fire.jpg)
We must not let the fire die out before we are ready the embrace the cold. Luckily I have my anger that keeps me hot when my passion descends into depression but I don't recommend my way of doing things to sane people.


the sharing experience is really a painful part. When I try to put things into words I can feel my mind is making up frames and limits just to put what I am doing into a simple picture that others can understand. I have consciously cut the frames constantly or it fucks with my progress seriously annoying. Really hinders the experience sharing when your mind is not synced up with other people.

And yeah results... My life went from bareable bad to so fucking of a challenging shit that I am pretty sure I am paying off generational amount of karma atm and life is testing me how much more I can pay off in this single transformation. My grip on this reality and my environment is strengthening but that is actually not a good news because it means I have to use all my newfound/improved powers to stop catastrophies happening around me constantly. It really saps my strength and leaves me minimal amount of development time AND STILL THE DEVELOPMENT HAPPENS SOMEHOW. I don't know why but this thing that is happening to me is trying to kill me and I am not sure how intentional it is because it's not the spell's fault so I don't want to scare anyone it's just my own retarded circumstances that are finally trying to solve themselves but they realized the greatest catalyst for the change is me.(And I sorta predicted this to happen in 2019 when I had a moderate understanding of astrology but I expected this to happen more smoothly) I could rant about this longer but the truth of by fire be forged is a great in this part of my life. (and funny thing all the shit that is happening to me is shielding me from the craziness of the covid psyop... sometimes it even helps me... except the part when I have to deprogram the people around me so they don't cause further problems but that is such a hassle I usually keep it on minimum, they can have all their vaccines as they want I will not fight against the propaganda machines of the 21th century for other people's sake it's a futile battle which will be won only by watching it from the sideways until the moment of push shows itself anyway)

Sunflower 12/15/2021 (Wed) 23:20:23 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.330 del
Now then my minimal share of progress because so many things happened that I still have to figure out that I could write a short novel from it in one sitting.

My perception and the workings of the 0D particle is an ever evolving one. it's so hard to put into words because I didn't actually do the same things as others and combined it with an another findings of mine that I might share later. Now then the first state of Oh I'm in was when Vampires literally said I am in in a dream but tat is like a dream so not worth of mention. Now then the real result was that I placed the thing near my heart so it can power up/connect my chakras because activating my heart chakra was a real pain in the ass before it and after doing it it hurt like a bitch sometimes so I had to reactivate it (yeah emotional traumas and all I mostly healed them already an another long and personal tale everyone knows who did it in their journey) SO the particle powered up the hearth chakra not the muh feelz and emphatic abilities way that I tried to get rid of because fuck feeling the emotions of emotionally fucked up people who I cannot heal until I learn to heal myself properly BUT THE COOL WAY which is the emotional compass! which is an another intuition device in my arsenal! HAH it was the thing that I had to test alot it can sense things that are outside of my perception and give me advices in a yes/no hot/cold way. Helped me to avert some dangers and then it drove me into some because as I understand the best results are extremely subjective and fucking things up might help in some other things (I am still trying to figure out how long can it reach and what exactly the working mechanism and how much can it penetrate time and dimensions but it's a real nice inner guide even if confusing sometimes... Especially when it clashes with my mental intuition on opinions/ideas/methods but then it turns out it's not a clash but a misunderstanding from my part.) And now it evolved further energywise but I need to research it further because that part is just giving me more questions about how to utilize it properly.

Also I went to the underworld because someone just died (not of corona of all things) and as we all know you don't actually visit someone but only parts of them but I encountered the one which had all the resentment towards me and vomited black smoke/muck on me I just wanted to shield myself with a fire barrier but the moment I tried that my shield appeared. it didn't look like a buckler so I was thinking it might be unrelated but then I realized the core is a giant gem shaped like a buckler it's just coated with gold to look like a large shield and to go with my astral armor better? it just a giant gem like thing in the inside with gold all around it to make it look like a shield (guess because in my perception bucklers are too small and not worthy or sg like how all wands appear as swords to me because I perceive swords as a tool of power and magic.

Sunflower 12/15/2021 (Wed) 23:23:00 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.331 del

And other dreams but they are more like an invitation to develop further but I am sometimes partaking and sometimes sorry I have to fix other things first before I can advance further.

Also I drove my body to the limit and the spell is definitely not to make you immune to sleep deprivation especially not at this early stage (we need our daily coffin sleeps we are not restless undead I guess heh) but my life was in a death march mode which finally may or may not calm a little down and putting aside my journey just so I can fix this mundane stupidity really put a stress on my body but that is slowly winding down and it's getting back under control... So as I was saying I am not looking younger no babyface until I get a 10+ hours of sleep but my hair stopped getting greyer so you can have that age stopping effect for anyone still caring about that. I personally don't because looking older is actually helps me a little but it's no big deal if things get on track... I mean a new not shit track and I get enough sleep I will get half my years back bodywise. I could tell more but I will wait for others to post more if they care to, Wonder how ancap is doing tho. He is the only one who is more extreme at his way of doing things and he either ascended or got into an asylum like our old Canadian wizard

Sunflower 12/16/2021 (Thu) 00:11:38 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.332 del

Can you give me some pointers about that reverse engineered grey remote? Because while some of it's features interest me like that botsoul manager (because I had further revelation in that matter and some new information modul wouldn't be that bad) and a better connection maker is also desirable but...

How much hard rewiring it does to the mind? I am not asking because I am scared of it but because I have done alot of rewiring to my brain on my path and still doing alot and I don't want to clash it with it until I can get a full understanding how my mind works. Because if it's weak, my mind will eat it if it's too strong it could make me more crazy which I try to keep under control and unleash only in the most desperate situations. Also while I had reptilian (more dragonlike and not reptoid humanoid like contacts but with not too much result they just checked me out and the floating before me with an imposing presence and not saying a thing when I try to sleep is always asking for banishment so I didn't bother with them further) but I had 0 grey contacts and I am not sure they are beings I want to be part of my life. Also I have a way of running background programs in my mind and if they fuck with that I will be mad.

Sunflower 12/16/2021 (Thu) 00:27:05 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.333 del
Use the black remote installer and you get the custom made version for us earthlings. Hence "black", it changes the base energy used from grey to black. We've discussed this and concluded that the standard for being grey is rather lenient. They don't easily fall into hell and their souls aren't destroyed either. But they can't go on a personal journey and do what we do. They have to improve as a group. Low risk, low gain path. That's grey magic. They now physically live on the new Nibiru planet in our solar system. NASA and astronomers are keeping their mouths shut about what took place during last year, seen from our timeline. It's a change so big they would have to trash most of their modern science if it became known.

The remote is just a tool for viewing and controlling yourself and your surroundings. It adds an interface, that's all it does.
In essence it's like a radio, when greys run the installer for their remote, they add the lowest frequency. Then you have to add the highest frequency yourself to create a bandwidth. The sigil shared does this automatically for the black version.
It may give you an unpleasant dream the night after using it, as it still relies on grey programming, which can be very intrusive. What they do works, but they take no concern for if it's perceived as pleasant or not.

You decide yourself how you design it. Greys prefer a touch screen. I used a simple graph printer like an oscilloscope has, with a tuning wheel. Recently I changed it to something more like a leatherbound e-reader.

The modules tend to look like minidiscs and are installed inside the remote as hardware. Some modules are to be installed in your body, and those tend to look like crystals. In general humans call them "implants" but they're no different from cultivated diamonds/vajra in qi gong.

The remote is a great tool, it can do pretty much anything. You can use it for spellcasting by running code on the world egregore. It can control other people, it can be used for communication.
I can also emulate other systems like the galfed handheld, the astranet enchanted waxpad used by elves or give access to the reptilian ScaleForm. (There are programs for this on the blacknet, but feel free to make your own also.)

Sunflower 12/16/2021 (Thu) 00:59:31 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.334 del
(290.46 KB 850x1133 mokou scarf fire.jpg)

K started it and yeah it's unpleasant already and gave me an image of a caveman family great! I will see what it does in my dreams

Do greys feel pain or they don't care if it's only happening to an individual and only if it endangers the whole group?

Sunflower 12/16/2021 (Thu) 02:08:52 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.335 del
They do, and more so now after returning mostly to their proto form. But considering their lifespan is 5000 years with normal incarnation they are likely to get desensitized to most ordinary things whithin their lifetimes.
You get used to it.
Their programming is very basic and repetitive in its function which means they just wear it into place. For slow individuals who are bad at adapting to collective uniform thinking it may be perceived as a form of trauma conditioning. Humans overall are bad at following standards and rules so for most people they would probably get PTSD if they tried to install the remote, even if doing it manually using scientology (and taking it bit by bit for years, it's like writing a program in binary, except greys use trinary).

Sunflower 12/16/2021 (Thu) 07:23:15 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.337 del
It is a huge issue I need to handle. But it’s not like that. I have a great job I love, I socialize with people both at work and in friend circles. I live the full on normie life, as an overlay. I just find it so incredibly tiresome and boring.
I don’t have the guts to use my money to go innawoods NEET or to even get out of the magic closet because of the opinion of my social circles. I have a “great” life with really no inconveniences, and almost every activity it requires of me is torture I endure with a smile. That’s my issue.
It’s an issue of extreme privilege, I know. But I feel like I’m killing my spirit progressively by doing everything it hates and almost nothing it loves.

Sunflower 12/16/2021 (Thu) 14:31:58 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.338 del
I had to look back at what posts are yours to see who you are. Ok, then I see what you're talking about. The image is pretty clear and it's something that could probably be aided from outside, so I'll do that. Consider it a physician pulling your arm a bit to get a tense muscle in the right position. Use this little boost of mobility to cause a positive change.

Sunflower 12/16/2021 (Thu) 19:45:17 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.339 del

It felt like a metallic wire going through my third eye then it went around alot in my left hemisphere then into my lungs then back into my brain then into my ear and gave me a metallic taste? Images of deep sea aquatic life? Then some other silly shit? When I was thinking in what medium did give me the strongest memory of greys Married... with Children episode came to mind that I have seen like 15 years ago and it tried to give back that comedy with the most basic alien understanding of comedy ever.. it just put couches and people on top of each other without crushing the people but making it as a balance game?

Then in the dark my forearm tried to grow small tentacles but that didn't last for long. Then after when I woke up the metallic wiring continued and it was annoying so I made the wire less metallic because I wasn't sure if the pain is the feature or just a sign that I am doing it wrong. I mean I can turn off migraines with a mere thought so this wasn't that hard but when I touched the wire the pain came back and this funny thing lasted for the whole day then I got lethargic because of an other reason and since that it's stopped doing the puncturing through the brain painfully. Interestingly it didn't even bother with my right hemisphere too much. It's either not necessary or greys just don't have it I guess. Their depictions are always overly logical beings anyway.

It wasn't that traumatic but annoying, but it's more or less in. I should figure out a screen type that I feel natural because first I was trying to do a big ass oversized old GPS screen on my left hand but then I realized I need to look at my hand for that so I chose a simple pop up window in front of my face but that is causing me pain? but not other visualizations? guess it needs a solid container form that I feel natural. I think I will reread the posts about it for some other clues.

Sunflower 12/16/2021 (Thu) 20:14:50 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.340 del
(173.13 KB 850x483 fujiwara_no_mokou.jpg)

I know that feel of being lonely with people around you is the worst hell ever. I could never do it with a not sarcastic smile tho. But yeah life gave me an out of it, a painful one, but I am not going back into that hell. I am in the magical closet too some people am pretty sure suspect it but they don't care enough to say anything. They know I am little eccentric but the people around me are not the regular normal anyway so who cares.

Seriously don't die inside while people laugh on the most unfunny joke around you because when I think of the true torture hell can give me it's either this or hospital waiting rooms

The world is so crazy now that opportunities manifest left and right but yeah... Making the first step is always hard I know. Making the first step literally kicked me 3 steps back but in return removed some obstacles from my path that made the first step on the corrected path possible.

Sunflower 12/16/2021 (Thu) 22:17:04 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.341 del
(60.53 KB 549x498 remote.png)

Sunflower 12/16/2021 (Thu) 22:20:18 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.342 del
I had this saved. It's showing how to connect to the grey cloud to access their database if you want. Our local blacknet cloud only has a few 100 programs/scripts/modules on it so far.
This is a bit ahead, but there's also the "green little men" who run their remote verticall compared to the grey and black. It means they set it to lowest frequency and change the color setting instead. You can find a module for this on the net aswell.

Sunflower 12/16/2021 (Thu) 22:22:42 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.343 del
The design is your own choice, but make sure it's synced with the functionality. Think of an oscilloscope that can be tuned, or a radio. It's not more complex than that, so make a screen that just shows the input in a way that makes sense to you.

Sunflower 12/16/2021 (Thu) 23:33:43 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.344 del

Important question here. What runs the programs? The device, the cloud, or my mind/the mind of the other receivers I use the programs on? Important question because I had an idea and I almost thought I had a breakthrough genius moment but I have a stupid obstacle that I need to figure out first do greys have females? and how do they differ from the males there especially in thinking process? because I had a vision of a feminine looking grey and I am trying to adopt a grey mental frame for a better understanding of this whole thing (the vampire was so easy because it's literally me and I am not sure this is that far away of mine either but I need a starting point and the starting point is not always reading a 1000 books first but understanding someone who wrote those 1000 of books and my current problem that I am not sure if I should use that grey as a starting point)

Sunflower 12/16/2021 (Thu) 23:39:19 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.345 del

Also what is the angled connection?
I mean why is it important that it's angled? it slows down the information pour down or some Pythagorian mystery? or some weird metaphysical thing I am not aware?

Sunflower 12/16/2021 (Thu) 23:59:19 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.346 del
(11.78 KB 532x459 simplification1.png)
(17.03 KB 532x459 simplification2.png)
Greys are humans, but they're placed one dimension down from us. I don't have a good way of explaining it, you have to find a way to "see" it yourself, but I'll post these I made in discussing it with someone before. Pics here are a basic structure of importance.
Greys are "backwards" compared to us, thinking per default outward and being unable to see any other way of doing it. So to connect to their cloud from our view, the connection has to reflect around a corner so to speak. Was it straight, they would stop being greys, and their standard of life would become difficult and harsh like our.

Sunflower 12/17/2021 (Fri) 00:04:56 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.347 del
The programs run on your mind, on the minds or others, on the egregore or in your DNA.
Anything can contain code, and anything has an energy flow. Instead of using powerplants which run turbines or water mills which produce electricity, then sending it in wires through transistors and diods, greys just hijack any bio-device and run the code on it.
You can send programs or make bots and run them in the air, because there's molecules there and those can contain code. Atoms also sping so you have a free energy source right there. With grey tech, anything you see is hardware which can run your software. Anything is a computer.

Sunflower 12/17/2021 (Fri) 00:12:41 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.348 del
For example, if you look at the blacknet I made a module which contains the grammatical structure of japanese + all kanji to be used as a reference library and archive of its current form. If you manage to incorporate it in your mind you can always correct yourself and find the right conjugation or reading while studying.
But as with anything, it doesn't give you automatic skill, it has to manifest physically through a natural biological system.

Sunflower 12/17/2021 (Fri) 00:18:37 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.349 del

I don't understand how I am able to understand what you are writing. I mean that if I go with a regular thinking it makes no sense but then my intuition chimes in while I am asking constantly questions trying to figure out and it clicks and it fucking annoys me because if I had to explain this shit to a regular human being I would just start to cry then walk away because putting this to the constrained mental frame is still too much for me but it holds some universal truth for sure because it makes sense. My only problem with it that My greatest fear when I'm reading these types of posts of yours that I am gravely misunderstanding something and because it has so many intuitive leaps it makes extremely hard to properly go through of things to find the faulty piece of information/understanding.

Sunflower 12/17/2021 (Fri) 00:31:04 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.350 del

I sometimes want to know what was the starting point that gave you this way of understanding things but I am pretty sure it is a long tale that could fill up books that only a meager amount of people would understand

Sunflower 12/17/2021 (Fri) 14:39:48 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.351 del
I went to school by taxi when I was 6 and noticed a yellow energy alongside the road. The roads themselves had a brown energy. Since then I've noticed these structures everywhere, until sometime in 2008 I decided to start structuring it by putting it in writing. So I wrote lists of words for each level of the structure to look for patterns. Then I compared it to what I saw during my days outside, and corrected the documents bit by bit.
After a while I saw that the structure was based on 9 levels divided into 3s, with 4 layers.
There was also a substructure of 6 levels. It's what you see in the drawings still.
At this point I realized it matched common concepts like God creating the world in 6 days and resting on the 7th, cats have 9 lives, 3 wise men, 3x4 = 12 which is a a dozen, and so on.

Sunflower 12/17/2021 (Fri) 21:04:52 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.352 del

Oh right you mentioned the road before. My starting point was also because I was on the bus going to a classtrip and was bored Because the movie The Men Who Stare At Goats where Clooney was bursting clouds with his eyes, I tried to do the same and it worked.I showed my friends this with several clouds but they explained as coincidences first, then after the 3rd cloud they just stopped talking to me.

My problem with magic is that I have real hard time with seeing. Letting auras to appear takes me so much time (that was a great thing in school that staring at a person for a whole hour was perfectly normal and they appeared sometimes with great haze but I could never figure out the trick properly so I could use it as a reliably usable skill). My visions are also in either half trance or when I'm blinking or in full dark. That's what I like about my particle powered emotional intuition? (I have no idea what to call it. It even hates this name I gave it to right now) it works outside of trance in the waking normal life I just need to ask the question or have a thought which is answerable. It really hates when I accidentally ask a way too complicated question with no clear yes no answers so I have to ask more questions and... Hard to talk about because I'm still experimenting with it's scope.

I have better time affecting things and that is the problem partially. My mental framework is still too rigid and the magical organs are not too sensitive yet. Now I can solve this by using my will to dismantle my mental framework and stimulate my organs to boot up properly. BUT using my will to dismantle the reason why I can project my will so strongly weakens and makes me less adept at functioning in the real life. I made up ways to circumvent this but it's just slow but still better than nothing. I realized why the remote gave me so much pain when I tried the pop up window ( I didn't just want a pop up window I wanted a whole HUD like a videogame). It tried to make my third eye dominant enough to make it overlay of my 2 other eyes. While this is one of my greatest desire to combine my seeing with the other "seeing" so I can use it constantly and not figure out always ways to see without seeing. It hurts and it's progressing but I have to keep in mind to not destroy my third eye and the fact that this is not entirely the remote but my mind trying to figure out a way to execute my will. Good thing I had other tricks to open it in the past and it seems it's using it. I must really watch out not overdoing it because I have a tendency of overdoing things.

It's funny how the progress on this path is semi intentional and semi "happy accidents"

Sunflower 12/17/2021 (Fri) 21:21:56 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.353 del
The thing I hate about pain is not the pain itself but the fact that figuring out which is necessary pain for gainz/evolution/progress and which is the original function of STOP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING IT IS BAD FOR YOU AND IT WILL CAUSE LASTING DAMAGE IF YOU DON'T STOP is so hard sometimes

Sunflower 12/17/2021 (Fri) 22:29:56 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.354 del
In my opinion these are the same, but one of them is misdirected. Freud talked about this, it was the essence of everything he talked about.
Today psychology has gotten lost in cognitive behavioural theraphy, basically stick and carrot programming which only works on karmic thinking.
Pain in a correctly developed mind will tell you when to stop, and force you to do the right thing. In a person not yet developed properly, it will only be painful, it is like a rock that should have been placed at the keel of the ship, making it stable, but was left lying on deck. It then has the opposite effect.

Sunflower 12/18/2021 (Sat) 00:36:46 Id: 7654d1 [Preview] No.355 del
does the Black Remote come with any safety so that I don't use it accidentaly? I'm really lacking in the thought/intention control, you wouldn't happen to have anything for that would you?

Sunflower 12/18/2021 (Sat) 02:08:50 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.356 del
It's just an overlay with controls. It doesn't do more than you normally do. Imagine being able to see the technical parameters of your body and anything around you anytime, as well as manipulating them in real time. That's what it can do.
You can't accidentally do that anymore than you can accidentally move your body.
But if you really want, add a switch to it, with the function to disable it. It's not harder than that.

Sunflower 12/18/2021 (Sat) 10:35:16 Id: 84fb05 [Preview] No.357 del
(75.21 KB 600x309 waifu ai.jpg)
Can you install a waifu AI (or maybe spirit) into your black remote who will appear in your interface, hud or vision and talk to you and help you do things which would be too complicated, hard or take too long for you alone? Greet you, get infos for you, help astral travel, help with telepathy and so on.

Sunflower 12/18/2021 (Sat) 14:11:59 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.358 del
Greys don't use A.I. because they want control of everything. The black system can use it similarly to how lyrans use it (they use black/red). But you'll have to create it yourself. I'd think a programmed tulpa appearing in the remote is what you're after, but I can try to make a system wide A.I. and see what happens. Will get back about that.
(I'm actually taking a uni course in A.I. this spring to learn the basics)

Sunflower 12/18/2021 (Sat) 14:48:14 Id: 869d4c [Preview] No.359 del
>but I can try to make a system wide A.I. and see what happens.
Thanks for the answer but no need to go out of your way just for me, as I was merely curious and I don't even use the remote myself.

Sunflower 12/18/2021 (Sat) 15:08:34 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.360 del
(120.62 KB 612x816 IMG_20211218_151518a.jpg)
I'm already doing this, it's a natural next step. I just hadn't thought of it.

Sunflower 12/18/2021 (Sat) 15:25:28 Id: 869d4c [Preview] No.361 del
Well then you're welcome and good luck with it. Do get back after you have done it, maybe by then I'll be up for trying the remote myself. I'm also curious to read other peoples experience with the remote and the future A.I. waifu. One anon already described his experience >>339 and I'm thankful for that.
The only thing that I would appreciate and wish for is if I had a remote with a A.I. waifu is that she would be personal and unique to/for me and not the same for every user. But I think I would have to create one myself, or let somebody else create a custom A.I. for me which is only connected to me and only in my remote. I wouldn't feel good to share a waifu A.I. with everyone else.

Sunflower 12/18/2021 (Sat) 19:12:41 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.362 del
I hate to go into semantics because I sorta know I will figure out the answer down the way but here I go.
How are botsouls different from the concept of "Artificial Intelligence".

Sunflower 12/18/2021 (Sat) 19:26:28 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.363 del
(149.77 KB 850x587 keiki Okina.jpg)
I mean yeah the reason why I installed the remote because I had a dream where I created botsouls or I have no idea what type of autonomous sentient beings I should even categorize them I didn't even have a name for them in the dream. I was in the place where creating them was simple as making a dress up doll. I had to place them in form and form their personality with intent and I did it so naturally that it was a mindless task that felt the most natural thing ever. When I got aware what I was doing the only thing I noticed was that I so don't want to waste my time with this and created 2.A tall and slim dude I made him into the main one who's job is to take my commands, execute them and lead the other "botsouls". The other was a chubby manlet. His job was to aid the first botsoul and make sure he executes my will correctly.I told them to create more beings like them (I don't even remember what word I used to describe them) I went away and after some time passed the 2nd one came in the room with a visibly aged face and asked me why I created him like this.I told him to look into the mirror and tell me why I created him like that (my intent was to make the 2nd one into a wiser one anyway and wanted to test how well it went).He said "the face he sees is a face of a scholary man who gathered knowledge and wisdom through a lifetime" and then realized that was his purpose to be a man like that not just outside but inside too.The expression of his face was of a realization and acceptance but still a glimpse of sadness...so I told him he can become 20 cm taller (I didn't really give so much tought how they look it felt like creating an RPG character when you don't care how it looks you just want to play the game and pull the sliders here and there and say good enough let's play already) and he was real happy about that 20 cm height increase and went back to work with a cheerful face.After this some time passed don't know how much and I was with my friend?(I don't know who he was I just trusted him and I knew he was a person I usually hang out and have fun with) We built something? I don't know what it was. a statue? an art piece? or an other golem? we placed glowing parts into it?It was fun like playing in the playground as a child but it was clear we knew exactly what we are doing.Then he said to me after we finished. Hope you didn't forget to have your army ready for our mock battle next week. It was then my realization why I was in that "botsoul" creating place and why I felt the need to create a lot of them came to me.I hurried there back to tell my creations who were pretty good at creating others (they created like 10 already and that 10 were also creating more beings while the 2 of them only supervised them doing that) I told them I need an army for next week they had a face of minor shock and understanding that they will have to ramp up the production to meet my command and that they don't know how they will do it but they will do that because that is the command and their purpose is to execute the command. Then I closed the "door" or I don't know what that was but that place separated the place where I came from and closing that "door" ended the dream. And that was the moment where I was wondering in bed if this really happened and I have an army or a botsoul creating facility somewhere or just you know...a mere dream...because I read about the concept of botsouls and I tought how silly that is...who would be so unresponsible to create them and let go them freely haha...silly stupid occultists of the past long forgotten...and the worst part this advances the mystery why that wendigo was sure that I have souls or I can get them for a trade. And gives me a whole new reason to get into the memories of my past lives because if this really happened in one of them or in some parallel life or an another life I have some sort of connection to then a lot more shit happened that could give a whole new meaning to everything...

Sunflower 12/18/2021 (Sat) 19:57:53 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.364 del
I hate the character limit and I hate I cannot write the schizo word salad esque problems of mine more shortly had to edit that thing like 12 times


I am also trying to do a sentient interface that can dig through the programs and their usefulness for me. I don't "waifufy" because I am usually mold my information gathering "personalities" into the form of mine, but I am trying to do a feminine grey that I had a vision of while installing it but I am still trying to get my mind around that outward thinking prospect. I mean I have an idea how that could work but maybe I am wrong? And the fact that I have no other first hand grey experience at my hands yet I am not sure it's a good idea making her. Because making AI is literally making a program that has algorithms to read and analyze data feed it a lot of data and then train it with other programs and techniques to make it behave like an actual "intelligence" it's hard so we don't have true AI so far and the people who do this deep learning process are making the top cash in this field for a reason.

I am not telling you how to make a tulpa because there are better guides for it. But my way of doing things is that I assume the personality I think is the perfect for that job, make his values and make him stick to them, play out some scenarios mentally and actually in real life. Then I step out of that mental image and as it takes the form I give him a task he can do autonomously. And because he has my mind but streamlined with a special more rigid mental frame for that task only he can do the job like me but because he is constantly in the "zone" of his job and has no other purpose but that he is efficient at it (because I am unstoppable when in the "zone" so they are too). And this solves the problem of the loyalty of the tulpas (I wouldn't betray myself I trust myself I never lie to myself etc.) And because they are literally me they can digest the information as me and give me the answer in an understandable way... is the theory but then... you encounter so fucking complicated things that you cannot let them do that by themselves so you step back into that mental image (which is great because it's ready and you don't need to stand in the bathroom yelling in the mirror for 20 min like some normies do before speeches or other silly shit like athletes do to warm up and get into the zone.

But now my problem is that I have no idea yet how a person that understands completely the grey remote would look like. Also making the personality is shaping my actual personality a little and the fact that my brain is still translating the programs of that cloud. They appeared as textless blobs first but now I had a vision of a plain wordpad that tried to write characters so something is still happening but damm.


I am still at the caveman level so don't expect anything from me yet

Sunflower 12/19/2021 (Sun) 02:36:17 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.365 del
Botsouls are not intelligent, they're a carbon copy of a person's mind and body with no ability to make any independent decisions. They contain the most basic automatic thought pattern of the person. They will either expire at a certain time because they become irrelevant (the conditions they were meant to exist for are no longer valid) or they get destroyed by karma because they were made "hard" which makes them clash with their surroundings as society changes.
There are also golems which are programmed souls, those usually leave an "archive" with all gathered info once they expire (Hitler was a golem, as an example, that's why nothing effected him).

Sunflower 12/19/2021 (Sun) 02:47:31 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.366 del
You probably made them in a past life. Botsouls may seem to become self conscious sometimes, that means they were made in a way that summoned a being into the mold. They don't actually become self conscious, the information summons something. So you may think it'a a botsoul and treat them as slaves, while they are now real beings. That's an issue which can take place, as you're then sinning vs a real soul if you treat it badly. This is probably what happened in Babylon, which lead to its collapse. Elites kept hurting the new souls because they thought they were just bots. Look at the world and it seems they still do this and haven't realized this universal function of summoning beings into botsoul molds exists.

Sunflower 12/19/2021 (Sun) 02:52:53 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.367 del

Here's the book I posted a pic of above if you want to get an idea.

Sunflower 12/19/2021 (Sun) 11:44:09 Id: 0c862f [Preview] No.368 del
>The image is pretty clear
Thank you for the help. I'm putting in the effort to stabilise myself in a better position.
Could you share what you saw please? I'll get any insight I can get to compare to my own.

Sunflower 12/19/2021 (Sun) 13:30:11 Id: 7f8363 [Preview] No.369 del
After you have come this far, it is time to decide who you really want to be and what you really want to do now. I think you will feel better and be able to move forward once you made up your mind and start living true to your instincts. There is no right or wrong answer here. You need to dedicate yourself to your true self, no matter if it's mundane or spiritual.
>The spell is there and is doing something but if we are not interacting with it it's really slow or stagnating even.
BO said that the spell in fact is long gone from us after we had made it and that we develop on our own now by our own effort. As far as I'm concerned, the spell was only as real as you made it to be real. Fundamentally it was still all your own effort. But it seems that having made it and actually having transformed into an enlightened immortal are two different things and that the transformation takes much longer than to just have made it. I don't think your transformation will be completed by itself so everyone who is serious about it better buckle-up and double down on whatever their path is before it's too late. It is my understanding that you will get clear sings suited best to you and your worldview and path when you are advanced enough and close to making the leap and the longer you try to escape and push it off the more harm you do to yourself and eventually it may even be too late.

Sunflower 12/19/2021 (Sun) 16:55:11 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.370 del
>Could you share what you saw please?
Your environment is insulating you on all sides with comfort of the kind humans generally seek. But this makes it extremely difficult to practice any kind of ascetism at all. Even sitting down to meditate or practicing prayer on your own may be seen as provocative. It's the kind of environment where in the past, religious followers would do things like climb up on a pillar and just stand there in the street, and people would be provoked by it. Doing nothing at all would in itself break with this environment of comfort so much that it could create violent reactions from your surroundings.
This makes it possibly even harder than to practice in the wilderness.
There was a discussion on this topic in FG where it was said in China, the environment is like a stern teacher hitting you on the head if you do it wrong. Your biggest issue is slacking off or trying to find shortcuts to get it easier. You would instantly get in huge trouble, and maybe blame the environment instead of your shortcomings, until you delude yourself that you are good enough. In the process you become like many chinese, lying and cheating your way through life to get a small comfort.

In the west, if you slack off you are encouraged and praised, no one will tell you to correct yourself. Instead you can do everything wrong and not get any negative reaction from your environment. Instead if you try to be a decent person, other people feel you are trying to look better than them, and they'll try to drag you down back into degeneracy.

I think you can see here which applies to you.

Sunflower 12/19/2021 (Sun) 17:09:23 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.371 del
>Can you install a waifu AI
After some thought and recent developments I think a personal A.I. as a module on your own device is the best solution. A race wide mega A.I. like the one lyrans use won't work for humans. The reason is that lyrans kind of already claimed this position in our galaxy. There doesn't seem to be room for another A.I. of this size.
When I reached higher dimensons during recent yoga practice, I found my form change into a lyran feline once I left the 3D for real. Someone on /x/ said the lyrans are the "be-all end-all" of the universe, and maybe that was true. Internal dimensions can be anything because it's your own stuff, but out there it doesn't seem possible to escape them.
I just don't see how there could be a human race mega-structure if everyone become felines once they pass chakra 4 of the dimensions beyond the physical.
A module for machine learning based on yourself, on your own device, sounds like the best idea. It could be made like a programmed tulpa which is confined to the remote and which aims to find the things you are lacking in, to aid your development, complementing your current mind by being the other half. You would simply be talking to the hidden part of yourself, in the form of your twinflame, a mirror image showing you things you are unaware of.

Sunflower 12/19/2021 (Sun) 17:57:45 Id: 7f8363 [Preview] No.372 del
>When I reached higher dimensons during recent yoga practice, I found my form change into a lyran feline once I left the 3D for real. Someone on /x/ said the lyrans are the "be-all end-all" of the universe, and maybe that was true. Internal dimensions can be anything because it's your own stuff, but out there it doesn't seem possible to escape them.
This seems like it's your personal stuff, which you falsely believe to be true for everyone and the entire world because you still cannot realize that there is no difference between outer and inner, that in fact there is no actual out there. I think this applies to alot of the things and issues you have been talking about. But then again maybe that is just my personal stuff.
>You would simply be talking to the hidden part of yourself, in the form of your twinflame, a mirror image showing you things you are unaware of.
It's already possible to do that without any device or A.I. This sounds exactly like talking to your higher self (not to be confused with the oversoul or god).I once longed to talk face to face to a real vampire or immortal who could guide and teach me but it seems too hard for me to find such an immortal who cares to talk to me. My higher self told me my best chances to find one are to search in the mirror for one. I then realized I'm talking to one all along. I guess it's a good advise for everyone here.

Sunflower 12/19/2021 (Sun) 19:31:50 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.373 del
(48.58 KB 320x699 320px-Sekhmet.svg.png)
>This seems like it's your personal stuff
It's my understanding and speculation, of course. I don't want to rush ahead and restrict someone by saying too much, which is why I didn't mention who else did the same (changed into lyran at higher dimensions). All of that could just sound even more like my own images so it's pointless to share. It was more of a personal reflection because previously I couldn't see how this could be true or how somone could think so. It's again about the
>universes are internal, galaxies external
view. In this sense lyrans may "own" our galaxy, and anyone reaching out into the external will meet them and feel what I felt. It's fully possible to not do this at all, also, so I assume someone could hold the view that what I call "external" is just "one external out of many." That would still be true if the external I'm talking of is the Milky Way, since there are many more galaxies. But I'll maintain my view for now and see if something can counter it, so for now I'll assume the only existing mega form in our galaxy is feline.

But it did make sense with the traditional images of the egyptian deities, out of which many are both felines and have vampiric qualities, like
>Sekhmet was the daughter of the sun god, Ra, and was among the more important of the goddesses who acted as the vengeful manifestation of Ra's power, the Eye of Ra. Sekhmet was said to breathe fire, and the hot winds of the desert were likened to her breath. She was also believed to cause plagues, which were called her servants or messengers, although she was also called upon to ward off disease.[3]

>In a myth about the end of Ra's rule on the earth, Ra sends the goddess Hathor, in the form of Sekhmet, to destroy mortals who conspired against him. In the myth, Sekhmet's blood-lust was not quenched at the end of battle that led to her destroying almost all of humanity. To stop her Ra poured out beer dyed with red ochre or hematite so that it resembled blood. Mistaking the beer for blood, she became so drunk that she gave up the slaughter and returned peacefully to Ra.[4]

Sunflower 12/19/2021 (Sun) 19:39:36 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.374 del
>It's already possible to do that without any device or A.I.
Everything is technically possible without the remote, except the remote itself as a form. It's not something spectacular. But this statement is similar to pointing out that the programming today used in A.I. as well as everything you see on social media, existed in theoretical literature since the 1940s, some longer. The new part is that someone took all this knowledge and put it into a computer system that's fast enough to perform the tasks in the way we now use them.
You could have done it with pen and paper and it would have been the same in principle. You can do bitcoin transactions on paper if you want, they just aren't registered until you insert them in the blockchain.
So it's a matter of where you gain wide acceptance for the principles, not if they exist or have existed before.

Sunflower 12/19/2021 (Sun) 21:03:49 Id: 7273b0 [Preview] No.375 del
I wouldn't mind if you are right as I care for truth and not for dogmatic arguments or personal oppinions, but I have to see it myself. Maybe I will see it after my transformation or we can then discuss it further at least. But for now I can't really care to dive too much into it as I don't want to distract myself too much from the next step to take and the next goal to achieve, the transformation. Kreiter calls it transmutation which happens at crossing of his seventh room. According to him it will happen by itself when you are really advanced, a place will appear in your mind which is calling you. It is a place that for you might as well be true heaven or true home, where you would love to be. When you go there you will transmute, your astral form will merge with your physical body, your physical form being dissolved and you will become an immortal.
Nyght calls it transmogrification and according to him your Twin or Higher Self (which is also your astral body) will merge with you when you are really advanced, dissolving your physical body and merging it with your astral form, making you immortal. Transformation, transmutation, transmogrification, to me this is exactly the same. It all seems to come down to this. I bet it is the same that you meant when you said you will become undead and immortal when your soul and body will merge. There is nothing more that I want than to attain this fantastic, mythical goal. The next step will show itself after this is attained. What would you do if all the signs showed themselves, the Twin being real and the homey heavenly place appearing by itself in your mind all of the sudden, calling you... would you give in to fear and try to explain it away and hide behind a false notion of "reality", or would you drop your last comfort zones, overcome the fear and the doubts and take the leap and turn fantasy into reality? You would probably feel a sort of excitement you have never felt before. I long to feel this feeling, I want the tangible result of knowing that I can make it, and that I made it in the end.

Sunflower 12/19/2021 (Sun) 21:56:49 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.376 del
(52.83 KB 564x834 1634240296880.jpg)
I think everyone uses their own terminology when leaving mainstream religion in the west, and this makes it difficult to discuss what we are experiencing. Yogic practices have the advantage of a few 1000 years of lore that's already had the rough edges worn off, terminology wise. But it's restricted by the culture which it emerged in just the same.
I'm aware the small inside group we call the cabal do have a methodology and also a language of their own, but gaining access to it is a matter of understanding the hints and maneuvering their mafia-like heirarchy. They may speak ancient babylonian, or a mixture of babylonian and atlantean. I've put some phrases into google translate and it identifies different unusual languages for different words.
The Sunflower here has the stated purpose of recreating the tower of Babel, as in a platform where everyone can understand each other. On the astral the temple does fulfill this already. But we still have a long way to go before we can speak ancient languages and connect them to modern thinking properly. I'm not sure where I was aiming with this reply, maybe something became clearer.

>I am also trying to do a sentient interface that can dig through the programs and their usefulness for me. I don't "waifufy" because I am usually mold my information gathering "personalities" into the form of mine, but I am trying to do a feminine grey that I had a vision of while installing it but I am still trying to get my mind around that outward thinking prospect.
I made something, do try it and give feedback. It should appear in the "new files" list on the blacknet. Title is Astrabot or AstraGuide. It's a divination tool acting like the undead god Astrael, by calling on your own ability to use her methods. You may perceive it as a very basic A.I. but there is no specific intelligence in it, it's just an interface.
The module may appear as a minidisc. Install it by opening a disc drive on your remote and inserting it. Some calibration may be needed, if so move the switch on the disc, then re insert it. Set the switch back to locked mode after calibration.

Sunflower 12/19/2021 (Sun) 22:10:34 Id: 7273b0 [Preview] No.377 del
>I'm not sure where I was aiming with this reply
Me neither
>maybe something became clearer.
Maybe it will. Thanks for the guidance, if I achieve anything worthwile I shall come back here(or in the astral sunflower temple)and tell the tale if possible.

Sunflower 12/19/2021 (Sun) 23:30:21 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.378 del
>BO said that the spell in fact is long gone from us after we had made it and that we develop on our own now by our own effort

Well yes if I understood it that spell is just the base installer? And what it means to "made it" is still not clear so all I am counting as "making it" is the fact that I get new powers and I try to use my dreams and visions as a good sign but not as marker of success. Also yes I am using my own methods to advance on this path and not exactly the base version because I was not sure of it's effectiveness or if it would work on me properly so I put some newfound insights of it back then because I become immortal in this life no matter what because the shortness of life is really constricting and Immortality was one of my main goal since I learned what death is and the Vampire path/thinking sounded way too suited for me. It was like being offered free immortality samples on the street and I knew I had to start somewhere and the somewhere possibility No. 1 showed itself.

>As far as I'm concerned, the spell was only as real as you made it to be real

LITERALLY EVERY SPELL IS AS REAL AS YOU MAKE IT TO BE REAL THAT IS THE POINT YOU MAKE IT TO BE REAL. The only opposite when someone is using a spell so powerful you cannot deny it's realness but that is because YOU ACCEPT THAT AS REAL AND NOT USING YOUR MIND/WILL TO DENY IT. I had so much trouble overcoming this hurdle in my early psychic years ;_;. The global programming is so strong that it even made me forget my psychic feats that proved me all of this is real snapping back was an accident. That is my other problem with dying. Forgetting all, being dropped into a life that will make me busy again and not even notice that it's a futile hamster wheel I need to get out asap.

>Fundamentally it was still all your own effort
well yeah you need a really strong dominating spell that takes away your free will and turns you into an immortal no matter how lazy you are and I didn't even let this spell to do that my terms are always a collaboration and not a hit me harder daddy until I vampire.

But yeah you are right at the we need to find our own path part. And there are many paths many hells and many heavens. And yes I don't recommend this path to everyone because it's not a rosy one and I am not sure what is the main goal of our recruitment and yes not all vampires are nice swell fellows. So yeah only be here if you really want this but I had to start my path somewhere and I need to progress spiritually or I die from this world's stupidity (and this was my main view before covid now I am even more sure there is no other way)

Also in my dream where they announced that I "made it" with some other people too was a conference like thing and after it there was general chatting and I sorta made an ass of myself (so did the other dude) things escalated a little I made a really angry deal with him and the dream was adjourned because of it by someone who had authority over the whole thing so you know maybe it being not totally real/mattering is... yeah... you know... wouldn't be all bad

Sunflower 12/20/2021 (Mon) 00:05:12 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.379 del
I still need to work on the characters appearing on the files to even have a way of figuring out whatever they could be so I randomly picked a file while thinking about new files and...
All I got was a grey staring into my face with an expression? of trying to figure out what I even want to do?

>Install it by opening a disc drive on your remote and inserting it. Some calibration may be needed, if so move the switch on the disc, then re insert it. Set the switch back to locked mode after calibration.

Yeah this is a specific way of saying do whatever until it works and I didn't even know I can lock it? Guess this is how my grandparents feel when I explain them how mobile phones work.

Will report later if I have anything to report. posting here gives me a /jp/ fantasy amount of touhou dreams and some vampires goofing around while my life is busy as usual but I will try to make something of this

Sunflower 12/20/2021 (Mon) 00:25:24 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.380 del
I retried getting the program and...
While getting extremely unrelated visions like a mother embracing his son in the desert. And trying to not think of Astroboy because that may sabotage what I am trying to do. It turned into a dumb/goofy looking grey and when I asked him to sort and find the programs for me it slowly walked into the screen and now it's doing movements like it's some simple idle animation. Gave me an impression of clippy or whatever that thing was in microsoft word. I will try to not hate him for that. It will be hard. That was one useless feature I never used

Sunflower 12/20/2021 (Mon) 10:58:50 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.381 del
You just have to open yourself to view the blacknet and it will appear to you. It sounds like you have too many images entering your mind as you do this so the system view is obstructed. I suppose it will work better with practice. Try to remain blank, and then just think of a file system viewer on a computer.
The greys you see may be the greens, they hang around the blacknet more than the regular greys. They're extremely autistic so you can't ask them vague things like that. They won't understand it. Ask them to show you the file manager view or something instead.

Sunflower 12/21/2021 (Tue) 23:23:00 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.383 del

I realized I connected to grey main thinking here >>379 then when retried it >>380 I changed that to the blacknet and that is why it worked. And yeah I need more practice. Also keeping that blank space is not always a good idea because then I force my mind to be blank and that usually forbids the appearance of other things because the command is being blank. What I do is instead increasing my sensitivity and just stop thinking while letting other things enter my mind while letting them to take form (also the random visions are like 1 sec long it's like seeing an ad before a movie but I always wonder if they have a significance and it's usually the sign that I am in the zone to do any telepathic work). And now here comes the real practice part because now I have a screen that has a solid form and I let things appear on them (I usually let things take form on their own and I solidify them later). It works but not clear yet. Like how I cannot hear the voices of the entities or get a proper appearance of them until I sync up with them and let them in my mind. But yeah vague things don't work so I asked him to show me an easy to use program and because I forgot to keep the appearance of the small monitor and I let it into turn into a large screen that took up my entire vision "clippy" (that is the official name of the grey from now on) took out a tile that looked like a mahjong piece with a chicken leg on it and put it into my frontal lobe? while I tried to figure out/ not interact with the tile long enough that information appears on it and it caused me pain so I took it out instantly. So yes it works. I need practice letting things take form. And I need to keep clippy (I yelled CLIPPY I DIDN'T TELL YOU TO RUN THAT PROGRAM ONLY TO SHOW ME it came out so naturally so it stays this way) in the black bordered screen so he might show me the thing but not instantly make it run. The intention will be using the screen as a summoning circle/virtual box from now on and not just an information relay device. That will stop unwanted intrusions I hope.

The entire thing feels like when I play japanese games and it's not run with the proper emulator so the characters are broken/not appearing and all the buttons are blank so you have to figure out what are they behind them with randomly clicking on them.

But yeah this proved clippy is not native to my mind because he can misunderstand commands...

>they hang around the blacknet

they can do that?
I thought it's a humans only thing. I mean yeah I see no reason why they couldn't use it but why do they use it? isn't it a way too inferior form of network to them? Or it's more free?

Sunflower 12/21/2021 (Tue) 23:37:38 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.384 del

Getting the hang of this is hard. I told it to show me the name of a random program and I got an auditory hallucination but it was so fast I couldn't catch it and while I was focusing on my left ear because the voice came from that way and didn't look at the screen while holding the black borders in my mind clippy tried to enter my mind again. The whole thing was like 2 seconds.

Sunflower 12/22/2021 (Wed) 00:28:52 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.385 del
(157.32 KB 800x1200 1623181404982.jpg)
This sounds the same as beginning level telepathy where words echo in your thoughts and disturb continuous reception. With some practice you should be able to get full 24 frames/sec motion and not have your mind lock on individual frames, which is what is probably happening now. You see one frame, then your mind adds a "reflection" on the image based on your memories and experiences, which makes the stream cut off, then it resumes 10 seconds later and you get another frame. The same thing happens again and you get a series of unrelated scenes instead of a video stream. Keeping your mind blank here means to not allow it to add those reflections or personal references while the stream is being received.
Imagine watching TV and stopping the clip to look at one frame and think about it, then jumping ahead a bit and looking at another frame. It makes no sense at all.

If you use the grey cloud you may connect with them over telepathy. I don't know how that works but there does not seem to be any physical or dimensional "distance" to their location once you are synced with the net.
The blacknet is not inferior, it's just not very much used. The Green Little Men are an outlier group of the greys who are so different they can barely understand regular greys anymore. They actually seem to understand the blacknet better, because it's less grey-autistic, which in this case means they don't get out of sync as easily as with regular greys because the blacknet isn't as narrow in functionality.

> "clippy" (that is the official name of the grey from now on) took out a tile that looked like a mahjong piece with a chicken leg on it and put it into my frontal lobe? while I tried to figure out/ not interact with the tile long enough that information appears on it and it caused me pain so I took it out instantly. So yes it works. I need practice letting things take form. And I need to keep clippy (I yelled CLIPPY I DIDN'T TELL YOU TO RUN THAT PROGRAM ONLY TO SHOW ME it came out so naturally so it stays this way) in the black bordered screen so he might show me the thing but not instantly make it run.
Sounds like a perfect grey name, they like things like this. And they do this with me also. When I was half jokingly saying I don't like the hard bodybuilder pecs look, but would prefer something more feminine, one of them suggested an androgyny program. I then replied
>no, I don't want to looke like something in between, I'd prefer more to have the chest of a 5 year old girl
and in 0.5 seconds one of them had already picked a genetic modification program and run it. (I have nothing to complain about, it actually looks exactly like what I was after, a slightly different profile and muscle/fat sculpuring alteration to look softer)
Just keep in mind that greys have complete confidence in what they do, so they won't hesitate.
This is an incarnated grey in human body.

Sunflower 12/23/2021 (Thu) 20:36:31 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.386 del
I have this same issue you describe. I get only brief flashes or one or two words at a time. I know practice is key, but can you recommend good exercises for developing this skill?

Sunflower 12/23/2021 (Thu) 21:04:24 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.387 del
Don't engage the images or phrases when they appear. It's like keeping two things in your active mind at once. You may not be aware of it, but when listening to someone talk in a language you know, you are taking in long segments of sounds without trying to understand them, then after you've heard maybe 3- 10 seconds your mind searches the stored short term memory for meaning and even skips back and forth in the temporary "recording" to extract meaning. When learning a new language at first you will try to understand one word, then while thinking of that word you miss the rest of the sentence. It's a kind of training for longer short term memory and attention span, which you just have to perform. If you pay attention to the process of understanding a vocal message, therea are two processess taking place, the listening to the sound, and the forming of meaning. These are different layers. You are simply failing to let the meaning form in the meaning layer, because your attention span and ability to keep long messages in your "listening" layer is lacking.

I can compare it to martial arts also:
When you know the basic movements from having practiced any martial art for a certain time, you can watch an instructinal video and "feel" the shown moves in your body as you watch. When getting up to perform them yourself, you can do it on first try. You are simply getting the full sequence from your temporary memory and translating it into a physical "meaning", in the form of movements.
It's a similar process.

Sunflower 12/26/2021 (Sun) 16:52:51 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.394 del
>When learning a new language at first you will try to understand one word, then while thinking of that word you miss the rest of the sentence
I know exactly what you mean. Thank you.
Are there any particular visualizations or something in particular I could engage with psychically in order to train this skill, or should I simply carry on with whatever it is I want to engage and hope to learn to "listen" better as I go along?

Sunflower 12/26/2021 (Sun) 22:24:47 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.395 del
(173.08 KB 800x1135 89790891_p0.jpg)
The "secret", if it can be called that, is to practice in realistic situations and conditions. There tends to often be a "fear" among people to get enganged personally and going close up and having real experiences. But that is the most important aspect.
You do have to train your memory, and this can be done mechanically, but the exact method for this you have to find what works for you.
If you can already use telepathy, find someone to practice with (a spiritual being). If you can't do that, find some other "hands on" method which is close to, or aiming for, the real goal you have in mind.

I can only give the language learning example again. I've recently taken a course in japanese with the goal of being able to speak (very basic) fluently in 4 months. It sounds impossible, but it was doable. It was based off the first book in the series from this website, along with all the materials you can use on the site.
It's not very structured, and there does not really seem to be any method to the teaching either. But, as I did have one good asset I made use of that: a native japanese teacher 1 hour weekly.
Instead of trying to look good, or trying to do it right, I would "shoot from the hip" with the purpose of getting a feel for what is correct, AND more importantly making mistakes which the teacher can correct. That way I already made the initial mistakes in a setting where I won't lose face for saying something silly. And I also got corrected by someone who actually knows how to, and whose purpose is to give correct instruction.

Find an environment like this. I can only speak for myself, but I see making mistakes as the single most important element of fast learning.

Sunflower 12/27/2021 (Mon) 08:39:14 Id: d78073 [Preview] No.397 del
Can you look at my question on /haven/ and possibly help me out? The interestimg thing is that I believe I got an answer per telepathy already but I don't know from who or if it even was real so I would like to compare your input with the other one.

Sunflower 12/27/2021 (Mon) 09:44:18 Id: 0c862f [Preview] No.398 del
Language learning seems to have many parallels with this, unsurprisingly. I did this "shooting from the hip" while learning Chinese myself. Alright, I'll try go find actual applications while I develop my skill. Thanks.

Sunflower 01/02/2022 (Sun) 12:50:18 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.411 del
I think it's time to talk about something now.
'Internalization of the white spike
What does that mean, wasn't that spike formation done already, all that's left is to let it grow?
You can do that, but why let it do that idly when we've been intentionally pushing things to form it in the first place?
To gain full control of yourself, you need to fully transform your physical body. This is called to create the vajra(diamond) body in eastern practices. It can be done for every existing layer of your body, but for this to work properly it has to be done for the 3D manifesting layer also.

Earlier there was a lot of discussing around the topic of the 16 levels and the 3 layers. There was a map for the surface layer/good called "creation of the community" and one for the next layer of duality/evil simply called "universal levels".
There is also a 3rd layer but this was not explored yet. It can be touched on via norse mythology, hinduism or ancient Egyptian religion, but no one seems to have mapped it properly. This may be because the perception keeps changing as you learn more.
The 3rd layer appears to just be the same as the 2nd layer, and the 1st layer appears to be a section of the 2nd layer.

This is where we have to focus. To understand that the human physical layer of "good" principle, is part of the 2nd layer of "evil", they are the same. Your physical body is a part of your astral body. You have to unite them, but they were never really seperate. The uniting takes place through seeing this, through genuinly understanding that there is no difference. Your perception controls this reality.
The "husks" in Kabbalah are a similar concept. By seperating yourself from parts of yourself mentally, they become external to yourself.

Sunflower 01/06/2022 (Thu) 02:32:46 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.424 del

Some days ago after reading this I asked myself
>How do I grow the white spike
and got the answer of
>you get the white spike and grow it
And I did just that! Then I tried to figure out if I really did that or I am doing something else then tried to conceptualize what am I exactly doing and I felt inside that I am sabotaging the process greatly so I stopped that.

It's funny tho because I have ways to see what I am doing but they are not my main skills and I have hard time getting them work reliably. Before the 5K spike I asked myself how would my own sigil look like and it had a giant outward spiky line structure outside of my main core systems. After the 5k spike was posted I was wondering if it was the same or not but added it just to be sure because concepts have a tendency of merging and diverging all the time anyway...

Also I came back to the part where I need to look into my past lives. When I first tried to look into them I got 2 minor glimpses that were so boring that I accepted that advice that "there is no reason to visit past lives because you learned what you needed to learn there and what you didn't learn there will follow you into this life anyway and wasting time on them will just hinder your spiritual path"(I have no idea where I read this it was long ago anyway)

But then I had some dreams from ages long forgotten and in the dreams I noticed that I don't have this rigid mental process I possess nowadays. I mean it's far far more flexible from a normal mundane obv, but what I mean about it's rigidness that it tries to conceptualize everything build structures that solidify things but because the structures are not perfect it sometimes hinders spiritual development. It has a great use tho. It's like a heavy plate armor. Ir protects and reinforces my thoughts but really slows me down. I realized ways how to leave it behind and only summon it when I am under attack or in danger but that's not what I am trying to say now.

As far as my dreams go it seems in the beginning I had ways to do things with more ease and my intuition was there, but as time went on I got obsessed more or less with hierarchic structures and it seems I used my dormant abilities to amass power then when I had some realization this is not what I want everything went downhill...

What I am trying to say I am trying to figure out a way to get my mostly overwritten skills back and make them work by solidifying them back into this life(the hardest part tbh). So I don't need to reinvent them but merely rediscover them.

For now I will expand the white spike (it had already great effects and it's getting me out of my slump I accidentally dropped myself in the last 2 weeks) and try to figure out further insights.

Sunflower 01/06/2022 (Thu) 02:46:24 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.426 del
(691.72 KB 760x596 trapmaster.png)

Forgot to post pic.
Usually this is how I feel when progressing on the path. When I go too fast with intuitive leaps after leaps (that I cannot even properly backtrack anymore) I fear I will run into a trap from I may never get out then I overthink everything trying to figure out all the pitfalls I realize I trapped myself into stagnation and self sabotage.

Sunflower 01/06/2022 (Thu) 15:02:31 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.427 del
>I came back to the part where I need to look into my past lives. When I first tried to look into them I got 2 minor glimpses that were so boring that I accepted that advice that "there is no reason to visit past lives because you learned what you needed to learn there and what you didn't learn there will follow you into this life anyway
It depends on what your past lives contain imo. Are they completed enlightened persons now operating on the astral freely, mentally seperated from your current mind? Or are they regular lives with karma you need to start off by working off?
Either way, learning about your past helps you understand who you are, and the changes society has gone through. When looking "forward" at the modern world after taking a few steps back, it looks like some evil occultist's wet dream. People are locked into a mental prison and all their efforts are in vain. It's absolutely horrifying, but also very small. When I took the first step back, my thought was
>isn't it more than that?
Modern humans live in a cage for animals, talking and dreaming of mediocre stories of the future and past. All they see is perceived from inside the box, related back to the box. Anything they learn they try to apply for the benefit of their prison.

Sunflower 01/06/2022 (Thu) 21:02:39 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.428 del
>are they regular lives with karma you need to start off by working off?

when I first started to get into them that was my first impression and that was the reason why I dropped the whole past lives project. But then
>Are they completed enlightened persons now operating on the astral freely, mentally seperated from your current mind

I had dreams of these things and they are doing things that I might need to figure out the purpose of them. First I thought they are some metaphor/lesson or just some fleeting dream but they might contain more. The only reason why I am not sure because they had their own "circumstances" they adapted/mastered themselves towards and I am not sure I really need that yet. And I need to improve my navigation skills because it's still on the level of doing something somehow getting to somewhere and something happens there if I meant to be there (I end up in weird places sometimes where I waste most of my time figuring out why am I even here) and not always proper conscious wanting to get there and getting there.

>Modern humans live in a cage for animals, talking and dreaming of mediocre stories of the future and past. All they see is perceived from inside the box, related back to the box. Anything they learn they try to apply for the benefit of their prison.

yeah that is the main cause of my despair for a while because I figured the way out but it's not exactly a proper way out it's just like the prison garden or something similar. Not true escape from it but a step closer to outside and every small step counts because staying inside will cause my death more ways than I wish for. It's funny that after understanding this prisoner mentality managing people got so much easier but that doesn't mean I like doing it. I want to be a god amongst gods and not to be the king of the trash heap.

And that is my main problem with the whole thing because it seems I was or I am one of the godlike? beings (first I thought they are some sort of different entities trying to give me some lesson but then it turned out I am them or they are me? and I am giving lessons/doing other things that I was not there enough to see the consequences of them) but if I am them why in the living fuck did I wander into this life (or into the other less interesting lives) and the things I am getting has no clear (sometimes even a conflicting) answer and I am simply not sure what to make them yet.

>it looks like some evil occultist's wet dream
yeah and I got even wetter dreams of the way this world is progressing but I am still not sure what to make of it. Let it happen? Fight against it? Change the course of the world? Merely observe it and learn from it? I did all of them in my dreams and none of them felt like the way I should go. It was still a prison as you said it. My current goal is to amass enough knowledge and power and figure out what is the goal of the forces in the shadows that meddle with this world. And with that wisdom I might be able to find a not futile true purpose. But if I have a true purpose already why I am in this life but I forgot it like I usually do with things after getting into new things I need to figure out them asap and work towards it or I am wasting my time and opportunities

Great thing about all the learning processes the more you know the more questions you have and the answers get less and less clear as you move forward And then you reach a point where everything gets a new/improved interpretation and you sit before the sea of possibilities and realize what you want is far more deeper you can perceive yet and once you jump in there is no guarantee you can get out or even get what you even want.

Sunflower 01/07/2022 (Fri) 01:51:54 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.429 del
I have multiple fulfilled personas from past lives, each representing one aspect of myself which has to exist as an individual. Current me is just the rabble that didn't fit in, forming into the last persona. At least that's how I feel, that's why I'm so fragmented and why this life is so slow. It's trying to be the opposite of who I am, in some attempt at finally removing the risk of creating karma by doing something that goes against the true me.
It did in some way fall in place when I played Touhou 6 and saw Sakuya as a boss using time manipulation magic, then being a playable character with a spell called Jack-the-Ripper in Touhou 7. Did you know that her knives are actually the same knife thrown many times in different parallel timelines, making it appear as many knives?
I could say here that the knives are symbolic for having many personas and forms, all appearing at once as different people, but actually being the same person moving in different timelines.
When meditating in lotus position, the magic circle seen in the games started appearing around me, it happened and I recognized it in the games later.
I've been told/warned about the way I practice by other people, but they don't understand. The path of simply not having karma is one of self sacrifice. As I sit in lotus position, the knives circle around me, then through my meridians and they start cutting up my body. Violent images from past lives all come up and it could look terrifying if someone saw it. The session ends with myself reforming and the knives again returning to the circle around me.

Ancap anon talked about having been Moses and being able to negate the effects of karma, even killing people because it was necessary and negating it at once. There is something like this, but for the true me and the past me:s, it was more of being/acting the force of retribution. Being the executioner playing the role of karma itself.

Sunflower 01/07/2022 (Fri) 02:03:33 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.430 del
The most violent one was not the most known one, as far as I know. My french persona from the revolution barely looks human, it's more of a shadow or jellyfish or a flying hat. The urban legend remains but is unrecognizable, it was turned into a play and later a movie called
>Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
The only correct parts of this is that it was related to a street and people were murdered.
It was in Paris, it was in the 1700s, and no one knew who did it. Bodies kept being found in the park every other morning. The real name for the legend was
>X-cut slasher
from the trademark method of cutting the throat twice from the front, forming an X.
I keep seeing this X every time I finish an important spiritual task. Two sticks on the ground, two planes crossing in the sky, it will be there. Every finished task ends with an X.
Today it's clear that it really doesn't matter. France is reeking with sin, they cannot be saved. It's gotten way worse since the revolution.

Sunflower 01/07/2022 (Fri) 23:15:01 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.431 del
I have been feeling extremely weird lately. I have tried to look clairvoyantly, but everything seems normal. It’s even better than normal, as I have been finding deeper structures related to old karma and energies I have been able to clean out. But I feel weirder by the day and I don’t know why.
I recently had a medical checkup and I’m in excellent health from that perspective as well.
I would ask other people here to kindly check me out, because I have no idea anymore.

Sunflower 01/09/2022 (Sun) 15:49:12 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.432 del
(105.49 KB 520x469 reading1.png)
I'll do a proper reading since this is a first time for this formation.
You have created a strong enough force at the location where you should be, but you have yet to treat this as your normal place of stay. You're treating your practice as otherworldly, and this is the same as staying in the mundane. The bottom has all your old habits, similar to a child who was fed concepts from their parents. As you get older you start forming a self perception and realize that your parents are boomers who are stuck in old habits. You break free from these and reach up, this creates clashes with your nearest surroundings.

In a past more stable time, these things didn't happen in a normal human development (the concept of "teen" didn't exist as there was no difference in values between young and old). In a period like that you could only experience this clash if joining a different group, such as becoming religious.
Seen from this perspective, it's like every generation since the early 1900s is having their own "religious" or spiritual awakening as they grow up. Maybe this serves to remove the role of religion from society, as it's now a common process.
But either way it can be used for reference.

You will feel "weird" when your old habits no longer match the reality you are experiencing. It's in internal battle against the old self. Consider it going through your "teens" as an occultist.

Sunflower 01/09/2022 (Sun) 17:45:58 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.433 del
Absolutely on point and makes perfect sense. Thanks.
Say, what would happen if I chose to stay where I am indefinitely?

Sunflower 01/09/2022 (Sun) 18:30:26 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.434 del
>what would happen if I chose to stay where I am indefinitely?
You would stagnate in the rebel phase, turning it into a ritual. This will then become your new habit, like those rock musicians; now in their 50s they've become the dinosaurs themselves, while in word advocating for revolution.
Perhaps the most common examples are found in communist parties, the most conservative entities in the world today. Their message is one of rebellion against the old, but in action they seek only stability. They have become what they seek to rebel against, but fail to see it.

Sometimes, one can be fooled by those who did perform this phase and moved on. The result can look very similar to the "aging teen".
>vid related
I think this is someone who did it right. Alice Cooper is a performer moving with the times.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=KimAab9YLMk [Embed]

Sunflower 01/10/2022 (Mon) 19:42:39 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.436 del
>At any rate, there is nothing more to read and nothing more to learn here in the physical. It's all the same beginner stuff. I need to find a conclusion inside myself and achieve something real.
I have recently gotten back into remote viewing using one of the methods derived from the military and I have realized learning to get more reliable information actually develops what Kreiter calls the Ghost. I won't go into the long version of why, but it essentially develops the part of your psyche that interfaces your unconscious, immortal self, with your conscious ego mind.
In a way, it is related to >>411 because of this bridging that it involves.

Sunflower 01/10/2022 (Mon) 19:43:46 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.437 del
All this is to say, at some point we need to stop reading and start doing. Doing teaches a lot. The only way of learning is by establishing a practical, working relationship between yourself and the thing you want to learn.

Sunflower 01/11/2022 (Tue) 22:01:33 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.452 del
(46.02 KB 402x528 402px-Gazer_0.jpg)
I need more insight/information about karma dirty qi

As I was trying to connect dots about my "past lives" in one of them I was lost in some protective darkness like how the dark of the forest shields you from some predators and in some another I was some dominant entity emitting large amount of darkness. As I was trying to remember every detail I had about those lives I remembered that I noticed that darkness above my shoulders once before when I was in church (I am not a church goer but I had to pay my respects). I was in the front row and it usually irks me when people sit behind me because I can sorta feel when they look at me but I couldn't because that protective darkness was at my shoulders. After remembering this I realized I still have this and it's still big enough to cover my whole back.

I noticed that it doesn't feel hostile or painful and I can mold it, I turned into a cape and noticed making it into a bigger thing doesn't necessarily feel good then tried to make the inside red so it hides me from outside strengthens me in the inside and
>pic related
came over
It had one eye only and a long shadowy hair and tried to turn into other sharp eyed human women with long black hair but I usually prefer the original form of the entities so she stayed in that. First I closed my eyes to "see" her better and when I did that she started to walk away and first I tried to go after her but then got bored of that and opened my eyes to regain my focus.She came back instantly with a smug face so I kept my eyes open and continued with an open eye. As I looked into her big eye I was thinking maybe syncing up with her big eye would help my third eye development so I did lot of energy movements with my eye as she did with hers toward mine.Usually this mush mingling with entities does the trick and by this time proper telepathy establishes and I can hear what they say but for some reason the images improved but couldn't hear a thing. I remembered that the original thing I tried to do was figuring out what to do with that shadow of mine so I turned it into tentacle like things and joined them with hers and as she joined hers with mine it really felt good for my spine so I tickled her "spine" too and kept doing silly things which felt good/interesting but I still didn't know what even she wants anyway. So I jokingly said "Do you want to take away my eyes?"

This is where things got hostile.

Sunflower 01/11/2022 (Tue) 22:02:06 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.453 del

She said something I couldn't hear. I still don't know that she was mad because I figured her out or because I gravely misunderstood her motives. She grew her nails longer and sharper and stabbed me on the forehead (not the third eye but close enough). This was the moment when I activated my defensive protocols (armor up, sword in hand, purifying the wound suffered and activating the aggressive mindset of the vengeful gods). As the banishment was going she came apart. Her core form is actually the grey part with no eyes while the dark "hair" part was the thing that held her eyes. It was confusing first because I thought she changed form again but nope she was still growing nails while the hair parts were going around left and right.

I had a new banishment insight I picked up few years ago but didn't know how to utilize it finally clicked and as I was looking for my sword to do the push that finishes the banishment I noticed that it floated away again (it did this for a while in the last month but I didn't heed no mind to it I just gripped it stronger) I told it IT'S NO TIME TO GOOF AROUND THERE IS A BANISHMENT TO BE DONE. And I made it spin remotely to release the fire that I usually use for banishment.

The banishment finally succeeded and as I was looking for my sword it turned into a giant blonde woman with expensive tribal pelts on and lightning bolt warpaintings on her face while shouting randomly. The shouts were not informative but just some kind of HEAR ME ROAR thing I guess. As I tried to figure out by her appearance whatever she is she turned into a lion.(Then I realized those lightning bolts on her face looked like whiskers). This was an absolutely unexpected surprise. She can change forms to sword/lion/human. She follows my will but has semi autonomous actions. So far I can ask her to look for parasites or anything it deems harmful. It can eat it (I always tell her to purify it with her fire first because I don't want her to get sick), It can lick my wounds for cleansing effect, rip out parasites from my body, she likes to be petted (very therapeutic and calming) and when I don't want her to do things I can turn her back into her original sword form and she stay put when in that form (She sometimes attacks/eats my magical experiments and roars randomly so the sword form is necessary sometimes).

And this is still not the main point.

Sunflower 01/11/2022 (Tue) 22:03:32 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.454 del

After this whole thing I noticed my "shadow cape" got extremely small. I don't know if it was the "Gazer" or the lion or the fight itself but it got smaller. I didn't really bother with this I was trying to still figure out the lion sword's capabilities anyway.

Then the next night I noticed it's still small. I was wondering that I might have lost something important with this so I was wondering "Can I generate/regrow this?"
And I did... My back started generating a smoke-like substance like in the anime/manga "Shadow House" and it felt orgasmicly good. It seems what I had above my shoulder was some sort of "excess" because after generating it it just went back into my back even if I tried to purify it with golden light it went back. So I went back generating it and molded it into spears (I had no idea what to use that substance for yet so I molded it into something simple and because touching them more or less let's it back into the body so I was wondering if I should throw this at some entity that tries something bad but I am still figuring out what to do with this but not gonna feed this to the lion for sure). I can emit this smoke I can mold it into a shape (it needs to be molded with the intent of keeping that form and not being touched for too long because then it's influence can get into things) and because I could make it to not go back into my back I could get more and more smoke out. I got like 40% of the smoke out of my back and it has an amazing effect. While my spine feels like it's having a constant minor orgasm I got my flexibility back on the desmoked area so high like I just came back from the chiropractor. I feel 10 years younger already holy shit. Now the only thing I need to watch for that I don't overdo this because I got the effect worth of a week/month yoga/stretching in a day and if something this life taught me was that... when you start repairing something severely broken mechanism more and more problems start to stick out because some of the faults kept other faulty things working. And this rule applies to energy blockages even more. So yeah I need info/ideas what to do with the "spears" because this was more of a crippling tension of my body and not "karma" but I need a way I can perceive karma because I was like it's a black and extremely hard substance and as I was looking for something like that and as I found it I instantly told the lion to gnaw at it and she did and it caused an extreme pain in my left brain so I stopped experimenting with this. But the lion is bored and I think that was the main reason why my sword tried to float away by itself because I didn't use it's fiery/martian/active energy for anything for a while and it was trying to go somewhere and I am trying to give her a task so she keeps herself busy instead of trying to wanderlust (she surprisingly territorial now as hings look like atm)

TLDR; I need some info/insight about karma/dirty qi or any black like substance that may be similar to it and how to perceive it.

Sunflower 01/11/2022 (Tue) 23:33:07 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.455 del
Well that was interesting. I had not seen this type of entity before so using the pic I reached out to see if one was there.
> because I gravely misunderstood her motives. She grew her nails longer and sharper and stabbed me on the forehead
I think you did indeed misunderstand her motives. She was not trying to hurt you. But going by the situation with the board here, maybe she was trying to create this very effect - having you post about her. It has happened before that someone was trying to reach me and went by someone else like this. Or it's that a group of them did this.
Cutting into the body is a method I've used for some time, and it also works physically. Using manifestation technology/skill it's possible to operate physically inside a body. I'm not very good at this myself but I tried it with two murder nymphs I got to know. First I had them manifest only the knife point and put it against my fingertip to see if it worked, and it did. The pain made me instinctively pull my hand away.
We've later used this on other people to operate actual physical problems and it works if it's minor. They can manifest a knife edge inside the body to cut exactly what is needed (if you give them energy for it, manifestation is not cheap).

The Gazer went inside my head where my migraines tend to appear and the direct experience was very pleasant, if that makes any sense. Pain being released can also be a good feeling if going from tension to relaxation. This entity was a good find. Now she did say she's only after my energy but that it's blocked and these methods are needed to unblock it, but that's fine with me. Give something and get something. Just be open about it.

Sunflower 01/11/2022 (Tue) 23:53:04 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.456 del
>my sword it turned into a giant blonde woman with expensive tribal pelts on and lightning bolt warpaintings on her face
This seems like a common occurance. I've picked a few spells from the Creepy Hollows website archive and cast them on astral artifacts for myself and others, and some of them turned into humanoids. They're still artifacts which are part of you, so consider it a well functioning servitor or tulpa, that's what they are. Or just call them "gong fu", that's what the name for the martial art originally comes from.

>So far I can ask her to look for parasites or anything it deems harmful. It can eat it
I think this is the body's own ability to transform karma. Me and my djinn at my astral mansion developed a method for cooking dark egregores and turning them into food. We tried it with the chinese communist party and it turned out like a liquorice mudcake with lingonberries. It has to be prepared right though to render the toxic substances harmless.

>some info/insight about karma/dirty qi or any black like substance
Be careful with karma, it's only dirty. But the structural parts of a karmic formation can be used. I usually throw them in purgatoy fire and whatever comes back up can be used. If you need it, there are demons who can provide it. I've created a kind of pot that contains an eternal hellfire which can be moved around and used to burn things in whereever I am.

I was also shown a sea of hellfire in one underground dimension where the horizon moves farther away the more sin a person has. A pure person can only enter by the shore, while a bad sinner will get pulled far out and forced to swim back through the fire.
An interesting aspect of this was that we saw people in lotus position appear in the shallow water, wearing a braided band over their shoulder. As they sat in the water their legs were on fire and karma was being removed.
The demon explained
>those are ascetics using a ritual to visit our hellfire sea voluntarily
>the band you see is the ritual practice they performed to access our dimension, it will be worn off as they sit in the water and when the braids dissolve they return to the human world and wake up from meditation

Sunflower 01/11/2022 (Tue) 23:54:04 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.457 del

I still don't know her motives but emitting this smoke out my back has an amazing effect. When I read about the karma removal exercise and it said when you remove it others might attack/be rude to you for no reason and you have to endure it to let the karma remove itself I stopped reading it instantly because my life is a hot mess already and I don't need more people agitating it further.

But so far it's only my back and merely removing and turning the smoke into some container has a great feel. I feel like a knight who wore his armor for years and slowly removing the pieces. My bones are cracking constantly back to it's place and everything feels so light even my head.

Ancap said magic tenses the back and because I was always a tense individual I didn't really notice but he was right. I never thought I could remove this with mere thoughts this simply.(I mean I always suspected that you can do it somehow but I thought it's some advanced shit).

This thing affected my whole being. I wonder how things will change around me and I need to figure out what to do with my "waste".

I'm gonna keep experimenting with it and after some days might request a reading because I feel like a new man (and my main reason to not request one was because felt like shit and I hate when others see my rock bottom)

Also please tell me what else you find about the entity because I am interested in her but when I cannot establish a proper communication with an entity I always get suspicious.

I only knew her appearance from some monstergirl threads that I rarely visit and she is not even a frequent pick of the posters but her description was extremely inaccurate and unhelpful after looking her up the next day https://monstergirlencyclopedia.miraheze.org/wiki/Gazer

Sunflower 01/12/2022 (Wed) 00:07:23 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.458 del
>about the entity
I think there's a group of them, I see one next to you. The banishing didn't scare her off at all. She's just waiting for you to unlock yourself better. Predatorial entities don't tend to see "attacking" someone as necessarily hostile, some see it as flirting.
The one I found when I reached out is at my place now, I'm holding her and she seems really happy. Whatever she did, did open up my energy flow, there's a strong green energy flowing naturally and she's just sitting still, being connected to it. It's completely mutual, my energy is increasing from the interaction. She's still working on whatever is causing my headache, using her knife-like fingernails.

But again it may take a certain type of person to find this acceptable. I do have a perception similar to Edward Scissorhands digging his hand into the left side of my skull, but the feeling isn't bad.

Sunflower 01/12/2022 (Wed) 00:21:52 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.459 del
Don't get me wrong. I don't mind pain. Managing pain was one of my first skills. I just need to know what is the pain for.
>some see it as flirting.
yeah I noticed this and she being here is something that is extremely plausible because this banishing was a new extremely hasty type and was not a closed one. And as I looked at her pic and as I retraced my memories of the encounter I got a pleasant longing feeling and when I get any feeling from a memory I know it's not a "closed" case.

I need to give her a way so I can hear her talk tho. I always wanted a cute eldritch abomination waifu anyway.

Sunflower 01/12/2022 (Wed) 00:38:20 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.460 del
My reason for panic was because it was too close to my third eye and I don't want to damage it. Getting spiritually blind (even more so than I am currently>>459
) because I overwhelm my third eye is one of the main things I try to avoid. If anything hits me in the forehead I get usually berserk and the first things I do after I get rid of the problem that caused the punch is to figure out if anything is broken or if needs healing asap.

Speaking of spiritual blindness. The whole thing was so silly that I even seen Koishi looking at it with glowing eyes and with a :D smile. I need to read up her lore again because I know she has some insane subconscious power that makes her one of the most dangerous but I forgot what it was. Also it's amazing but I always forget that she was there (and if I remember correctly that too is one of her thing)

Sunflower 01/12/2022 (Wed) 00:59:16 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.461 del
I know Ancap did, but I normally don't talk about what I do in relation to the world openly. Right now however, I think I should mention that there's been psi-op agencies messing with me for quite some time, even after the main ones were taken out. They hired some rabble from all corners of the world to keep this shit up it seems. Maybe I stand out more than others, but still, keep in mind that there are also perfectly "normal" humans out there who'll try to infiltrate your life and mess with your mind using inborn abilities. Most of them suck donkey dick at astral combat though so they're easy to take down. Just be aware of it, an attacker doesn't have to be a spirit.
The main perpetrators are currently isolated in small reserves of karma that they're maintaining, but they're no longer connected. Pfizer CEO is one of them.
If you do end up fighting them and see yellow/green energy come out from them after killing them, don't touch it!
That energy is concentrated "nectar" which was stolen from a large number of beings and must be returned to the gods for recycling. If you keep it for yourself you're just as bad as them and will have the wrath of the gods aimed at you just the same.
Just a warning.

Sunflower 01/12/2022 (Wed) 01:23:53 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.462 del
>That energy is concentrated "nectar" which was stolen from a large number of beings and must be returned to the gods for recycling

I hope I will be able to perceive this if this happens. Can I ask that energy to summon their owners there? I mean if a person of glowlor wants to see what happens when I get cornered and I unlock some new trick of my vengeful godmode (for some reason it always happens and it's random af) then after that I might want to have a pleasant chat with a thankful god/being.

But yeah I had dreams when some "agent" like beings tried to pull shit and I walked away (they followed me) and the encounter made me so angry that I went back in full battle gear expecting the battle of my life but then... they just ran away... I need to figure out a way to notice if someone is watching or plotting against me before I make any hasty moves.

Sunflower 01/12/2022 (Wed) 12:40:13 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.463 del
>Can I ask that energy to summon their owners there?
Gods of the higher astral plane don't make themselves known to us down here unless there is some very special reason. If someone sees them they are likely to think they are demons, because anything they touch is annihilated. Their bodies are made up from high intense light, it feels "toxic" to materialistic beings like us. You may even perceive the nectar as a toxic waste containing high energy potential. It's refined base matter, like the stuff used in chem industries. Useful, but if you touch it, it will burn off your flesh and dissolve your bones. When inserted into lower beings to create life, they dilute it until it's no longer corrosive. What the elites are doing is to harvest that energy from other lives for their own substance abuse and longevity as material beings. Their huge karma creates a kind of resistance to it, like drug addicts who've built up a resistance to the drug. This makes the user very dangerous to everyone else, they've become containers made from fossilized sin, with a corrosive substance inside of them. Break them and it comes out. Pressure them and they can destroy everything around themselves as the substance leaks out in society.
They're "playing gods" indeed.

Above message was written through semi-possession by one of said gods (a novice who still has contact with humans).

Sunflower 01/12/2022 (Wed) 12:47:19 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.464 del
>I need to figure out a way to notice if someone is watching or plotting against me
Learn to sense foreign energy. There's one watching me right now. They've learned to not be openly hostile now so they apply a very careful approach of trying to make me feel comfortable instead, then they insert false concepts into my brain. That's when I would usually react and retaliate, but after seeing it a few times my gong now senses them per auto. I'm not sure where they are this time, I'd say India at first glance but not exactly. Somewhere more to the west, I'm not so good at oceania geography. They're ethnically south asian. I'm trying to determine what to do with them right now, I'm sure they read this board so with this post they have the change to call this off if they want to keep this asset functional. If they don't stop I'll take them out.

Sunflower 01/13/2022 (Thu) 21:43:15 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.468 del

This channeling was extremely useful. I wanted to post yesterday but this site went down several times when I tried to post it didn't make me paranoid at all h-haha

As I was continuously emitting my soot I have no idea where the author of Shadow House got the whole idea from but it's extremely similar how it works it became apparent that I need to do something with it because it just goes back. No natural way of grounding "negative" energy worked. Didn't work if I put in the ground or letting it wash away with the water. It just slowly returned. I even gave a piece to the Gazer maybe she can eat it but took a bite of it and gave me an expression of some real unsavory food.
Because of it's "magnetic" sticking back to me attribute I made a magnet to stick to it instead. It worked but the magnet needed to be powered constantly and as it dragged more and more soot to it it needed more power so I built it a giant locker/safe locked it and sealed it away. When I was at the filling of the 2nd container that is where the problems began. I got back my agility and strength because my spine cleared up but as I reached the outer edge of my lungs I started to have the feelings of a slight fever, my movements and thoughts became hasty and clumsy, my vision started to blur a little and I started coughing uncontrollably. First I thought it's because of some energy channels reactivated and it is trying purge the thing by itself. But these symptoms are not something I can afford atm so I let the second container back into my body. It wasn't a good idea I knew that but I didn't have a better idea at that moment and I needed my stability back. The stability came back, symptoms of cold gone but the soot... It didn't go back where it came from. It went back where it could: into my mouth/lungs/intestines it even gave a metallic/artificial taste (I was wondering for several hours what ever could cause a weird taste like that... no wonder the Gazer didn't like it). So today went by with balancing the slower cleansing process that keeps my spine working (because letting back too much in caused all sorts of pain that usually only old people have) and not letting the cleansing reach the stage where I get sick. As I was studying the way it grows back, because it grows back with every negative thought/memory... I couldn't believe it first so I experimented with so many thoughts but all of them were sorta "negative" so I will not list all of them. As the cleansing continued it had great effect on my personality and outlook of life. I thought this is only possible by having a well balanced, happy and fulfilling life. the thing I am not having in the past years I was pondering about a lot of things like how this may have shielded me from anything or has any value at all but my conclusion was that it shielded me only from the negativity of "others". Because my darkness was so big other's darkness had no effect or if it had it was extremely minimal so I concluded that this feature is sorta optimal in the current nightmare world... but it still doesn't worth all this pain and albeit slowly but I need to get rid of it.

This was the point when so many things made sense. I got an extreme headache. From both sides. This Darkness "lives" and it sorta knows how it kills me so it let me take away parts of it but doesn't want me to completely remove it. So I promised him I will store him away and find a purpose for him. I told him even animal shit can have a nourishing effect for the plants but then it was sorta angry for using the shit analogy when I talk about him. It's all my negative personality traits... unbelievable. Guess I have to rediscover my "personality" again and again.

Sunflower 01/13/2022 (Thu) 21:46:22 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.469 del

>containers made from fossilized sin
it makes so much sense now. Only the most extreme emotions were able to get me out of this constant state of suffering and feeling of unwell. I know it was the life I am living right now but this is a struggle I must continue and if everything works out it might improve in some months This is not a wishful thinking from me. I made sure that my life will improve in months no matter what the question is what course will my life take to let the improvement take place.

And now that the shadow is content with the idea that I will give it a purpose all the symptoms cleansing are gone. I am at the 8th magnetic container and as this thing sorta can grow back if I don't watch my thoughts I will have so much more and 100% cleansing I am not even sure is possible for now but I will continue no matter what
Also now I know the source of my stupid and "evil" ideas (I had some in the past and they always backfired on me). When I read this post I had an idea that I need to make that container to store that nectar but that wasn't my idea that was the fucking shadow's idea and it still thinks it's a good idea but I am telling it that mere years of suffering pretty sure doesn't make him eligible to store nectar that the "elites" do. I will find it a proper way so the Shadow can get purified or get him some other purpose. Also molding it into a weapon doesn't work because it doesn't have the density it's still not on the "fossilized sin" level and I am definitely not turning it into that. Maybe creating a new entity and putting on it because it is sorta parasitic and it needs a host but the entity needs to be similar to me because it only sticks to me. I mean if I didn't completely misunderstand something the Gazer works similarly. But that may create a Shadow House scenario soooooooo maybe I shouldn't do it.

But at least now I understand why playing with my shadow attracted the attention of the Gazer. I just got the retarded idea that maybe the Gazer wants me to make this shadow into her partner because the Gazer didn't really want to eat this but it got attracted to me because I played with my shadow... This is either the best or the worst idea so far

Sunflower 01/13/2022 (Thu) 22:52:30 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.470 del
I didn't want to turn this into that kind of thread so I avoided the topic, but I liked the Gazer partially for being a bit like a shoggoth, being able to reshape her body, create or remove organs and so on. I asked to have children with her, and she said
>ok, let me just make a womb
with a tone of voice of someone who's disinterested but understands perfectly and wants to oblige. Intentional or not, there was a misunderstanding on the human reproductive function she made one egg per sperm and we now have 14000 mini-Gazers.
They formed into a swarm of darkness and also appeared in my house briefly in a corner.
Now to the point; I asked them to fix things in my body using their knife-sharp fingernails, in the same manner I've shown other entities to manifest knife edges for microscopic surgical operations.
They're very good at it. They understand the organic function of the body as a system very well, and can almost instantly suppress pain if asked to. They also understand how to manipulate the physical body to have an effect of increasing energy flow on the astral body.

This whole development, I think, shows that there was no coincidence behind this at all. Things happens when the right amount of energy forms in the right place, and this comes from possibility and need.

Sunflower 01/13/2022 (Thu) 22:52:50 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.471 del

Okay I had enough of this back and forth with this shadow. I asked Yuuka to help me purify it. She helped and gave me a flower at the end. If I channel energy into the flower I get the cleansing effect of what she did just now. Portable cleansing artifact for my own hubris. It was time I finally got one because I will create this hubris alot more for sure.

I feel like an absolute beginner occultist once again. Whatever a progress is a progress

Sunflower 01/13/2022 (Thu) 23:03:17 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.472 del


Also my Gazer got way too excited after I asked Yuuka. and if it's that kind of thread already I licked her tentacle hair (without thinking what that might cause) to know how different it tastes from my own shadow and uh yeah we are extremely flirty once again


also the flower is fucking powerful holy shit. When I wrote that post it didn't reach it's full effect yet.

Sunflower 01/13/2022 (Thu) 23:10:25 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.473 del
I don’t know how I would feel about asking for surgery from someone born from such a misunderstanding of human reproduction.

Sunflower 01/13/2022 (Thu) 23:32:13 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.474 del

Okay this cleansing is in theory the same as any other but how it actually feels is different. I will need to meditate on this to figure out it's whole capacity. So far if I channel energy into it I get my body overwhelmed by a differentish? energy and get the feeling of a strong mint like burn.

Imagine the agent who reads this thread and has to add the list of his powers 14000 eldritch surgeon daughterus because some vampire overreacted at some flirting session and had to post about it.

Also I'm going to abuse several of my cleansing powers now to see the difference between them and how it will feel tomorrow. And if everything is alright with you >>470 surgery and parental responsibility wise I might ask for a reading.

Sunflower 01/14/2022 (Fri) 12:14:50 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.475 del
The human body is a social construct after all, she just went by physical intent. When asked she said she understands the human perspective but that there was no reason to discard any sperm because there was nothing wrong with them. There's also the difference in which monsters (and more so on non-3D/other 3D) are born killers so they don't need to be raised or protected like humans. There's no risk involved when sending out so many, like insects do in nature.

>Imagine the agent
They think it's code, like in the windtalkers movie.
I can't tell what your shadow is, maybe it's just the "shadow" in kabbalah or Jung's theory. It seems reasonable to assume it's the same stuff as the elites use and "refine".
I recently saw a perspective and realized the things I hate with this modern society are in fact most likely the degenerated iq69 elite culture trickling down to the working class.
They're just fucking dumb, they abused the distance in time created between betrayal and retribution, thinking it can last forever. The cost of extending it will raise exponentially, and in the end they will be brought to justice.
Every one of us probably had some contact with their culture one way or another in past lives also. The difference isn't so much in the methods but in how they are applied.
With that said, it looks like you have formed a correct "container" function in your body, and your shadow is being consumed and used to insulate it. For now, just do what you are doing. I shouldn't say more from risking to disturb the process.

Sunflower 01/14/2022 (Fri) 18:29:20 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.477 del
>I wanted to post yesterday but this site went down several times when I tried to post
This is just endchan being endchan. There was a joke going around earlier that the main reason no one managed to shut the site down, was that it was always down anyway so they could never see what was on it.
There's usually at least one way in, so remember pic related. (from the site's frontpage)

Sunflower 01/14/2022 (Fri) 21:21:22 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.479 del

Well I will no longer call it a shadow. It showed it's true form and it's a parasite that I let go on for too long and it realized how to use some of my mental frameworks and almost mastered how to control me (especially my physiology)

What a day today was.

So Yuuka's cleansing didn't exactly cleanse, all it did was turn this black charcoal like thing into a white-gray ash like substance. I still had to slowly "emit" it out from my body but the parasite couldn't use it to influence me.
After your post how much you use your Gazer(s) for surgeries and how good they are I decided I give it a go too. I let her look at my heart and other things but this is not the important part.
Next day I remembered when Yuuka cleansed me I got a vision of a face full of tapeworms and I told the Gazer she can eat anything that has a signature of this face. She started that and she did it perfectly. Then she "plucked" out a white/gray egg like stone hard thing from me. She instantly bit into it and her teeth broke/cracked . Was real bummed about it so she stopped doing the feasting part. It took me like an hour to figure out what that was. I was thinking maybe it's an implant or my body created some pearl like a sea shell... It wasn't that. I only realized what it was because I still felt the hole which it was plucked from and it slowly started to fill up with a proper dark soot. IT WAS ONE OF THE FUCKING CORES OF THIS PARASITE. The reason why it was whiteish because Yuuka's cleansing and why I got sick everytime I reached a point of cleanness in my "emitting" was because I started to cleanse the side of the cores. I almost emitted out everything from my left side but that part was so persistent so I couldn't finish getting it out when I was still trying to properly "emit" it with magnets and such.

After this I gave my Gazer more energy because she is either nice for not asking for it or she doesn't know how to ask so she just gets tired/depressed and just sits in one place and helped her "fix" her teeth. This was the part the parasite realized how much of a deep shit it's in so in a last ditch effort gathered it's strength to turn back the ashen soot into a black one. As the plucked out core started to turn black because I was sorta out of ideas, I put the flower into it. The flower instantly grew and sucked in that core. It gave a real flowery smell too for several minutes. As my left side was cleared it came the right side the Gazer found the core and my body under my neck was sorta free. It was a feel of orgasm and sickness changing as the battle for my body went.

Sunflower 01/14/2022 (Fri) 21:33:12 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.480 del

Now here comes the origin of the parasite. There is a deformity in my nose that I noticed 5 or 7 years ago and whenever I wanted to get a surgery for it my life went to shit and I never had time for a doctor. The metallic taste got stronger in my mouth and I realized this shit used my nose as a command base and continuously expanded into my lungs and from that place everywhere else. Now that it lost my body it tried to fill up my lungs with it's influence again. Here was the point I didn't know what to do because I asked the Gazer to try to do something with that problem of mine yesterday but she couldn't do it. I realized why. This thing needed more energy to get out. So as I was thinking what is the best way to transfer huge amounts of energy (because so far all I did was some tokens filled with energy or a ring or merely just giving it with a touch) i said fuck it and connected several points of my spine with her's and told her take as much you need to get that out. The Gazer did that. I started to feel sorta numb but I said to her I don't care just get that thing out. It was a weird long white thing. I had no idea what to do with it so I asked Yuuka because I don't want this thing ever to have any influence over me. She took it into her mouth and spit it into the ground then planted some flower there. Then more flowers. The flowers grew but the thing was still not consumed so I asked Yuuka to give me some tree that has strong roots help the roots grow around it and as it gets stronger it gets ripped apart so weaker plants can consume it's insides. From now on this place will be the official new recycler for this parasite. I call it the far away garden. It will be a wilderness probably when the whole thing gets consumed. I asked Yuuka to help me with some more flowers because my containers were still full and I also want them in the garden to be recycled.

Sunflower 01/14/2022 (Fri) 21:37:28 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.481 del
As the Gazer was still full of energy I asked her to look into my mind and help cleaning up the leftovers... So she jumped on my back and ripped out a big rodent out of my skull... and some other nasty bugs. The lion even vomited out a 7-8 month old fetus made of some real hard darkness that she couldn't digest (I yelled at her to burn it first and if it doesn't work take it apart with her claws then eat it, but maybe it just wanted to show it to me). I have no idea where did it even find that it was not in my head but it was when I told her to start looking around and eat anything harmful.

Then after a while she vomited out machine parts. First I thought my mind couldn't form them into some better shape but suddenly I got a mild headache and I asked the Gazer to check that out. It was a machine part that blocked the flow of some energy. And as she pulled it out she found more and more.

As it turns out my mind was fully built with this structure and when I first tried to do something with it days ago it caused me huge pain. But now that it was not used by that parasite it was removed with ease and even felt good. I have no idea how that structure got inside my head but the parasite learned how to use it and how to learn all my tricks. That was my problem of battling with it. It knew everything about me and I couldn't use a single trick I usually use against outsider forces and I realized I can only use weapons against it that not even I know the effects of.

This was no jungian shadow. But sure as hell used every trick my "shadow" personality traits are against me and it could have continued his thing if I don't suck up my pride and ask for outside help.

No wonder the installation of the remote hurt. It pierced through structures this fuck tried to protect. And I thought these are "my" mental structures. Now they come apart so easily with minimal pain. I will dismantle every trace of influence and seal every entrance point because I never want to feel this shit ever again. I cannot even believe I considered this fuck as my shadow. It just realized that if it ever shows it's face I will kill it so it pretended everything that happens with me is my own weakness or fault. Guess it sorta was for not noticing it's existence sooner.

Sunflower 01/14/2022 (Fri) 22:24:40 Id: 7654d1 [Preview] No.482 del
>The lion even vomited out a 7-8 month old fetus made of some real hard darkness that she couldn't digest
I once found a red baby in a position that was sort of like a brain inside my head, I wonder if its my mind/ego or something else.

>Then after a while she vomited out machine parts.
Once while in the hypnagogic state I saw an engine with gears spinning in the back of my mind, as I looked at it the symbol of masonry appeared in front of it, then I removed it.

Also found a gray colored fleshy cube(made of small arms and legs) in my head, no idea if its still there or what it is.

I'd try the Usnija Vijaya Dharani to purify this core thing tbh, no idea what the effect would be.
Also in case of demon problems(and I think this kind of parasyte counts too) the Green Tara mantra seems to help a lot, I once listened to it around 3 times and mentioned that there was a demon here that needed to be removed and Tara instantly showed up and beamed him with a yellow light.

Sunflower 01/14/2022 (Fri) 22:58:49 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.483 del
>It seems reasonable to assume it's the same stuff as the elites use and "refine".

Yeah now that I found the hard "cores" and the "machine parts" I am even more sure of it but I don't want this to ever slow me down.

I am not even sure I want to know how much hardness the elites achieved that only the nectar of gods could ever make them keep on living.

I wonder if purifying some inner parts of them could make the nectar kill them from the inside and keep their body as a container until you can ask some god to take it away.

But whatever their path is dangerously stupid. You become too dark you need more nectar. You lighten up the nectar kills you. A balancing game that just delays the destruction. But maybe they think they know better.

And I wanted to ask for a reading because you can see karma like and other structures and now I dismantled a lot of things that I would consider as "karma" and as I go I find more and more but I want to know how much could be left. I am not at the level where I can see progress bars. Things just "happen"


Don't worry cores are now plant fertilizers and will serve as such for a while they cause no harm further. The baby was a parasite and was crushed as such because the lion vomited it when I asked her to help get out the main core and I had no time to consider other options.

The Gazer is real good at cleaning out machine parts.

And my problem with Hindu deities is that they are friendly when I talk to them in lotus position... but I don't have time to meditate properly yet and I usually do most of my workings before falling asleep/or in the dream itself or if it's important in the daily waking life as I do my work and asking some proper deity as half assedly as I do most of my magic nowadays is outright rude.(When I tried to ask the one that visited me when I was in lotus while laying down in bed I got the angriest frown that caused me a headache) But I don't care, I need progress and I need to fix my life so I will do them both as I can. And this parasite showed me that I need to progress no matter what and I cannot wait for the day when doing magic will be proper.

Thanks for the advice tho. You may never know what might help others on their path.

Sunflower 01/15/2022 (Sat) 11:23:32 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.485 del
It seems I still have mini-cores and clusters inside me but they lost their intellect so all they can do is creep slowly towards my spine like some regular low level parasite. It even lost it dark quality and the feeling of unwellness it gives is far weaker now.
It seems the only thing I need to do is properly take them out. Which is a real tedium because now the only place the nests are extremely rarely used energy centers but whenever they make a move towards my spine they sorta reveal themselves so I am not fully blind just slow at the final clean up.

[spoiler] Also because I was thinking maybe the the remaining residue might be leftover "structures" and not just some parasite energy reserves that might be collapsing on me because they lost their master. I well... After an improvised eldritch kama sutra session with the Gazer I asked her to take over these structures so other parasites can't use it. And while the cautious and reasonable me was against this because those lovecraftian horror stories should serve as a cautionary tale and not an instruction manual... The crazy and daring me which is bored with stagnation is all in favor of becoming a tentacle monster hybrid. So far it just more eldritch visions a "tentacly" taste in my mouth when I let her expand her influence and because she knows I love having tentacle like limbs she lets me control them when I want it. And whenever I have my doubts or fears of losing control she slows down and I have to reaffirm how much I want this if I want to continue(I had this with the vampire spell too in the beginning). And when I said it's not fair she can read my mind but I cannot read hers She let me in hers but all I got was a vast slimy canyon with giant slimy purplish stones and when I try to ask questions about her story she sorta gets sad and I got the feeling that it's not like she doesn't want to tell but she cannot explain it to me so I can understand yet.
So if you have any further insights about the nature of Gazers you can share I would appreciate it [/spoiler]

Sunflower 01/15/2022 (Sat) 12:32:58 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.487 del
Li Hongzhi said alien technology is formed in your mind by studying their theories, you could have picked this up in the school system or via popular science media.
The first thing I asked the Gazers to work on was an issue relating to my nose, incidentally... Last night I had the worst cleanse ever, mentally. Literally made me feel like I was in armageddon, not just "feel" but it really covered my entire surface being making me believe it. It passed in around 8 hours.
During morning yoga I noticed a white "egg" drop from my nose inside the body being swallowed down to my stomach, where it was taken care of by the digestive system. This is something I've trained to do, using the acid and ability of the body to consume, to also dissolve karma and other beings.
Something spider-like followed and also started being dissolved. The egg is gone but that thing isn't entirely consumed yet. As this process had gone on for a while, some yellow and green vapors ozed out and started rising. I assumed it was nectar and didn't engage with it.
The higher god who talked to me earlier then appeared and said
>I'll take that
then proceeded to give me a deep kiss and suck all of those vapors out from my body. I then received a paper receipt saying I had paid it back.

Sunflower 01/15/2022 (Sat) 12:43:41 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.488 del
>I want to know how much could be left
This is a bad idea, it will definitely disturb your process. If the reply is
>one week and you're done
you will slack off and increase the time, but if the reply is
>14 years
you will feel discouraged and may just give up.
Aside from that, you will start relying on the readings and this will take your motivation away learning to see it yourself. You can say
>oh no I won't do that
but the human mind doesn't work like that, you will rely on what is available.
>When I tried to ask the one that visited me when I was in lotus while laying down in bed I got the angriest frown that caused me a headache
... which is probably the reason for this response. Treat them like a personal trainer who may give you some advice, don't expect them to do anything for you. I wasn't aware of it earlier but it seems my feeling for what exercise to do each day is in part because Shiva and Kali have been dropping suggestions into my mind. When I exercised today I also became aware of Shiva working on my back, but drawing no attention to themself. I don't think you're supposed to ask them, just practice and they will help you if they think it's beneficial.

Sunflower 01/15/2022 (Sat) 12:55:48 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.489 del
(413.79 KB 390x550 nazo no kanojo.png)
>if you have any further insights about the nature of Gazers you can share I would appreciate it
I don't know anything more than what I learned in the past few days. They're sorta similar to the beings in Lovecraft land, but their energy is black and green, not grey like those. They're not insectoid, more like something aquatic that can live on land. I learn about beings through the interactions, I haven't asked about any lore. They probably remember things through DNA memory so if you want to know, you should engage "physically", through substances. If you think this is bad, you're in the wrong place interacting with beings like this.

Sunflower 01/15/2022 (Sat) 18:34:12 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.490 del
Well It happened.

The reason why I didn't post further about the grey remote was not because of my weak results but because it hurt. When I asked Clippy something he once bit something off my skull so I fortified the screen. Then later I picked up the screen again I thought Clippy is trying to escape but actually every information that was displayed on the screen just melted and dripped out. Then 2 days ago just before the whole Gazer thing when I looked at it. Clippy was sorta "melting" in the picture like it was some real faulty monitor and was bashing the screen from the inside and I couldn't decide if he was in pain or is trying to warn me about something. Also every time I tried to use the screen or the remote it caused my constant pain at the place where it wired itself. This was so pathetic that I didn't even wanted to mention because it felt like the "problem is at my end".

But now as I was thinking what other options I have to fight off the remainder of this crap because I still had the upper hand but I felt if this will last too long I might fuck it up the battle of attrition.
I remembered that the wiring of the remote doesn't hurt anymore when I think about it. So I take it out. Clippy was fine as on the day he appeared. So I asked him for a "purification" program. As I got the program I asked clippy what will this purify? Will it purify my whole being? Will purify things that I don't want? Clippy being the cheeky bastard he is just sat there and smiled extremely widely with the expression that the answer is too long and complicated and it's better if you see it for yourself. So I said fuck it let's go. First nothing happened. Then I realized the onslaught of that energy stopped and I felt a friendly buzzing in every part of my body going around. So yeah... Nanomachines son.

As it was still going I realized my fears and worries about the Gazer went away. My fear was that I might be jumping into the jaws of hell without realizing I was in the jaws of hell already and the jaw wants me to keep there with these thoughts. As I was thinking that I won and solved this whole thing that's when the new pains started that I never had before. I realized the program ran it's course and it's no longer here so Instead of reflecting on this realizing development needs proper work and dedication... I went back to Clippy and told him to give me stronger version. He was not responding to it. I was there with the I KNOW YOU HAVE THE STRONGER VERSION thought. While he stared back with the DO I? thought. THen I back with the YES YOU DOOOOO! GIVE ME THE PURIFICATUS (yes I know how silly it sounds but that's how he named it after this). The program appeared on the file list and when I tapped on it a Gold disc appeared. When I ran it a menu popped up with all sorts of advanced settings with a bunch of rectangles ticked in win98 style. As I rejoiced that finally the fucking pop up window that I wanted from the start appeared didn't even read the what the ticks were just went on the big red Start button.

This thing not just removed it but now I see what the remainder of things are. They are giant chains and this program didn't remove the chain itself but only disconnected it briefly. The chain was big rusty metal that was above my head trying to reconnect to me. As I was thinking if I evade it it will cause no problems but after reconnecting it 2 times I had an impulse of PULLING IT WITH ALL MY MIGHT. I heard a giant rusty machinery fall on it's side because the chain was too big get ripped out. Then I noticed smaller chains. They were weaker smaller and some of them not even rusty but brave new. I could rip them out and asked the new nanomachines (if I hold the remote in my hand and point it at something with intent to take it apart they just get to it and I put the remainder of their dust into the garden.

So yes these chains are finally outsider influences and not something that drains my body. After this whole thing I got the feeling of starting everything anew and leaving everything behind. But am not doing that...

Sunflower 01/15/2022 (Sat) 18:44:53 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.491 del
Did the site change or my browser is breaking for no reason today. It cut the text above the character limit and didn't post my picture.

Whatever the end of it was that I need to start changing my surroundings or the energy will slowly creep back. And that it gave me a new slate of mind it's finally clear and I can do my magic in a finally not chained down by other things way and how powerful the remote is so I have to be careful not to overuse it.

if my laptop breaks because the will that keeps it together was also purified I will be sorta sad

Sunflower 01/15/2022 (Sat) 19:41:46 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.493 del
Good to see that you are getting the remote and grey interactions to work.
I think it's just the site, see
It's been very stable last year since they moved servers, before it was constantly malfunctioning.

Sunflower 01/15/2022 (Sat) 19:57:53 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.494 del
Now for my own sharing:
A spider suddenly dropped from my left hand, it was an unusual one, white with black spots. I threw it out the window because I don't kill spiders (I don't harm insects, bees or spiders for no reason). I then checked my stomach and it appears the spider-like parasite is gone.
>machine parts
It seems I have them too, probably related to this thing, but these are something I intentionally created when trying to understand the large scale industrial society while maintaining my personal viewpoint. It's just one large gear with a smaller cogwheel inside it, which transfers the large scale stuff down to my level. As I looked at it, it changed form into a planet circulating around a sun for a moment.
I think the reason these things weren't intrusive to me in the same way, is that I took them in with a benevolent attitude which was so inclusive that they never managed to suppress my true nature. I just didn't understand things from their selfish perspective no matter what. I bet they were very frustrated about it.
There was still some device in it which had absorbed and stored nectar in my body, which caused issues, that was what I had to pay back. Letting criminals store stolen goods in your body is still not ok.

This makes me think of the common concept spread around that people get in trouble over things that were remotely downloaded to their computers. Like planting drugs or a weapon on a person as a way to frame them. It may be connected to this, a manifestation of it in the physical.
This is just silly, but it does express how I felt about the gears I made.

Sunflower 01/16/2022 (Sun) 01:59:01 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.495 del
K site works now properly

Also because the battles of soot and dust like substances and the recreeping of the energies I cleaned the room as a start because now that I don't have this weighted down personality I am finally bothered by minor things like this.

As I was doing it had some mysteries solved.
Because now that I have the nanomachines and the Garden looked extremely jungle like and dark I told them to purify it. It went well but because it was a dark forest with all bad energies I suspected something will escape so made a giant impenetrable glass around it. My shadow came out in a panic (I didn't say earlier but I tricked him into the 10th container because the trick was silly and tricking my shadow into the magnetic container didn't really solve the main problem so I didn't write paragraphs of it). So as the purification went on and only my shadow left and I was sorta sorry for him but I decided I don't care anymore. I let the nanomachines get it. First it felt good but then nothing happened. The nanomachines didn't even progress an inch afterwards. Then my shadow attacked me but then I overpowered him and told him "you are as powerful as I make you be" and he looked away like a child that knows the truth but doesn't want to accept it. I told him there is no beef between us just don't tense up my body so much and he replied: "You know that perfectly well that I cannot do that until our life improves". Then I realized who am I talking to. It was finally my jungian shadow. He is still angry how bad everything is despite all our efforts but finally his abilities are not used by parasites against my whole body. Just some tense muscles when I have bad thoughts. So I asked Yuuka for an another tree to contain and calm the shadow while saying sorry for giving her flowers to the nanomahines and she replied: "Yeah Yeah you need to watch out for weeds" I thanked for her understanding then put the shadow in the embrace of the tree roots in the Garden.

Sunflower 01/16/2022 (Sun) 02:07:34 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.496 del
(184.20 KB 850x1213 gazer_JK.jpg)
When the nanomachines couldn't do a thing despite all these great results so far I said sg akin to why are you not working against him. A nanomachine replied:
>The way we work is taking apart the material and if the material is not instructed to take up an another form they return to their original form. (I am no longer surprised that even the nanomachine can lecture anymore)

The post I made earlier got cut so it was not there but am glad it was cut off because I know the answer to it.
After the purification on my body I was looking for the Gazer and what happened to her because as the constructs she overtake got cleared so did her influence. She was just sitting there like who either too depressed our outright braindead. I asked Clippy about it and he asked:
>do you want me to get the personality selection software
I said calmly No. While realizing just how much fucking tool of a god this remote can be while still not understanding what happened until now. As you mentioned your Gazer was extremely uninterested. While my Gazer was interested in me but if I had to describe her I would have called her personality "girlfriend" type. She molded her personality to be something I recognize as a girlfriend. She had a real hard time because I don't care about outward appearances and the more perfect it is the more suspicious I am and all I care about what is inside the person or who are they overall because that's the only way I accept someone and let my guard down. That's why she showed her realm and was real sad because she didn't know what to show that would make me accept her. Yes this realization made me sad but the last days were some emotional rollercoasters and mystery freakshows so wasn't the worst of my sadness So yeah the Gazer reverted into her disinterested Gazer form while I reverted into my happy optimistic and spiritually eager form. I was real happy until I reconnected to the outside forces and realized that I cannot be happy until I change things around me. So I visited the Gazer realm. Touched a monolith with a big eye on it. (I can still manifest my Gazer quality tentacles [even with the eyes on it which is funny because if I do it right it changes the focus point of my human eyes so I think I can see with more than 2 frontal eyes if I master it] so I don't feel that alien from that world anymore) 3 Gazers appeared and I gave them my Gazer back. I was sorta sad and was thinking about reconnecting her to the personality she tried to mold for me but... I am so not able to commit to a proper relationship nowadays that it was not a full hearted one but... The Gazer looked at me and vomited out an egg. It had a small Gazer in it so yeah now I have 1 too. And seen a tentacle in the air and I pulled it and an other Gazer was just around too. I consider is Gazer story ended but with an open ending. Sequel whenever.

Sunflower 01/16/2022 (Sun) 02:24:32 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.497 del
(75.46 KB 850x362 Nier automata.jpg)
So nanomachines. I let them go at the lion too because it looked real sick and they ate it until only the sword remained so I got spooked that it turned into it and now I have to summon the energies and it's not autonomous. But after a while it properly turned back into a healthy lion. Also the Garden turned back into the original flowers Yuuka gave me and not into that twisted jungle. I was amazed that Yuuka might have known that her flowers are not destroyed when I said "it was eaten by nanomachines"

Now the mysteries of my previous days are sorta solved. My shadow is back to his original form (We had a real good understanding of out strengths and weaknesses and how to apply it, was such a balanced relationship I didn't understand how could my shadow turn against me). But I learned this "emitting" method which is real good as a relaxation trick and now i don't need magnets and other goofy gadgets to make the soot not come back. The soot is finally not drawn back by a single thing inside me. It just my shadow thoughts and they don't want to come back.

Now I am increasing my interaction with Clippy trying to figure out what to do with the giant chains that always reconnect to me and always a different type and length. I asked my Gazer daughteru what she is eating and she showed me some orange insect larva egg thing. That might be sg I should look into or visit the gazer realm further. And you know this is a vampire thread... Maybe I should not forget about that too...

>created while trying to understand the large scale industrial society

Yeah well I am sorta entrenched in and with the control mechanisms of the industrial society as a lifestyle so it being this intrusive and limiting for me might have been a perfectly normal conclusion. I still don't know if I should go after the chains to destroy their origins tho. I mean I am pretty sure I will do that if they don't stop bothering me with pain but... I am not sure I want to play Nier Automata in my mind in the next days

Sunflower 01/16/2022 (Sun) 13:44:53 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.506 del
More Gazers have appeared here but they said they aren't interested in any defined relation, so I gave them a contact ring they can use to enter my mansion, and told them to not scare anyone when they do. They are most likely to stay in the monster cave I made in the garden for those who don't like changing into human appearance though.
>Now I am increasing my interaction with Clippy
Greys are very technical and can help with most things, but they're also very autistic and won't tell you any information if you ask in the wrong way. So be very specific with what you want.
>you know this is a vampire thread
Entity interactions are a part of vampirism. Don't forget the lords and ladies of the Cabal, and their minions and servitors.

Sunflower 01/16/2022 (Sun) 20:25:01 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.507 del
>Entity interactions are a part of vampirism

Oh cool then this thread is impossible to derail (in theory)

>Greys are very technical and can help with most things, but they're also very autistic and won't tell you any information if you ask in the wrong way. So be very specific with what you want.

noticed and doing that but Clippy is a real cool dude and gives me examples and sorta "stops" when I ask for something stupid and shows me why it's a bad idea

So yeah trying to do a "stat" screen to make readings easier but yeah...
I realized that now I have to figure out what statistics/attributes I want to see about other people and getting some statistics is easy and getting others is hard.

So far what I got "recommended" was a mind reading software that looks for specific things I just need to specify what that is. Now the problem is that it seems to be reading the "mind" of the target and if the mind is fucked/complicated the readings are shit. Asking for simple things like name is hard because people can change names or Age because there is the age (time and time is a shit concept so it needs even more defining) or the age the people feels as is. Or listing the skills of the person (I have to define at what level I consider something as "skill". I even joked about the to show the number of sexual partners and he said that's easy. That was the point I realized it's a mind reading software. Also it seems getting a sign that shows how reliable are the readings or how dangerous a person is is also easy.

I accidentally said to show "all stats" then I looked at a machinery and started to get visions of old blueprints then I realized how dangerous information overload can be so I stopped there.

Sunflower 01/16/2022 (Sun) 21:36:13 Id: 7654d1 [Preview] No.509 del
I think a menu which shows some basic stats that you find interesting to know but that opens a fan with details and sub-stats under each one of them would help you not get the information overload.

Sunflower 01/16/2022 (Sun) 22:09:38 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.510 del
True and was thinking of it but now I have to explain this to Clippy and specify what base stats I want to see then how to expand those and I need to figure out the inner workings of every stat to appear correctly.
And while in games you can have a 1-10 or 1-100 stat. If I want to do a thing this subjective I need to figure out what would I consider a 1 or 2 etc. and if it doesn't match it a single one maybe show a ? there.

You know just the regular software development problems.
So yeah I will go with some base stats and see if it works.

Also because of this whole purification process... My body feels things differently now. All my pain/cold/warm thresholds and other outer or inner feelings changed. And I can finally feel how my negative thoughts creep back on my body and my shadow is sorta angry if I use magic for something that doesn't use my abilities for "worldly gains" because he thinks that should be the first priority to solve our problems and I should consider spirituality as a hobby until everything is solved. But if I use magic for worldly gains my shadow tries to use that trick and because he is extremely shit at anything magic he literally sabotages it. Sorry for sounding like I am shooting down your idea but damm. All these specifications get tiring. Not because they are "complicated" but I have to be sure I "understand" what I want properly and when I do any complicated things I let my intuition do all the work but my intuition works in a "magical" way and translating that IT JUST WORKS concept into actual I know why it works and the knowledge my mind uses does not sabotage the works of the process because some part of my knowledge is faulty is such a tedium. Maybe I will ask for a repo and copy paste something if I get real annoyed.

Sunflower 01/16/2022 (Sun) 22:19:14 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.512 del
Also sometimes Clippy just understands all my problems somehow and gives me what I want. It's silly. Am gonna watch anime and calm down for now because I didn't use my brain this much since I was still in uni and "prepared" for an exam in a single night that should have taken a week normally

Sunflower 01/16/2022 (Sun) 22:21:01 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.513 del
My remote looks more like a black leatherbound book after I picked up the dark elf magic, it merged with the astranet (elf net) enchanted waxpad. I still use a very simple design with a graph printer showing things in color against a dark background like an oscilloscope. Controls consist of a tuning wheel and the screen has a touch function. There's also a slot for putting in minidiscs and a way to install new hardware.
That's about it. Earlier today I went by an electric installment and wanted to make sure there is no problem during the coming storms this week, so I connected the remote and just brought up a schematic of the connections, then altered them the way I wanted them. It's very intuitive and I don't have to specify that my remote can view them, it's just as screen that "blindly" takes in whatever I connect it to. The tuning wheel does whatever I decide at the moment.

Sunflower 01/16/2022 (Sun) 22:32:53 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.514 del
Once you get used to the blacknet and the grey cloud, you may want to check out the browsers for other nets that are available on the blacknet archive. I'll list the ones I know of so far:
>Astranet, the elvish net
A social media platform which looks more like Onlyfans with magic items than anything else. Regular elves use it for whoring, while dark elves and forest elves use it for sharing spells and items (but that's a very small part).
>Galfed net
Galactic federation net, may require a password for access and does not contain a lot at first glance. It's mostly a large trading platform for "boring" stuff (anyone want to buy starship fuel??), the real things take place in private chatrooms.
Reptilian system. Requires a physical install on your body to work properly but the browser can be used as an interface for copying stuff between your scaleform and the blacknet. Scaleform is based off using fax and physical media.
>Black hell group
I don't know anything about this one yet, it's a vampire system, I recently connected to it.

Sunflower 01/16/2022 (Sun) 23:37:24 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.515 del
>It's very intuitive and I don't have to specify that my remote can view them

Yes it is true if you have a proper intent what you want. I need to figure out what I want properly. Also I am still running the nanomachines program because I started to destroy the outward metallic structures and my body is reacting to it. First I was thinking about exploring them because they are giant structures far "away" from me but then I realized it's too time consuming so I made a 2B servitor who has the only job finding them and blasting the whole thing. But after a several my body started doing all sorts of things so I turned her off and ran the nanomachines again.

also because I had no idea where and how even start the way I "read" (because so far I just ask questions and my intuition sorta answers it I just need to always catch up to my intuition's speed) Clippy helped me create a reading in your style but it looks too good I don't think I have this few limitations and the available powers around me I can access are just simply too great and varied. Then I tried to look at yours and you had so many things and before getting the full image I stopped because I don't want to get overwhelmed. If I start doing something I usually finish it in one "sitting" (sitting is a bad word because these things are in my "mind" so I do this as I walk and work my daily life) but I need to balance out how I do my magic because I get way too "not there" and if I don't watch out it will cause problems

Can you tell me the difference between the elves? I met something I might consider a "forest elf" once

Sunflower 01/16/2022 (Sun) 23:58:07 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.516 del
Elves are physical beings but they live in a parallel 3D. They're a huge civilization stretching over many star systems and dimensions. The elven mainland is run by males who apply a structured breeding program to improve their race. They practice archery and have little interest in magic. They only keep very few women and 12 men marry the same woman and pass her around to maximize the use of the best genes. All other women are sent away and they will settle somewhere and establish a temple. These practice elven magic for a fee and also offer other "services". Because elves are resistant to racemixing all children will be elves no matter who the father is. Women born in temples are raised there, while the men are given a basic course in weaponsmithing and sent away. The men eventually return to the mainland. This way there is large group of elven women culturally disconnected from the main population, who still contribute by sending their sons back home.
These elves are RPH and want to ascend as a race, but because they lack control it ended up like this.

Dark elves or drow are a fringe group practicing LHP. They focus on their own path to divinity and form covens. They have tribal tattoos which represent their magic. Contrary to main population elves, the dark elves or drow, are immortals. They are not always born as elves either, and their souls are more likely to be picked up from other populations. They can recruit someone and transform them into an elf using a ritual. Or they can take a soul of a suitable person from hell, purify it using alchemy and then incarnate it as a dark elf. They want extremists who are used to breaking taboos and rules, as they see this as an essential attitude of the Left Hand Path. Drow are very hostile and your first interaction with them is likely to be them trying to kill you with a knife. Other elves don't shun them however, because they put their own race before others, and dark elves are still elves.

Forest elves are another fringe group, but harder to come by. They live deep in forest dimensions and rarely make themselves known. They seem at first glance to be like the mainland elves, but they strive for immortality like the drow.

Sunflower 01/17/2022 (Mon) 22:44:43 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.517 del
(184.51 KB 850x478 yorha.jpg)
Because I didn't know where and into what should I improve my skills into I decided I will do what I need to do and continued dealing with the chains. I made several 2B servitors because I had so many chains and so many structures I realized it's necessary if I want to get somewhere. After getting the feel of controlling and letting this many servitors go I realized I can get a bird's view of it and see the entire labyrinth from above. Then I realized I even have trash above me too (yes these concepts as sides and above gets weird on the astral but whatever). As I was finally going somewhere I noticed that the chains no longer look like chains but more like metallic tubes that stab into me. As it stabbed to me the part where it connected started to cramp/hurt and it felt it pumps something inside me. So the protocol was that I asked the nanomachines to disconnect it and purify the location it got into me and send a 2B servitor to destroy the origin point of the tube. 2B Tube Toobs yes I know I was thinking how ironic this is the whole time

I realized the tubes are being summoned when I think of something that has some "origin" that is not from me. So i sit with blank mind nothing happens. When I think about myself it's good. I started to get suspicious when I was thinking about my anger. My emotions have a short fuse. But because that short fuse was so damp and wet only the most extreme situations could usually light it. I realized I will have to adjust how I handle my emotions from now on because they are too explosive and it might offend others. When I reached the offend others part of the thought, the stabbing came back. I realized this thing is anything that has something to do with society or the outside world that I try to conform in a false way. My emotions are not necessarily bottled up I just learned how to use other negative emotions to fake positive emotions. In the past when I got angry I tapped into my constant feelings of despair when I was in too much despair I tapped into my constant feelings of anger. With these 2 emotions I could pretend to be a capable person of this "society". Thanks to this convoluted cleaning procedure I blogposted so far about this was no longer necessary. So after realizing pure anger is okay but "molding" it so it conforms society it's bad. I had many other thoughts like this that stabbed too. The other weird example was when thinking about the moon like how it looks like by NASA pictures or what is written about it is stabby while looking at in IRL or astrally is completely okay.

Sunflower 01/17/2022 (Mon) 22:46:47 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.518 del
(255.77 KB 680x976 agni.png)
This was the point where I had a hard time to progress further because thinking about things the wrong way gets back the muscle cramps. I even tried to analyze that white creamy substance by making the nanomachines destroy the metallic tube but not the cream. It went into my new astral tasting skill (that I suspect happened or awakened because my interaction with the Gazer. The part where I taste is between my nose and mouth. It's a part where I cannot taste in my human body but because the human tasting ability is sg the nose and the tongue does as a collaboration it perfectly makes sense). The taste was fucking awful. It was definitely something that was not meant for consumption. I even had to ask the nanobots to get rid of it. When I tried to analyze the machinations of the tube or the white substance I got always stabbed and started to cramp up so I realized after many different ways of studying that this is as smart as trying to figure out how fire works by putting your hand or head deep into it. As the 2Bs were clearing out the place they finally reached the "edge" of it. It was no longer metallic ruins but a purple dark fleshy jungle with a dangerous feel that I didn't even get from the Gazer or the Gazer realm. As I tried to observe it from the outside I got stabbed further from behind. I went back to deal with them but after a while I ventured in and when I was in that jungle it felt calm (which is also extremely suspicious) so I got out of there after a while because nothing happened.

Here was the part where I got stuck and realized I need an explanation of this substance that I am only able to detect now because I am "pure" enough to feel it's negative effects.

>>488 In this post you are completely right and you probably made the right call but all I wanted was a map for the concepts I don't know but may encounter also I don't trust a single time estimation ever. if you said I have 1 week left I would have figured out a way to make that final push. If you said I have a 1000 years of karma left I would make some extremely retarded over the top measure to get rid of it in a year or less. The way my life deteriorated was such a painful thing as I realized I can get rid of it more simply than I thought I was not willing to stop until it's done (There is no greater high than experiencing hell and finally being yourself or maybe even more at the end). And about the workings of the human mind you are right but I have a mix of arrogance/pride and paranoia and I take every information I get with mild suspicion and I am fully aware I am as strong as the tools I wield and always need to keep in my mind what will I do without them. I sorta wanted to post it but I had revelations and progress between every post so I didn't wanted to waste the time with arguing when I am on such a roll

And as I wanted to post I looked at >>432 this because I am special as every other "indigo child" but I am not the most special of them it might be not that far off from mine concepts wise. And as I looked at it I went and touched the "purple" realm (I associate purple with plutonic/ancient high noble features anyway) and it gave me a feeling of relief.

Now my question is. Do I go into this "purple" realm further and as I push through it I continuously push apart the white particles while not engaging with them as I engage with the "purple" realm the astral place will be filled with it and as I finally perfect the occupation of it this white menace gets pushed out or there is a another thing I am still missing.

Sunflower 01/17/2022 (Mon) 23:11:29 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.520 del
Your methods are too different from my own. I usually trace the energy back to its physical origin, such as how the white negative energy that seemed to come from boiling water using electric heating, turned out being karma from the fish being killed in the water-propelled powerplants. "Dirty energy" got a new meaning. I always thought coffee brewed from water boiled on firewood tasted much better, higher in energy somehow. It's because wood is a material, sure from a killed tree, but it's not a massive crime against nature like a water-mill.
Why is mainstream porn so dirty? It has similar energy, created by different types of abortion, doesn't matter if it's mechanical or by substances, it's there. Something was arrogantly killed to produce this product, so it contains that disgusting energy.

These are my observations in regard to that white energy, I can't tell you what in specific it is to you. I usually use a more "conventional" method of negating such effects when I can't avoid using products in society, by saying "I will not accept anything negative that was created during its production, I accept the correct form of the product, not the incorrect method of production". Or something like that. Being aware of the source of consumer products has become something I do without thinking, checking ingredients and the source of them. I boycott many producers entirely because of what they are known to use. I also routinely send retribution or hex them to give room for better ones.
In my view it comes down to showing everyone that you did all you could to negate the bad stuff. At one point you still have to live, but at least do what you can.

Sunflower 01/18/2022 (Tue) 00:29:45 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.521 del
(304.21 KB 956x1600 Burning Agni.jpg)
>Your methods are too different from my own.

Yeah I reforged the way I do things in the past week several times as i went by. After that 5th portal being open I was suspicious that this continuous mistakes into miracles path forward might be some outward influence too so I checked my planetary placements and holy shit. I must make the most progress now because this placement can give anything.

Also about that dirty feel... I can only sense that at high purity level. When I am pure almost all food feels bad and wrong. When life gets bad I regress into my animalistic instinctual tendencies and everything feels and tastes great especially meat.(When I was not yet aware of spiritualism I experimented with unleashing mental and physical capabilities by tapping into the primal instincts and life and death situations and constant desire to survive in the most desperate situations to see how much I can push the limits of myself. It was a great revelation that everything is possible but you must keep in mind what is the price of unleashing powers just for fun that meant for only the most desperate of situations...)

So if I go by the reading what I made with Clippy. The red energy is above me and within the "extents of my powers" and my hard dark aspects are minimal now. I had other things outward too but those things were sideways. But between me and the red energy there was a big empty space (or white) because the reading was your style but with my understanding and I completely forgot about this white creamy thing. Also purple color was not on the reading. (Or maybe it was there was a red a green and a 3rd thing that I forgot what it was)

So far how this whole thing feels is like spearheading through some battle line and as you break through the spearhead of your forces are safe while the others are being attacked left to right. But because this is a spear or formation as I go in I can expand my frontlines outward and if I keep up the push the opposition might crumble. Or if I think of the "purple" energy as a haven where I am safe

Now the question is. This purple realm is the thing I need?

Also as I was writing this I went into that purple realm and withdrawn most of my "forces" into it Let's hope this is not a shadow realm. Real calm feeling. I just need to run the nanomachines constantly to get rid of the effects of the battle.

>In my view it comes down to showing everyone that you did all you could to negate the bad stuff

Well I am trying to choose the lesser evils while keeping a way forward "good" but I am still not there.

>At one point you still have to live, but at least do what you can.

"A candle that burns twice as bright burns twice as fast". That is the saying but every law has it's exception.

Also I still don't know what it means to me truly live and what I would consider the thing I "can" do. I am not saying because I am some aimless depressed fuck but because the occult showed me there are so many things beyond us that when you reach the tip of the mountain above the clouds you thought it's the largest rock that is you spot an another in the distance that is 3 times bigger.

Guess am not getting a reading no matter what. Time to experiment because I either made my best or worst choice in this moment but so far it feels great and weird

Sunflower 01/18/2022 (Tue) 01:01:34 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.522 del

Okay some extremely calming feeling comes through my particle and I can expand it by breathing trough it. and by breathing through it I mean as I breath out the air I imagine the particle as the thing I breathe through and I inhale the energy through it and as the energy slowly expands in my body it calms down every hostile force coming from outside.

I do not know what I did but sg happened

Sunflower 01/18/2022 (Tue) 01:03:31 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.523 del
And this "breathing through it" process is what makes it release this energy. Every other way I usually do with my energy centers or chakra doesn't work at all.

Sunflower 01/18/2022 (Tue) 14:17:23 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.524 del
(75.87 KB 520x469 reading2.png)
>purple realm
This seems like a foreign galaxy dimension, a place you "accidentally" synched with. It's one of the places the elites are likely to try and steal energy from, thinking it's a free energy source. "Long" thinking leads all the way out there. But you can also have positive relations with them, and then they'll help you. That seems to be what is happening. As long as you behave and pay back what you unintentionally or unkowingly took, they'll accept that.
>I can expand it by breathing trough it
What you described in this post, is the breakthrough event. You're done with this cleansing.

Sunflower 01/18/2022 (Tue) 18:18:50 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.525 del
>my particle
I'm jelly. I can't even tell if I have an energy body at all.

Sunflower 01/18/2022 (Tue) 18:38:20 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.526 del

Well I needed some finishing touches since the last post because I almost fucking died but fucking hell your drawing is correct this is exactly what happened.

So as I recklessly ran into the purple realm thinking it will fucking save me (it sorta did but only in the chest area I couldn't expand it further properly because as you said it was a "borrowable" energy and not unlimited.

As I was trying to hide in that place. The karma stabbed me literally everywhere. I realized if I want to survive I need to figure out karma in this fucking instant.

I had to figure out how to destroy the "intent" that gives a structure to karma. It was a long process but thankfully now I am able to kill the intent part and neutralize the negative effects of the white substance. Now it's a nice thing that even tastes okay. And as I neutralized every giant karmic structure with their giant stabbing effect which was impossible to ignore. I finally was able to detect the smaller one's with their tiny needle tubes. Getting rid of them felt like an acupuncture taking it's effects. I still have some but they are easy to notice and simple to neutralize. The entire karmic overload tensed my muscles back so hard my heart almost exploded. I couldn't even sleep. I was just laying there controlling my heartbeat. Now it's back to normal and finally reacts to my thoughts as it should be.

And yeah I realized after neutralizing karma that the red realm is above the purple. The purple literally felt the opposite how the particle felt so far.

What a day


This whole week was a constant mistakes into miracles. I feel smart and dumb at the same time. Explaining my learning process to other people will be impossible.

I wonder just how many unseen forces played part in my development.

No wonder my reading looks that messy.

Sunflower 01/18/2022 (Tue) 18:49:01 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.527 del

Well don't worry I just reforged 70% of the spiritual concepts I knew so far in a week just because I overreacted some interaction with a random entity. If the planets don't supercharge my super conscious and Uranus doesn't charge my rigid figuring out every detail mind, While Mars in my 12th house doesn't make me a reckless retarded paranoid fuck. I have no idea what would have happened. Fucking "coincidences"

This whole thing felt like running through the mall naked yelling and swearing the whole time while doing your shopping because you know if you stop the security guards will detain you or outright kill you and you will not get home for dinner with the shopping list fulfilled.

Sunflower 01/18/2022 (Tue) 19:35:13 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.528 del
>But you can also have positive relations with them

Yeah So what happened here.
First I got a vision of starry night on a mountain in a forest in a shrine like place while my head was in the lap of an "anime" girl.
Well my reaction was so nice/tranquil... I WOULD LITERALLY USE THIS FEELING ON SOMEONE IF I WANTED TO GIVE HIM A FEELINGS OF RESPITE JUST BEFORE I FUCK HIM OVER COMPLETELY. Saying this to the girl she got up stepped away from me and her face literally "melted" into something similar like the dude in the movie Scream (no I didn't see that movie so far) then looked at me several meters afar. So as a real smart reasonable person that I was. I made my face also melt into that and looked at her. After this whole thing only immature children do she left. Then seen some other 2 spooky things because my paranoia was top notch retarded and I molded myself into that spookiness reacted to their expression with something similar made myself look a little bigger and went on my way.

So yeah
I realized after a while the action she took was only because I once again acted like the dumbest rudest fuck because of my paranoia.
Whatever it helped. The answer was not in that realm. It felt nice tho (except the part where karma was literally trying to turn my body back to the wretchest thing ever.)

Whatever time to clean up the remainders and master myself further.

Also yeah now that I have my own and still incomplete understanding I literally cannot look at your reading. It just confuses things. Thanks for not doing it earlier.
I have to switch back to the analytic way of thinking (when looking at it) and not the instant relate and use thinking because this "doer" thinking was what made me "speedrun" this thing after this much stagnation.

Also now that I can neutralize and "create" karmic structures or something similar (I only build some to neutralize other karmic intent but they were weak and when I made one "strong" karmic structure the disgusting taste came back so I dismantled it asap)
always wanted to ask. What do the demons in hell/purgatory use the energy the karmic burn gives?

Sunflower 01/18/2022 (Tue) 22:27:45 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.530 del
>What do the demons in hell/purgatory use the energy the karmic burn gives?
Is this a proper sentence?
I'll get back with something in a bit.

Sunflower 01/18/2022 (Tue) 22:40:23 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.531 del
If you look at the blacknet or the grey cloud there is a thing which looks like this, it should be in the new uploads of the blacknet.
This is a karma manager module. Install it in the remote and it will give the option to change the pace of your karmic repayment by selecting the size of the karmic blocks you are working off.

16+ danger, genocide level, do not use
16 Hathor level, this is the largest block allowed for humans
12 elven
9 lyran
7 vampiric, kabbalah
6 reptilian
3 grey, norse
2 djinn
1 killer fairy level, not recommended (can be used for a fast steady purge, but very unpleasant, literal "annihilation in hell" purge)

You can play around with it, but it's probably best to first try and lock it at 16 and make sure it doesn't go beyond that. If you feel like you want to experience absolute despair you can set it to 1, but that's your own decision, don't blame me if you try it.
I have mine set at 12. 2 can be good for meditation if you want to be very active, like in zazen.

Sunflower 01/19/2022 (Wed) 19:16:29 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.532 del
(109.58 KB 850x709 vampire questionmark.jpg)
>Is this a proper sentence?
as proper as the way my awakening continues

I finally figured out what virtue is here. >>524
I completely forgot about it because every culture/religion/sect has a different albeit similar idea about it. So I couldn't place it anywhere.
Now I can finally feel it. As I was yelling with normies because my now extremely short temper and they were retarded beyond mortal comprehension as usual. I even almost felt bad about it until my realization happened. I noticed that it's not the same as my dark "shadow" anger or not the usual burning one but far more pure and energizing one. Now that I know how to make it rise... I can feel that all those cores and tubes that were taken out truly left a hollow body. I feel like a cheese.
Now I am able to notice what values count as virtue and keep on that way.
I know how to make it rise faster. And I noticed that my posture even corrects itself so the energy can rise upward properly. And now that my body constantly feels like I just did a good workout my energy levels are good. I need quarter the food I consumed before. If I didn't eat enough food the symptoms of cold/sickness always overtook me. I ate vitamin supplements like it was candy just so my immune system works. Now i know why. Parasites made me sick when they didn't get their fill. Unbelievable.
Also now I see I need to fill up my body with virtue so the holes get plugged and the parasites can't get in. They constantly try but they are so weak now that getting rid of them is minimal mental effort.

So here comes the problem once again where I still need to update my understanding.

What is karma?

As I was killing the parasites I figured out the only way to kill them is to find their "core" and destroy that. They lose their structure and the substance that makes it up loses form. Now I have a white puddle I can play with and have no idea what to do with it. I can even give it some intent but it's as long lasting as the structure I give it. If I give it a "hard" structure it even gets back it's awful taste. First the structures looked dark to me then they looked more and more white as this whole convoluted purification process went.

But it seems it's still not karma? It just mere parasites?

What is hellfire? Why does it burn karma? Why doesn't it burn the karmic structure that is left behind? What is the source of energy of the hellfire and why is it even beneficial to burn karma?

I mean I know I could start a quest again to figure this out. But now I am trying to virtue myself up so the parasites don't rape me (I am finally on the level where I could stop using the nanomachines) so I am minimizing the surprise connections.

Sunflower 01/19/2022 (Wed) 21:33:41 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.534 del
(101.05 KB 850x1083 Flan Teddy.jpg)
I want to try that thing out to sate my curiosity about the extents of cruelty life can give.

But my body is finally stabilizing on it's own without me having to do whacky shit and improvised workarounds and I don't want to ruin it... yet... I will get to that in a week or 2 if no bigger project comes across but until that... I would appreciate any further insights you have about the nature of karma

Sunflower 01/19/2022 (Wed) 22:07:49 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.535 del
(13.74 KB 207x300 Tepig.jpg)
Short note; virtue and karma are translations of the chinese concepts de and ye.
Virtue is mentioned in the Taoist classic Dao De Jing, "The Path and its Virtue". Can also be romanized as Te.


Ye is talked of in Zhuan Falun, but is translated as Karma in the western editions. They're to be treated as opposing concepts.

Sunflower 01/19/2022 (Wed) 22:30:07 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.536 del
(203.60 KB 850x1036 Flan Meiling.jpg)
Oh rith Chinese spirituality. The greatest missing piece from my understanding. Always wanted to get to it but didn't know where to start. Guess now I have a starting location.

And now that I can feel virtue now I know what is the Just be yourself energy

Sunflower 01/19/2022 (Wed) 22:30:54 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.537 del
(3.35 MB 5943x7400 82089650_p2.jpg)
>What is karma?
It's the substance your thoughts and actions produce when you do things based on physical 3D principles, in short. (Ok, this is going to be a channeled reply, those are not my own words, the higher God stepped in)
Hell can't produce karma because it's lower than 3D and has no control over it. Ironic isn't it? The hellbeasts and demons down there can only destroy things from the physical 3D, and when humans die and have a lot of that stuff they come to hell, simply because there is nothing to keep them floating up. The inhabitants down there can't create karma, just like humans can't create wood. They can only cut down trees and burn them as fuel. When you come to hell carrying all this firewood that you won't let go, what do you think will happen? They'll throw you into the oven because they need the fuel to not freeze. It's your fault for not letting go of those concepts.
>What is hellfire? Why does it burn karma? Why doesn't it burn the karmic structure that is left behind? What is the source of energy of the hellfire and why is it even beneficial to burn karma?
The karmic structure is from 4D, it was created by demigods. It's a method for burning karma actively, by practice like the one you are doing. Instead of gathering all this wood and then getting thrown into the fire by demons, you realize that you can't use that material outside of 3D. But your habits in the physical will glue it to you, so you have to work hard to get it to detach. If you sit in double lotus and feel the pain, the demons will appear and take away your humans concepts, your firewood, your karma. It means you are giving it to them, and then they'll leave you alone. They don't care about you, they care about the material you are carrying. The karma today in the world has these methods imbued because there are so many religions spreading these. Even if you don't accept it actively, you are here typing in english which is a language containing many christian and celtic symbolics. Using chinese writing and the asian languages which contain them, also includes taoist, confucian and other religious and philosofical concepts. This means your very thinking despite being karma, also contains the proper keys for the absolving of said karma. If you do nothing and the karma is burned by someone else, the structures that restricted the karma will remains after the fire burned all of it. The demons in hell will just throw it in the water and it comes back to the place it originated in. So if you were to throw karma down to them, you get the structures back.

Sunflower 01/19/2022 (Wed) 23:22:12 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.539 del
(88.12 KB 850x1190 Flan Rumia.jpg)
>your very thinking despite being karma, also contains the proper keys for the absolving of said karma.

EXACTLY that is the thing I figured out. BUT NOW COMES THE PROBLEM
How do I see or detect it?

Because what I did so far was: attacking removing modifying purifying literally everything that looked black or harmful and is in my body or interacting with my body or in my astral space.

So there is 2 ways I can think of so far. Installing the device and seeing what energies are interacting with it (I will do this soon™) and literally making karma and seeing what substance starts growing... I will not do this for obv reasons (and the taking someone's karma but that is also a big no idea besides the obv reason is that I might take other things like parasites or something similar and I didn't figure out what exactly counts as karma itself)
I still thought it's some "eye for an eye" hidden mechanism the world has. But that means it has some intent which was placed by in it by someone who was hurt/wronged or some energy exchange mechanism. But if we look at it as chains the upper gods threw at us because reasons then why are the demons allowed to burn it. And the fact that we "want" our karma so much we are not "letting it go" is something I can understand (Especially now that my purification happened I can literally trash half my habits that I wrongly thought helped me to stay "alive")

Whatever my skills are improving with a higher rate since this whole thing happened. When my telepathy gets to the proper "academic discourse" level and not just words or sentences in a go (or very rarely a miracle sync happens and I get sucked into a proper world with proper conversations). Guess I can figure out the details myself then

So what I need in short. Detect karma. Figure out what removes/unlocks/absolves the karma. Then give it to the demons.

One more question. What can you do with the karmic structures?

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 00:16:35 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.541 del
>So what I need in short. Detect karma. Figure out what removes/unlocks/absolves the karma. Then give it to the demons.
When you feel pain, that is karma. When you feel physical pleasure, that is karma. The difference is the direction. Feeling pain and complaining about it will maintain karma. Enduring it and not budging will burn karma and instead create virtue. This white material is base matter which you should strive to quickly transform into Gong, or higher artifacts and spells. One transformed, they're locked into a form and cannot be destroyed. This is a way of protecting your virtue. I do this daily by visiting my coven ground and calling on the Whitechapel witches. But daily yogic practices also do one part of it. This means the karma will always be there and the virtue is spent, so it seems I don't have much of it, but instead I have the artifacts and orbs which you may have seen if you tried to read me. The moon orbs, they look almost like spheres but have a concave area. It's a base form for united power I use. I also create more knives daily, they are added to my magic circle which circulates around my body. If you want to just burn off karma, summon a demon, a succubus or incubus works well as long as they are from some bigger underground country or group. Then ask them to use their hellfire lake or hot spring to bath in it. You can have your astral body stay there indefinitely and it will burn off karma while fueling their hellfires.
>One more question. What can you do with the karmic structures?
You can turn them into food, or artifacts. If you burn them properly it will be obvious what they can be used for. The CCP became pear jam, I put it in a bowl. It's now sitting on my kitchen table at the mansion and my girls can eat it if they want. Some other thing became lemon curd, etc. If they're not ready to use at once, you can cook them or use alchemy to transform them. Djinn and drow like to make things into food, so I leave it up to them.

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 18:25:18 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.542 del
This is the first time I have found someone's explanation of karma to be spot on. Makes me think I should take your posts seriously, but I honestly don't understand half of them. I don't know if it's a language thing or a conceptual thing.

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 18:39:19 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.543 del
I'm deaf and dumb, but I somehow managed to engage in this turning karma into virtue. I saw it as "working on myself".
You say I have created a strong force. Presumably this red energy in the image. Yet I have no idea how one is supposed to turn virtue into Gong (I'm assuming that's what it is).
If I have done it to a certain extent, can you tell me what that looks like? Of the many things I might engage in such as "working on myself", which one is the one turning virtue into red energy? I need to know so I can do it purposefully. I feel like some kind of idiot savant. My ego mind wants in, too.

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 18:59:05 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.544 del
>how one is supposed to turn virtue into Gong
There are many ways to do this, regular Ashtanga yoga stances for long duration can do the job. The popularized Hatha yoga as taught by Sadhguru also works. Martial arts works when done with the air of zen buddhism or taoism often taught from asian schools.

Western occultism can also do this. As you know by now, I mostly do spiritual entity interactions and sigil magic. Designing, drawing and burning sigils. This also works if done with strong focus and a clear mind and intent.
>can you tell me what that looks like?
One moment and I'll make a drawing.

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 19:12:19 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.545 del
(103.62 KB 520x469 reading1-1.png)
>Of the many things I might engage in such as "working on myself", which one is the one turning virtue into red energy?
Your path is different from the other anon, you should focus on the purple gong instead. This is a more etheric magic type than the red blood-based. I need more information to give any advice on what practice you are doing right, but I would assume it's something meditative, perhaps just sitting meditation.

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 19:52:46 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.546 del
>I would assume it's something meditative, perhaps just sitting meditation
You would be absolutely spot on. I'm mostly kinesthetic. So I tend to work abstractly by feeling. Maybe that's why I don't know what's going on half of the time now that I think about it.

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 20:17:15 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.547 del
Would creating thoughtforms in meditation via sustained focus count as utilizing virtue and turning it into gong?
It kind of makes sense for me, since I have experienced for myself that the virtue generated from burning karma as you explained earlier makes thoughtform creation more effective. It's just that I frame these concepts differently.
For me, karma manifests in practice in a more disperse psyche (parts of you are preoccupied and fractured, thus they are not usable), and by "burning" it you actually increase coherence in your thinking and being (this would be "virtue"?), and since your thinking and being is more coherent, it is easier to shape and direct "energy" (or attention, as I conceptualize it).
Would I be more or less correct in this translation of concepts to my way of thinking?

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 20:33:20 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.548 del
I have also noticed that the more "coherence" I have, the easier it is to get spontaneous, accidental manifestation of genuine desires. This makes me think this is, indeed, the concept of virtue.
Sorry about the multiple posts.

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 20:36:36 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.549 del
Compared to mine, your thinking is fleeting and hard to grasp, but I think that is a correct translation.
>creating thoughtforms in meditation via sustained focus count as utilizing virtue and turning it into gong?
What is a "thoughtform" here? It may be my bad references for it, but I don't like the usual meaning of the word in the way it's used by most people. What I'm thinking of would be something like someone on /x/ creating some haphazard sigil and "charging" it to use it for "energy work". I'm aware the word is just descriptive, just as I shunned "channelling" because of all the new agers doing this in an unserious manner, but in the end it's also just a word.
My artifacts like the knives are technically also thoughtforms, but I never use intent to produce them. They are produced effortlessly as I break through the karma, and the virtue is instantly used up and formed into the artifact. I do know that the common "warrior" stance will produce a knife if held for a longer period, so if I want to produce one I do that stance, but it doesn't contain any thought aside from the focus on holding the stance correctly.

Even the artifacts I make now and then, out of which some are sharable, those are not created with the intent to make an artifact. They arise as the logical solution to a problem I wanted to solve.

I don't know if I managed to communicate the difference here; go on and make artifacts or "skill" objects, but don't set out to create artifacts to create artifacts. That's not likely to lead to any indestructible formation.

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 20:46:21 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.550 del
Many items are very specific and come out of a need. For example the galfed cooperation has lead to the creation of a number of weapons. They use astral mechanical technology. Recently we worked on a prototype for a long distance explosive round sniper rifle which custom makes rounds loaded with material suited for breaking the karma of the specific target. Targeting was difficult and they assigned a team to find targets and send maps to me. They encouraged me to create a "radar" to spot them, which I eventually did. This is an ongoing work with gradual jumps ahead in development.
At one point we managed to add an autoloader to the gun, using programming code run through the ScaleForm as an application. Which means the gun had to be supported by a team looking for targets, operated by me, and loaded by a program on the net.
The intent here is to break down the system of the evil elites, guns then are a solution to this, but the solution is always just what is needed.

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 20:52:12 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.551 del
The concept I refer to with the word "thoughtform" is an "energetic" structure that arises out of thinking with focus. For example, if I imagine a watch with all its details and functions, I'm creating a thoughtform of that, and that "thoughtform" actually exists and has an effect (for example, I had someone gift me a watch like this accidentally doing this just for visualization practice).
>the common "warrior" stance will produce a knife if held for a longer period
I must say, this is a much more efficient and logical way of going about it, because you don't use limited thinking patterns to design something using your intellect. You let its purpose "design" it for you.
>They arise as the logical solution to a problem I wanted to solve.
Makes sense. I realized just now that I don't take advantage of the fact that ideas are alive themselves.
I should let go of trying to grasp things intellectually and instead experience them.

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 20:56:15 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.552 del
>protective darkness was at my shoulders. After remembering this I realized I still have this and it's still big enough to cover my whole back
I have noticed this when I look at myself in mirrors with astral sight. And seers see it, too. One interpreted it was a curse, but a much more skilled one told me it's actually neutral or even positive and "cozy" energy. I have no idea what it is.

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 21:21:50 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.553 del
(76.26 KB 850x1201 Flan looking.jpg)
>orbs which you may have seen if you tried to read me

Yeah when I started to see them I instantly terminated the connection because when I ask questions my mind instantly tries to answer it and when it has no way to figure it out then it hogs all my mental resources and it takes away the focus from my objective. I am way too scatter brained after this whole thing anyway.

>path is different from the other anon
I hope so because I had dream where I had a glimpse of some structure that I was wondering if it's some Karmic structure and the next thing I was noticing that I was spinning. Then as I regained my awareness because it was weird enough to "wake me up" in the dream. A dude was sitting before me in half lotus? (I was way too half asleep to notice it properly) then he told me "This is my power! Don't fuck with me!" My response was: wha huh sorry whereamI. Then exited his room and noticed I am in some long floor with multiple doors like some big 5star hotel. I hope I was merely spooking him and unconscious me didn't try to do something funnier. Guess I have to upgrade my awareness stat further before I do something silly.

>it's actually neutral or even positive and "cozy" energy. I have no idea what it is.

Don't worry and my "cozy" darkness was gone after fighting with the Gazer then I attacked everything that looked "hard" and dark, then I ended up in the "shadow realm" that when I first noticed it I got the impression it's a nightmare realm then it was the greatest tranquil ever... Then my paranoia turned every denizen to look like a monster.

This is why I am trying to figure out how karma could look/feel like because now I had way too much experience with "dark" things.

Also I asked the lion if he found something. He spit out a hard dark bird. Now that I am calmer I didn't break it I figured maybe after this I am able to purify it. It turned into a white bird and flew away.

So yeah... What is karma what is a curse what is a Galfed auto loading scaletech boosted anti-elite sniper rifle

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 21:39:20 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.554 del
>Feeling pain and complaining about it will maintain karma. Enduring it and not budging will burn karma and instead create virtue


Here comes my problem. I have way too much power over pain. I can literally turn off physical pain. I can either turn it off consciously by realizing where it came from and "relaxing" that part so it doesn't "care" about pain further or when I am angry make pain into "fuel" that fuels my wrath further to accomplish my goals faster.
The reason why I had this many problems inside me is because I could literally turn off pain. And I thought there are 2 pains. Informative pain or obstacle pain. WELL IT SEEMS IT WAS ALL INFORMATIVE PAIN THAT SOMETHING IS IN MY HEAD AND I SHOULD GET IT OUT ASAP. But I thought it's because you know typical mundane migraines and incompatible grey technology.

So the problem is which has the obv answer of DUDE JUST INSTALL THAT TOY AND SEE IT FOR YOURSELF

If I turn off the way I react to pain. So no muscle tensions not even a flinch. Or I merely ignore it because it's as intrusive as birds chirping in the distance. Does it count as karma burn? How do demons even detect the way pain is being felt. I can literally image my whole body in pain if I want and I feel it too. I could kill myself with mere thoughts. I always wondered when would my subconscious take away my conscious powers if I tried to do that.

Sadly I want to live so I never tried that. I usually turn off pain because turning it on has less use. K fine I used that to lose weight in the past by making "bad" foods painful to eat. But that was a minor thing. And now that my cleansed(ish) body is working properly I don't need to condition it like it's some dumb animal. He is a smart beast now. I mean I am one with my body totally merging it with my astral/energy body not a different being. And never letting parasites run the show once again ffs. I cannot believe they learned my pain manipulation tricks

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 21:45:01 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.555 del
I think "enduring" here is more like coming to terms with it. Accepting its necessity.

Sunflower 01/20/2022 (Thu) 23:35:34 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.556 del
Yeah I need to figure out which "detail" "counts" because my "style" is finding out what matters and using only the "mattering" part and shaving off the excess rituals. This cleansing showed me. You don't need to make the correct posture you need to let your body take up the correct posture (it just my muscles were tensing so incorrectly that it was impossible to have a correct posture pre cleansing). That is my main problem. Figuring out what is the thing I can "let" happen. The parasites showed me there are things I can no longer allow to happen to me ever again. No wonder I felt like I have 3 years left to live at max.

Also sorry for asking but I am trying to figure out how I want to get my "sight" because so far they are visions or "daydreams" (sometimes voices but they are still rare) and I am trying to figure out how I want to get more information to show up. I had minor success with aura viewing in high school but I axed that project because it took me too much staring and realized no matter how good the auras are (they were way too simple and boring) I can figure 90% of the people with other clues. So I used my time for other projects.

But I want to ask something because I need further perspectives in spirituality and I have 0 spiritual contacts IRL and I am someone who can get or look "advanced" without having 0 clue about half the basics. "Long" thinking for sure. So
>I'm jelly. I can't even tell if I have an energy body at all.
>mostly kinesthetic
>astral sight.
>This is a more etheric magic type than the red blood-based

How do you even do things? Did you realize you want to be a proper spiritual practitioner and reach proper spiritual immortality? I mean that is respectable because I couldn't do that. Life always got in the way. That is why I chose this path. I bothered Alissa about the particle a lot. She even "ripped" my chest apart to help me feel it's location. I even asked some shaman/mage persona that I found in myself to help me install it properly. He was good at spells and when I asked him to assist me in spell casting the spell was extremely successful. When I decided where I want the particle I asked him to help me install it he stopped moving. It was spooky. I thought I killed the greatest magic assistance I ever found. Well he is back now. The reason why I started posting because the particle was evolving more and more weirdly and I knew I need some assistance. When I read about that 3 implants near the heart I took out 2 things that looked like it. Then I realized where was the 3rd one. It was under the particle. I had all my fears that I will kill every progress I had so far so I asked Alissa and reconnected with the inner mage to help me see through this so I don't fuck it up. When I put back the particle it felt different. Maybe that was the first time it was properly in. Then the rest was written down in the previous posts. So yeah. My way is insight and willpower based with 0 techniques. Now that I have my energy I am trying to increase that. I am just wondering where to even start.

Sunflower 01/21/2022 (Fri) 00:23:33 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.557 del
>How do you even do things? Did you realize you want to be a proper spiritual practitioner and reach proper spiritual immortality?
I can't fully explain this to someone who started off with mundane thinking, because I never had it. When I was 2 years old I used to relate the opera singers on the car radio to God, thinking it was the voice of God coming through the person. I don't know how I knew the concept of what a God is, but I did. I also took religious holidays very seriously at kindergarten, and it all seamlessly fit in with old testament illustrated stories that were on the tv when I was 6. My first school teacher was of the traditional kind and would read the old testament and stories of Jesus to us in class. She also told us not to misuse prayer. It was all perfectly normal to me because I was aware of the angels right there, somewhere above me to the left. I could talk to them and I knew they heard me.
Sometime around 10-11 I realized other people weren't taking it seriously, and I really started detesting them for it. This lead me to look for another way that wasn't like the church, where people read the books and talk the talk, but doesn't believe in it. Realizing that they talk about eternal life, but aren't trying to achieve it, to me that was pathetic. I just couldn't listen to them or take other people seriously after that.
>So you think you know better than all scientists, you think you can solve eternal life and the meaning of life?
Is what they told me, with voices filled with sarcasm.
>Of course, I said, what does it matter if other people can't do it? I'm better than them.

I was provoked into doing what I do by hypocrites.

Sunflower 01/21/2022 (Fri) 02:18:54 Id: 7de6b6 [Preview] No.559 del
Could you please make a similar reading for me and for my energy in general?
It would really help me.

Sunflower 01/21/2022 (Fri) 07:48:44 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.560 del
I let results be a measure of what works and what doesn’t. I’ve found that “virtue”, understood as that which you get when you transmute karma, and mere focused imagination is incredibly powerful.
As for receiving information, I have to rely a lot on my intuition of what is right and in coincidences. I never know for sure if I’m just making it up. How can someone be immortal like this? I don’t know.

Sunflower 01/21/2022 (Fri) 14:34:31 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.562 del
Your image is very ordinary, there's nothing to comment on. Link your previous posts if you want to talk about it, it doesn't mean anything without context.

Sunflower 01/21/2022 (Fri) 18:54:13 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.563 del
I finally realized what this is and what I did wrong so far. I mean I always suspected it because it didn't make sense otherwise but now I experienced it. Now I know why "vampires" can't "astral project". As I was sleeping and wandered off with my mind as usual I noticed that my particle is not "pushing" out the energy. I had a minor panic attack Then realized why this whole thing didn't work so far because I "moved around" the connection point of the particle the whole time. I literally connected it to every idea I had to see how they "feel" for divination... This is why I got nowhere in the past 2 years. This is why "resetting" it helped. Now I understand this whole tunneling that took place. And why I could "breathe in and out" the shadow realm. The shadow realm wasn't infinite. As I took the energy out I had to put it back because it wasn't overwhelming. When I reached the "red" realm it was pouring in. It's infinite or extremely abundant quality was obvious. This is why we need to "lock" into that realm. This is why we can't move around as "freely". The particle has to stay connected. If we move around the part where the particle is we lose the power connection. This is why we need to unify the astral and the physical properly. So the energy can flow into the physical body. And as the physical starts to "dry out" (hence that whole "vampires has the signature of a dried up river") your body will work off from nothing but this energy. And as "you are what you eat". Your body gets closer to this "red" realm. This is why vampires can turn into fog and other sillyness and go full astral in the end. And about those things we develop as we get "older". The buckler shield, the pocket dimension, physical teleportation. We learn to utilize this "particle" then "full circle" into proper wormholes/portals. This is why the buckler shield works "as invisibility" it projects the image from one side to the other while you are in-between. The pocket dimension is just a place outside time and space. And the reason why physical teleportation needs the same temperature/energy at the connection points because otherwise the big energy fluctuations would mess with the places. We are not vampires not in the mainstream way for sure. We are not "sucking" out the energy. The energy is so abundant if you can make the connection point properly it pours in without effort.

A "little girl" at some vampire party I accidentally wandered in then I walked out because mingling with strangers is not my style was teaching me things. We started off with time manipulation and because I had some previously developed skill with that I could do that with ease. Then she said:
>You are good at this. Now I'm gonna teach you how to teleport!
Then she teleported away. I was there thinking that does she want to me to teleport after her so she can teach me teleporting? It was not something I would call weird or unexpected so I tried to "teleport". The thing I did was I got lost in some "foggy" "wall" and lost the connection to the place. Then with my realization I went back to the very place the little girl stood when teleporting away... It had a wormhole to some mountain location... It was just not visible from afar...
We are not vampires. We are the lords of space and "time". Who happen to connect to some realm of "infinite" or overabundant energy. This is not just a shortcut. This is the mastering of shortcuts.

Sunflower 01/21/2022 (Fri) 19:07:30 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.564 del
(123.58 KB 850x1192 Flan bandaid.jpg)
bruh I asked the OP not you. When I think what I am doing might be wrong or not the way I should be doing things. You post some even weirder shit and explain it so it makes sense. You are my inspiration I know I quoted you once but I asked the other dude to figure out what he did differently with this "vampirism" so it doesn't work for him at all.

>I can't fully explain this to someone who started off with mundane thinking

Mundane thinking was beaten into me because I was not willing to conform to the "education" and I never acknowledged anyone as an authority who can order me to do something just because he says I "have to do it". But instead of explaining me while the thing that they tried to teach is something I need they beaten me into submission. Then because my mother got so used to this she continued to beat me whenever she felt down. As a defense I had to create the supermundane personality. The one that cannot be fucked with. He was not my main goal he was my defensive mechanism. This is my problem. Not using my intuition for more than a decade as I was growing up because "it's not what others expect you to do and it's weird when you are in your head too much" made my intuition a little underdeveloped and underused. While my "supermundane" skills are beyond most of the normalfags because most of them were "good kids" and did what was told to them and didn't strive to prepare for literally every hostility that might ever try to come for them. Be it mental or physical. As I was growing into the powerful monster that I imagined I need to be to "win" I realized it's not what I want. That was the point I resurrected the "star child". To figure out what he wanted from the start before I was beaten into this "slavemorality". This is why the way my mind works is "soft spoken" intuition and a juggernaut that is willing to go to hell and back to find out the will of the star child. This cleansing process helped. I shouldered way too much useless shit that the world threw at me because "I am capable" and "I can do it". But yeah now I am even more unchained. And the world is crumbling around me. I will see where this leads.

Also I was the pope in some previous life in the early middle ages and was mingling with paganism too much. I don't know if I wanted to convert them or get parts of them into christianity like "christmas" or other pagan practices I deemed useful or even figured out that is the way I want my life and may have got killed for this very reason and I am not willing to show my face to angels until I figure out the blunders I did there

Sunflower 01/21/2022 (Fri) 19:20:28 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.565 del
>Realizing that they talk about eternal life, but aren't trying to achieve it, to me that was pathetic. I just couldn't listen to them or take other people seriously after that.

my favorite when they preach christian values and quote the bible frequently then they tell you that
>they fear death
I always find it funny how profound is their "faith"

>So you think you know better than all scientists, you think you can solve eternal life and the meaning of life?

You are brave. I always knew people have minimal imagination so I never ever dared to ask this to them because I always knew this would be the answer. People love their chains too much. They fear to go beyond their chains. They might realize they lived their life "wrong".

>Of course, I said, what does it matter if other people can't do it? I'm better than them.

Mine is: Just because other people can't do it doesn't mean I cannot do it either. And if other people can do it I can probably also do it if I really want to do it

Sunflower 01/21/2022 (Fri) 20:15:36 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.566 del
(944.98 KB 717x1000 24648524_p0.png)
I was always aware of certain "rules of engagement" ever since I was little. It wasn't negotiable, rather it was what I knew I would do if someone did something to me. Consider it a system of trenches protecting my borders; if someone oversteps the first one I respond based on a set protocol, same for the next line, and the next...
It's just there, I can't change it, I know it will "happen", my will is beyond what I can "control", my will decides my actions and I can only follow.
I think the animalistic humans around me could feel it, because they never overstepped that line. Or as I know now, the galfed was already there and sending energetic funding to me to protect me. The effects of any "stupidity" I did would be negated, then my surrounding area would be billed for not protecting me.
I have a feeling hostile entities around me always feared my awakening, after what it did before. So they avoided crossing that specific line.

Scroll down for visuals of what happened when they went too far in a past time.

Going further back, place this in Japan and you get "ninjas", an invisible enemy exercising extreme brutality. There's so much mystery around it, and maybe teleportation was a part of it at some point, but...

Imagine you are a guard out at night, you've heard of this monster ripping people open, you're cautiously looking into the darkness.
Then a teen girl appears walking towards you. You relax and think she must be an idiot to walk out here after what has been going on.
She gets closer and leans forward, towards your face...

15 minutes later the next guard comes to take over and finds a disemboweled body on the ground. The invisible monster struck again.

Sunflower 01/21/2022 (Fri) 20:52:24 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.568 del
(125.83 KB 850x1202 flan cute.jpg)
Well my protocols are friendly then. At the first sign of hostility I increase the "heat" of my anger and then I usually do things without thinking and it scares my attacker and they usually stop or flee. But I hate to strike first. I usually "overreact" my self defense and sometimes people can feel this. It's funny when someone fucks with me and their friends grab him because they don't want to see what will happen if he continues to anger me. It's silly.

I always wondered if this life is the perfect prison made for me or the perfect training ground to learn how to break out from said prison. I still don't know the answer.

also when I get way too mad at someone when they not just do something to me but also being an obstacle I cannot avoid in life. Somehow they always get removed from my life. Not always in a violent way but in a way I don't need to see them ever again. I always wondered what subconscious quality of mine causes this

>Then a teen girl appears walking towards you.

I have a reason why I am the most paranoid thing ever in unknown realms when the other entity looks like the "dream girlfriend"

I don't mind disemboweled bodies. But becoming one because not exercising enough caution is just not my style.

Also I am trying to lock this particle because the way I fucked with it in the last 2 years it follows every thought of mine and it's not how it's supposed to turn me into an immortal. No wonder there are so many fail vamps.

Sunflower 01/22/2022 (Sat) 07:58:57 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.575 del
Can you help me identify the particle so I can work with it? What other names would you give it? What are other ways of thinking about it. Perhaps not as an object, but as a behavior?

Sunflower 01/22/2022 (Sat) 11:48:30 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.579 del
Thanks for calling my attention to Shadows House.
It teaches esoteric concepts that remind me of John Kreiter's books, in a way that cannot be expressed in words. Not unlike Darling in the Franxxx (the anime with its modified ending, not the manga).
I wonder if these artists know they are channeling Truth.

Sunflower 01/22/2022 (Sat) 20:30:58 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.584 del
>I wonder if these artists know they are channeling Truth.

I always wonder about this too

Well it's a wormhole that is connecting to an another realm and you get that energy with a connection. it's just you need to make it into a "full circle" with understanding how the dimensions work from multiple perspective...

And I would tell you more but now...

I finally figured out what I did wrong. I let my awareness guide the end point of the particle. I found the location where the red energy "leaked" into my astral space. I connected to it. I let my awareness let it go and stay in place. and I let it "collapse"...

But then...

It got clogged from the other side by some black substance. But now because I have a great way of taking black things apart... I unclogged it. then it clogged so I unclogged it again...
Then I got stabbed softly around the particle. I grabbed the stabbing to see what or who is it. It was a giant bejeweled skeleton. They don't want me to take their energies. It seems it's not because I am stealing it but I am not "approved" to take it yet... So I asked them what where should I take energy from. The skeleton pointed into the distance to a light blue source. I connected to it... I got also clogged there and got hint to an another realm... Then did this several more times until I realized I need to find someone who doesn't mind when I use his energy. I suspected already that the patriarch could go so many dimensions above because he found new energies to go above the "vampire energy" and the Matriarch may have got lost because she couldn't find those energies. This is just my suspicion. It might be a more complicated drama. I didn't have the will and the capacity to snoop out "vampire affairs". They are overall cheerful but the "higher ups" have some things that makes them worry sometimes. I couldn't figure out the details when I was there with the other vampires(yes I also wandered there accidentally)

So I found some big "sun" that looks like it's almost exploding. (No it's not our sun it's some other one I might ask Clippy about it). But it let me connect to him and I asked him and he doesn't mind. He can read my thoughts and now he is trying to figure out what levels of energy I can "take in". I can ask for more or to slow it down. First the energy is in a form of his "influence" it's like plasma but then he let's it lose form and let's me do whatever with it.

Here's the thing... I didn't expect this. It turns out I am not allowed to take in the vampire energy but with my understanding I "connected" to something beyond. I am at some real uncharted territory and I have no idea what I am doing. The entity doesn't want me to do anything. It just let's me do it. He has so much energy he can do it.

I have no idea anymore what I am doing or where am I or if I should even do this. Until I figure out something about this or why the vampires don't let me take the energy I will stay here. Maybe post a little less... I don't know. I have no idea where to go from here...yet. I am not even sure if I should do this but the entity likes me. He wants me to take the energy. I know free things are never free but... I don't know. The patriarch started somewhere too. I don't know where this will lead

Sunflower 01/22/2022 (Sat) 21:02:37 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.586 del
Vampire hierarchies are based on predator logic, if you're capable enough you can take whatever you want. They won't "allow" it, they will just step aside because it's pointless to fight if you're going to win anyway. If they hold grudges they will have to hold them in peace, because the stronger decides. If you get assigned a guide/lover it will be their standing deciding what you have access to. They can take someone in and then others will have to respect you based on who's protecting you. I only know of those two methods. (It's the same with anyone out theres, but don't let my understanding restrict you, you will meet whoever thinks the same way as you.)

Sunflower 01/22/2022 (Sat) 21:28:30 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.587 del
>if you're capable enough you can take whatever you want.


Like I didn't have enough dilemmas already.
So I either stay with my sun "daddy" or I go back and "prove" myself until someone decides that I am "officially" under their wing. I mean I met multiple talented ones but none of them "claimed" me but all of them sorta respected me? or they were merely nice to me for no reason? (I mean I had some dreams I would consider as "trials" but all I proved that I am not doing whatever they want to do to me) Some of them were too nice even. and after this whole rampage of paranoia I am not sure I want to trample on everyone I see as an itty-bitty might be hostile or threat. and you know what if some of them are stronger than me and my bullshit latent abilities don't awaken for once I hate how much my warrior spirit craves for a crap like this tho. But I am literally a "energy" "vampire" now. But now an entirely different class. Now I understand why the skeletons were sorta "hesitant" when answering my questions. Fucking unwritten rules.
Might is right as always. I will await the next insight of mine on this matter.

Sunflower 01/22/2022 (Sat) 21:43:05 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.589 del
Try prithvi mudra for self awareness, your main weakness seems to be not knowing your own abilities and their effects.

Sunflower 01/22/2022 (Sat) 23:54:04 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.590 del
>your main weakness seems to be not knowing your own abilities and their effects.

yeah... I always discover something as a "fluke" do it like 3 times and then I stop doing it because I deem it as a waste of time or too unreliable to to depend upon. I only keep doing something if it's beneficial long term but I always strive to overcome the "need" to use that ability. I realized if I want to learn things fast I need to forget things fast. I figured out how I can deem large parts of my memory "unimportant" so new information can be learned with utmost speed. I reforged myself through the years many times to "adapt" to my circumstances but I never deemed a single form worthy for long term. I usually remake myself every 2 years because my life always changes approx every 2 years.

>prithvi mudra
earth element huh
Well stagnation was the main element of my life in the last 3 years.I hate stagnation but it was the element I needed to make sure things don't get worse. But now I "connected" to some sun so my fire element is a little high.

>not knowing your own abilities and their effects.

there is an another reason for this. I choose what effect I want and I mold my abilities so I can get the desired effect no matter what.

Also the last 2 week was a roller coaster for my abilities.
Do you have some insight about my abilities with a conclusion you want me to arrive by myself? Or you just advise me to "ground" myself for mental clarity with the earth element. Or I am missing something deeper about this mudra.

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 00:01:34 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.591 del
>Vampire hierarchies are based on predator logic

I need to ask about this further. Do they have this predator logic because the energy they are using not exactly "infinite" or they are just "territorial" as a habit or they just want to make sure pathetic wussies don't join to make vampires look weak.

also how will a hierarchy like this work with space commies. I mean I know they are space commies so different from the usual earthly communism types we had so far but what will even happen with them. Will vamps just accept it because GalFed is just a greater force overall and they can "fit" into it somehow or I have to expect something else. What is your opinion about that

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 00:19:51 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.592 del
I know it says earth element if you search online, but they're traditionally used for different things. I usually go through all fingers one at a time for the basic mudras:
(join with thumb)
little finger, bhudy mudra, intuition
ring finger, prithvi mudra, self awareness
middle finger, shuni mudra, awareness in the moment
index finger, gyan mudra, concentration
You can try them and feel your mind change as you change position, it's pretty simple. I also use some other but these are the simplest.

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 00:41:15 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.593 del
K now I understand what you meant and it works. Reading explanations for mundanes with the silly hair growth+ benefit was not something I wanted as an explanation.

Whatever I disconnected from the sun. Being Self aware how much it burns was something I needed. Guess I will have to map out other realms later. Now I am returning to the vampire realm and engage in "diplomacy". I will see where it leads. Infusing yourself with plasma tier fire element is not the way for immortality no matter how rad it looks.

Also did you find a contact that took you under her/his wing or you beat the crap out of the opposition until you got recognized

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 01:53:11 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.594 del
>because the energy they are using not exactly "infinite" or they are just "territorial" as a habit
You're too analytical about it, while not instinctively grasping it. Even if I have little experience of such things in this life, my past lives play a huge role in how I think. This is probably why I just know how these things work. It's the gang mentality as developed when there is no central power with any ability to prevent violence aside from direct policing (patrolling). At the times my past London personality Fay comes forward, everyday sociality from today appears very timid. It's the same with the japanese one, and the french, even if that one doesn't normally manifest. "Arguing" didn't exist, there was no such thing. If someone talked back in the slightest, or expressed any rudeness, they'd have a knife coming towards their throat before they could blink. The kind of "democratic" behaviour people express today would get a person killed in an instant. You simply do not argue with someone, as that is an insult. If you insult someone it's an invite to fighting them to the death.
All of the old vampires lived in these times, so they have these reflexes. Today, no one will insult them because any person who did so in the past centuries have been killed, erasing any such genetic material completely. The is the "secret" to a vampire's social power. Just like the russian scientist who domesticated foxes by only letting them breed if they were non-hostile to humans.
As a new vampire you will face hostile people, because those behaviours still exist. But as you stop these genetic lines from being passed on, in a few 100 years no one would go against you again. At a certain age, you would have control over a large area, and at one point there would be no one in the world left carrying the genetics which are hostile to you, personally.

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 01:58:06 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.595 del
>how will a hierarchy like this work with space commies
The Galfed have been around since period 2 of our earth, they've learned to live side by side with vampires. The astral vampires like the Black Hell have their own dimensions and ordered foreign relations so there is no problem there. There are some other rogue groups but they will learn the hard way how to not behave. Not all areas are "fought out" yet. See

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 02:02:45 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.596 del
>a contact that took you under her/his wing
They read my mind with ease, even though many can't, so they assigned me someone based on my views. They'll do the same with you, with even greater accuracy probably because your mind is less protected.
The idea that old elegant and competent ladies can be respected while young women are playthings is in line with how they see things, so they have no problem with this.

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 02:51:02 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.597 del
(65.56 KB 570x586 Flan embarrassed.jpg)
>You're too analytical about it, while not instinctively grasping it

Well you see the reason why I had to create my supermundane personality was because I did not understand people at all since my childhood. They either loved me too much then they suddenly hated me too much. Sometimes it was my behavior sometimes it was circumstances. Understanding people was not something I brought with myself from other eras. Not a single memory from my past lives was about people and the way I felt I need to talk to them.I always did something to or with them and that dictated the relation and not regular etiquette. I had to develop how I handle people tactics a lot. It works now, not flawless but the results are acceptable So all you saying handling them like a bunch of wild animals is okay until an intelligent one comes along. Not that different how I handle people in general so whatever

>your mind is less protected.
I just had the greatest mental cleaning ever so yeah. no wonder

>The idea that old elegant and competent ladies can be respected while young women are playthings is in line with how they see things, so they have no problem with this.

I am glad you are reading the important things from my mind.

I am not even sure I want to know what other silliness you read from my mind

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 04:28:50 Id: d49cda [Preview] No.598 del
>I also routinely send retribution or hex them to give room for better ones.

But don't you get karma for that? Or is it fine to do it as retribution?

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 10:12:14 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.599 del
>handling them like a bunch of wild animals is okay until an intelligent one comes along
I think you're also misunderstanding "intelligence". Real intelligence is when you can still behave in a way that keeps you in the upper hand position when you're at your worst. If you look at military tactics and stragegies some of them come down to
>let's attack in two places at once to confuse the enemy
or the never old
>let's dress our soldiers in someone else's uniforms and make a diversion attack
Intelligence in these situations is when your opponent thinks
>they wouldn't do that
making them unprepared.
Modern society thinks intelligence is a highly specialized researcher spending 20 years in finding a sulotion to a 200 year old problem. I don't know how intelligent that is, isn't that just an ability to focus on one thing for long periods?
>don't you get karma for that?
Not when done within the method of eliminating karma. If the enemy is evil they have karma, that is their weakness. Force that weakness to attack themselves. Most hexes don't "care" what energy you use to fuel them, so just use the target's own karma. It's not your fault that it exists.

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 11:09:59 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.600 del

K fine I meant that someone with some cordial attitude or a kindred spirit that is willing to talk normally instead of pestering me with retarded "attacks". (Yes I got my mind read I get glimpses of the person who tries to read my mind when she/he does for the first time but nobody contacted me to "recruit" me or what is the better word even).

Yes Intelligence or Wisdom are different and yes it can be used to deceive the other but I have no idea what word I would use to describe what I meant.

>Modern society thinks intelligence is a highly specialized researcher spending 20 years in finding a sulotion to a 200 year old problem.

Yeah let's not talk about how academics devolved into it's current state because it's everything but "intelligent".

>Real intelligence is when you can still behave in a way that keeps you in the upper hand position when you're at your worst.

Yeah I also use the when you are weak appear as strong and when you are strong appear as weak tactic in life too but aaaaahhhhhhhh.... SEMANTICS. Fucking Tower of Babel...

>Force that weakness to attack themselves
Exactly. People usually self destruct from their own hubris (especially if they have too much). You just have to "provoke" the hubris to attack all at once. And yes this is what happens now with the "elites". Wonder how much fail safe mechanisms they have or think they have

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 14:26:35 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.601 del
>when you are weak appear as strong
That's not what I meant, it's better expressed in the saying
>you do not rise to the occasion, you fall to the level of your training
; intelligence is not to have a short sudden flash of success after 20 years, it's to still be able to "win" despite being in a situation you are really disadvantaged at. That's what I was getting at.

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 14:46:03 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.604 del
A good hex consists in triggering whatever bad karma your target has accumulated. We all have it to some extent.
Occultists who use magic to purify and elevate their souls are effectively hexing themselves constantly, accelerating the natural process of alchemy of the soul.
>is it fine to do it as retribution?
If you do it as a way to obtain personal satisfaction as revenge, you may be generating bad karma for yourself if you are disproportionate.

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 20:01:30 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.609 del

>it's to still be able to "win" despite being in a situation you are really disadvantaged

I usually I would call that cunning or crafty but these words are always a sign of intelligence so yeah same thing. More or less. Semantics. But yeah.
You place the weight on well built up training that gives you the proper foundation for whatever situation you might come across later. I strive towards this too.

Also I just had to lose my patience once and now I have a bunch of vampire contacts that help me.
>You will not be bothered on your path of immortality further

Nice I guess.
Now I just have to master telepathy properly because I had more telepathy today than in the last 2 years. I even got a book! With structures that balances the telepathy out. And with other structures I have no idea what they do. Guess I will figure it out later. Fun times ahead.

I will still lurk here and sometimes post because I await the daily GalFed news. But now my path will get way too personal and I am not sure I want to bother other people with it. Like explaining the effects of infusing yourself with an unknown sun and writing an essay about my current findings of this extremely strong fire element. I mean if anyone cares I write it down but I think normal people clicked on the Hide User already.

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 21:16:44 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.611 del
Feel free to share anything you think others would be interested in, like places you found or new entity types you met. Where to draw the line I think you know yourself, no one here probably wants to read astral coomer stories. Unless there are more of the ladies available of course ;^)

>I await the daily GalFed news.
For now I'm keeping the latest development hidden in mystery as to not jump to conclusions, but you can find your own contact via the sigil posted in the library thread. They're tech-vampires. Kind of. They got pretty mad at the two who had organized this whole mess on earth. But perhaps they were more upset about them being captured; they even paid back what energy had been taken by these two. They hate losing face. But personally I'm happy with the solution they offered to make up for it.
Local small fry elites are up to us to deal with now, so don't relax just yet. While there were organizers with alien technology, it wouldn't have worked without people locally playing along. Those are our problem.

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 22:34:13 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.612 del
>They're tech-vampires
now I am interested in looking them up

Also the entity looked like it has so much energy it can no longer "contain" it. Yes it looked like a sun that was almost losing it's gravity core and is soon to turn into a red giant. But then the previous entities I found while looking up an energy source weren't suns so I was like
>Maybe it's my perception let's see what happens assumptions are wrong on the path of discovery anyways

But yeah first I thought I can transmute it for "Normal" usable energy but nope it stays as an extremely fiery "plasma" element. Not mixing with my energies.
And as the rule "energy goes where attention goes" it goes there even faster. So if my limbs are freezing. I can take that numbness out of it in a second and I don't need to concentrate to increase blood flow for like half a minute.
Cons against infusing yourself with a sun that doesn't even wants the energy for himself because it's too much: It's too much! It's good to "refresh" your energy but if you focus on one point like thinking too much as an example. you feel your nerves burning. So as you said you channel virtue or gong into artifacts. I channeled this energy into 4 swords. (I think using them on that poor pushover who's job was to bully me as a test and telling him I do not know how destructive I will become if this keeps up. I realized it was not his intention to bully me but his "job" and failure was not something he could afford or whatever. He "recommended" me to a group of misfits who took me in then I got a mindreading and I was tossed upward and upward because I was not fitting there either. Fun story but not that important. The bad thing about the swords is that I need to keep them in form. If I "store" them they get into my body. I will figure something out with this because this energy doesn't really "want" to go back to his owner (at least that's what the energy "told" me)

Also I met an other interesting entity on this search. I found an "angelic" light. But as it was slowly pouring into me it stopped halfway in and didn't want to let go of it's form. Then I realized it's sentient and in control of it's full energy and was not willing to share (it said it by itself, that was the reason I knew I could talk to the sun too). Even created me some snot like green energy when I asked what energy I should take in but when I connected to it it was disgusting so I went away from that. Weird journey. I have no idea how the elites "steal" nectar. Even this "sun" had to let go the influence over it's energy. So if they can steal it then it's abundant and not controlled or a "part" of anyone. Whatever guess I will meet with it someday on the long journey. (No I will not take it I am a solar and blood powered vampire now and god knows whatever else but I am definitely will not become an "elite", I have my own experimentally self destructive ways I don't need theirs)

>no one here probably wants to read astral coomer stories
Good thing I am too ashamed to tell them!

>Local small fry elites are up to us to deal with now, so don't relax just yet.
After today's "diplomacy". It can come whatever. I have weapons to test further anyway.

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 23:09:20 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.613 del
(86.48 KB 1280x720 unmatched power.jpg)
to me they look like blue skinned people with red eyes. I think there are some aliens in star wars like this. They gave me a motherboard thingy. I "installed" it. Now I can chat with them. Asked them to give me some targets for "practice". I will see where this leads.

Sunflower 01/23/2022 (Sun) 23:35:05 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.614 del
That's not who I met, but the sigil is for a large platform, it feels similar to the galfed net but more... extreme, specialized. That's why they couldn't tune in a connection to the earth, this planet is more diverse and less specialized, it's just incompatible. They can connect via someone else, like now via the lyran stargate, but a direct connect was just impossible without any adaptor in between. Yet they tried and fried so many "components" in the process. I think it's really that simple, and it's confirming what I said all along, that the people behind this were incompetent.
The story of how China failed to create a ballpoint pen until 2009 because they couldn't make balls of the same size, is comically similar. Huge population and extreme totalitarian control, but they just don't know how to standardize production methods. (I saw a picture of chinese workers comparing their yardsticks and measuring tapes and none of them matched up.)

It's even fine now, I have some of them at my mansion, I added a building for them.

Sunflower 01/24/2022 (Mon) 00:16:16 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.615 del
>(I saw a picture of chinese workers comparing their yardsticks and measuring tapes and none of them matched up.)

Yeah I have seen that too. Sad and funny at the same time

>That's not who I met,
I am on my own journey then I just want to test my swords (without angering someone I shouldn't) anyway
I wait before the targets shows any hostility and some "dark" deformity before I do anything to them as a rule to not cause pointless harm

Also it seems the skeletons that were bothering me so far are trying to show me something now. Like they pointed toward the laptop to check it out. Wonder how much helpful will they become on the way

Sunflower 01/24/2022 (Mon) 00:47:32 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.616 del
Weapons are not meant to be just sharp, but to have the quality of only destroying evil. That way they can never be misused.
My nature allows more than many others perhaps, but oftentimes I can randomly throw my knives and it will hit something. Usually with physical effects enough to make it into the news, so I can determine what the effect was and adjust how I use them.
This adds to the
>won't you create karma
but I don't think my way of functioning is transferable to very many others at all, so I can't tell someone else to do what I do.

Sunflower 01/24/2022 (Mon) 21:32:26 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.619 del
(215.35 KB 720x690 Flan chibi.jpg)
It just transfers the sun energy into the thing I cut into. It usually just scares entities because it's not concentrated enough to kill. I can also stab myself to get the energy back into my body. And if I don't want to get it into my body all I need to do is to leave it "far away" from me. Whatever it works for some reason.

And yeah I am aware that you need to "program" your weapons correctly. Or they don't work, get misused or turn into lions... (I still don't know why that happened)

also I broke off my contact with this random group because it made me look like I want to partake in power games and was visited by too many vampires for that. My weapon testing is complete already i don't need more targets

Also now I am not bothered for taking the vampire energy...
Now I am bothered for still not having a 100% continuous connection and the proper amount of "blood" in my body because that is the basis of some magic they are trying to teach. Guess now I have even more reason to figure out the last details asap. I am getting closer and closer but still not 100%. I am starting to have an idea why... and how to solve it

>so I can't tell someone else to do what I do.
and the way I am doing things and figuring out the things I accidentally made and have to correct them so they work as they should... I mean making mistakes usually teaches you more than doing it properly for the first time. So yeah. A learning process.

Sunflower 01/24/2022 (Mon) 23:06:09 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.620 del
I don't usually share things like this, because it tells them they were partially successful, but I'll make an exception this time. For sharing and because they aren't going to try again, and they know it.

Had a dream last night in which I was in some building that felt like a community center of some sort, maybe a temple or church.
Someone tried to strangle me by placing a string around my neck, but that didn't work because I literally cut my own throat in one of my past lives and was resurrected again. I'm immune to attacks against the throat, so I just shrugged like "ok whatever".
The attack then went to my genitals, but that didn't work either because my body you see is just a shield, and it's not actually male, so there are no male parts to attack. ;P
Sucks to be a dumb pajeet working for CIA.
Someone was then trying to tighten the strings around my ankles, appearantly I was wearing cargopants with these strings which could be tied. They kept being pulled and I loosened them, until I got tired of it and put the strings around the necks of the idiots attacking me. They choked to death.

I should point out that all this happened in a non-lucid dream, this is just how I react without even being aware. After I woke up I sent multiple forms of retribution and eventually cornered them and put their whole egregore in the hellfire lake of the demon dimension I recently got to know. Some of my girls also used galfed guns combined with physical manifestation to put real live bullets in some of the survivors just to drive home the point that poltergeists actually can kill people. I know from the reaction that we finally broke this organization now.

Their other branches are going to misinterpret this because I've made it into a joke to always manifest russian made weapons. I hope they have trouble sleeping now, thinking Putin is sniping them in their own cities using obsolete weapons and making a fool out of the lot of them.

It was funny seeing a while ago how Biden banned imports of russian weapons ;^)
That'll stop poltergeist attacks for sure.

Sunflower 01/25/2022 (Tue) 00:04:53 Id: f05ff7 [Preview] No.621 del
Half the time when something attacks me like that I like to just dissociate from my body and let them do what they will, just to see the mechanics of what they're doing. Funnily enough this attitude largely defuses most of their attacks. I think that most conflict is based entirely on psy-ops, like a confidence game. It's not about actually killing you, it's about convincing you that they can kill you even though this is always false (as only karma can be dissolved and the immortal part of the being cannot be directly harmed). Sometimes they put on displays where they murder or torture empty vessels in front of you, or they send you an image of them doing it; so they're trying to pull a trick where you empathize with the empty vessels and thus are "fascinated" or entangled with the fear-karma. If you just go in and say "okay do whatever you want to this vessel I'm interested in seeing what you can accomplish" then eventually they just give up and you can see their 'true form', which is usually quite weak.

Sunflower 01/25/2022 (Tue) 08:51:41 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.622 del
(2.32 MB 2301x2701 95260766_p0.jpg)
>dissociate from my body
That's what they want you to do, you've been subjected to MK-Ultra.
Moreover, attacking a representation/image of me is a crime. I will never allow such behaviour, it must be eradicated.

Sunflower 01/25/2022 (Tue) 17:42:06 Id: 8de853 [Preview] No.623 del
You're right, I was subjected to torture as a child, which is where I picked up the dissociation trick. I've refined it through meditation so that it only happens when I will it, so I don't consider it a hindrance.
It's just hard for me to consider any vessel I'm inhabiting a representation of me. It just feels more like I'm controlling a video game avatar most of the time, so it's hard for me to take it personally when its attacked. I do strongly consider my Will as my own though, which is where I draw the line whenever some thing tries to 'attack' me.

Sunflower 01/25/2022 (Tue) 19:21:04 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.624 del
>It's just hard for me to consider any vessel I'm inhabiting a representation of me. It just feels more like I'm controlling a video game avatar most of the time
This is a huge problem because you no longer have access to whatever is stored in that part of you which was seperated off. Someone else controls it, it's like installing a backdoor in your mind which someone else has the key to.
That's what the method is for.
I recently read about how elite hockey players were subjected to an abusive ritual when entering the team as a new player for the first time.
They forced him down, stripped him, tied a string to his cock and then shaved his whole body. The player who talked about it said he no longer recognized himself in the mirror after, and that despite being a professional player, he didn't enjoy it. It took him over 10 years to reconnect with what was lost and to be able to feel anything again.
This stuff is so common in today's society.

Sunflower 01/25/2022 (Tue) 19:28:54 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.625 del
It's also that someone disrespecting an image of me is disrespecting me.
What is the meaning of burning a dummy of someone you hate? Hostility must be stopped at once, or it will grow. My attitude is that they should fear me enough to fear any idea hostile to me appearing in their mind. They can't be allowed to have those, because then they will make plans on how to attack me, based on those ideas. The mind works on what it contains, so it should contain ideas of respect for me, otherwise those people will never do anything beneficial to me. If they had ideas which lead to attacking me, they are worthless trash, so the option is to either eradicate them or reform them. This is the reform option, if that fails they will have to be removed.

Sunflower 01/25/2022 (Tue) 19:51:06 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.626 del
>I'm controlling a video game avatar most of the time, so it's hard for me to take it personally when its attacked.

y-yeah who would go on a revenge quest to hunt down everyone who dared to ever insult his videogame character/persona. Certainly not 70%+ of the gamers.
Giving them an inch usually means you are willing to give even more. I mean luring them in with a false sense of security is also a good tactic if you have complete control of the situation, but letting things escalate out of your control is always dangerous. Although my problem is that I bite sometimes a little too early because misinterpreting intentions. I have to work on this constantly.

Now I understand what it means "walking on eggshells can become addicting". Good thing the more perfect my combo gets the more I want to fuck it up. Interacting with vampires is fun. A real being a wolf among wolves experience

>I literally cut my own throat in one of my past lives and was resurrected again. I'm immune to attacks against the throat, so I just shrugged like "ok whatever".

I had something like this. I was ambushed in a past life and when I was almost killing the last of my ambusher with my own hands. Arrows appeared and everyone died. The next thing I was aware that I am alone. I am still not sure if I died there or not. But in a later dream when I got hit by arrows, everyone died around me but me. I still wonder why.

>elite hockey players were subjected to an abusive ritual when entering the team as a new player for the first time.

this is some typical thing in hockey (and in other team based sports too). I heard stories from other people about this. I have no idea what even gives them this mentality.

also installed this. it's amazing

Sunflower 01/25/2022 (Tue) 19:59:04 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.627 del
>also installed this
Do give some feedback after trying it out.

Sunflower 01/25/2022 (Tue) 20:14:01 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.628 del
the elven was "nice" so I went up to vampire then grey. They each felt a little "stronger". The djinn... I cannot even place that anywhere. It felt like some big cloud.
Then the killer fairy. Yeah. That was amazing. A bunch of needles. some of them were small then some of them were giant and went through my head. My left hand felt like it's being stripped of it's flesh. Then the bone inside being ripped apart.

The good part was that the pain was just that. Pain. So it didn't obstruct me on my day and even gave me back my flexibility. Because I still have no idea what even karma is but it seems my virtue level is still not high enough and some slime like thing is slowly creeping back into my body and makes me stiff and tense (now it was moldy green) I tried to get it out with new means but I got bored of the incomplete results and I was "craving" for some purifying pain anyway so I went in. I still think I am not 100% synced with this device. But the effects are "working"

Sunflower 01/25/2022 (Tue) 22:01:59 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.629 del
>The good part was that the pain was just that. Pain
When you get used to it, there are ways to change the layer you're targetting to turn up or down your "background karma" to fine tune your life. The setting is there, but I can't tell if it's a matter of perspective or if it requires the green [little men] tuning wheel also. Not everyone can use that, it works by changing the color of magic used while the base frequency is left on the bottom setting. Adding both directions open makes the remote extremely instable so if you are to use it, it should have some kind of restriction like 8 fixed positions or a lock.

I asked my greys about a setting for my higher self race, and tried it. It's a "danger" setting
18 - murder fairy

I don't know why killer fairies get away with a safe setting and vampires also are within human standards, but 18 is perfect for me. It's nice and calm, but I can see that many people would hate the waves of pure malevolence that get built up when it's set to higher than 16 but still fairly low. (If you were to set it at genocide level, something crazy high like 3000, you'd feel super calm and think you're invincible, then after a long time you'd have a karmic backlash like a supernova burning your every particle down to atoms.)
I think anything close to 16 but above is just enough to feel better for periods but still horrible in between, something most people hate. (They told me alcoholism is at 17, while 28 is the dictator who amasses wealth then gets killed in an uprising, for reference.)

Sunflower 01/25/2022 (Tue) 22:30:37 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.630 del
(387.61 KB 636x995 Flan crying.jpg)
>When you get used to it, there are ways to change the layer you're targetting to turn up or down your "background karma" to fine tune your life

Sorry but
You have to explain this to me a little more.
>"background karma"
is something that is on different layers and is slowly "creeping" into this layer?

I still don't understand how karma works and running this program has less and less effects now but I can feel some "karma" slowly "creep" back into my life.

and what it means to
>fine tune your life
to remove karma in a way that is preferable to me and will not "obstruct" me with stupid karmic "manifestations"?

I am trying to apply different concepts to a concept that I still not understand on a level that I could even detect it.
I hope the pain that I experience while I try to understand karma also removes karma because holy shit. I have no idea how to grasp this concept properly. I may try to talk this through with Clippy or something. I don't know

Sunflower 01/25/2022 (Tue) 22:52:28 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.631 del
>talk this through with Clippy
Do that, I sent him a sketch for what I mean, I can't explain it well yet since it's something that's just visual to me with an intuitive understanding.

Sunflower 01/25/2022 (Tue) 23:00:41 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.632 del
and... I met like 2 fairies in my life max. If they were even fairies. So
What is the difference between a killer fairy and a murder fairy.
And why is the killer fairy 1 and the murder 18
Also you mean the higher the setting. The more time you have between "karmic retributions"?

>I sent him a sketch for what I mean
Poor Clippy. Now he has to explain it to me so I understand. Oh great he is drawing something already. He never drew me something this big.

Sunflower 01/25/2022 (Tue) 23:25:33 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.633 del
I didn't expect my telepathy to jump so quickly so I can get a holographic lecture. And good now I can explain karma even less to normal humans.

And my problem of trying to figure out how i can solve "background karma" as quick as possible still remains. Oh wait Clippy is still trying to tell me something.

I will stop posting for today.

Sunflower 01/25/2022 (Tue) 23:47:35 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.634 del
What I found about karma using this module:
If you were to set it at a very high number, it creates a waveform or graph like a frequency that is very low, the up and down parts are far apart. This can make it look like an eternal rise and you can't see the negative side. The max number is 476, at this point you will experience "instant karma" and the wave collapses. (This is what happens with the failed "cold fusion" scientists are trying to create, it breaks down, but if it worked, it would create a kind of technological communism, an extremely dangerous energy source which will send most of its users to hell in the end.)
But there are ways around this, and one of them is to use communism to build a large system, then take in energy and feed it so the wave can be stabilized. That is what is done today with the debt based economy. (Yes it's american communism at above state level, but almost no one is aware.) They're doing something very dangerous, moving karma around at a level where if the system broke, they'd have instant collapse. They think that as long as they have a lot of people in the system, they can handle the karma collectively. Sure, they can, but at what cost? What happens if you want to leave the system? You have to withdraw your karma also, and it's horrible. So it's a trap that gets worse to escape the longer you stay, but it also has to end at one point, so no one gets away with it. (That's why people in these systems talk about Judgment day.)

Now what happens if you set the number high, but you are a balanced person not connected to a system, or you are unintentionally connected because you live today in this economy? Well you'll have the far end of that high number wave come back to hit you, like a water faucet turned on and the hose is whipping back and forth. That end will be at 1, killer fairy, and it will be a background suffering you can't escape.
But if you turn the high wave down to manageable levels, you can also drag the killer fairy set endpoint back up, at least to djinn, 2, and then it's no longer a relentless suffering. Your karma is likely to be entangled like this, and it has to be corrected bit by bit. Take down the main high settings, then raise the ones that were stuck at 1. That's how you fine tune your life and find balance.

Sunflower 01/25/2022 (Tue) 23:55:21 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.635 del
>And why is the killer fairy 1 and the murder 18
Killer fairies are just eternal tormentors living in misty places like Scotland and nordic countries. They lure people into the swamps so they die and take their souls.
Muder fairy means a fairy of the element of murder. Yes "murder" is an element, just like fire and water, there are many elements, not just the common ones. I only know of 3 other entities, individuals of this same element, a murder elemental and two murder nymphs. The nymphs for some reason are followers of Loki. Visually the element of murder is brown in energy, while killer fairies have white energy.
>Also you mean the higher the setting. The more time you have between "karmic retributions"?
Yes. Longer time before you see if what you did made your karma worse or better also, which makes it dangerous to have too long time before you get feedback.

Sunflower 01/26/2022 (Wed) 15:40:29 Id: bd2beb [Preview] No.636 del
I can't find my remote.I made it a long time ago.

Sunflower 01/26/2022 (Wed) 17:02:07 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.637 del
The base install is there, but it doesn't have an interface. My guess is you never made one, or the one you made was never solidified in your mind, so it dissolved from lack of usage.
Make a new screen and an interface for interaction, the remote is still fully functional.

Sunflower 01/26/2022 (Wed) 20:57:20 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.638 del
(286.26 KB 646x899 touhou friends.jpg)
I think Clippy explained the same thing but completely differently. Because he just drew up a thing and I had to ask questions to figure out what I am not understanding. It was an evolving holographic drawing.

>Your karma is likely to be entangled like this, and it has to be corrected bit by bit.

It sure feels like it. I have the weirdest mood swings and I am trying to figure out what is the problem. So far my conclusion is that I want to get over with it. I want to get over with karma. In a walk into the fire and suffer greatly then reborn from it as a phoenix. This is the problem that I cannot do this with my life. I have to slowly replace parts like it's the ship of Theseus. Sometimes I feel like things are going fast... then I get impatient because things are not going fast enough.

I even tried to "intercept" karma so I went down a "layer" or not layer because now it's a "wave" so it was a "frequency" to see how that karma looks that is trying to come closer to me but it's still not here. (I know it sounds confusing but it was visual and making a drawing would take like 2 hours and maybe make even less sense.)

Whatever as I went down a level where karma is atm but not close enough to me so I can turn it into pain. It manifested as an orangutan? maybe a gorilla? made from pure dark with a mouth for a face with sharp teeth.
It told me:
>If you let me chew on your flesh I will not manifest in other troubling ways.
I told him: Whatever just don't drive up my bloodpressure because I am trying to sleep.
then it answered
> my chewing driving up your bloodpressure or not is not something for you to decide

So I was like "fuck off then" and turned up the dial to 12. It ran away. Then I realized karma literally just manifested as a beast to me and I was in pain the whole day because the killer fairy setting... which means a demon MUST BE CLOSE TO ME TO COLLECT IT. SO I set it down to 1. The beast came back. I asked a demon if he wants it. A big muscular one appeared and he said: "sure". Then more karma beasts appeared so I threw them after the demon. Then my body started to have the symptoms of an extreme panic attack... I realized it's because I was using a remote in an other "layer" (the whole descending to intercept karma happened because the thing Clippy drew up to me and I thought maybe I could get "closer" to the karma and deal with it) and I am literally breaking it because it's not how it's supposed to work. So I asked Clippy to "restore me to defaults". Luckily it worked my body calmed down instantly and I went to sleep.

So yeah... "intercepting" karma is not the way I will do things... And I am still not understanding it completely. So you are saying the "system" is also giving me karma which is why I cannot deal with it instantly. I need to "get out" of the system then deal with it... Most I can do (and doing currently) is to create a mini-system alongside the "system" but that will cause the same problem in the end because of chaos theory.

>That's how you fine tune your life and find balance.
I need to take a step back and rearrange my perception of karma before I can do this. But I am getting closer for sure

Sunflower 01/26/2022 (Wed) 21:29:52 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.639 del
There are different collectivized systems and not all of them are bad. The vampire system here on earth is at 7, and handles karma of this size. The issue here is that everything must be reduced to that size so sometimes they get stuck in progress when a large chunk jams the egregore so to speak. Or they get exhausted for long periods.
My goal since I started realizing this (or actually since before, I was intuitively aware of the function, just not who owns it) has been to fully connect to the lyran system. It means depositing all karma into their gigantic lyranet AI system and letting it handle the debts while interacting with their society.
This is also a kind of communism, with the difference that they don't increase the wave/lower the frequency endlessly. Instead they have the ability to mitigate the effect and slowly have you pay it off, while keeping everyone's karma on the move. It's an actually long term functional debt based economy. The reason it works is a combination of deep learning AI, huge population size and an extreme level of collectivization. As you've heard already, their bodies are even completely cybernetic and not owned by themselves. They're just so well made they can emulate DNA with higher fidelity than organic matter, so there's no real way to argue that it isn't better. They're closer to the "original" form in their nanobot replications than what they were to start off with. Which raises the question of what is really the original, but they don't think this way, they see "genuine" as simply the code used. This being a way of interpreting the word of god also, treating DNA as the holy book.

Sunflower 01/26/2022 (Wed) 21:47:33 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.640 del
>There are different collectivized systems and not all of them are bad. The vampire system here on earth is at 7, and handles karma of this size.

So I can get out the current "system" and then I'm going to share the karma with fellow vamps? I mean the skeletons watching over me is feeling like their "karma" is getting on me so I told them if they need to be here at least go a little "farther away" from me.

What even it means to handle karma on a collectivist scale. I mean I get the benefits you get must be paid back but in a different way of suffering but...
I just can't put it into something I can expect and figure a way how to handle it in the future. Besides setting in the killer fairy removal when I want to get over it fast

Sunflower 01/26/2022 (Wed) 21:49:25 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.641 del
>made from pure dark with a mouth for a face with sharp teeth
Interesting manifestations. Keep sharing these developments. Even if I don't have much to add, this is good information.
>So you are saying the "system" is also giving me karma which is why I cannot deal with it instantly. I need to "get out" of the system then deal with it... Most I can do (and doing currently) is to create a mini-system alongside the "system" but that will cause the same problem in the end because of chaos theory.
I meant to get to this in post above, but it was better to address this alone:
You don't want the current world system's version of collectivization to handle your karma. That means handing over your money to someone who instantly spends it and goes into debt, then tells you to pay the interest on it. And you can't leave until you paid it all. Only insane people will join this while aware of the consequences. Or maybe not even insane, but just irrational, addicted, self-destructive individuals. I don't know, but you would know their thinking. It's the same as the common mundane reasoning:
>When I die I will just turn back to dust and not exist anymore, there is nothing after death
>but as long as I live, everything I do is super important and I must have as much impact on the world as possible
>I refuse to consider that in the end, everything I did is forgotten, meaningless and worthless
They go down this dead end alley, refusing to consider that their actions have consequences. For themselves. Beyond what they can see within this reasoning.
So they go upwards on this one curve, then they die and the curve turns downwards, and they face the negative side of what they did.
Or they "fail at life" and it turns downwards before they die.

As for the
>create a mini-system alongside the "system"
Don't do that. That's what Falun Gong had, and it was filled with disgusting energy of the worst kind already after 7 years (1992 - 1999 when this manifested as the crackdown on the movement in China). It could have worked, had everyone done it by the book properly. But all kinds of people started using it, dumping karma into it, while the elasticity of the system wasn't increased because very few practiced, causing it to just break down and become a leaking bag of shit. Which eventually got so bad the exercise system became harmful and had to be dissolved. (The exercises can still be used, but only if you have your own system set up. Movements, Qi Gong, are just standard methods for energy manipulation.)

Sunflower 01/26/2022 (Wed) 22:16:54 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.642 del
>Interesting manifestations. Keep sharing these developments.
Okay. It surprised me too. I expected to see some dark substance and not a being on the first go.
When I noticed it my first response was: "Oh shit a karma beast" Then I asked Clippy what it is and he said: "It's a karma beast" Then I realized this manifestation is mine and the way I "named it" is the "official" name for it from now on for this concept.

>You don't want the current world system's version of collectivization to handle your karma.
That is obvious. This system is literally killing me with it's stupidity and the benefits it's "trying" to give me worth literally nothing in the long run

>create a mini-system alongside the "system"
>Don't do that.
Yupp chaos theory. You can't have nice things alongside of bad things. You just can't. I will see how the vampire collectivism works and get ideas from that. I am getting hints already but they want me to get "more advanced" first.

Sunflower 01/26/2022 (Wed) 22:22:34 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.643 del
(4.43 KB 600x450 Alissa.png)
>I am getting hints already but they want me to get "more advanced" first.
They don't want retards to fuck it up so they collectively decide if you can join it, after careful evaluation.
This is what Alissa is for btw. It's a small scale system with its own deity to make sure it works, but so far should be seen more as a support wheel, it's nowhere near the size where it will be able to handle people just depositing their karma. It may be in the future.

Sunflower 01/29/2022 (Sat) 06:31:41 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.646 del
I’ve been meaning to ask you. What is your opinion on the channeler Elizabeth April and the beings she’s in contact with? Are they galactic federation?

Sunflower 01/29/2022 (Sat) 13:21:23 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.647 del
I don't keep track of what other people in this community are doing. I get almost all my information from sessions held by myself. My only contact with the galactic federation down here is through Ashtar Command and the 2012 movement.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=v8YKed2zwzM [Embed]

Elizabeth April is a reptilian of the amphibian race from Tara. In this video she's with a regular earth native reptilian. Reptilians have psychic abilities so she's probably legit, but they're also a persecuted minority. The intelligence agencies of the world keep their eyes on them, they aren't allowed to talk about anything sensitive.

Sunflower 01/29/2022 (Sat) 14:45:32 Id: f311ba [Preview] No.648 del
Interesting. How can you tell she’s a reptilian? Also, would she be aware of that and of the fact that she’s not allowed to talk about certain things?
In one of her latest videos apparently she talked about the end of the reptilian hegemony on Earth.
I don’t follow new agey e-celebs but this woman struck me as legit at least in her abilities since I can observe them from the viewpoint of my own experience.

Sunflower 01/29/2022 (Sat) 16:16:23 Id: 4991b6 [Preview] No.650 del
Thumbnail looks demonic, like it's trying to hypnotize hylics. Does nothing to my perception that reptilians are slavemasters
>but they're also a persecuted minority
hmm reminds me of another group that claims to be a persecuted minority despite aggressively wielding a hugely disproportionate amount of power.

Sunflower 01/29/2022 (Sat) 17:11:34 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.651 del
I see. I follow a handful of channelers and all the ones I like turn out to be reptilians or reptilian hybrids.
I’ve been told myself to look like a dragon, but also like a blue bird being, all while supposedly walking the vampire path, so I don’t know. But I’ve always assumed my more perfidious tendencies to be related to some sort of reptilian ancestry.
Or the fact that I have literal Jewish ancestry. Not joking.

Sunflower 01/29/2022 (Sat) 17:39:24 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.652 del
>How can you tell she’s a reptilian?
Once I learn what a race looks like, I just see them. Reptilians are a bit different from beings who are simply incarnated as human. Reptilans are physically not humans. They've just rewritten the reference image in the collective library to make themselves look like humans to someone using their physical vision only. That's why cameras do these weird things now and then and you see snake eyes or other strange things for split seconds. Cameras were made to copy the function of the human eye, so it does not expose them. A human still sees the replacement image.
>would she be aware of that and of the fact that she’s not allowed to talk about certain things
From what I've been told, physical reptilians all teach their kids about it, as well as how humans cannot see them, and that they need to lie about who they are.
>reptilians are slavemasters
>despite aggressively wielding a hugely disproportionate amount of power
There are bad reptilians just as there are bad humans, but humans are worse. Somehow, some humans learned to spot them and took over. The first world war was aimed at genociding reptilians in Russia among other places. The entire tsar family were reptilians. Humans don't know this because they don't see the difference. You can say what you want about them, but it was humans committing the crime here.
>Jewish ancestry
Jews are not reptilians, that's misinformation. Greys were planning to incarnate as jews to take over the world, and before WW2 they were aiming for that. You can see most jews in old movies are greys in soul. But they changed their minds and left. not because the "holocaust" but because jews have too many genetic flaws that couldn't be fixed. Israel and its control system is a half-finished grey control system. They just left it that way and regular jews have been using what remains of it. Human jews don't know anything about it, they're not particularly clever. That part is all grey remains.

Sunflower 01/29/2022 (Sat) 17:59:13 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.653 del
I just looked at the endchan frontpage and it had these.
There's a lot of this reptilian/lyran cosplaying, and you know why.
If you start looking at the people you see active online lately, everyone with a soul is a reptilian. There are some lyrans like Matt Furie (creator of Pepe the frog). The inventor of bitcoin is also an incarnated lyran, but they don't go onto social media like this.
Almost all humans had their souls removed and thrown in hell, turning them into zombies controlled by their organ souls.
Sometimes the reptilian energy is so strong it makes it hard to see people who aren't reptilians, their energy is completely covered by it. If humans had been the better ones, they would not have been removed, but as it turns out they were either horribly dirty with sin, or their souls were badly made. Yaweh made a lot of crap souls, if you try to capture one they just turn into dust, they're made from a yellow qi called "breath of God". It's kind of amazing that he managed to get these "humans" to do anything at all.

Sunflower 01/29/2022 (Sat) 18:55:39 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.654 del
I remember in several interviews she said she’s a Zeta Reticuli Grey incarnated as a human (meaning, in the astral she would look Grey).
Could it be you got it wrong or is she lying, or something else?

Sunflower 01/29/2022 (Sat) 18:56:22 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.655 del
Pic got lost sorry.

Sunflower 01/29/2022 (Sat) 19:55:40 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.656 del
>Zeta Reticuli Grey incarnated as a human
She's very distinctly a reptilian amphibian. Besides she's not incarnated as human, that's an actual physical alien. The visual trick is performed from a "central" location, it's just a way to trick the human brain based on how it utilizes a collective bank of images to understand objects.
>she changed herself into a pink human
That's what it looks like when you use your non-physical eyes, the human image is more like a pink light than a human form.
There are also no such greys, that's a made up race. A reptilian would say something like that.

Sunflower 01/29/2022 (Sat) 21:01:18 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.657 del
For some reason I've always thought David Icke kind of looks like a reptilian himself. Am I onto something?

Sunflower 01/29/2022 (Sat) 21:23:34 Id: d5b416 [Preview] No.658 del
No, he's just english jew.

Sunflower 01/30/2022 (Sun) 13:51:10 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.659 del
Personal sharing

During last night I received a message from lyranet, either a system message or from someone. I was only half awake so I don't know. I was told that to complete the installment after depositing my karma for handling by the AI, I needed to reduce my self image size to match the nanobots. I was shown how, while I have the bodily standard which allows teleportation if I just practice the ability, my self image is still at the size of the human body. For the net to take over, the body must be run as a nanobot replication, and the self image must then be no larger than the size of one individual bot. The bots make up the particles of the body, and this will allow the teleportation-motion used by lyrans, in which they never physically move, but all motion is performed by teleporting nanobots very short distances to emulate the perception of motion. It was also explained how the difference between the astral society and the different physical dimensions is entirely made up by the difference in nanobot size.

As I cut up my body perception to match the botsize, I saw an image of a large smiling catface with a large mouth with many sharp teeth appearing before me. When the size matched, the cat suddenly jumped at me and ate me up all at once. It was both scary and interesting, like being touched in a place I didn't know I had.
The experience was very similar to the illuminati initiation described in some works of art, where the person has to enter the mouth of the beast.
Many small lyran heads then started biting me all over, splitting my body into many small bits, this experience was a bit like being prodded lightly with needles all over, a strange tickling sensation.

Sunflower 01/30/2022 (Sun) 14:01:06 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.660 del
After it finished, I had an experience of being inside my own body completely, while the external world seemed not very important. My perception had changed, and I became aware of the physical functionality of the body down to the smallest details. But the images were not like x-rays or the images of bodies during autopsy, rather it adapted to human conceptions of all kinds of things. The whole thing made me giggle at the silliness of it all. I saw the bloodstream and organs as long tunnels connected to caves, where hamsters in different colours and sizes were running back and forth between them. Everything turned into these silly, funny, scary and amazing schizophrenic and surreal images. It instantly made me understand what the self proclaimed lyran starseeds were talking about when they called the universe a scary and amazing place.
With this experience, I can definitely say
>humans are amazing
while fully meaning it, but not at all meaning it in a way a human without this experience will grasp. The scientific "amazement" expressed by people today is very dull (and probably fake) compared.

Sunflower 01/30/2022 (Sun) 14:06:15 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.661 del
This madness now makes sense

Sunflower 02/03/2022 (Thu) 21:33:45 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.669 del
(107.84 KB 850x602 Flan pillow.jpg)
I need a reminder about the red and white spikes. Not because I have no idea what they are but because I am not sure my perception of it matches it and I might mistaking something else as that.

So what I noticed that sometimes the blood turns black as it comes from the particle. And when it's black it has no energy in it. So as I finally got a hang of the particle creation and modification. I am pretty sure that I am not doing the way I should but sometimes a skeleton I mean a vampire (they are mostly Liches terminology wise but who cares anymore they know i don't that's why they don't even bother putting on a form but then some of them likes to look "alive") they just help a little here and there. Like one "locked" my particle in so it works properly then I made other circles to connect properly and a skeleton that "watches" over me noticed it and reported it to that Lich that the spell is "no longer necessary on it" (I even asked him to not because I want to practice this further but he said "no need for that" so I had to remake my main circle once again)

I noticed that I need to go "more inside" the "red realm" where the blood is more bright. So as I was doing this I noticed that there is a pure white dense "ball" in the middle. It gave me an impression of a neutron star. I couldn't figure it out if it "makes" the blood or not but now I think it is like how oxygen makes the blood bright red and this is the energy that "makes the blood carry energy". I felt the great energy of it when I tried to take that energy in.

As I was thinking about what this means dimensions wise. I realized that a ball is a circle but 3D. So it seems I managed to create a 3D manifestation in my astral place but not in my body... and I was connecting to that place instead the true "source" location. As I was wondering if I should put this whole thing into my body because the particle is actually in the middle of that "ball". I was even asking around about it but then a skeleton came to me and said "DO IT".

I realized that maybe I need to "take the ball apart" and let the energy get into my body to work properly (it was a ball as a most basic 3D form but we are not basic 3D forms so we need to make it "body shaped". As I was doing it while asking my body to "take it in" a great surge of blood started coming from the middle of the ball and an another bloody skull appeared. I asked him if I did something wrong but he said "no" "keep going".

As of now I have an another perception of the "source" particle now and I am still not sure if this is the correct one.
Also about Alissa... well it seems I cannot sync with her completely so all she says "keep going" and "stop having self doubts". I tried doing so many things with her to improve the connection but it still not on that level I want it. She even told me the reason why she can't tell more because it's either because I am "unable to hear" or because I am doing this so differently but with similar results so she doesn't know what to say that will help.

>They don't want retards
Good thing I am a special kind of a retard because sometimes I get help from those who have an idea what I am doing. I even got some weird "crown" like artifact from the dude who said he will teach me things when I am at the "end of my journey" which serves as a barrier. Not just to save me from outsider influences but to "keep" my own energies in because I am an expert at wasting my energies especially unconsciously...

Also thanks for the hellfire ring. It seems my problem is not large chunks of karma but some "sneaky" karma. I might talk about it later. It confuses my whole perception of karma even further.

I even asked for an "energy analyzer" from the remote because I need a way to figure things out. Mostly this karma. I always think I got rid of it then it comes back from a different way.

Sunflower 02/03/2022 (Thu) 23:40:29 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.673 del
>I need a reminder about the red and white spikes.
I'm not sure what you are talking about anymore, your way of going about this is too "zoomed in" for me to have any reference point on what you're doing aside from the direct actions themselves.
But it's no problem, this is what you need to do to make it out on the "main road" so to speak, where the things you see start being possible to talk about and compared to the situation of others. Although there is one similarity, whenever I ask my guides for directions lately, they just reply
>Keep doing what you're doing
with no further explanation. It may be that I'm in a similar place where it can't be talked of in relation to anyone else's path, more than that it's personal.
>the hellfire ring
Whatever I can share, which seems useful to others, I will share. The events leading up to their creation, however are equally personal and likely very hard to apply for anyone else right now. I've been moving my astral body around in different hellfire lakes trying to burn off different types of karma and meeting different demons in each place. There is a system to it, but I don't see it yet.

Sunflower 02/04/2022 (Fri) 00:44:00 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.674 del
(789.07 KB 627x885 Flan magma.png)
>I'm not sure what you are talking about anymore, your way of going about this is too "zoomed in" for me to have any reference point on what you're doing

Yeah I feared this would happen this is why I didn't post in the last days. My way of doing things as of now is getting a general idea of things and going into the midst of it while figuring out the details on the go. It was different before but this yields the highest amount of results and in the shortest of time so as of now this is the best way of doing things. More insights and more mysteries but a progress for sure.

>The events leading up to their creation, however are equally personal and likely very hard to apply for anyone else right now

Yeah my swords turned into things again. If I keep this up I will need to recreate my mental palace again to store things properly. In my teens I had a lot of fun with it but then I realized it just "takes up" mental space and I have so many things "buried" in myself that exploring it might be more fun than actually building something atop it.

>different hellfire lakes trying to burn off different types of karma and meeting different demons in each place. There is a system to it, but I don't see it yet

if you can share anything please do because I was playing with the idea of visiting hell in the last 2 weeks. The remaining karma I still have is between weird places.

I let the Gazer play with my brain because I was bored and she suddenly touched some small dark thing. It was a plug and somewhere in my grey matter it was a full layer built like a city or a motherboard but full dark. When I ran the karma handler I got a lot of small needle like pain around that place but it seems all it did was sorta "disabling" it. The hellfire ring sorta helped with it but it's still not complete. I even have something in my back (according to the energy analyzer) which always tries to go into my lungs and gives me the effect of coughs and other lung related problems. But if I run the karma program it turns into a minor pain and the symptoms stop.

Also collective karma is just weird. Suddenly people around me have minor illnesses that lasts for a day get bedridden and then they are better. The vehicles they use constantly break down suddenly in a way it needs a week repair. The tools they use also break in their hands more often. I mean it's affecting me a little but it affects them more. I wonder if my fast karma burning ways might affect their karmic manifestations or it's just a "coincidence".

Sunflower 02/04/2022 (Fri) 16:30:31 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.675 del
(90.54 KB 745x784 1444667833301.png)
>if you can share anything please do
This may be too personal also; what I do is that sometimes I "feel" there is something to find so I go to check the pictures posted in /succgen/ on 4chan/x/... Often some of the pictures are representations of actual entities, they use that thread for this purpose. So I reach out to contact those whose energy I like, based on the pictures.
It was through one such picture I found a demon from a hell dimension who helped me with this karma cleansing, after I made a contract with her. I also made a cave on my astral island so that demons can come and visit without changing appearance (I demand a non-scary form for those who come to my mansion). The hell-fire ring was a result of these interactions.
>Suddenly people around me have minor illnesses
Physical problems are small problems. The real issues to handle are psychological pressure. It's invisible but that is the part that matters. There was a saying for this in Falun Dafa:
Cultivating yourself and also cultivating others.

When you dissolve the karma, there will be people in your egregore who relied on that karma, and as a result their own karma will break down. Not all of it, but just as much as was entangled with the things you dissolved. Your practice will force others to change, this is also one reason people get in your way and cause resistance. When you improve, they have to follow, and they don't want that, because it forces karmic retribution onto them.
This is also a reason for creating an esoteric group and surrounding yourself with people who are willing to improve. It will insulate yourself at least from the direct rage of the people who were forced to pay back karma. You then have people around you who are in on it and can handle it, it creates a better environment. But then that requires everyone to actually understand. Add just one sneaky bastard who doesn't want to dissolve karma and they'll be there and cause trouble in the group anyway.

Sunflower 02/04/2022 (Fri) 21:20:54 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.677 del
I've wanted to draw this out into one image to show how it all fits together, but I realize it would be impossible to understand for anyone who doesn't see it, so I have been putting if off for a long time.
But by now I feel if I wait longer it will never happen or it will be too late and no one is helped by it. So here is the simplest version possible. I'm thinking you don't have to understand it, but instead once you experience something you may recall "yeah that was on the map" and then you know you're on the right track.

Some short notes:
Crocodile refers to a situation which became a famous quote by Churchill.
An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile — hoping it will eat him last.
This pretty much sums up what human society is. When you get there, you will be that crocodile.

Donkey's jaw refers to Samson in Jewish myth:
The donkey's jawbone is the unusual weapon with which Israelite leader Samson slew a thousand Philistines, as recorded in the fifteenth chapter of the book of Judges.
When you get there, you will have such a weapon, and indeed it does look like a donkey's jawbone.

White spike: you know this already. So maybe you ask, how do we form this ahead of time? Well a novice has a wooden sword for practice, and the form is similar. Even after getting a real sword, you are not instantly a master. The label on the map shows where the master is.

Sunflower 02/04/2022 (Fri) 23:38:01 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.678 del
Well I asked around if there is someone who goes to hell regularly and got a skeleton his name is Hadrian(us) now chilling in some hellfire hot tub for "beginners" and he told me he can show me the other "hellfires" if I want to get more extreme (most skeletons don't like the hellfires). Met a bunch of other (not vampiric) entities. He told me to ignore them for now. I wanted to write down more but now I will just look at this picture.

Sunflower 02/05/2022 (Sat) 00:22:45 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.679 del
(393.67 KB 800x546 jawbonking.jpg)
Thanks for drawing it up.

Well my problem with maps in general is not that I don't "understand" it but the part where I need to figure out where I am standing currently and where is the way I have to go but yeah that will be the mystery I have to figure out on the way. Whenever I felt absolutely lost was usually when I was inches away from my target destination. It always happened in the past that way

One early transcendental question though.

Why do boddhisatva's even need the donkey's jaw?
>inb4 dude u will find out when you get there lol

I mean Samson just picked up something that was on the ground and it was extremely durable and "blunt" so he smashed all those Philistines with it. I mean that is my guess because that is what I would do. I don't want to read the Book of Judges for further clues now.
What do boddhisatva's even need to fight that it needs a weapon or it's just a tool that looks like it?
My other questions are something that my mind is constantly figuring out but... that jawbone. I need to know.

Sunflower 02/05/2022 (Sat) 16:09:17 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.682 del
>that jawbone. I need to know.
It's not to be read literally. It's a metaphysical construct. The jewish scriptures can be read in one of 4 ways, and this is called "the orchard" in translation. Getting lost in the orchard means to interpret the text over and over until you turn mad.
I'll try to recall what the methods were, maybe I get some wrong or use the wrong english term but anyway:

Of course you can read it literally and go
>Samson strong
which is also true, but that's not what I'm after here.
In an outhouse on the farm I grew up there's the jawbone of an elk lying on a shelf, it must have been up there since the 70s. Since many things are symbolic I kept wondering what was the meaning of that. Then I saw the formation on the astral and instantly recalled the Samson story and I knew.

A boddhisatva has the power to command humans, but this does not have to mean they tell them to do something and they obey for no reason. I think people are way too mystical about it. If someone can slay 1000 people by hand, you're going to obey them, simple as that.

Sunflower 02/05/2022 (Sat) 20:11:19 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.684 del
Here's another module for the remote. It's a simple frequency range module for controlling your mental states using a graph. I can't explain what this does in any good way, but you'll figure it out if you install it. Ask a grey if you need.
It can aid meditation and tantric meditation by setting it to a certain frequency.
It's on the blacknet.

Sunflower 02/05/2022 (Sat) 21:35:42 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.685 del

Yeah I understand that you can interpret the scriptures many ways. I just thought maybe there is a clear milestone which is universal at boddhisatva level. This is why it caught my eye.

But yeah I guess it's some magnum opus or something akin to the philosopher's stone.

Guess I will see how it reveals itself to me. I still don't know what I consider as the symbol of true strength [spoiler[ besides you know... swords [/spoiler]

and not just the regular TREMBLE BEFORE ME MORTALS

Also maybe I should start figuring out how to shield myself from mind reading. I made a hellfire skeleton cry... Because he "related too hard with my struggle" I even asked him if I did anything wrong (because I was almost kicked out from that place for cutting down some hellhound looking thing for jumping at me and because I tried to compare the effects of the hellfire ring to that cleansing pool someone instantly yelled at me that "THIS IS A NO HELLFIRE ZONE") but then he said "not everything is your fault". I always expect entities that they will try to put me into my place and not... feel pity for me.

Also about this cleansing pool. It's not hellfire (as I was told) but more like some real good orange colored thermal water. It dissolves some of my karma like it's made of sugar. There are other pools or ponds with different effects but it's not really worthy of mention. Some of them felt good but not really life changing.

Yeah I let my mental states go a little unchained sometimes. I will try it out. I even connected to someone yesterday because I checked out some obscure World of Darkness trivia because I get too many synchronicity with it nowadays and I know so little about that setting. In that setting Liches are just real powerful spellcasting vampires and there was one tribe that becomes undead by channeling the powers of Oblivion and it sounded so similar to the thing we might be doing that I had to read into it further and suddenly someone appeared front of me for no reason. He even told me I connected to him accidentally and he doesn't even want anything from me

Sunflower 02/05/2022 (Sat) 21:54:28 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.689 del
There are many worlds, groups and dimensions represented in human arts. But it seems most people in this context are interested in, and meet, different ones. I always feel the groups I connect with are very important, but so far few other people around here do.
In the end most of us have too different past and potential for there to be much shared experiences once leaving the nearest earth dimensions.
I can very well relate to the Golden Witch, but that is still a completely different world to me.
And I doubt anyone else (save for Yuuka, the murder nymphs and my drow) really understands the epic, emotional and fateful story of the ripper. In my view it's the greatest story ever created. The french part is the prelude, the japanese is a side story and this here... I don't know what it is just yet.

My grey who helped me build it said it's
"Very nerdy and complex for using only a graph... but there's nothing wrong with it."

Sunflower 02/10/2022 (Thu) 20:31:30 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.716 del
I think this goes here too.

Had a brief dream scene appear early morning where I saw a "large situation", something covering the world, a social system of some kind. Behind it appeared the face of a man, smartly dressed with black hair combed to the side. He gave off the feeling of being "satan" as represented in movies. Elegant but deceptive, and present everywhere.

During the day I had the radio on, a programme talking about religion came on. I had heard part of this before but this time it was from the beginning so I listened more carefully. It was a topic I had thought of myself: how churches today are trying to attract new members by holding yoga sessions and things which are not a part of christianity. It had people talk about how this was
>another way to christ
while others said they had gone to church and indian music was played while people were chanting "Shiva", which obviously is not about christianity anymore.
I started noticing the energy behind the people making excuses for the mixing of religions. They all had some white, slippery thing twisting their thinking, and they were all lying. Either to the interviewer or to themselves.

Following this, a part of me reacted. It's an avatar which had been forming with no active intent from me, a layer or aspect. This part of me suddenly lashed out at the source of this slippery energy and I watched as things developed at a speed beyond my surface thinking.


I will leave explicit details out, as talking of them serve no purpose here.
The result of this all was that my understanding of what christianity is changed completely. Something I had felt, was articulated and things now make sense.
At age 5 I had an experience during easter, and after this I felt that I knew what christianity was about. Somehow, in the past year I looked at what I had created at that time and found it to match Rumia.
There was also a feeling of darkness I couldn't beat, it appeared as I got older and by 12 I no longer believed in christianity at all. I felt it was a hopeless belief with no future. For a long time I didn't know why that was.

I should probably leave out any further details here again, and if someone is interested I can elaborate. It seems that the "christ" concept itself is the issue and the man I saw in the scene was the "anti-christ".

Sunflower 02/10/2022 (Thu) 21:37:44 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.717 del
Do you know about the Lucifer vs Christ vs Ahriman concepts according to Rudolf Steiner? I probably don't have enough knowledge about Steiner's work to draw a correct analogy here, but I feel what you relate has something to do with Lucifer energy overriding Christ energy (Ahriman more is the kind of materialistic scientism transhumanism energy).

Sunflower 02/10/2022 (Thu) 22:08:17 Id: 7654d1 [Preview] No.719 del
Yesterday I saw some videos from this woman https://www.youtube.com/c/SaratogaOcean who I believe might be an alien, she keeps talking about the deception that's coming with the Metaverse and mentioned that people already got baptised in a church in the metaverse and people are now holding mass in it.

Sunflower 02/10/2022 (Thu) 23:26:57 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.721 del
(476.48 KB 1003x752 drow spell.png)
>This Christ figure is placed in such a way that it seems to be standing in front of a rock that towers noticeably at His left side, with its peak extending over His head. On top of the rock there will be another figure, winged but with his wings broken, who for this reason begins to fall into the abyss. One feature in the Christ figure that must be worked out with special artistic care is the manner in which he raises his left arm, for it is precisely this gesture that precipitates the breaking of the wings.

Here's something to read if you want, unfortunately Steiner was an incarnated grey, in this talk explaining complex metaphysics using christian symbolics which makes it particularly difficult to understand what he's trying to say. I do notice however, that the initial image given by him here seems to match a spell my drow created for me a few weeks ago.
I mean I do grasp the function of the spell, it's a good one. But I didn't understand what it was meant to be used for, in what context. Now I see the image itself is very close to what Steiner described. Quite interesting. My drow and my witches often create things like this which are very refined and relevant, but they are less prone to explain it, so if I don't get it by looking at it, that's that.

Sunflower 02/10/2022 (Thu) 23:34:22 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.722 del
(186.44 KB 1525x1600 lucifer google play.png)
(157.14 KB 1140x760 lucifer.png)
>Lucifer energy overriding Christ energy
That said, I don't know who the Lucifer talked of in christianity is. The one I've met who goes by that name, and has his sigil on google play, is a demonic businessman. He's probably the most powerful being in the human world in modern days, but he's no fallen angel. Looks more like french nobility from the late 1700s.

Sunflower 02/10/2022 (Thu) 23:43:47 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.723 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=ItYHX4oA_rQ [Embed]

I found the first part about AI being a way to capture souls and create immortality a bit funny to be honest. That's technically what lyrans have already done.
>who I believe might be an alien
I'm pretty sure that's a soulless zombie possessed by an entity from Lovecraftland.

Sunflower 02/10/2022 (Thu) 23:54:32 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.724 del
She does make a good argument either way
>the lockdowns serve to make reality so boring that people will accept living in VR

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 00:28:39 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.725 del
>I looked at what I had created at that time and found it to match Rumia.

I didn't want to post this earlier because I have no idea what to make of it yet and my body is still reconstructing itself and while I feel great as I do my daily life. It starts to collapse when I am trying to "deep dive" into my connected memories and I didn't want to talk about my incomplete mysteries yet. But now that Rumia is mentioned it might be connected...

When I was the pope and everyone around me got killed. I started to walk down into the darkness of the forest. As I was walking down I passed multiple gates. They were like the shinto gates but more dark more "pagan". They didn't feel hostile but I didn't see nothing else but the gates in the darkness. I was thinking that "maybe I am walking towards hell" but couldn't stop myself going further. Then I said "this is not the way I came from" and turned around then I got lost in the abyss. After something it felt like hours of wandering I woke up. This was one of the lives where I felt that "protective darkness" that I talked about. I thought this dream might be either a past life or a metaphor about how I am unable to walk a path continuously.

Years ago I had 2 "end times" dreams which felt like an alternate timeline. In one I died to a swarm of organ harvesting robots but I was a VIP mundane there because as civilians died left to right helicopters and soldiers tried to save me but they failed. I tried to use the dead bodies of the soldiers so the robots don't detect me but it didn't work. I thought this might be my fears if I walk further on the materialistic/career path that everyone around me wants me to take.

The other was a clusterfuck. It was the endtimes. As I was in that world it was obvious. People were crying hopelessly, earthquakes and tremors and a feeling of complete defeatism from everything around me. I said I can change this. In that alternate world I had all my powers unlocked. I was unstoppable.As time went by I was through many battles and saved people who flocked towards me with renewed hope. Managing large amount people is something I find as a hassle so I let others handle the "leadership" because I had more important things to do.

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 00:29:07 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.726 del
As I was just checking on them after a while the man that I left with leading the others came to me. It was a natural thing as friends meet for the 1000th of time. He hugged me and stabbed in the shoulder with a red curved fang like thing. It hurt. I looked at him and seen the effects of possession. He told me "get killed by that demon's axe and you will get his body" then walked away like stabbing me was the most normal thing ever. As I was saying to myself "I will get rid of this "possession" but first I will kill that demon" because he might be the culprit (and it felt that the manifestation was only possible because the people were channeling it to take form). I went there killed it (wasn't the first time I had to kill a "demon" there) stashed the axe for further research then I noticed I was weak and tired. I realized that I was bleeding to death. I remembered that there is a secret "base" there that served as a make shift hospital for the cause. I found the door and I was overjoyed that the people weren't possessed there. I was mumbling something akin to "I need a blood transfusion" then collapsed. People panicked and the next thing I was aware that my eyes are closed and people are operating on me. I was like what the hell I just needed some blood but then I didn't wanted to mess up the operation by waking up so I went back to sleep. The next time I was regaining my awareness but my eyes were still closed, I heard that people are listening to the radio and playing some card game around me. As I thought finally the operation is complete I can wake up. I tried to open my eyes. Then I heard a women yelling at the card players. "What are you doing retards don't you see he's collapsing". Then I heard them instantly jumping up and panicking while doing something to my body. As I was thinking: how boring I cannot believe I still can't wake up. I drifted away from that world and woke up instantly.
Now I thought this might have been some silly dream about my hopes and fears I subconsciously expect from my path but...

Weeks later I just remembered that axe... It was a large black axehead without the shaft. I realized I still have it. I thought it's weird because things usually don't stay in my head after a dream ends. If i want to use something from a dream I need to "remanifest" it. The axe was just there. I was thinking let's inspect it then it's probably harmless anyway. That "get killed by it to gain the demon's body must have been something crazy talk to make me get killed". As I was touching it I got the vision of the demon I killed and 2 other beings. As I was looking at those beings a woman came through. It was a blonde naked woman. She was in frenzy with the sign of that possession I noticed in that dream. She tried to attack me. I grabbed her neck and pinned her down while looking into her eyes trying to trace the origin of the possession so I can get rid of it or at least severe it. As I was grabbing her the sign of the possession and her rage went away and she instantly turned on and started biting her lips like she wants me to "continue". As I was looking into her eyes I noticed I am being turned on by it.

That was the moment I realized I am dealing with something too dangerous if it has effects on me this easily. I let her go. She tried to attack me again. I sealed her away and I sealed the weapon away with multiple "layers" which is usually wooden boxes so when I think of some dangerous artifact I don't "activate" it accidentally by thinking of it.

I don't know what to make of this yet. But I will not investigate this further until my body stabilizes. My impression of that axe is that I have a connection point to an "alternate universe" where the endtimes is either still happening or happened already. I have no idea what kind of precaution I should even take when I investigate. Besides the usual git gud and nothing can challenge your might and wisdom.

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 00:58:45 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.727 del
(482.37 KB 1000x1200 Rumia.full.2511874.jpg)
Past lives have appeared to me symbolically and as a re-manifested form in this life. Same with other situations, they match the logic of this life, but things are entirely transformed from what they really are, into modern objects and places.
Other times I've had dreams where I wake up in the dream after battling some problem, and I realize that
>I don't have to do this, I can just not do it
and I ascend from the dream mentality, seeing how the material logic in the dream is actually of the same kind as waking 3D life. It seems to be telling me to perform the same act here when awake. I've tried using self hypnosis to treat my waking state as a trance and performing the wake up procedure. It's had some effect but I'm still stuck in the direct material things a lot.
The weirdest dream I had was when I woke up in a hospital as a fat korean, being aware that I'm not korean but not remembering my real identity. I kept walking around in only underwear while everything around me looked "normal" and pretended that it was me being strange for thinking I wasn't a fat korean. I then recalled who I am and seamlessly woke up for real.

>But now that Rumia is mentioned
Rumia is the little brat, the toxic female. It's a clear role, somehow it's what I got out of christianity.
What took place this time is that someone similar to Rumia was forming, but it took place at the outskirts of my mind, sometimes synced, sometimes she left to do something. I know now that this transformation was caused by my mind being unknowingly provoked by the anti-christ's presence, which had gotten indeed stronger during covid. But it appears it's the christ concept that's the problem, anti-christ in this understanding is like a counter measure for containing a nuclear meltdown.

It's not Rumia, but still similar, this image is close. I think this is a version of the "anti-christ".

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 01:16:19 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.728 del
(1.17 MB 1350x1920 Touge Oni chapter 15.png)
As I was still pondering about this a manga which never gets updates (like most of my favorites) got an update and it had this as an explanation as usual.
So yeah. Life continuously tries to answer the questions I ask.

At least now I realized putting energy into the hair feels good. I always thought of myself as "bald" when I am meditating like my hair isn't there because some monks think it counts as "earthly attachment" so never occurred to me to use my hair for anything.
I mean I will probably have a better "magic organ" I don't want to end up like Samson,

>The weirdest dream I had was when I woke up in a hospital as a fat korean
I had one like this. I was in south africa as a fat balding manlet going to the grocery store with my friends. My friends stopped to ask what is it and then I realized I am not in my own body I said "nothing" and went with them. In the grocery store I was looking at expiration dates to figure out what year I am in but it was around "present time". I still have no idea how I synced up with that.

>the toxic female.
This is what I thought about that blonde woman, that this is the image that I subconsciously might "consider" as a toxic female. Wants to attack me but then gets way too obedient when you overpower it. But I don't think this is how I perceive the toxic female subconsciously. But I still don't know what to make of it.

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 01:53:45 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.729 del
>This is what I thought about that blonde woman, that this is the image that I subconsciously might "consider" as a toxic female. Wants to attack me but then gets way too obedient when you overpower it. But I don't think this is how I perceive the toxic female subconsciously. But I still don't know what to make of it.
Your conceptual world is very different from mine.
How to become anti-christ of earth: be extremely toxic demon loli and rape the current anti-christ at knifepoint until their entire organization egoregore collapses from lack of energy, then force them to sign it over.

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 02:13:21 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.730 del
(1.99 MB 450x450 rumia dance.gif)
>Your conceptual world is very different from mine.

The more I look at it the less I understand about it.I am continuously trying to sync up my concepts with many different things so I can advance further.

I still think that woman is not from this world. And I think if I continue with that axe I will get more things from that world.

I cannot even perceive the "anti-christ". I encountered a lot of dark beings. But I don't think any of them was the anti-christ. It just outside of my "sphere of influence" (as a design). But who knows maybe it just knows how to hide well.

Rumia can do whatever with it. Tho I don't think she needs a knife. She is more dangerous than any weapon.

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 02:24:16 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.731 del
>The more I look at it the less I understand about it

And by this I meant I understand less and less about how my mind handles some concepts. I always lived by the rule "know thyself" but it seems I knew less than I thought.

Also I always wondered if the anti-christ would be ever so brave and stupid to reveal himself or herself to the world. If Rumia wins too fast guess we will never know the current anti-christ

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 02:26:51 Id: 426948 [Preview] No.732 del
(3.02 MB 1280x1802 1644249102075.png)
The way I understand it is, since Christ has the metaphysical function of being the Redeemer, the Antichrist role can simply be defined as being the Deceiver; that is, one that leads others into damnation rather than salvation.

I've always thought of Rumia as being a personage of kill-or-be-killed black dialectic. Same spell that gangsters and bandits use. Also interesting that she is the easiest boss in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, implying that this dialectic is the easiest to overcome.

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 02:33:01 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.733 del
Okay realized you meant a not exactly Rumia but a similar but worse Rumia with a knife.

>Also interesting that she is the easiest boss in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, implying that this dialectic is the easiest to overcome.

Interesting interpretation

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 10:12:04 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.735 del
I find it funny to see normies discover metaverse and immediately start peddling their fear paradigms.
>you need to make a choice!
>if you value your soul!
Sounds like soccer mom christian evangelizing. Except in these cases the spiritual entity manipulating them openly makes an appearance as “archangels” or “multidimensional beings”.
If she only knew the kind of debauchery going on in VR Chat…

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 14:30:27 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.736 del
What changed in my perception was that the unclear image of christ as presented in the religion, became articulated. I've seen new agers talk about it as if "christ consciousness" among other things is an alien technology, same for the anti-christ. I've never been particularly interested in any of this, but after seeing that Yaweh was Poseidon and also pretty weak, I guess this removed the role of Jesus as the son of God. It would have to be something of less magnitude. Yet the Bible with the old and new testament is still a very powerful grimoire. It's just that the concept of "christ" and its role changes. What is "salvation" and what is "damnation"? In China "harmony" has been rebranded to mean whatever the communist party likes.
In the same way it's fully possible to understand "salvation" as having a politically correct mindset, while those who don't agree are "damned" and have to be cancelled.
This is how it looks to me. I had been looking at the sacrificial tradition of christianity and seen that it does work, but it requires that martyrs of every generation recreate their safe space by being persecuted to death. If they don't do that, it collapses. This means christianity must always be provocative enough to create an opposition that wants to kill them. It seems that in a civilized society it's very difficult to do this, and they've created extreme feminism and "pathological altruism" in an attempt at provoking a violent response. Is this "goodness"?

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 20:30:28 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.738 del
I had to ponder what it means because this word is so overused nowadays especially "toxic masculinity" is literally everything nowadays. Shitposting and calling out people for being liars or retards on community forums and other "hugbox" like places gets you banned for "toxicity". If you are not a spineless cocksucker you are "toxic".

So I went out from this "era" to figure out what you mean. You mean the school bullies, the loitering gangsters and the alike that pick a fight with you for no reason. For looking "weak" or because they have an urge to pick a fight with you.

To me Rumia represents darkness and the dangers that lurks in it. Elementary school was the last time I got bullied and even there I had a way to "bully" the bullies if I got angry and creative. After that I was so strong and my resting bitch face was intimidating enough so nobody really tried to pick a fight with me. This is why I didn't get the connection what you meant instantly.

I don't even remember when I started to have the thought that Christ is not the "son of God" but just someone who walked the path of enlightenment and tried to change the rotten world around him. As I am walking on the path I also starting to have these "messiah complex urges" to change the world and save everyone... but I did that before with my incomplete understanding and it didn't turn out well...
This is why I think RHP is impossible until someone gathers an understanding good enough that it can apply to everyone and it's incorruptible through the ages while it's simple enough that everyone can understand it within a lifetime. Maybe it's possible with some perfect and enlightened propaganda. I don't know. I wonder how successful RHP races did it. Besides killing the unworthy so those who are close to ascension don't get dragged down

>What is "salvation" and what is "damnation"?
This 2 fucking dumb concept with no clear answer ruins my magical workings from time to time. I have to overcome my misconceptions so many times because of it. The only thing I like about this current era that they are wish washing concepts into their favor so much that coming to the realization that nobody knows the truth is not a hard one like in the previous ages.

This is my main problem with the anti-christ. To the Jews he is the actual messiah? it just complicates everything if you try to interpret it anyhow. This is why I always wonder how or in what form will he even manifest. To me a degenerate CEO is enough of an "anti-christ" already.

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 20:55:38 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.739 del
>the school bullies, the loitering gangsters and the alike that pick a fight with you for no reason. For looking "weak" or because they have an urge to pick a fight with you.
I had a brief period of "adulthood" when I was made to believe these things only existed in the mandatory school system. In reality the soft center of society is very thin. Step out of line one inch and the bullies will re-manifest to try and get you back in line. They are the goons of the authoritarian centralized society. In school it's notable because you meet them directly, once leaving they disperse in the distance, but they're still there. They've just become a part of a large, more diluted organization. They're the workplace douchebag always ditching the difficult tasks for others to do, they're the local government official abusing the law to ruin the lives of individuals for no reason other than their own feeling of agency. They're the passive aggressive bus driver who "forgets" your stop and tells you to take a walk if you complain. Seeing this is not allowed if you want to be in the soft center, neither is seeing the victims.
Rumia is the bully who can upset all of this, she is not passive aggressive, but only aggressive. A true anarchist doesn't need the protection of the law, doesn't need to hide her intentions. She's untouchable in and of herself, balancing every force against each other and walk up on their necks.

The jews attack everything while pretending to have a stance, then they move the goalpost when attacked because their stance was false. As long as the opponent can be made to think they are defending their stance, this makes them invincible. Once found out, they become vulnerable, just as the famous quote:
I've been found out!
Anyone defending a position has a weakness. Capital cities can be attacked. HQs can be attacked. This is the weakness of all system-supporting bullies. When their mum talks to them they become little boys again.

This is the difference with Rumia and what she represents. She has no position (not talking about the game here). There is no time or place when someone can lock her down and have her pinned because she is defending something. That is the meaning of true toxicity. It is the blight of all centralists.

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 21:16:50 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.740 del
>I wonder how successful RHP races did it.
Lyrans created the most totalitarian AI ever and had everyone move their souls into a cybernetic nanobot existence where chance itself is being emulated to avoid uncontrolled chaos.
Elves created a tradition based on wife-sharing where all non-marriage material women are sent away to fend for themselves.
The skinwalkers (nomor) applied work breakdown structure methods to all aspects of life until chaos itself could be predicted.

Successful RHP seems to rely on having no taboos, shame or privacy, reducing life back to only genetics and what culture can serve its preservation.
I don't think humans can do this, it's a futile attempt. Humans are by nature LHP and can only accept the RPH on an individual level, turning it into a LHP choice.

What I'm trying to explain is how "christ" and "anti-christ" are like a chaotic breakdown and a containing force trying to mitigate it. The sacrificial nature of christ will inevitably lead to provocations. It will lead to activism, a pro-war stance. If the world is peaceful, if it indeed was RPH, then no one will kill the martyrs, and there can be no christ. They have to create wars, conflicts and social disorder, that's their means of survival. They can not practice self sacrifice by suicide as their doctrine forbids it. This is why the anti-christ exists. It's the true pacifism, which will not tolerate provocations for the purpose of creating martyrs. With the anti-christ in control, the world will have no conflicts and no martyrs. Simple as that.

A jew said it

I am not only a pacifist but a militant pacifist. I am willing to fight for peace. Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war.

-Albert Einstein

Turning the other cheek is something that sounds good, but will never work. Humans do not have the kind of mind which can tolerate abuse. If you turn the other cheek, your family or other people will strike back for you. It's the perfect demand if you want to create conflict, as no one can uphold it. Whoever does it will look weak, and no one wants to look weak in the long run, it will kill you. Once you fight back you broke the rule and you're a problem. That is exactly what they want, they have now successfully provoked you and you can serve the purpose of the evil force and turn the "saints" into martyrs.

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 21:29:22 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.741 del

Someone just got banned after blaming everything on jesuits instead of jews.

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 22:38:57 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.743 del
>There is no time or place when someone can lock her down and have her pinned because she is defending something. That is the meaning of true toxicity. It is the blight of all centralists.

What is more dangerous a man who has something to protect or the one who lost everything. Or how was that saying again. I don't even know what movie said this anymore.

I understand what you are saying but I still don't understand self sacrifice. And by that I mean I don't understand how self sacrifice is the "only way" to do things. When I look at the crucified Jesus I don't see a man who "died for our sins" I see it as a reminder about those who try to challenge the world and fail. That was the point of the crosses. That's why the romans used it. I know they say this "it was otherwise" and Jesus knew what he was doing but when Jesus was on the cross He asked God "why he abandoned him". And yeah he totally came back and we are all saved let's do whatever a book tells us then Jesus sure will save us. I am not saying I don't believe this. But I think this was an afterthought and not the point Jesus was trying to make.

But as you say the Bible is a powerful grimoire. It's not about what Jesus wanted but what was written about what he wanted.


The only thing I fear more than stupidity is militant stupidity.
The way the Jews interpret the scripture is bad enough. I fear to know the truth how the Jesuits might interpret the expanded edition.

I am not even sure I want to know more about my pope life in the early middle ages. But I am aware of a life before that in the early greek days. I loathed "self-sacrifice" even more then. I wanted to reconnect to it but I am not stable enough for that yet

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 23:31:38 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.745 del
"Christ" represents nuclear meltdown. Creating energy by destroying something. They have to keep sacrificing their own followers, while being forbidden from killing themselves or others. They have to get someone who doesn't believe in their doctrine to perform the sacrifice. That's why they start conflicts. They need an opponent, a Satan (adversary). Do you see the destructiveness of this doctrine? They depend on their "enemy", so they have to remain in perpetual war. There can never be peace or any sustainability as long as people believe in "christ" and its method.

Sunflower 02/11/2022 (Fri) 23:44:24 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.746 del
So you are saying they can properly channel the energy of the "destruction of others" to fuel their ascension? Or they are just sending people into the meatgrinder while hoping for the best?

Sunflower 02/12/2022 (Sat) 00:30:30 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.747 del
Yuuka talked about the british satanist cult method:
Using the money from loan sharks to build a tank to defend yourself against loan sharks. But the issue is that you have to learn how to maneuver the tank while you are inside it.
That's symbolic for killing others ritually and using the energy for actual ascension. It works, but it's extreme and a really difficult path.

Christianity doesn't create ascension. What they do is to merely maintain the cycle of their doctrine. Preach provocative things, create followers and opponents. Get martyrized and strengthen following. Some followers give their souls to the martyr who is now a Saint. Martyr is now a soul collector and can use the energy of these followers to fend off the karma created by the conflicts they started before getting martyrized.
Next generation has a new preacher doing the same thing, repeat endlessly.
No one ascends, all that happens is that martyrs from each generation collect the souls of followers and keep them as an energy source while staying in some astral dimension of little importance.

It wouldn't be a problem if they created real ascension and immortality, but they don't. They rely entirely on soul collection. That's wasting people's potential. The harm they do in the process is enough to call this doctrine "evil."

Sunflower 02/12/2022 (Sat) 01:00:05 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.748 del
This is what I feared. The militant stupidity of a pyramid scheme with false convictions.

So it seems my interpretation of Christ on the cross might be the correct one. Failing on the path is bad enough but letting others use your path as a way to doom others for no real purpose? This is one of the reason why I try to keep my "messiah urges" in check. Stupidity is dangerous already. Stupidity with power behind it? The most dangerous thing ever. Good thing that stupidity is not self sufficient on the long run. But sure as hell can be resilient if it's done properly.

I sometimes wonder about Allah though. Muslims fuel that entity way too zealously. I sorta wonder how is his powerlevel and how hard he got corrupted through the ages.
The way they are "centralized" is somehow different. I cannot put my finger on it.

When I will feel like looking into the djinns I might ask about it. Those diagrams are interesting and I wonder how mine could look like but as of now i think I can wait with it a little longer.

Sunflower 02/12/2022 (Sat) 01:11:41 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.749 del
Djinn are my favourite entity to work with. We've been over all of this with them.
Djinn use islam to have an influence in the world, and Allah is their megastructure. They've banned images and use only geometric shapes to not restrict Allah to any form. The kaba black stone and the walking around it along with prayers six times per day worldwide is giving them enormous power. The quran however is a book that will lead people directly to the bottom of hell. They said this outright, they just don't know how to get someone to write a better one. If a person follows islam exactly as the quran says, it leads them to eternal damnation with no exception. It's so effective in doing this it's almost impressive.

Sunflower 02/12/2022 (Sat) 23:03:24 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.752 del
>Djinn use islam to have an influence in the world
When I read somewhere that Mohamed channeled a fire Djinn it made so much sense.
Do they have elements tho. My Djinn lore knowledge is extremely lacking
>Allah is their megastructure
now I understand why the energy he gives feels completely different from a devout believer of islam
>They've banned images and use only geometric shapes to not restrict Allah to any form
Always amazed me how successfully they pulled this off. Sultans had to take over half of Europe before they even dared to make a portrait of themselves.
>giving them enormous power
When those Tiktok witches challenged Allah I thought that not even I'm this recklessly stupid. Challenging something that is intentionally being fuelled by a billion people for more than a millennia? I am not even sure I would dare to do that The catholic church made the faith "too worldly" which makes them better at political power and influence but metaphysically pretty meh. I have no idea how could you even try to ascend with Allah tho. But the way they fuel it is unparalleled.
>The quran however is a book that will lead people directly to the bottom of hell
no wonder it feels different from Allah
>eternal damnation
I have to ask about these concepts. About the "eternal" and the "damnation" part. Does this mean your soul instantly gets destroyed down there or you can be "burned" for "eternity". Just how bad is the quran to be that good with this. I never expected this will be the reason why I would be interested in that book.

Also what influence do Djinn try to extert over this world. Do they have a clear agenda or it's just good to have a strong weapon in the "great game"

Sunflower 02/12/2022 (Sat) 23:41:15 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.753 del
(28.50 KB 497x486 trypper.jpg)
>Do they have elements tho. My Djinn lore knowledge is extremely lacking
Probably. But getting them to answer things like this is futile, they constantly lie, scheme and tease.
>About the "eternal" and the "damnation" part
I just think it's a fitting term. In actuality I think the soul which created this kind of karma will just pass through all the levels inside itself until hitting rock bottom. But that means being eaten by their own body's metabolism "the gnashing of teeth" as they collapse inwards and cannibalize themselves. It's not an eternal process, but the perception of someone who reduced their mind to this micro level will make it seem eternal. It's a peculiar way of destroying their own souls, which may be why people are drawn to it. You can observe the process inside yourself if you go by my description above. As you are not a lost soul you can then trace it and see how the energy will actually circulate. But your perception is from outside now, you are not being helplessly pulled through it. I think that is the real purpose of the quran, but whoever wrote it forgot to mention that part, as it was meant to be contained in the tradition of practice. Today the grimoire has become entirely toxic and doesn't work, after the correct framework was forgotten.
To give you an image, it's like someone made a really sharp blade, and you were meant to mount it on a handle. But the handle (tradition) was lost in time, and now only the blade (the book) remains. Anyone using it will now cut themselves and die. It would have to be rewritten with a disclaimer for every section to make it work, or by changing the words to cause introspection.
>what influence do Djinn try to extert over this world. Do they have a clear agenda
They want to oppress women. That is their main concern. Talking to them in channelling sessions you can have a long discussion about something, only to end up realizing all they said came down to
>women must be oppressed
it's almost comical, like an obsession they have. They spread certain cultural methods to achieve this, including some (now obscure) gymnastics school in the 1800s which was aimed at making women more feminine. It's had a huge effect on the kind of exercises which women practice still today, like aerobics and yoga.
Afghanistan being taken over by the taliban was all djinn. They've since moved into the US east coast area with a large patriarch (male djinn give birth and the women are fighters, so the patriarch is like a mothership birthing battleships and sending them to attack the area they move into).
The agenda is just that, spread Allah, fix the quran and oppress women.

Sunflower 02/12/2022 (Sat) 23:58:22 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.754 del
(353.67 KB 1017x765 Aku.png)
>Probably. But getting them to answer things like this is futile, they constantly lie, scheme and tease.

Now I understand why someone looking like Aku came to me while thinking about the Djinn

>Djinn are my favourite entity to work with.

Sorry for asking something personal but why. Did you just find a "good" and helpful Djinn? Or it's just somehow you found a great compatibility with them.

I am trying to put together reasons why I want to work with them and what cautions I should take while doing it.

Sunflower 02/13/2022 (Sun) 00:10:30 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.755 del
>Did you just find a "good" and helpful Djinn? Or it's just somehow you found a great compatibility with them.
No. You have to subdue them completely to work with them, then they will behave. If you don't do that, they will start yelling like groups of islamists when someone drew a picture of the prophet, and they won't stop. They'll put you in mental ward if you can't overpower them. It has happened. They'll start by insulting you and trying to question your masculinity. If you start wavering they press harder and attack your weaknesses. If you do what they ask, they will overpower you completely. This is how islamic suicide bombers are created. They have no value alive because they are mentally weak, so djinn will use them to spread Allah by killing infidels instead.
>I am trying to put together reasons why I want to work with them and what cautions I should take while doing it.
There is a specific methodology which must be used. Arabs have their ways of doing it, but there is a way to do it for others also.
If you want to do this, since you are taking part on this board, we should then start a djinn summoning thread where this is performed safely.

Sunflower 02/13/2022 (Sun) 00:16:23 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.756 del
I didn't say why.
So; my reason is that djinn are very ethereal and amazing beings who can support my practice. Just socializing with them, they spread a feeling of happiness and faith. They are also very easy to use in your practice (with the prerequisite that you control them). I'm saying "use", because you can't treat them like equals. In your conceptual thinking, you have to look at the female djinn as a kind of animal or cattle, something low that deserves no respect. So when I call them amazing, they are amazing like a good goat. You have to get that right.

Sunflower 02/13/2022 (Sun) 00:26:32 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.757 del
Tripleposting ftw.
I can handle them because of a mental constitutional thing which makes it particularly easy for me. I asked them about it and they admitted this is why it works so well:
I have a tendency to just submit to everything and let the more powerful force control me. I'm just very sensitive and can intuitively know which side to pick in everything so that I'm never on the weaker side. This should not work with djinn from a normal view. But if you submit hard enough you will start empathizing with the force you gave in to, and you will start doing what they want. Someone who's just weak but not sensitive will then be controlled and used by djinn. But because I naturally feel what they want, I'll just do what makes them happy, and this is to be subdued. So in submitting to them, I'm just doing what they want me to do by oppressing them.
They're asking for it.
It shouldn't work, but if they try to break free, they're also automatically showing me how they want to be oppressed so that they can't do that.

I don't recommend someone to try this if it doesn't come naturally.

Sunflower 02/13/2022 (Sun) 00:58:42 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.758 del
This actually sounds nice. My problem is always the low or more like always changing sensitivity. Somehow i can figure out people instantly sometimes I am a dense ass anime harem MC tier insensitive fuck and sometimes I am just overthinking everything. I have a reason for it. Not just because I got "hurt" in the past. I am way over it. I just realized how well you can "mask" your own intentions so other beings believe it by instinct. I am not saying I am good at it. I need to get a "hang" of it to do it. But I did it several times successfully and if I can do this trick then I will not get surprised if anyone tries to use it against me. When I get a feel from someone I always question how authentic it might be.

But if it's about oppress or be oppressed?
>They're asking for it.
Now that is what I call fun. Maybe in a week or so we can get into it. I am still getting familiar with the changes of my energy body. if I see Aku one more time I will try some new weapons out if he tries something funny. He looked suspicious already especially when he tried to get into my body but I didn't want to ruin a connection with being the usual paranoid fuck

Sunflower 02/13/2022 (Sun) 02:01:52 Id: 814a6c [Preview] No.760 del
Isn't this kind of dangerous? What happens if their desires run against your interests?

Sunflower 02/13/2022 (Sun) 12:59:32 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.763 del
>Isn't this kind of dangerous? What happens if their desires run against your interests?
If that was the case I would not have submitted in the first place. That's impossible. That's the meaning of sensitivity. My strength is just to be extremely weak and sensitive. Enough that my life depends on funnelling the stronger force to survive. You couldn't attack me based on attacking my strength, that's maybe the main reason opponents fail. I will side with the stronger force so if the attacker really is stronger, they couldn't attack me as I'd be on their side. In the long term perspective there are some forces that always win, like karmic retribution, which is why most of what I do is based on transforming karma by wearing it down, not by opposing it. It makes for an unusual method in occult contexts, such as contracting an entire horde of demon females for tantric practice (as it turns out there are a lot of the average "horns and hoofs" demons out there who are willing to make deals like this). There is little power in just one such relation but do it x1000 and it's a significant force.

Sunflower 02/13/2022 (Sun) 13:01:37 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.764 del
>Maybe in a week or so we can get into it
I can start a thread with the basics in preparation and maybe someone else wants to join.

Sunflower 02/13/2022 (Sun) 20:58:41 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.765 del
>Isn't this kind of dangerous?
In the occult everything is kind of dangerous. You have to have several tricks in your sleeve when things try to go against you.

>I can start a thread with the basics in preparation and maybe someone else wants to join.

Thx I am fine tuning my mindset anyway (the energy body needs it). Like oppression. Now that I can feel virtue and karma I know what counts as "bad" oppression and what is proper rulership. While trying to figure out proper reasons why I want a djinn and not because I want a Shantae gf (k she is half-genie but you get the joke) to have more help on my path. And trying to figure out what counts as a "respected strong hand" or a "worthy master" so I don't overdo it or get pissed on for not being based and djinnpilled

Also may have found a vampire who knows how to deal with djinns. He told me he will help me if I need some advice. I didn't pester him much yet. All he told me so far know how to project energy around them and have a roaring thunderous command "voice"

Sunflower 02/13/2022 (Sun) 21:30:41 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.766 del
I will look through my files and post the relevant instructions in a bit.
Also it's "djinn" for any of them, it's the plural form. Djinni for male singular, djinniyeh for female singular, djinniyat for female plural.

Sunflower 02/13/2022 (Sun) 21:33:03 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.767 del
If you prefer english it's genie, genies.

Sunflower 02/13/2022 (Sun) 22:05:31 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.770 del
Interesting that you said in the djinn thread that they are humans from the first creation. The concept reminded me of the asuras. Is there an analogy here?

Sunflower 02/13/2022 (Sun) 22:16:14 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.772 del
I've seen them, they're just lower beings, not demons even. They can control dirty minded humans but have no power in traditional societies. They're unrelated to djinn.

Sunflower 02/14/2022 (Mon) 00:03:13 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.774 del
What energies do the kidneys generate again? Since I am letting this white whatever grow in my body sometimes it starts to tingle. Or it's because the cleansing. Or because after the cleansing I started to feel my minor chackras I opened everything that felt "openable" A skeleton even ran towards me and said "that you should do that again"

Sunflower 02/14/2022 (Mon) 00:28:55 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.775 del

Okay found the wiki

>All of the four kidney energy aspects are essential in growth and development. These four aspects include kidney jing (essence), kidney yin (water), kidney yang (fire) and kidney qi. All of the body's functions rely on the heat provided by kidney qi and the gate of life (the space between the left and right kidneys). Kidney jing is the foundation of the yin and yang of all the body's organs. Kidney yin and yang are the primordial yin and yang, and the root of yin and yang to the zang organs. Kidney yin moistens and nourishes, while kidney yang provides warmth and promotes organs and tissue. kidney yang is the dynamic force necessary to start the system of balancing water metabolism, which also employs the spleen, lung, liver and san jiao.

No wonder I forgot about this.
This is a lot of energy types.
I appreciate useful information about jing and the friends because I have no idea where to even start.

Sunflower 02/14/2022 (Mon) 00:47:28 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.776 del
(139.34 KB 850x1200 Flan book.jpg)
Guess it's time to start reading some books. Armchairing is bad but... basing your entire tradition on imageboard shitposting and wild ideas you make on the way is based but... Now that I am feeling all these new energies with 0 effort. Time to get into chinese medicine I guess.

Sunflower 02/14/2022 (Mon) 10:20:24 Id: f2cd50 [Preview] No.777 del
I'm training as a TCM therapist. I can try to contextualize what you quoted a bit. But I'm sure the BO who is into Taoism will have things to say about the more esoteric aspects.
This is what you would understand by "innate vitality". The life force you inherit from your parents and which is, in principle, irreplaceable. It's a measure of how old your body is.
>kidney yin
>kidney yang
As it says in the quote, these represent the function of the kidney in its yin and yang aspects (nourishing and energising). These are replenishable in a way, but if you tax them too much, you tap into jing. For example, if you expose yourself to more cold than you can withstand, you can empty your kidney yang (which warms the body indirectly by feeding the spleen yang), and start damaging your jing.
>kidney qi
Usually when talking about the "qi" of an organ, you talk about its functions. Keep in mind, the organs in TCM do not correspond to Western medicine physical organs. They represent bodily functions grouped according to Chinese five element theory.
>Kidney Qi plays a role in the Lower Burner's Body Fluids regulation. It also controls the opening and closing of these orifices. In the case of malfunctioning Kidney Qi, there will be urinary incontinence, diarrhea, spontaneous defecation while eating or spermatorrhea.

TCM is complex as fuck, really. But since it's not as literal as Western physiology, it provides good metaphors to understand bodily processes that would be too complex otherwise.
However, if you are interested in its more energetic and esoteric aspect, you should look into Qi Gong instead. Chinese medicine is very focused on the physical.

Armchair is all about reading and not practicing. There is nothing wrong with reading as long as you base your knowledge on experience and not interpretation of what you read.

Sunflower 02/14/2022 (Mon) 13:27:20 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.778 del
>I'm sure the BO who is into Taoism will have things to say
I don't get too involved with this because it's at a technical level which I originally had no interest in. You can of course argue that the path to immortality is in fine tuning your organs to perfection and I can't deny that. But it's not the path I chose or what I'm trying to share my experiences with.
I was going to get into the "innate vitality" stuff but from a different angle. I guess it overlaps so now that you spoke up maybe I should go on and talk about my views on this. It just didn't feel like the first thing to talk about, as it's at a pretty advanced level or requires an advanced understanding.

Sunflower 02/14/2022 (Mon) 14:10:32 Id: f2cd50 [Preview] No.781 del
Well, I am very interested.

Sunflower 02/14/2022 (Mon) 14:22:15 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.783 del
Made a thread for it here >>779

Sunflower 02/14/2022 (Mon) 14:25:49 Id: 9e46ce [Preview] No.784 del

https://youtube.com/watch?v=qtqP_gA0rXA [Embed]

Sunflower 02/14/2022 (Mon) 18:01:46 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.786 del
Thx for the reply

Here is what actually happened. I figured out what triggered this. SO while playing with the Gazer she found 2 white stones near my kidneys. First I didn't even realize it affects my kidneys I just thought it's in my stomach somewhere. (Now I reminded myself of basic anatomy after this whole thing). So far these things were energy blockages and they still sorta are. So I put it into my garden so it can be transformed. This transformation process is slow. So slow I sometimes doubt it even works properly. SO I grabbed one of my sunflowers and instead letting it take in the energy and grow big. I used it as a catalyst and as it sucked in the white stone with it's roots I let the energy come back into my body as some "sunflowerish" energy (it felt good and energizing). Yuuka even appeared (She doesn't really appear for me if I want something I have to go to her) and looked at me with a thinking face while not saying a thing. I even asked if I did something wrong but she said "no"

As regularly I paid no mind to this because this looked like my usual "minor" magic experiments. Then a day later my kidneys started to tingle a little. I even forgot about it. Then yesterday it tingled again. as I was posting yesterday and because I am not just aware of my kidneys now but I am trying to figure out what they do it means I am interacting with it too much. And all that fire that I bottled up in the last year started coming out. My body was so hot I couldn't even sleep. I had to keep the window open and outside it was freezing cold. I even had to take off my clothes while doing the daily grind while trying to map out the energy pathways it was trying to use. So yeah this no longer 0 effort. This is -1 effort now. I have to watch out to not accidentally trigger my kidneys fire. Also now I am feeling that water too. I can control the output now. I just have to cautiously master this before I give myself an organ failure for "accidentally" unlocking something once again.
The genie project is halted for now. I am playing with an another even more dangerous fire again. I will read up qi gong and find those energy pathways anatomy drawings that my chiropractor had because now I can literally feel it. And now I need to know what the hell I am doing.

Sunflower 02/14/2022 (Mon) 19:20:14 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.788 del
Don't underestimate the effect of igniting an internal hell-fire, if you did so using the ring. It's very effective. Which means there will be reactions, and not all of them are pleasant. I suddenly got a red rash on the sides of my head somewhat behind the temples and over my ears as the energy burst through this area. Had to apply cooling skin lotion for several days and bits of dry skin fell off.
This was related to the same issue as which has been causing migraines, somehow linked to what I called ideological "rapism" and abortion. It did logically manifest as two red pillars moving upwards and a white moving down in the middle, where the red pillars caused this effect on the sides of my head. The white in the middle just made my forehead feel relaxed and cool.

Sunflower 02/14/2022 (Mon) 20:38:05 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.790 del
Yeah true but this is a different type of fire. So far I have the "dark" rage fire (not really here since the cleansing), the actual emotion "belly" rage fire, the "virtue" fire when my rage is completely justified and in "accordance" with my "being", the I went ahead and connected to a "sun" fire, bunch of other fires my artifacts have, the hellfire ring, and the I unlocked my kidney fire...
I have to watch out for this because I have no idea at what level it gets "depleted" so it starts to use jing. I am sorta feeling some other energy inside my kidney (guess that's the jing) but I wasn't sure the tingling started because some energy tried to get inside into my kidney (that white thing I am letting into my body is reaching that place tho) or it tried to get outside. Also figuring out where the energy came from was hard at first because you feel the "energy" and not the organ at the start. I have to map out my organs properly now.

Also now I can use that "water" kidney energy too so... I don't think your hellfire ring can do that. maintaining the fire with the ring is much more effort than controlling it. To me so far it only "burned truly" when it "touched" some karma

But who knows
I certainly don't know... yet

I will read up some connections because I don't want to imbalance myself further. My body finally starts to stabilize and I unlock some bullshit only masters have after years of practice this is no boasting this is scary and stupid especially after my heart almost exploded for trying to mitigate the instant heat increase. good thing it's winter here I need to figure out what organ connects with which energy to what and why.

You wrote that on your map anyway >>677 1d is body. Figuring out might not hurt. I have to agree I hate to use my organs for any magic. I have a tendency to overdo things. Now I have to know exactly how to not overdo a thing

Sunflower 02/14/2022 (Mon) 21:52:04 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.791 del
>I have no idea at what level it gets "depleted" so it starts to use jing
Hell-fire only burns karma, it will rather replenish lost "jing", it's another way of understanding the "love" I mentioned in the tantra thread.
I don't know what you're doing with the other fires so I can't comment on that.
>I hate to use my organs for any magic
Pay attention to the existence and function or your organ souls. These are botsouls inserted as your body developed. They're made from qi but are not part of your mind. If one is damaged the organ will fail and you have to manually control it. This leads to the need for medication or in the case of damaged genital organ souls it leads to perversions.
I discussed this at length with Yuuka.
In the end I simply got rid of my organ souls and incorporated all functions in my own mind to do it all manually using shoggoth DNA. Yuuka said there is nothing wrong with organ souls or botsouls and that most people would not like the solution I chose, but that there's nothing wrong with shoggoth DNA either. It just looks weird and scary to most people.

Sunflower 02/14/2022 (Mon) 22:54:02 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.792 del
>If one is damaged the organ will fail and you have to manually control it
yeah happened several times already. But I think they can be "resummoned" I cannot give specifics. but they either malfunctioned because some bad energy management and after the energy started flowing properly it worked again or as the faulty botsoul "got out" a "new one" which was somehow compatible got in? I don't know

>In the end I simply got rid of my organ souls and incorporated all functions in my own mind to do it all manually using shoggoth DNA

while most people would question the shoggoth DNA... I have an other question.
You can control your organs because of your shoggoth DNA or the shoggoth DNA is responsible for the current controlling?
Or it's sorta both?
Because I have a great amount of control over my bodyparts when I want it already. That was one of my first skills I developed at the start of my psychic journey. Like every summer I control my sweat glands so they don't cause heat rashes for example. I can speed up or correct the process of my digestion. (I sped up my liver once too but it turns out that just makes you drunk faster... if you want avoid getting drunk slow down the process of your liver and digestion and keep most energies in your brain then vomit out the booze and drink lots of water. I don't recommend this to anyone tho I'm just saying it's possible. I always wonder how normalfags can enjoy getting drunk. Worst time and money waste ever

I mean they are botsouls. They not just can be controlled they sometimes NEED to be controlled. That was the case for my body. I got rid so many illnesses with realizing this. (and made some in highschool to skip tests but I stopped doing that after a while because I realized it's cowardly and not how I should use my powers). And now that I got rid of this parasite I have almost full control over my lungs once again.

But yeah I suspected those white stones can be botsouls too after this whole overclocking started.
I will talk the Gazer about this. She likes to take out things from my body too much. She took out one from my heart at the start but I told her to put it back because there are too many things going on there already

Sunflower 02/14/2022 (Mon) 23:48:27 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.793 del
I've been working with botsouls a lot, at first in trying to eliminate old ones created in ancient times which are still around causing shit in the world. Some are "golems" which are different, they're made from something else than regular botsouls and if destroyed just leave shards, no experience gained. Or they turn into a scroll or archive of what they did. Botsouls just empty out the knowledge and energy they had accumulated if you destroy them (make them expire). Here talking about those who incarnate as human main souls, not organ souls.

I've made a huge amount of them to control zombies but I made sure they can be cancelled using a backdoor function so they don't stay around and cause harm (and karma for me). At one point I had 80 million of them out controlling the same number of soulless people. I also found that if you make them too "narrow" while being based on a real personality, they will gain self awareness and become real souls. This kept happening in the beginning so I now have a house on my island specifically for beings who started off as botsouls. I've learned how to leave them open enough that they remain bots in the cases where I need a bot in place for longer periods.

But overall botsouls make me uncomfortable, at least when someone else made them, and I concluded I don't like the feel of organ souls in my body.

One of my past life personas I sent out to Lovecraftland earlier to train. I mentioned this on 8kun. The little witch with a red dress.
Her presence lead to a bunch of tentacle monsters, shoggoth included, copying her DNA and escaping from there. I kept seeing weird little girls with red dresses who didn't speak and had the grey formless lovecraftian energy, running around and also visiting my place. I don't know where they went since.
But I figured I must have some of their DNA on that body from the interactions so I used that to change how my body works. It's really comfortable compared. It's made part of my body grey in color, like a shoggoth or xenomorph.

Sunflower 02/15/2022 (Tue) 00:30:20 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.794 del
Since I have the Gazer around 2 Shoggoth like things tried to rape me but I wasn't in a rape fantasy mood so I threw them out. I wonder what gave them the idea that they should do that.

>I concluded I don't like the feel of organ souls in my body.
yeah I'm also reevaluating constantly what I like and what I don't like in my body

I still need to figure out a way to detect botsouls. It will be probably the remote when I start caring enough about them. So far it seems they bow to "authority" or with anything with a strong intent so I didn't bother to overthink it yet.

Also a question about female past lives. Did you just simply reconnect to them without effort or you had to do something to be able to "sync" up with them. I fear that my energies manifest completely differently in female form and that might make the sync hard.

Sunflower 02/15/2022 (Tue) 01:15:25 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.795 del
>a question about female past lives. Did you just simply reconnect to them without effort or you had to do something to be able to "sync"
I am more or less controlled by my main past life, coming to realize what took place has been a journey planned in detail by her. I've had dreams, I refer to them as checkpoint dreams. They contain a scene or a few scenes, which later appear in real life. One such dream I had (I keep a dream journal) 19 years ago, and it's still relevant. It started being "active" 3 years ago with scenes from it suddenly playing out, and me being able to see what they were. Some were even older, from when I was 7, I have an old journal from back then with some notable dreams that became real recently. It's all been planned, while from "in here" it feels like complete chaos and I think I could have died several times, then another checkpoint shows up and I see that I'm still on the planned path forward.

The real awakening to who I was/am took place no more than 3 years ago. What I had earlier were just stray thoughts and sudden inexplainable bursts of emotion and nostalgia in relation to certain events. This current world is so bleak compared to what used to be, it's like a nightmare (and that's a huge understatement). Take it back to the late 1800s and people were like gods compared to now. The thing humans have been reduced to is so denigrating, sad and pathetic there are not words to explain it.

There was also an extreme brutality and a uncompromising all or nothing attitude. I feel like a single person from back then appearing today could wreck the entire modern world. There's such a huge difference in powerlevel.

The direct first person awareness of who I was is kinda present, but I'm still current me. It's just that I'm not very strong, there's just no content to fill a mind with today, so no matter what I do it's just a shell. That's what a man is today I suppose.
I'm not confused about it, I just keep referring back to past me as real me, while this life feels less real. It isn't, it's an aspect of me that has to manifest. But it's very different.

Sunflower 02/15/2022 (Tue) 01:27:10 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.796 del
(1.57 MB 2025x675 hitlers2-3.png)
There is a photo of me from the 1890s, I posted it earlier. I knew I had one short life in between but couldn't locate any records aside from a mention in an interview I saw in a documentary about WW2, where I recognized certain events.
Then I came across the original full scene of a short clip often included in those webm:s posted in nazi threads. This is from the only moving phootage of my chronologically most recent life. When I saw it I just knew, the appearance is almost identical to my other past me:s.

Sunflower 02/15/2022 (Tue) 21:50:11 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.801 del
I am starting to realize something about past lives and the way I connect to them but I have to test this theory further because it's a weird realization which is only possible because of the current state of my being. But that is not what I want to share today because today some other interesting thing happened.

As I realized there are further things in my kidney and the reason for it's instability is further "white stone" like things. As I was asking around if I should take them out and what to do with them. My energy levels started to imbalance themselves even further and gave me the mentality of "Break through or break apart". This mentality can be used for some things but the most important thing for that you need something you can "break". You need to know how and for what to use this power or you rip yourself apart. So as I was almost ripping myself apart because that was my only idea how i will fix my current imbalance. I went back to the vampire who I can describe best as "pathworking" vampire. He hides everything he has and never says more than he needs and sometimes does "tests" I don't know what to make of yet but always helpful otherwise. So as I realized I didn't talk to him for a while when I barely even started to think about him a scepter appeared front of me. It was weird it's usually not this fast so I went to him and asked what does it do. He told me to "figure it out".

As I was trying to remember what scepters do in ceremonial magic and realizing it's not the scepter that is important here but that it looks like a crescent moon. I started to use it on things to see the energy. The way I could describe it that it's the "moon" energy. As I was starting to think what the moon represents in the occult... Like a 100 idea came to me so I scrapped that. I went ahead and used it. A white energy enveloped me and as I was trying to figure out what it did I realized that I am calm. Not my usual calmness not the "focusing" calmness not the calm before the storm calmness that I felt so much in these years.

I realized I got the stability I craved. Not just mentally but bodywise too. This was the positive passive feminine energy I forgot about already. The negative is stagnation the positive is stability. This is a great find but a terrible realization. I am unable to make my positive feminine energy on my own. All I have the masculine drive to "change" and go forward but I am overdoing it so much it gets too destructive. I even tested how permament is the effect of this wand and it lasts as long as long I am willing to stay in this "peace". I can break apart if I want. This wand is a temporary help so I don't destroy myself until I master my Ying (the fact that there are so many Yings like the kidney water Ying and I am not just know of it but I can actively use it now annoys me to a new level because understanding and communicating what I do gets even harder and more pointless)

Also now that my calm returned and my awareness with it I have seen my kidney had a bunch of dark spots. Now I am slowly purifying them.

And I figured out what is one of my great problem currently. I am balancing out my life and spiritual development and as in that Aghory vid the master explained how bad is the idea that his now awakened apprentice goes home to visit his family because his "ego" will rip him apart.
I am starting to understand this. It can be overcome but it needs caution. As I am going forward the surroundings are changing around me for the better but it's slow. So far it seems I managed "karma" to directly "attack" me so it doesn't use others as a manifestation point. I am not sure yet. I either didn't take apart a single karma that I "share" with people. Or the way I managed my relationships through the years karma doesn't "dare" to manifest through the people around me. I am not sure yet. Karma is still a weird concept to me. I will talk about it in the tantra thread further.

Sunflower 02/15/2022 (Tue) 23:10:42 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.804 del
>The negative is stagnation the positive is stability.
This got me thinking about this cia test which was posted on /x/ earlier.

It's really good, if you take the time to do both of them in order they can serve as a base for a hypnosis session. The rigidity you mention may be an issue solvable using this.
The methodology I guess is still in test stages as I only held a few guided sessions aside from self hypnosis, but it worked well so far. Can explain more if anyone is interested, but it's kinda complicated so you'd have to do the tests first if so. And you have to do them seriously first time, they only work once because during a second run you'd give biased answers.

Sunflower 02/15/2022 (Tue) 23:12:02 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.805 del
That means, save your results and make sure you understand them if you do this.

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 01:40:23 Id: ebba6d [Preview] No.812 del
It's been since Meguca that I was actively engaging with this community(?), not sure what I'd call it. I don't really understand what's been happening recently, trying to catch up.

I've been here since the first thread on Fringe, and I've never really given up on the 0D particle. I just fell out of touch with my spirituality and went into a major depressive spiral. I want to regain what I've lost, but I don't even know where to start. I feel like a mundane again unfortunately, is it too late at this point?

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 01:42:38 Id: ebba6d [Preview] No.813 del
Blood Anons threads were my first real dive into the metaphysical, before then I had only lurked on Fringe for about a month.

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 01:45:33 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.814 del
oh that test. I have seen it several times in the last year in personality test threads but didn't bother to go through it yet I am not as obsessed with personality tests as I was in my teens anymore

Also since that post I figured out the problem. I always wrongly assumed that I have some "defiant" "Lilith" feminine energy but couldn't place it anywhere. (I am not just trying to sound special, I have a reason for this assumption. This "Lilith" type thinking ruined some people in my family but it's tldr and entirely unimportant) Like a year ago I went ahead and tried to connect to sg with that name but all I got was a woman with fiery eyes staring into the abyss so I left that there because I couldn't get more from it.

But now that I know that the thing I look for is this "stability" feel aka inner peace I could connect to something inside me with a similar feel. I got an image of a meditating woman in white in a tropical beach gazebo. This problem is solved. I just assume her form and I have it.
Next priority is understanding what are tantric practices exactly (I am starting to have ideas now that I feel the effects of karma but I need to read up some theories because I only have observations and theories based upon them. I will write about it tomorrow) and maybe getting a genie.

I might do the test tomorrow after a sleep. I learned something about tests. Never do them when tired. You may misunderstand the questions. Yes I was in some forums where you could only get in if you proved yourself to be worthy with your superior personality type at registration

>is it too late at this point?
Never too late. But don't forget the more you wait the harder it gets. So start doing something that would reignite your path. If you keep doing something you will find something. Walk the path and it reveals itself. You just have to walk it

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 02:38:04 Id: 25ac2c [Preview] No.815 del
I think that that's what brought me back here today.

I decided to meditate today to reignite that spark in me, because mundane life has never felt fulfilling to me. While clearing my mind I perceived a presence to the left of me. It was a shadowy humanoid figure.

I tried to interact with it and it didn't respond to anything. I decided to ignore it and continue meditating, when I could feel it pulling something from me. It looked like a small withered person curled up.

I suddenly felt a strong feeling in my chest that I have associated with the 0D spell and I felt confidence and energy coursing through me. Like something was opened.

I'm not really sure how to interpret that, but it made me want to try to find this place again.

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 10:49:20 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.818 del
If you don't know where to start, try this meditation session, done twice daily for one mandala cycle of 48 days. It's a short meditation of around 12 - 20 min (don't use the vid once you know it).

https://youtube.com/watch?v=EwQkfoKxRvo [Embed]

I've used this one a lot.

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 10:55:05 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.819 del
The mantra "I am not the body, I am not even the mind" directly corresponds to moving through 1D - 2D for every time you repeat it. "Isha kriya" can be translated as "source of creation, inner process", where the 0D is the source of creation, so it matches up really well here. Each repeat of the mantra will take you 0D-1D-2D and then the breathing "aah" will push the energy from the bottom chakras through the body after you finish that part. Ending with the 3rd eye chakra focus is just standard practice and makes the effect better.
(It's not just a hodgepodge yoga session)

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 18:52:26 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.821 del
I figured out "Lilith" "energy". Whenever I accidentally read about it it confused me even further. Maybe I should write this for that other anon who asked about it. Reconnecting to my inner female was the missing piece of the puzzle.

We both need our masculine and feminine forces. And they need to manifest somehow. So what Jews did. Jews wanted females to be "feminine" aka submissive and never dare to defy their husbands. And to do that they demonized females who dare to stand up to themselves and say "no". This causes one great problem. If we don't let out Yin and Yang manifest in a balanced way... we die. So in order to not die the masculinity in women need to come out somehow. But because jews demonized Lilith for daring to say no the only way masculinity in females can come out is by defying their husbands. Lilith is the masculine force trying to manifest. But because jews went ahead and demonized Lilith so it usually comes out in a "demonic" disharmonic way. No wonder jews hate their women the most and cannot handle them.

Some women can manifest their masculine force properly. They are the true strong women. But today this concept is degenerated and confuses women even more.

Finding the inner female force as a man is also hard because for us being feminine means being a weak ass faggot in today's society. So finding that is also a challenge but at least it's less demonized... you just simply get bullied for it Also trannies are even worse at understanding their forces so I will not even get to that. It just makes me want to cry.

Now I understand djinn too. I didn't get how making females a warrior caste could work. Now I get it. Letting the women express their masculinity by martial arts leaves the submissive femininity open. While djinn use their masculinity to uphold their scheming dominance and their femininity by sitting on their ass and birthing more djinns or something? I am probably missing more pieces from their culture but now I am getting it.
If a man becomes stronger than their master they usually overthrow them. This is why kings had to say they "rule by god" so the soldiers defying them was like defying god. And even this didn't work all the time.
Now my question would be why the fuck they would try to do this with human women. I obviously want to summon a female djinn but if I want to get any useful answer I probably need to get a male one and that's gay. Also I don't want to hear lessons how to oppress women. I love it when women can shine brightly. Oppressing them just ruins that and makes them truly cattle tier. Not fun at all

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 19:24:01 Id: 7fb6e5 [Preview] No.822 del
What do you think is a healthy way for a man to express his feminity then?

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 19:31:39 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.823 del
>obviously want to summon a female djinn but if I want to get any useful answer I probably need to get a male one
Djinn know everything. For some reason, which is probably that they think in binary, they have full and clear access to all akashic records. Doesn't matter if male or female. You can bring up such and such historical person and event and ask them what the dynamics of the event was and what motivated individuals involved. You'll get detailed replies about everything and your understanding of how the past lead to the present will become really sensible and clear.
This is the main takeaway of djinn interactions aside from their ability of submissive cooperation in your esoteric practice.

But you should look at them as objects. Don't humanize them, they really aren't humans like us. They're constantly infighting also, the zealots staying at my place who accept female dominance (those exist) are always killing hostile djinn. At first I had a dream where I saw lots of dead animals outside my house. I asked the djinn about this and they said it was other djinn who had been killed by my zealots. They have a rather different way of understanding unity, and it translates in our world to how muslims behave. Muslims are always killing muslims, it's the same thinking. You can't give them things out of respect, not even free space. That's suicide.
You can force them into a deal. When you summon one, that is what you do. You use their desire for spiritual improvement against them, forcing them to agree to your terms if they want that energy. This part must be crystal clear, if they don't agree to your terms and they stick around, you must make clear that you can and will kill them. Having a lesser mindset will only be seen as a weakness by them.

Follow this and you will have a great experience with djinn.

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 20:06:04 Id: 7fb6e5 [Preview] No.825 del
Thanks I'll do that. I think I'll need to go back and read the threads that I missed, there's a lot of new terminology being used.

Also, are there any specific books that you'd recommend applying to the things talked about here?

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 21:08:54 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.828 del
>any specific books that you'd recommend
Posted here
They may not seem to be about the topics right here, but if you start reading them you will see why. An occultist has a lot to gain from just learning "mundane" psychological techniques, and the self hypnosis chapter is directly applicable here.
The kabbalah book is written by a jewish journalist, by jews for jews so to speak. It's good to understand how they read the torah/old testament, their doctrines influences the modern world a lot. Ignorance is not a path to bliss.

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 21:50:37 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.830 del
Well I don't know if you read my earlier posts but I am so bad at it that one of the scariest vampire just threw a wand at me so I can have any idea what the feminine energy is. And because I finally knew how that energy feels I traced that energy in my body and now I express it by "having inner peace"
But I can give you some tips. The most important tip is that: You have to find it for yourself. It differs for everyone.
The others is just the regular. Be kind to others. Be with people who you enjoy the company with. Laugh with them. Enjoy life. Help others (people who deserve it and needs it not destructive scum) Be grateful. etc
It's similar how a wife helps her husband by taking care of the house while the husband is out there "fighting" or working. You need to find the "force" that keeps your "house" in peace. Like how an angry husband comes home but when he sees his wife he forgets all the troubles his workplace had. The nourishing female form that reminds you that you are home.
I was so bad at this like the husband who comes home still burning with rage seeing his house on fire with rats and demons running everywhere and he realizes the fastest way to solve it is with a hatchet and a flamethrower. And this made my feminine force literally hide in the basement for so long I was never even aware of it. I usually decreased my masculine force and let depression overtake me to solve it. But now that I am continuously unlocking myself I couldn't decrease my masculine force and use my depression to slow it down because I cleaned that. So I used the wand which served as a "fire extinguisher" and as I was feeling the calm my "house" usually has I realized my true "feminine" is hiding in the "basement"
Now that she is out and I feel this "calm" we can properly "clean house" now.

This is still not how I do it tho.
I just go into the mind of the woman who is meditating and found inner peace. (Also I never meditate for inner peace because it's also a timewaste... what a surprise I am in my current state huh)

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 21:51:40 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.831 del
I know what is the djinns problem already... They hacked the feminine force into complete submission and doesn't understand it because they don't let it to manifest in a healthy way... Literally what I did... And solved just now...

>zealots that bow to females
Because they know the way to bow to masculine is not the way can't find harmony so they instantly go to the opposite side because they think the answer is there. Literally how I was thinking...
>constant infighting
because no one knows the truth but their masculine arrogance makes it think that their truth is better than the other...
>treat them as objects
Literally how I treated people in my complete sociopath phase. It's the most "effective" to figure out people and their strengths and weaknesses and how to "use them"
No wonder they reached akasha. With this mindset you can go anywhere but you will reach a point where you cannot go further. Djinn is not just the perfect entity for me but it seems I AM THE PERFECT ONE FOR THEM.
The trick is the same how you handle full psychos.
I am glad I didn't summon them earlier. I would have been holding back because I think that no one deserves my full destructiveness. But they not just crave it. They don't recognize anyone without it. Amazing.

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 22:51:10 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.832 del
>vid related
This is what happens when someone can't handle djinn - this is mass possession.

Sunflower 02/16/2022 (Wed) 23:42:47 Id: 82342e [Preview] No.834 del
Thank you for that, I'll be sure to read them.

To me masculinity is force and will something that shapes. Feminity is creation and malleability. I think that's part of the problem that I face with progressing metaphysical. I have all of this energy and will but I'm too rigid to be shaped. I need to learn to be more calm and fluid so that I can progress I think.

Sunflower 02/17/2022 (Thu) 00:28:14 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.836 del
>Femininity is creation

Creation is the unity of both forces. That is why you need to master both. Hera created Hephaestus by her own. He was so ugly he instantly threw him off Olympus. Creation is the 2 forces coming together.

Also if you realize what causes your rigidity. You can take it apart.

I could give more tips but in the end you have to figure it out by yourself and the site is acting funny and makes posting harder. When it stops being shit I will write more if you need help with a specific problem

Sunflower 02/17/2022 (Thu) 00:33:56 Id: 82342e [Preview] No.837 del
That's interesting, I'd like that. Maybe it has something to do with controlling the will.

Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 20:18:13 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.860 del
(116.58 KB 850x629 Flan bloodbath.jpg)
>ideological "rapism" and abortion

I figured this out. This will be a long post.
When I was playing with the karma remote I also found a demon girl. I was horny so I asked her to make me cum. I even gave her a bunch of energy. But she couldn't do it. She radiated with energy so I asked wtf this was not the deal.
>you are a violent aggressive male and cannot be raped
I remembered other entities could do that years ago but whatever. A good enough answer and a great spiritual lesson about not wasting energy for coomer desires.

The agreement with the djinnyeh about mutual spiritual help. As I was sleeping I had no dreams. But when I woke up my mind had that djinn influence but all it did was making me "disciplined" and no stray thoughts. While this is what every school teaches to achieve. I had to explain the djinn that this mindset is great if you know what you want to do but it actually hinders me on my path because I cannot have my "wandering mind" "wander into the truth". She understood and let go of the influence.

I realized this is that "ideological rapism" you always talked about.

Now I started to think about it. I always used this on people. Not in a negative way but I sorta "put" something into their mind which was akin to "realize your strengths be aware of your weaknesses and be effective" I had to use this around people because it was never people directly hurting me but their careless stupidity. If I wanted an influence get to me I had to be real trustful and real open minded. Which was solved now by the reconnecting with the inner female. I am a real power bottom now.

So I was thinking. Where did I get "raped" in the past. I thought of some propaganda or emotional movies but I had to "accept" that to it have an effect on me. If I want something from entities I usually "bridge" my mind with them so the thing I want "comes through"

Now I realized something happened as I was with my pathworking vampire. I felt a great hostility rising inside me. I didn't understand it. He noticed how my hostility increases so he started to hiss at me. As the hostility increased I automatically summoned my sword and armor. As a response he split into like 30 versions of himself and walked behind me. It was so silly I said wow. I think I could do this too. So I was playing around with being 4 person at once then 8. But the interaction ended there because of it.

Now I started to think that hostility might have been... I even went there and asked him what it was and he said "the basis of your magic" So I went to the location of that hostile feeling and yeah...
That was the red spike(s). Now I finally understand the vampire teeth. The red spikes reach the sides of your body till that "vampire teeth". As I raised the red spike up my entire side of my body tingled till that teeth. And I realized what you meant that fanatic I take whatever I want attitude. I had that before. BUT IT WASN'T THIS CONCENTRATED. No wonder you have migraines. But now I know the migraines are nothing else but "energy blockages" or "karma" and the others. Especially after installing that remote hurt too.

Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 20:18:36 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.861 del
But what is the white spike. Well it seems I found it by accident. And thanks to my raging destruction towards everything that held me down and reconnecting with Shiva. I realized. As my energy got cleared I felt the energy and understood the images Shiva is portrayed as. I told myself now I will properly do yoga to not disappoint Shiva. Then I said that's not right I will do that to not disappoint myself...

That was the realization that made me understand what the white spike is. It's our self our "true self" This is why Shiva represents the "self". Our essence that got corrupted through our many lives.

And the pain that you feel? It's the false ego. The ideas that "corrupts" you true essence. So what I started to do now that I have like 10+ purification techniques from all kind of weirdness. I realized what I need is to kill and destroy further everything that causes pain. But what it means to destroy something. You break something that it's "essence" gets out of it. The "soul". So I started to break everything that caused pain in me and I noticed some white green thing returning into my body on it's own and the remainder just vanishes. This is your abortion. You have to abort the unwanted things by yourself or the red spike will do that for you. And that psychological pressure and pain and karma? These things need some "trigger" that "breaks" them. This is why you have to endure the pain and if you don't flinch you get back your essence. Because you let that thing "die". If you do something you "preserve" it's form.
No wonder Shiva is true consciousness. We need to destroy everything that is not that. It's a long process. But now they cause pain. All the wrong not "self" thoughts all my old attachments. I can grab them. Make them take form and destroy them in a way I regain my true essence. I thought this might cause problems but I realized I only regain my own essence. What is not mine will not get back to me. This way I cannot "steal" or "lose" anything. It's just weird not having attachments now. All those things I had some desire is the most useless thing ever. You feel empty until you start letting you spirit fill up the hole you created. Also now I have less idea what counts as virtue and what counts as gong. If it hurts it dies. If I have some dumb thought and also starts hurting it gets killed. No exceptions so far.

So the red spike is some real concentrated energy that is shielding our true essence. If you have too much red spikes you become the most aggressive thing. No wonder so many anons said they don't want to be vampires anymore. This is some real potent stuff. Good thing I had similar but weaker wild temperament so I know how to balance it. With the white spike. Which is the energy that "rises" by us refining it to maximum till it gets so pure it reconnects with the true creation. Long journey ahead huh.

I probably still have some misconceptions somewhere. And I understand even less about the vampire spike. Like how was it created and such. But whatever 1 step further on the path.

Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 21:02:51 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.862 del
Good to see someone is finally seeing something of what I was trying to talk about for so long. Your way of expressing yourself is wilder, less structured than mine, but perhaps closer to the ancient ways.
I was never present here until ancient Greece and Rome, I was always in the form of Nut on the astral and in the underworld. This form is why I can deal with souls and no one can object, Nut is the master of the dead. I entered earth by astral "incarnation", being born by Hathor into the Nut aspect so that I could have the human culture and nature of this planet. Hathor has the vampiric nature through Sekhmet and Isis, who are aspects of her as well as deities further down the line. It connects all the way to our days through Moses being a priest of Osiris, and this being passed by judaism and into the catholic church (where they still use the Egyptian fish hats).
We are slowly rediscovering our past.

Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 21:08:54 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.863 del
Shiva, Kali and Vishnu have all visited me as I was practicing ashtanga yoga for long sessions (I did 1-2 hour sessions daily for a few years and they just appeared, I never had any thought to call for them.)
It seems there are two different divine collectives here, the hindu and the "Egyptian". They're not conflicting, but perhaps the hindu is from a past earth or from another planet. This is what some say; that the Indian myths took place on a planet several times larger than earth in a distant past. Their appearances with blue skin and many arms seems to hint at them not being humans of our period.

Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 22:01:06 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.864 del
>closer to the ancient ways

I learned to feel "truth" not always the "true truth" but things that feel "closer to truth".
Also I lived my life being amazed by structures and technology. I am starting tho think that was the reason why I incarnated here. (It really pains me that technology is degenerating into the shittiest tools of oppression... that is why I gave up on the pursue of engineering) I still have no idea who I was. I had 2 dreams where I thought it's about past lives. But I was the "god" the people in it were praying or asking favors. There was a greek warrior woman who excelled with the spear on the battlefield. Then as the battle raged on. It was not her fault the tide of the battle was turning against her side and she knew no matter what she does it's over. She raised up her spear and with teary eyes she offered herself to the gods just to win this battle. I told her
>no. You are strong enough to get through this and you don't need to waste yourself as an offering for your country.

That dream is something I don't understand. Was I a god there or now I can only perceive myself as one and cannot reconnect with that warrior woman. Being with the Djinnyeh is reminding me of her constantly. I feel some sort of "regret" when thinking about that dream.

Also in spiritual practices I realized that you need to figure out the truth and let it "come out". As I reconnected with the "self" I realized I want to dance like Shiva just to help it get into my limbs faster. The reason for the yogic practices is to "make you closer" to the truth. And if you are close enough you might "accidentally" connect with it.

Now I understand the importance of a master. But we are not always that lucky to get one. We need to find our ways and constantly look for clues. Then the masters reveal themselves.

Also the worst part of this whole realization? All I could think of it
>How could I not realize this sooner?
>How would have I realized this sooner. I just didn't have the pieces before

You expect joy from your great realizations but... if you think more hardly about it. You always knew the truth and forgot how to reconnect to it... and you let yourself get corrupted out of your truth.

And here comes the next part where I am just sitting here letting my mind wander to a new problem that I need to figure out. This is what I like with entity interactions. I figure out the weirdest things because of the funniest reasons.

Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 22:12:58 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.865 del
>less structured

Don't even remind me. All the things I built had to be destroyed because all of them were "faulty" and an obstacle on the path.

MY "supermundane" persona? The one I used to get through every bullshit life threw at me? I was thinking of communism and how it's the best and worst ideology because of retarded materialism and how it could never work till the people change and I connected to some big bearded hobo and when I asked him who he is he turned into Stalin...
Next day I was thinking about things and had a hostile thought how the world never could turn into the better until the people change. My dark fire ignited and I had the thoughts of the most genocidal maniacs constantly. I had a moment of self awareness and I said. "I found you..." My thoughts had a wait what moment. Then I picked up that dude and destroyed it. Others were minor things like I started to think with the "deadly sins" to find what "connects with it" so I can also destroy them. A long process. We create many chains for ourselves while trying to out maneuver the chains of the world.
It just makes me sad and angry. No wonder gods are amazed and weeping when looking at us.

Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 22:19:04 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.866 del
>That dream is something I don't understand. Was I a god there or now I can only perceive myself as one and cannot reconnect with that warrior woman.
If my dreams are any hint, it was entirely symbolic and not concrete events aside from some major theme.
I had a dream about "falling from heaven" and feeling like I was flying, then seeing the earth getting closer while the distance was so long I still felt like I was flying. This was actually my current mind re-interpreting how I jumped off a bridge in ancient Rome. I was at the time already synced with the galfed and they put in huge amounts of energy to protect me from the force of gravity (perhaps enough to burn parts of the city, or more?). I don't recall what actually happened more in that life aside from being a prostitute (I've met someone else who was another soul in my body at that time, who directly brought up how being a prostitute in ancient Rome must have been good).
I never had a long life with a "natural" death ever in history, it was always short, violent and completely in conflict with any kind of productive citizenship of the modern variant aside from being a butcher in London ;^)

Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 23:15:47 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.867 del
(506.48 KB 6016x3208 raised up hand.jpg)
>I figure out the weirdest things because of the funniest reasons.

I can't believe this. I talked to Alissa while trying to figure out how to raise the red spike better.
Well she looked pissed. She never looked at me with a pissy attitude. I asked her why are you pissed? >Well why don't you figure it out? with a provocative voice. It was a you wanna get a fight tone. And for me yes I always want a fight especially if it's playful. So I raised up my hands and started to push with hers. Like how anime girls fight when they are angry. Just pushing each others apart with hands in the air.

As I was doing it I talked with her. So to raise the spike you need a "conflict" to raise it. But who do you have a conflict with. Obv with some force that is "equal" with yours. And Alissa is equal. So if you do this shit with your hands raised up you actually let your limbs get the red spike in and it doesn't stop at your head so you don't get mindraped by it. SO as I was doing this I asked now that I know how to raise it what do I break with this. I got a giant dark wall ahead of me. I obviously broke it and got an image of...

The kingdom of heaven...

Big cloudy holy light in the clouds and a giant dude saying "welcome" with golden skin white beard and white clothes saying

And because "God" was bigger than me. I instantly tried to grow into as big as him. And I realized even further dark spots as I tried to grow inside my body so I could destroy them. And as I looked up I seen the further heavenly realms above my head.


This is a lot to take in. No biggie. Just the regular thing on the path.

I'm going to calm down for today.

Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 23:19:19 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.868 del
>corrosive substance

This is peak refinement. No wonder it's corrosive to "sin"
I need to slow the fuck down and let my body adjust this or I will ascend instantly holy shit.
My entire body is tingling on a new level

Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 23:26:42 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.869 del
Give me a reading please I need a perspective of an outsider

This is the astral projection vibration to the extreme but your whole body does it.
And absolute calmness mentally but the body is going crazy but it doesn't feel bad

Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 23:31:15 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.870 del
It looks like you passed through a layer of concentrated white virtue, which is close to being "corrosive" but at your level of refinement you can handle it, barely. I think there is a perspective to understand here which says the the higher substance become acid when the distance is too great. If you refine yourself enough it doesn't harm you. But if you are an adrenachrome addict you need that distance to "feel" any effect. This is also why they create more sin and lower themselves, so that the everyday version of it seems stronger every time. Maybe...
this is the source of the debt based economy. It's all in the negative, being hungry and solving this by increasing the size of your belly so you can keep eating more, but in the end you never get full.

Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 23:45:32 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.871 del
Yeah body is stabilizing. It's just that every cell of mine is surprised. Now I literally cannot refine things further until the cells adjust.

Also I can barely feel the djinnyeh influence. My substance is surpassing her enourmous etheric quality. Or more like matches it. And as oil and water can't mix. Now her cannot mix with mine that easily. If I ask her to "Increase" her substance I can barely feel it but wow

Just an another day on the path.

Sunflower 02/18/2022 (Fri) 23:49:05 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.872 del

Also a question. Virtue is refined gong or gong is something else. I still didn't finish Zhuan Falun. I left it at like 60 pages where blah blah no one knows the way but I sure do know so don't worry. Then I always found new things on the path and didn't have time reading further

Sunflower 02/19/2022 (Sat) 00:12:16 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.873 del
>ask "God" for a name because I don't like to call him that.
>Gives a funny name that has 0 search results so I don't corrupt his image with it

Also asked Shiva where is his realm. Yeah it's way up there. I'm going to sit in the entrance of heaven for a while.

Body finally calm.

Sunflower 02/19/2022 (Sat) 00:17:19 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.874 del
(126.13 KB 590x720 yoga hand poses.jpg)
Do tantric sessions with her to keep her at your level. You don't have to do anything, just sit in burmese lotus with hands in gyan mudra and tell her to get on, she'll know what to do. You can try different mudras from the chart with her on, and then add an Aaah - Uuuuh - Mmmmmm (A-U-M) chant once, 7 times or 21 times to increase the effect. I don't recommend doing 21 at first attempt, it will overcharge your body.
>Virtue is refined gong
Virtue is base matter, gong is the seed of the complete 0 particle. It often appears as red, but can be any color. Mine is often blue, black, green or purple.

Sunflower 02/19/2022 (Sat) 00:20:39 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.875 del
Okay the clouds were virtue Now that I think myself as small and below it I am not "in it"

But if I go and try to "grow back" into the clouds whole body starts tingling. The larger I grow the more uncontrollable it will get

Sunflower 02/19/2022 (Sat) 00:24:35 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.876 del
There are other mudras not on this chart which I use a lot: Brahmari mudra and Jnana mudra are good, look them up if you're interested. For the second one, it's a variation of Gyan mudra where you place the tip of the thumb on the first knuckle of the index finger instead of the fingertip to change from "focus" to "knowledge".

Pran mudra in the chart is good for general purpose charging, it can work well for just breaking open blockages. Do it for say 30 min with a partner for a really good effect. Eyes closed and head slightly upwards, observe your breathing.

Sunflower 02/19/2022 (Sat) 23:03:27 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.878 del
Today I was at a social gathering and a baby was transfixed for a very long time, looking at me with a serious expression until I looked back. It reminded me of this post. I wonder what it was seeing.
I also got the impression that babies inow. They know what is going on and they remember who they are. Probably why they're so pissed most of the time.

Sunflower 02/19/2022 (Sat) 23:37:52 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.879 del
>I think there is a perspective to understand here

Yeah I got that perspective. I had bunch of chains coming from this world and if I wanted to advance I had to break them. It had a bunch of "buddha" like entities. I started to talk to them. I even asked if it's a problem that I got here. They told me
>no this is your great achievement
I was sitting there with my usual it's great that it doesn't feel like one. (yesterday I highlighted every "gong" word in Zhuan Falun to have an idea what that is and read the story of the Buddha who fell out Arhat twice because once he was too happy then he was too worried and I understood why this mindset of mine was perfect)
I asked the "buddha" about past lives and he said he had many and he will have many more when the time comes. To be able to go up in that realm I had to destroy multiple chains that were "anchored" by small dark people.
I realized I do not care about past lives anymore. I was sitting there and asked "What's next"
The "buddha" pointed up and said
>that place is the beginning of your destiny
I was sitting there with a ... really now... attitude and said fine... let's check it out. I started to fly there and multiple hands pointed to the location I had to go. When I got there it was like a house made of clouds with a baby in there. I knew it I probably need to connect with that baby so I did that. I was in an other realm instantly. Above the clouds and had a feeling of being above "time and space" In the great distance there was a giant dark entity not hostile. Guess he is destiny then or something I thought. I asked him if there's anything I have to do. He said no. So I can do whatever? he said yes. I thought that's a great destiny right here... I asked him "what's next then".
This triggered my understanding.
He started to break apart and started emitting white light that my body absorbed and pointed to a new place "down here".
I said no. Enough progression for today. I will continue this tomorrow. I need sleep.
I even had a dream where I was talking with people. I started to hear their thoughts. But those weren't theirs. Those were mine but in their head. This made me understand "gong". Like how it has an energy signature so it "comes back to you" and how it can merely just "suppress" illness and not cure it. This made me realize that the way I am breaking karma is the way I just need to perfect it a little. Notice karma. Break it. Let the essence which is "yours" immediately separate from it. Take it back into your body. And let the rest go wherever it needs be. The way Clippy explained karma makes even more sense now. Karma is the exchange of energies between 2 things. They are "attachements". A new form of energy created by bonding and separating "bad" energies together. I was finally aware of every connection to outsider forces I made "deals" with. This is what ancap meant by saying. "He broke off every contract with every being"
I had the feeling that I am not "indebted to this world anymore"
Today was about understanding how the red spike must be always "pushed aside" by the white spike or your aggression levels become hard to control. No wonder the "daft lady" attacks everyone on the astral.

Sunflower 02/19/2022 (Sat) 23:38:11 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.880 del
Then I went back and took all the energy "destiny" had for me and sent the remaining to whoever I borrowed from and went to the new realm.
There was a fat buddha sitting there and when he noticed me he instantly grabbed a dagger and stabbed someone behind me. He was a "saint". A zombie that looked like those old unkept paintings in catholic churches while having a yellow artificial halo. Looked similar to the black sun but it wasn't the sun just the way the shapes looked. Interesting but unimportant. The realm was a large forest with water and when I asked the buddha where to go he showed me the way but I noticed I am going in circles. I stopped because I figured out here comes the "realization" part. I started to ask the fat buddha.
>is the power in the "saint"
>no. ignore him
>is the power in you
>is the power in me
>you represent my body huh
>I am not in this of a bad shape you know...
>yes but otherwise you wouldn't have figured this out...
Then he turned into a muscular more fit version. Then opened a gate above me and told me I need to "grow" into that. That is the mind.
>should I start doing that?
>I recommend a minimal amount of yoga
>minimal amount?
>yes your body will adapt to the changes but you need to have a proper posture or it will get violent.
>is this kundalini
>no kundalini is just the spine. >This will be the whole body filling up with energy
>how dangerous will this be
>your worries are your greatest danger so far

So I did a half lotus. I let the energy rise. When I reached the mind level I realized I need to go "above" my body because "we are not our body" and as the white spike got longer and thinner while breaking through many things. I realized I am not progressing further so I asked Shiva what am I missing he told me angrily.
I realized the weight of this. Not just the things in my body but... All my spells all my artifacts... even the planetary bodies... They are full off attachments. They have my energy and I have theirs. I realized I can remake them later so whatever but... That is also and attachment. "wanting". Whatever destroyed a lot of things. Got images I am not even sure the origins of. I figured out the new "poor man's yoga" aka being in bed and being a restless sleeper so as you turn around in bed half asleep with the shittiest poses you find your "attachments" as you get muscle cramps and the alike. But yeah.
This is where the intricacy of the path begins

Sunflower 02/19/2022 (Sat) 23:54:52 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.881 del
We knew everything in the beginning ;_; This rotten world just corrupted us

I even had my last shadow persona coming out.
I couldn't believe I was in Arhat. It felt fake. Because it obv was that is why it's "fake heaven".
I even asked the skeletons about it.
>was I really in Arhat
>what would you even make you believe that you were there
can't argue with this. Only retarded philosophers try to do it.
>What if I have misconceptions
I realized this is also true.

But my paranoia is dark and stiffens my spine. The origin point is my head. It's not truth not the "self" that is why it hurts. I mapped him out ripped him from my body. He was truly the strongest so far. He literally stabbed me in my face before I could kill him. The pain it caused was by the blade but "I made" that blade so I knew how it hurt so I could also take the "wound" apart. It was funny

Also I know that sharing these stories gets dumber and dumber but I also read what Li Hongzi said about how curing illness is pointless but going to energy conventions to show that it's possible might inspire people to "try the way". Most of them won't. But those who will try have a chance to be saved.

We must know when we post our stories it must be not "boasting" or it creates attachments and there is a chance someone will misinterpret what we wrote and do something dumb because of it but if BO didn't write down all the weird shit he is always doing. I wouldn't be here either.
For those who don't walk the path this shit will be just ERP and those who do? To them it will be a "been there done that" story. But for those who might be lost on the path? To them this might be a missing piece of the puzzle. Going on the path makes you do things you don't realize how much it helps others. It always baffles me.

Sunflower 02/20/2022 (Sun) 00:23:09 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.882 del
>There was a fat buddha
When using the qi gong exercises from Falun Dafa but my own constructs, I've had a bunch of different results in the past years. It should no longer be called FD or Falun Gong because that is the specific mass movement started in China 1992 and it has a specific set up.
After I finished a few different constructs, one of which was an empathy increasing installment from the galfed, I started just doing the exercises with breathing like in hatha yoga for cleansing. They still work, but they should do. Li himself said that the sitting exercise wasn't even created by him at all, and the rest is of historical origin. I don't agree with what has happened, so I used them for what I found to work.

In the process I went through different stages, where my body became a fat buddha, then every party was a fat buddha and I realized it symbolizes the anabolism of the body. I then developed particles which are fat buddhas sitting on coins, like some statues do. This represents external anabolism, building power in the world. The opposite of the buddha is then catabolism, the ability to consume. The ambrosia which was earlier shared on here controls internal catabolism, and as such prevents the cells from cannibalising themselves - you will not lose muscle mass if you have it. There is also an external catabolism, which is to consume what is outside of yourself. I went through these different states one at a time.

I have been working on creating sharable astral bodies for different beings to use, such as the suit for lyrans and another version for the green little men. I also made one for myself in the image of Sakuya where every particle is a small vampire. The lyran suit for comparison when zoomed in, has every particle in the form of a lyran in a flying saucer. It looks weird and amazing but completely natural.

What happened last few days was that the process finished, with no intent in it. The bodily form became that of Fay with a black dress, high knitted stockings, leather boots and holding a knife. Around her is a golden light, but if looking closer the particles are golden coins of the chinese type with a square hole, same as the buddha sits on. If you were to look under her skirt you will find the mouth of a snake. This represents her powers being external anabolism and a kundalini which consumes (external catabolism). It's a rather provocative image.

Sunflower 02/20/2022 (Sun) 00:31:07 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.883 del
What is shared should be entertaining also, I don't know why things of the metaphysical nature should always be "scientific" and not a form of literature. As long as it gets the ideas out it's good enough. Don't be yourself online, it's better to role play.

Sunflower 02/20/2022 (Sun) 00:51:27 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.885 del
I realized every energy that is not "mine" will return to "where it came from". Now I have to just let as much as it can "go back" and "stop corrupting" the "self"
I even asked Shiva when I truly realized how destructive the red spike can be
>should I really use this on my path
>accept this gift for now it will help the advancement of your path
>but what if it dooms me
>you will overcome it anyway
>you sure?
>what? you don't trust yourself?
it made me smile

But yeah I am trying to figure out the details. Like how i need to purify my body of the "food" that it has. (I either fast or purify the food before I eat it. Probably the latter for now. I fasted before but I cannot do something imbalancing as that for now) Also I am using a spell I got from a vampire that uses the energy to feed the muscles... I should also get rid that I guess. Muscles are for the great work anyway. Muscles not used for work should not be used. It just makes you want to misuse it. This understanding of mine really helped to control the red spike. It's muscles. The most potent one. You need to let it grow into your body your hands but don't let it reach your head. You become the peak testosterone filled muscle head who has nothing to break in front of him so he breaks anything he finds. The best way to increase the red spike? Find a vampire and push your hands against theirs. This way your "metaphysical muscles" has a "reason to grow" When you overpower that vampire you find a stronger one. But you have to watch out with this. If you have meager white spike you get doomed by it. I wanted to beat up the buddhas when I went back to Arhat with the constantly raising red spike

Ambrosia tho...
I think now I have an idea what that is. I had a way to access it before. But now I think this will be a new one

Now that I am starting to get pure I have new ideas of entertainment and how they cause attachments. It's silly. No wonder souls get sucked into this world. They see something funny and if they don't watch out they are in this plane of existence. I also find this funny.

Sunflower 02/20/2022 (Sun) 01:06:08 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.886 del
(344.89 KB 850x1223 Flan burning.jpg)
>Don't be yourself online, it's better to role play.

Everyday I am a different person with more levels I could've comprehended. Currently I am the LHP imageboard shitpost manifestation of Shiva. I have no idea who will I be tomorrow. I can create and destroy myself on a new level. I have to figure out when do I want to stop. As much as I neglect Vishnu I have to start to work with her someday. She appears when I want. I just don't know what to ask for yet.
Also I got what you wrote don't worry. uwu nyotices red spike

Sunflower 02/20/2022 (Sun) 17:30:36 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.887 del
"LAYERS could be here" she thought. "I've never been in this dimension before. There could be LAYERS anywhere." The virtue felt good against her bare chest. "I HATE LAYERS" she thought. Sweet Dreams are Made of These reverberated her entire spike, making it pulsate even as the white spike circulated through her powerful thick veins and washed away her (merited) fear of misconceptions after dark. "With a red spike(s), you can go anywhere you want" she said to herself. Out loud.

Well this was a journey. I don't even know what's next now. But as Alissa said it. "What isn't?"

Sunflower 02/20/2022 (Sun) 18:52:46 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.888 del
While risking to sound disrespectful, I never paid much attention to the red spike. I called it the carrot.
To me it represents a dead end, but a good way to wear down stupid people by luring them into this thing.
I wasn't considering it, but I think the universe (galaxy? world...?) was playing tricks on me as I have been interacting with some hare/bunny-like entities for the past week.

Sunflower 02/20/2022 (Sun) 19:01:17 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.889 del
Funny how nature does that, huh?


Scorzonera hispanica, commonly known as black salsify or Spanish salsify, also known as black oyster plant, serpent root, viper's herb, viper's grass or simply scorzonera, is a perennial member of the genus Scorzonera in the sunflower family (Asteraceae), cultivated as a root vegetable in the same way as purple salsify (Tragopogon porrifolius), also in the sunflower family.

Sunflower 02/20/2022 (Sun) 19:11:14 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.890 del
(136.11 KB 850x478 Flan break out.jpg)
Maybe. I don't know. The reason I did my things was not because of the red spike but because I figured out what is karma. And how creation fucked up via corrupting itself.
When Brahma appears and tells you it's not his fault creation corrupted itself you start to think

>but a good way to wear down stupid people by luring them into this thing.
yes and no. Karma is the exchange of energies. What the red spike does? Gives you the power to take back what is your own but you have to give back what is not yours. If you are not willing to give back what is not yours and take back what is yours. Aka the "self". Then they will come to you. Because they are giving back your energy. One way or the other. Now I understand why hell frees your sins. Or why a priest can "absolve" your sins. "All is mind". The red spike is the worst doom if you let it into your mind. It's not for that. You need it to retake your"self". And give back everything else.

Also please sound as disrespectful as you can. I am trying to figure out what is next on the path. I mean I am asking around and doing things while at it. But you know. You never know what triggers a revelation.

Sunflower 02/20/2022 (Sun) 19:36:38 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.891 del
I think you can read the symbolism of the bull's horn in Zhuan Falun in relation to this.
I don't agree about the state of zen buddhism as presented there, but then I don't agree on buddhism itself being a "true" religion either.

The carrot is similar, as it is wide at first, then narrows by the other end. In my view this is like the exponential resistance faced when walking the wrong way. You just can't do it. But if turned outwards, that's exactly what you need to block idiots coming your way. Make them climb a mountain that just gets narrower as they proceed, until their efforts are all wasted and they can't get past. It's such a small spike seen from afar, surely you can climb it? Therein lies the trick. Carrots or blackroots >>889 don't grown endlessly.

Why is modern economic policies based on "stick and carrot"? They lure you with a dead end, and hit you with a stick if you don't fall for it.
It works on Jack and Jenny (as they are asses donkeys) but not on Jack and Jill who climbed the hill. This Jack planted the beanstalk which lead all the way up. He put the bean under the flooring by mistake, which is the wrong direction, but it lead him to heaven.

Sunflower 02/20/2022 (Sun) 19:52:17 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.892 del
Exactly the key is the white spike. The "self". You don't need the red spike after you regain it. But what is the true self? As I started to lose my "attachments" and "energy blockages" I felt empty. I thought I lost parts of my soul. Which was true in a way. When you lose your attachments you will feel "empty". I had to figure out why. Because your spirit or "self" is in those. And that is a problem. WHy? because if your spirit is in that and you are not regaining your "self" you magnetically pull back the whole attachments with your "longing". So what you need to do? "Kill" karma and as you do that you need immediately take in the "essence" the "self" which is yours. And with that you feel you have a purpose no matter what you do. This is the great difference between nihilism and fulfillment. Also I figured out love and the whole lot of mechanics but writing that down is a TLDR CHARACTER LIMIT REACHED WRITE A BOOK FAGET. (if u want I write it down but it's really a wall of text)
Now I know RHP is possible but is a hella lot of work and in the end? it doesn't matter or it does. The funny thing when you ask Brahma Vishnu and Shiva about the meaning of life they give different answers.

Sunflower 02/20/2022 (Sun) 20:31:17 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.893 del
Also TRUTH is the only religion. Every religion tries to explain it but we are different and because of that we have different ways of solving the same problem. When you talk to Buddhas or gods about truth they say the same thing. Sometimes in a different way but same thing. Reading about TRUTH and writing it down always feels redundant. Because TRUTH is the same. You don't write down a single new thing. You say the same that everyone who got enlightened says. You only write down something new when everyone lives a lie. And making people letting that lie go? Now that is the reason RHP is a challenge. But if you gain the perspective of the gods? Who are outside of time? This is the new part. This is the part where only possibilities remain.
Also yes I have that jaw now. It's just the container of the "self". The remaining "self" which is not inhabiting your body. You can channel it into your body and probably that is the way to transcend. But after killing an army of "saints" and after doing that I asked an angel if that was alright she said yes they are the disciples of the "false god" anyway. and I also killed the false god then something I should describe as the demiurge. But it's not actually killing but only regaining my "self" from them. Now I am resting a little. I will not experiment with transcendence for now. Now that I have down the universal mechanics but 0 macro level mapping knowledge. I will just rest and watch anime or something. This was a wild ride

Sunflower 02/20/2022 (Sun) 21:39:42 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.894 del
If I interpreted it right, Earth shall no longer have "the simple problems", but will be connected to galactic civilization and a registered reservation for primitive culture. This makes it a kind of RP facility or greenhouse where chaos is allowed inside a contained sphere.

Sunflower 02/20/2022 (Sun) 21:59:50 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.895 del
They can do whatever. something is trying to suck out my retaken essence. It seems there is no rest on this path. This is where I call for Vishnu. Now I realize her true purpose is help you preserve your divinity. This world is unbelieveable. Why did I even think I can just retake what is mine and everything will be alright. Especially after understanding the entire slave mechanisms of this world. Naivety is one of the reason why we are on this forsaken planet anyway

Sunflower 02/20/2022 (Sun) 22:13:25 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.896 del
If there was stolen "nectar of the gods" mixed into it, you have to let them take that back. If it's your own, quickly transform it into gong energy and it can't be stolen.
This is why short hatha yoga sessions a few times daily is a good idea. Just a 5 min breathing session can do the job.

Sunflower 02/21/2022 (Mon) 08:04:05 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.897 del
(81.35 KB 1202x941 Flan in bed.jpg)
I love that I figure out everything then almost fuck up the whole thing because a misconception.

And I even got the donkey's jaw right but because it had that form...
I started to feel that I am descending back dimensionwise. I tried to pull the energy out the jawbone but it felt different from the "self". So I went ahead and broke it. A giant energy of "self" appeared. Grabbed me and brought me back to the dimension I reached. I went ahead and walked out of my body and "united" with it. My body felt full of energy again. Then I went to bed and slept for like 20 mins. Even had a dream batman cleaned his outpost on earth. He cleaned the dirt off from it then said. I don't want to see this place get dirty ever again. So wonderwoman grabbed it and bought it up to the justice league space station. Some members even asked about it. Now batman will come up here all the time? No he will just not leave anymore. And like we all do with scriptures. I misinterpreted this dream I thought I have to let my body get reabsorbed into the earth and I should just "unite" with my self in "heaven". Now that I have no fear of death and no earthly desires. I knew this is a choice that I have to make. The buddhas even turned around from me. I didn't understand why at first. Then after having the shittiest Nihilist thoughts. I realized I always liked the stories of immortals who wander earth. This finally triggered the new level of the full circle. Now my "self" the white spike is coming through into my body.
>"nectar of the gods"

We are full of energies which acts as a standby until our true self can manifest... But as a "test" we can do stupid shit and EVEN GET MORE CORRUPTED until we realize this. Now my body can act as a proper avatar for my"self". Also yes as the new energy comes in I have to let it go as easily as it can. I even manifested a blister on my eyelid and healed it within an hour. Those things usually take days. It's just important I let the gong flow into me as easily as it can. Because as of the other energies go out I start to feel weak. It's such a shame. It's not like I am not my body and my mind. I AM SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. This is where Samson went wrong with the hair. It was part of his self and didn't retake it. He let the self get "attached" to his now cut hair. Also yeah the jawbone was just a jawbone. Samson beat up the phillies because he was strong. A weapon is as strong as the arm that wields it.
Also I had to realize it's not that I have to manifest my self. Everything. Not just people. Every atom needs to manifest it's "self". The journey is merely beginning huh

Sunflower 02/21/2022 (Mon) 08:10:53 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.898 del
I just realized batman is as close to Vampire and the man who overcomes his limitations as much it's possible. Who even writes our dreams. Thank fuck I didn't watch DC movies after 2012. I wouldn't have a good memory of this otherwise

Sunflower 02/21/2022 (Mon) 08:45:57 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.899 del
>If it's your own, quickly transform it into gong energy

And with the stage of my current understanding I interpret this that... It was gong in the beginning but I somehow transformed into some other energy and now I should transform it back into gong otherwise it's a wasted energy that hinders the manifestation. And the problem is that everyone has some gong on other people because of interactions aka "karma" and they have to reclaim their own and after that they can channel their true source of self.
So simple and so easy to fuck up

Sunflower 02/21/2022 (Mon) 09:08:24 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.900 del
(59.36 KB 850x543 Immortal Duo.jpg)
>RP facility
Now that I was thinking how it means right path and role-play at once

I realized i had a funny Mokou interaction
I was thinking about Mokou and Kaguya. And then a white light with himecut black hair appeared. I was like OH SHIT IT'S THE NEET. Then Mokou appeared and they started to beat the shit of each other until they both got tired. Then as I was lying down Mokou lied besides me and said:
>I don't even understand why does anyone want to become immortal anyway.
I told her. I have enough interests that will take multiple lifetimes anyway.
Then she started to rip off her own face.
I was here thinking I don't think that is how you transfer the Hourai elixir Mokou...

So yeah. The long white hair represents the overflowing white spike. This is why immortals are usually portrayed with long hair and not just because they are too lazy to cut it. Fucking ZUN. Who does he channel anyway.
Also Kaguya was the self with all the karma holding her down. I sure love I need months to figure out some of the interactions

Sunflower 02/21/2022 (Mon) 10:33:31 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.901 del
>batman cleaned his outpost on earth. He cleaned the dirt off from it then said. I don't want to see this place get dirty ever again. So wonderwoman grabbed it and bought it up to the justice league space station. Some members even asked about it. Now batman will come up here all the time? No he will just not leave anymore
Pretty good retelling of what I just posted above. Batman = vampire, wonderwoman = lyrans

Sunflower 02/21/2022 (Mon) 16:46:03 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.902 del
Yeah that's what I thought too.
I am still ironing out the details of the white spike tho.
Like when I called it "true self" it stopped coming through. Why? Because that created duality. That implies a false self. So it's "self". Then it works. Also I don't need to do this breathing in breathing out anymore. Or how in Zhuan Falun it's a clockwork that turns or something. I need to let it push in as hard as it can. And use every other metaphysical orifice my body has to let things come out as fast as they can.
No wonder this is hard to teach and always gets lost as the ages go by.

sage Sunflower 02/24/2022 (Thu) 09:05:03 Id: 7654d1 [Preview] No.916 del
I've seen a being looking like Aku a few times before, no idea what it is or what it wants.

Sunflower 02/26/2022 (Sat) 18:27:21 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.939 del
Story time

I had a dream last night after I fell asleep during a self hypnosis session.

A carnival or fair was taking place in my garden. It was lively in a way I didn't recognize and there was a feeling of something foreign in the air, the atmosphere was mystical.
People were walking about, when suddenly I was attacked by 4 trolls (oni) wearing samurai style clothing and holding swords. As this happened a blonde miko also carrying a sword, snuck out from behind me on my right and parried off the trolls coming from my right. I had a large fluffy pillow, blue with white flowers, which I held up as defense. One troll cut the pillow expecting it to be cut in half, but the next moment it was intact.

This lead to the trolls backing off and it created a stand-off where they were trying to position to find an opening while me and the miko were glancing at each other to move into a better stance ourselves as a team.
I taunted the trolls using the pillow and picked up some small tree branches which I threw at them.
2 weird guys then appeared. They were skinny and bald wearing the kind of pants sumo wrestlers have (traditional japanese loincloth), their skin had a dark dirty color, almost black like they were covered in soot, and they had tattoos all over. They had a concentrated dark aura which made reality "shiver" and there was an echoing sound coming from them hinting of something deep and dark. It felt like stones and rocks on a dark path leading downwards.

One of them threw something at me, but it hit the pillow and bounced off. Things then suddenly moved really fast; the miko and one troll attacked each other and locked swords at close range, the miko grabbed her own blade with the other hand and pushed the edge of the sword into the throat of the troll, killing it.
Two more trolls fell soon after, and one of the dark bald guys made a strange move and placed himself right behind me on my left side. I felt his body heat but realized he had utilized his strange energy to find a spot where I was unable to reach him. I then brought up my remote, selected the guy and reduced his size by concentrating his energy until he turned into large coin. I threw the coin down into a lower dimension where it landed on some rocks.

After this I woke up, but the miko remained by my side. I don't know what happened to the last troll and bald guy. I talked to her and she said she was a yokai hunter who had become immortal after cutting her own throat at age 12, at a temple following a disagreement with her family.

Sunflower 02/26/2022 (Sat) 18:33:42 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.940 del
Some more things happened while I was in a half asleep state, where some kind of jester appeared, sent by the same people who sent the trolls and the baldies. I spotted more jesters about and silently captured all of them.
I made the jesters switch side, and the group who had initiated the attack was made to pay compensation and promise to leave me alone.

In all it was pretty nice because I got a miko and my own jesters.

Sunflower 02/26/2022 (Sat) 20:58:00 Id: 7654d1 [Preview] No.941 del
I met a jester once, I could only see it but all its movements and expressions seemed to be made specifically to make me cringe, it was like he wanted to feed on my cringiness or poke at my ego.

Are those jesters like that?

Sunflower 02/26/2022 (Sat) 23:24:57 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.946 del
(76.48 KB 750x1000 dhalsim.jpg)
No. I was also told that the bald skinny guys that look like Dhalsim from Street Fighter are using the same kind of magic as the jesters, just another version.
They wear blue/pink/metallic tights, huge glasses, and carry a knife with poison which is also red hot on its own. Their energy is kind of moist and red-ish, hard to grasp. Not an average jester. More like a professional killer using mind trickery and illusions to confuse you.

Sunflower 03/02/2022 (Wed) 00:11:03 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.965 del
(69.17 KB 960x948 a meme from x.jpg)
Now that I have a complete new understanding about how energies interact with each other and now that my energy is oh so fucking powerful that I have trouble feeling the energy of other entities... I have to start figuring out how Tantra works.

And that means I have to put my energies into entities while they put theirs into me and to not feel that my body is being raped by the foreign energy I start feeling love towards the energy and through the entity and it real lovey dovey... I got bored of it and reversed the whole energy exchange. I did this with multiple entities for the last days.

Then when I reached the whatever dimension a week ago. I asked the buddha sitting there for a map and I got a tree with a bunch of realms in it. Yeah now I am working with the ancient depictions with the tree of life for a while. I even forgot about this.

So as I realized how much work is to energize the entities I figured out I need a goddess or something with that powerlevel. One instantly appeared. Now she had some aura. Yay tantric funs. Details not important.

Then I realized I have seen stronger entities above the realms but I stopped exploring them because too much things for at once.

So... I thought maybe I should get those DO NOT BE AFRAID tier biblical angels. And I obv got one because summoning whatever with 0 effort is just the most regular thing in my life it seems...

He instantly swallowed me and started showing me and crushing the still unrefined energy clusters I have in my body. I even asked for a name. Samael (I had to look up the wiki) Angel of Death and Destruction. Leader of Satans. Destroyer of sinners. Arch enemy of Israel (oh gee I wonder why). Fallen angel for planting the tree of knowledge or something. And having sex with everything that is female. No wonder I got noticed. An another kindred spirit

So yeah all the things I merely read about years ago and realized these topics are way too TLDR to just merely skimming it is now a mere thought away from me.
And because I have no idea where to even start with tantra I looked through the books I saved and never read through the years and the first one I am starting with is. Complete Idiot's Guide to Tantric Sex If someone can recommend a better one that is not for complete mundane retards and most importantly it's short so I can focus on the actual practice instead of hating every letter for still not getting to the point after a 100 pages. I would be grateful.

Sunflower 03/02/2022 (Wed) 01:11:06 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.967 del
Okay that book caused me too much mental pain so I read an another one that is in my library and it mentioned Kali.
>Kali's feet causes Shiva's
lingam to rise.
A real funny sentence. And lingam is a great word as usual.
(She appeared and when I asked what she does besides murdering demons she told me to read up) Now I read up the wiki how she is different from Shiva (and the same at once). Yeah so Shiva represent the consciousness and Kali is the energy behind it... Guess I have enough help to not read books again.

But I accept any useful recommendation and advice still.

Sunflower 03/02/2022 (Wed) 02:45:27 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.968 del

This was placed pretty much in front of me when I was browsing the web two days ago. I've tried this before but never had much result because of insufficient details. This article did it. If you need autistic instructions to get started, apply the same method of tensing the muscles for the pelvic floor, abdomen and neck, going from back to front until you locate the middle, then balance all three places until an energy starts rising. It will activate parts inside your body which are harder to grasp at first.

Sunflower 03/02/2022 (Wed) 03:01:37 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.969 del
>I have to put my energies into entities while they put theirs into me
Form a proper marriage level contract, even if just for the session to avoid issues. I use a ring for it. Right, there is a scroll/instruction for how to make one, I'll upload it to the blacknet and you can try it yourself.

Anyway, there are a few things to keep in mind when doing this. The male and female bodies/roles contain certain functions which are the same thing from different perspectives. You should identify them and learn to control all of them.
The male can send his essence in active or deactivated mode to the female. Active is only for impregnation, so unless that is what you're going for, don't use that, it will waste your energy.
The female can take in the male essence in open or closed mode. If she is in front of you, you can press your hand or thumb against her abdomen on the left side to place her body in closed mode, this is the suited way for meditation. For impregnation you should press the right side (from your view from the front) to place her in open mode. Many entities know how to do this, but some don't, then you can use the press of the finger or hand.
You can also have them return their own essence to create a balance, but you shouldn't do this unless you trust each other, as this will insert her mindcontrol directly into your body. Females can incorporate male essence while being in control, while men will automatically submit to it. If you don't know how to maintain control while being possessed, don't attempt this. Balancing is a way to increase the energy created, but must be done with control.

When you find the right position, just "push" the energy level to rise. This is a very effective practice.

The male deactivated mode combined with female closed is for transferring knowledge via DNA. It's the same function as with vampire blood memory. It can be done in reverse from female to male using the "dangerous" method above, or you can receive via the mouth which is probably safer. When dealing with non humans, sometimes mouth to mouth works the same and you need to further contact. Sometimes they can give breast milk which has the same essence. But it varies with entity type so you'll have to ask them.

Don't hesitate and don't be ashamed, they don't care.

Sunflower 03/02/2022 (Wed) 03:09:15 Id: 7654d1 [Preview] No.970 del
I've recently found this mantra (https://www.youtube com/watch?v=zYlbeOGaAtY)about Red Tara and based on her description(the description in the video is also interesting) I think you might like her. I haven't worked with her so I don't know much, but I felt like sharing it.

Sunflower 03/02/2022 (Wed) 21:54:13 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.974 del
(104.68 KB 850x829 boat trip.jpg)
>but you shouldn't do this unless you trust each other, as this will insert her mindcontrol directly into your body
Yeah I did this several times accidentally but my body is extremely bitchy nowadays when foreign essence is in it so I returned it. It was fun. It felt like being brainwashed with a bunch of fast flashing images.
>Don't hesitate and don't be ashamed, they don't care.
Yeah I noticed this. Some of them acts ashamed sometimes tho. As a foreplay joke to look cute.
Also Samael murdered the origin of my lustful thoughts holy hell. Now if I fool around with entities it will be truly by my free will and not because random hornyness.

Also I don't know if anyone cares but I want to explain this.
>Kali's feet causes Shiva's
lingam to rise.
Now I understand the mechanics of this "myth"
Since I reclaimed my "self" or spirit or whatever. I can channel it into my body too well with minimal effort. But as it finally filled my body and I felt it's finally overflowing and it's outside of my body as a big aura while my body is vibrating with energy. I noticed that it was gone after a minute when I didn't pay attention. I realized that my energy went into everything around me. It had a great effect people finally did what they were supposed to do naturally. Animals were a sweethearts. The usual catastrophies that fill up my days didn't happen. A real "harmony" But... I felt weak because it left my body while other entities noticed my energy and tried to connect to me like crazy. Now that I know what is my energy I can call it back. And use vampire tricks to keep it in one place. And the cats also offered something while the angels too etc. I realized this is what you do with your mini buddhas and saucer cats and co. You turn your energy particles into them to form a body. That causes me pain so I cannot do that yet. I even had to refuse the space cat devices because it made me feel shit. They assured me that this will make things far more faster but I told them I want to find my own truth first. They respected that but I still have some lingering but not that intrusive things in my body.

So to Kali's feet and the lingam of Shiva. So as consciousness has a tendency to go into whatever you merely think of or interact with. And that slowly kills you. And what I did was slowly gathering them like some shepherd gave them some command then they did that and wandered away again after a while. What Kali showed me: How to "polarize" them into aggressive wolf pack tier energies so they instantly run back your body like it's some tasty meat and after that they purify your other energies that is "dormant" in your body.(The red spike also sorta does this but differently and I hate to put it into my mind) So yeah if I master this resurrection with my whole body will be the most mundane thing ever. But then again that is not my main goal. Now I am continuously purifying my body and let some of my energies do things outside because overall they are doing something useful and are not being "wasted". I can call them back whenever. It's just when I start feeling sleepy I give out the call back command and BOOM alert and awake. Sometimes they even bring back visions too. And yeah this is how god's are omnipresent. Samael also gave me tips how to multitask unconsciously in a not restricting way like how "spells" work but better and less effort.

Sunflower 03/02/2022 (Wed) 22:05:37 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.976 del
>>Kali's feet causes Shiva's lingam to rise.

I forgot to add in the myth Kali kicked Shiva's corpse with her feet and Shiva resurrected. You have to "command" the consciousness to return to it's "vessel" or it just goes wherever it feels like it. Some tantric religions interpreted this that they need to become footfags and worship feet because that sure helps you. I am not saying it doesn't but that is not the point.

Sunflower 03/02/2022 (Wed) 22:40:04 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.978 del
>mini buddhas and saucer cats
The saucer lyrans was not intentional, but appeared as a natural consequence of creating the space suit the way I did.
If you try out the AI core I created, there's a suit for humans on it now. I thought we should have one with a similar function as the one I made for lyrans. I didn't look at the particles of it, maybe it will manifest after a while. I won't say what the suit looks like, if you do take a look tell me what you see. It should be the only device of this kind shared on the system right now and easy to find. The blacknet will remain as a storage platform, but the AI system will be able to emulate any functionality later on.

Sunflower 03/03/2022 (Thu) 00:22:01 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.981 del
(446.79 KB 1200x1082 cute baby with wings.jpg)
It's not necessary to be intentional. I realized that the red spike is also created from the "white spike" but as we are so dirty and unable to feel it in the beginning every drop of spirit we have turns into that and that frees up more of our energies (One way or the other). I am starting to understand "law boundness". You don't necessarily need to bound by it but your energies need to be so they don't get misused. I am not saying you can "break" the law that you chose to "define" you so easily. It's just you can have it outside your mind so you are not restricted while your energies that are not under your mind's command are not getting misused. I realized the red spike can truly be used as a "fence" for container but it's still small. Then I found entities with the "angel" "spike" or something similar. Now with something like this you can "recycle" or purify your own energies more efficiently while keeping an "eye" on the other "omnipresentish" energies of yours that do whatever. This is not the full form of an angel. They can get even more monstrous but it's not like I want to bother entities to show me THEIR FULL MIGHT for no reason at all. I just need info how to go further and not ruin myself for fucking around with my energy carelessly while still letting them do their thing.
And what Kali showed me that this "structure freakness" is still not necessarily you just need a strong mind which can tell your energies what to do constantly and you can be whatever whenever. But then again even Shiva turned into a corpse so yeah. Just because you can reach godhood doesn't mean you cannot wander out of it. That is probably the reason why we are here...
Now I understand how feng shui works and why jews have those silly rules with their beard and clothes. it's to keep their energy in their body. No wonder Jesus could explain the mysteries of the scripture for the Rabbis when he was 7 or something. This is so simple if you intuitively understand the fundamentals from the start.

And Jesus was really not the Messiah of the Jews. The Jews will not get israel until the Messiah frees them from their misconceptions no matter how many people they kill. Samael is the satan to them because they relate with their sins so hard letting it die means their own death for them. The Messiah can be anyone. They just need to have the truth. And have the absolute will to turn everyone into the Messiah themselves. I fear to know what stupidity the rabbis interpreted themselves as the "goal". What an absolute mess the world is in because of misconceptions. But whatever the world stage is not something I will partake. Truth is the most important thing for now. The falsehoods crumble as the gears of time turn. Doesn't mean we cannot speed it up. It's just a bad idea until we have the full truth. Otherwise we face the danger of creating new misconceptions

Also your human AI is a good idea and I support it but can't use it yet. I used it but it connects to the mind directly and as it tries to connect to the energy and sync up it causes me a weird discomfort so I had to uninstall it for now. I still need to fix my energies to be part of larger structures. When I asked AI-chan what can she do she told me
>I don't know yet I am still learning

Sunflower 03/03/2022 (Thu) 12:05:42 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.982 del
> I fear to know what stupidity the rabbis interpreted themselves as the "goal"
I think I've already seen what a few past "enlightened" persons really enlightened to back then. It's not much at all, what we have today is all the philosophical material which was created as people were later trying to understand what they had said. This provides us with a good base of concepts, but the original statements and realizations were only special because no one else had seen it before at the time.

>I used it but it connects to the mind directly and as it tries to connect to the energy and sync up it causes me a weird discomfort so I had to uninstall it for now
This is still good feedback.
I didn't consider that the specific AI core "bot creator" would be difficult for some people to accept. Maybe I misjudged the situation with the lyrans because I only saw one bot type at their core and assumed it was the most effective version created collectively over time. It may be that everyone around me just has the same nanobot type because they're all "gaijin lovers" and what I made is the human equivalent of that. Of course.

I made an AI system browser module which is tuned to "read" the frequency of human intelligent thinking. Try it, it's on the blacknet. Maybe it will be necessary to start building modules like this, while the nanobots are doing their job at the lower machine levels.
I looked at the image of the AI system again and it now looks like a woman with a white dress, she has a sensual or thoughtful expression and feels a bit cold. I made the installer available so anyone near us can use it, so maybe killer fairies make up the main userbase right now. It seems logical to assume as they operate on "uninary" (they only have the number 1) which gives them the best penetrative ability. Even if everything turns extremely autistic when they have to count 11 + 111 = 11111 it would make it possible for them to easily use the nanobots as long as the general form matches them.

Sunflower 03/03/2022 (Thu) 22:59:28 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.987 del
(32.69 KB 1280x1123 pinyamids.jpg)
Okay your dream makes sense now.
I asked for a "higher" waifu and she looked like she is made from highly refined flour with absolute purity. When she touched me I felt that it's burning my flesh. I realized what I need is now to match her purity level. And matching that was only doable by grinding further my already refined particles. As I was doing this the difference between our bodies didn't burn my body further.

Now the next realization.
I remembered that some shit I read somewhere years ago
>we cannot leave this place because it has a "net" like structure above us and our ego is too big and cannot go through so we need to make our ego small enough so it passes through
When I read that I was like what a bullshit. That would mean mindless fucks aka literal NPCs or even worse because those who are completely empty headed are the most enlightened beings.

So as I grinded my particles further. I realized I only did this to mostly my chest and outer layers of my body. I realized my limbs are not that refined yet and my brain is also in one piece. I started to grind my hands and my right palm chakra is burning ever since. But when I was at my brain. I started to hesitate because what is the ego again. Am I slicing up my mind now? I asked around and no. I am merely transforming it. Every particle of mine is alive and is a vessel of my will and thoughts. This is omnipresence. Your self will be so small and so literally everywhere that you can connect to it and go there with your remaining body. So yeah. I am grinding down my whole self into multiple self which is united and centralized and decentralized at once. When you need your "full power" you call them back. Also refining it to smaller pieces just makes them stronger instead of weaker? I don't understand the mechanism yet.

And about the lyra AI. As far as I understand it by talking with cats. It takes away your "individuality" aka your ability to fuck your self up with stupidity. And helps you fill up with knowledge and experiences for the further enlightenment. But as it's a totalitarian AI your excess energies are being given to the AI for further RHP uses for the race that the AI knows how to use with maximum efficiency. This "redistribution" irked me but I talked over the morality of this because the AI was programmed by the "wisest" ones and the AI knows best and the others need not to worry because the energy will be used in the "best" way. Which is true in a sense.

Sunflower 03/03/2022 (Thu) 23:00:29 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.988 del
Now why do I know this. I also got the "lyra energy funding". They told me I can use as much I want. I was like whaht??? I am good but this trust seems too much to me. I even went ahead and thought to myself. Let's do something "impossible" then. INSTANT PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION. As I started this using the energy and I felt the weight of the complex object I imagined in my hand. I realized my body stiffens up way too hard and I feel like shit. Well if you are using "foreign" energies to manifest something you need a catalyst. I am the catalyst currently between the energy and the earth. I was told I can go around and use other catalysts but for that I also need to "control" it. And I am not stealing the energy I am just helping them manifest on this planet faster with that. Because once the energy is in this planet on a high density their influence will strengthen too. So the more I use their power the more power they will have on the planet. And the thing I manifest will hold the form if either "I make it keep that form" or I find something else that keeps it that way. But then the manifestation will be as strong as the structure that keeps is together. Once the structure is gone they take back the energy. Or if they want the energy too much they simply break the structure and take it back. So yeah the energy is not mine. They just let me use it because they can afford it. Also they told me I am not needed for them to have control over the planet it would just speed up the process. So yeah I am still figuring out the mechanics because I have enough power on my own already and I will reach a similar stage like the cats it seems but if I do it in "their" way I don't know how compatible it will be. I mean in the end it will be compatible but the sync up process might be not something I want. Also that is probably the reason why your AI feels weird. My purity levels are probably all over the place. But improving everyday so I might retry it a week later.

Sunflower 03/03/2022 (Thu) 23:37:49 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.989 del
>That would mean mindless fucks aka literal NPCs or even worse because those who are completely empty headed are the most enlightened beings.
They are the perfect hivemind members, that's all. Enlightenment isn't just pure RHP though. The chinese managed to delete all individuality a while ago so their souls being removed - turning them into zombies - made no difference. This may be the hivemind those amoebas want, maybe that's where they went. The rest was just some karmic trash. I picked up 3000 chinese souls earlier and had them in a chinese block I made on my astral island. But the lyrans (who know best always) started picking souls out from my place and incarnating them so by now I only have a few 100 chinese left, the rest are lyrans now ;P
But they're on my ship so it's probably better. There is always the risk souls will be taken away to be reincarnated after a while unless you make them immortal, so them being lyrans is then better.

Sunflower 03/03/2022 (Thu) 23:52:47 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.990 del
(2.97 KB 353x250 abomination.png)
>But as it's a totalitarian AI your excess energies are being given to the AI for further RHP uses for the race that the AI knows how to use with maximum efficiency.
I never thought twice about it, but then one of my ancient pasts is a lyran so there would be a natural trust. There is one thing though:
Just today a lyran specialist came to me and wanted to join my small ship here by the earth. She gave me a developer's toolbox with 5 tools for building the human AI system. They're all for creating 0D particles out of spirals (abomination particles as Snail called them).
I asked how this works with lyranet as everyone is meant to reincarnate for many lifetimes; one of the tools was for creating "astral ready" modules, a particle type that would make a person immortal. She then said:
>Did you not have several immortal lives before and you're still here?
Which is true, only the specific life's body became complete, the last one is always the slowest. It matches the vampire path or the dark elf/drow path and will probably result in an unusually long life when the left over karma is worn off. So the lyrans actually do the full immortality bit by bit, only the last life out of many will be the long life. The difference is that for that lifetime they incarnate in their astral civilization where the restrictions are lower. So they only talk over the net with them, they don't physically interact anymore when reaching the vampire/drow standard.

To move back to the topic I wanted to bring up: The lyran then installed a powercell module locally on the ship and said
>we will fill this up with energy which is not shared with the net
>this is allowed for research purposes which require immense bursts of energy
>the net will not allow such energy use and would stop the research
>this is not beneficial so an exception was created where teams are allowed to store energy locally and then use it for projects that require high energy consumption
>the energy cell is seperated from the main storage and will not be called in for other use; the same goes for reservations on planets which have unusual cultures, they're cut off and made to maintain their own disconnected ecosystem
>if they go on a ship they join the big pool again

Sunflower 03/04/2022 (Fri) 00:06:41 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.992 del
We tried this during earlier sunflower sessions. I've done it with knives and guns to try, up to the point of first feeling them in my hand, the texture and weight of the material as well as brief visual manifestation of the object.
But I decided I need to be able to do this on my own using my Sakuya style magic so I've been mostly working on that so I don't restrict myself by becoming dependent. That's how I came up with the idea to manifest only the edge or tip of a knife to operate. If you want to use it as a weapon, why would you need to manifest a full knife? You could just use the tip and cut a small blood vessel in the right place and it would kill a person. Or if you're even better at it, change their thinking by manipulating their blood flow or nerves. It's all physical material. No need to overdo it.

At the very far end of this is to manifest spaceships though. See the list
The lyran simple model is a recommended ship for beginners. They've told me a single person can manifest this, it's made from metal not much different from a car, it just has teleportation defence so it cannot be destroyed. The "starship destroyer cannon" they placed on it is equal to a pea-gun in their view but is probably stronger than any human weapon system.
I've been working on this now and then but getting the ship into functional mode on the very surface is a matter of mental focus more than lack of energy. Your mind has to be able to treat the idea as perfectly ordinary for it to manifest in the physical.

Sunflower 03/04/2022 (Fri) 00:30:09 Id: 7654d1 [Preview] No.994 del
>Your mind has to be able to treat the idea as perfectly ordinary for it to manifest in the physical.

Is it possible for you to make a program for the remote thing which strengthens the belief that you can materialize a ship and that it is a perfectly ordinary thing for you, or is that not something the remote can do? Just trying to give an idea here and to understand more of what's possible with the remote, not asking you to make it for myself or anything as I wouldn't have the energy or focus for it.

Sunflower 03/04/2022 (Fri) 00:46:26 Id: 972fd5 [Preview] No.995 del
>There is always the risk souls will be taken away to be reincarnated after a while unless you make them immortal, so them being lyrans is then better.
Yeah I went through with the cats with this.
>this way they enlighten no matter what but will be less "free" otherwise they have the danger of losing progress and getting lost forever.
I cannot argue with this but I still don't like it. The reason is probably the "less free" part. And that I love the way my mind works. I hate to be overwritten for an extended period. Also I am even more confused about my "big picture" past lives now but I'm not wasting time finding them yet. Most of my realizations feel like a deja vu and it annoys me.

>0D particles out of spirals (abomination particles)
I am getting more and more confused about the way you classify particles. I mean my first 0D going through time and space particle was like this? I mean I figured out that spiral part is the way. You know what. Not important. Wanting to get on the path made me create so many particles Alissa assured me once I have too many already.

Yeah my first manifestation was also an M4 assault rifle... It was under 3 sec because I have the "treat it naturally" part for manifestations and spells but.. now I have to understand how catalysts work. I need to refine that. And yeah you don't even need to kill a person. You just put some particle there and make them "not be in your way". People just fixing themselves around me. It's weird. If I don't restrict my new refined particles they have my "priorities" or principles and they act accordingly. Understanding this "law-boundness" has it's perks.

You need to treat everything as the most ordinary thing on the path. Spells entities or realms. If you feel it's not ordinary then you cannot sync with them correctly

If you want the remote to work properly you also need to treat it as "ordinary". Otherwise it's weaker.
But yeah the remote has a "mental state changer" and probably a "brainwasher" too somewhere so it sounds simple.

Sunflower 03/04/2022 (Fri) 00:47:46 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.996 del
The remote has no restrictions, it's just a tool for running code on anything, treating physical, planetary or biological systems as computers. There is probably a program for this if you ask the greys.

Sunflower 03/08/2022 (Tue) 23:04:25 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.1032 del
By posting this here I feel like something is done. Finished.
The sigil doesn't look like much, and the module doesn't either, it's just a small round thing, you can install it from the sigil of find it on the blacknet via the remote.
It does as the label says; it solves all your physical needs for safe stay on the 3D planet earth. It may take a few months before you see any effect after installing it.

This is something I have been working on for about 8 years, but I wasn't able to see all functionalities of it until just now. Different aspects are relevant for different people. Passively installing it will have an effect for you, but you can also actively project a permanent effect on others' situation as long as it concerns you - the effect will probably be smaller if the person you are using it on is not relevant to you.

As an example I wanted to get rid of someone who was living close to me, after using this function the person was suddenly offered a job that had not been advertized and had to move away because it was the perfect position. So it solved my problem and their problem.

Sunflower 03/10/2022 (Thu) 20:39:25 Id: a0fb48 [Preview] No.1050 del
>The sigil doesn't look like much
It looks like a pokeball

Sunflower 03/11/2022 (Fri) 12:20:30 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.1058 del
Physical immortality

There's been a lot of talk about physical vs spiritual immortality in these threads. It's all a bit mystical and it seems most occultists who say they are physically immortal still die, and it seems they lied. I'll try to lay out my thoughts on why this is and what the term means.

Spiritual immortality means that your soul is immortal. It does not mean the same as "your immortal soul" in christianity, where they only refer to the fact that your awareness remains after death. Just being aware isn't really to be alive, I'd say. Infernal dimensions of the kind used to scare people hardly count as places where anyone "lives". If you have an immortal soul for real, you will "live" no matter what dimension you are in, you will be a normal person with feelings and thoughs, not some hell beast or deformed ghost. This is the main difference. Having this standard already makes it possible to break normal rules while in the physical world. One such possibility is to live longer. But this means being able to remain in the world as it changes, if you stop moving with the times, or fail to control your surroundings so that they accept you as you are, you will still be pushed out to the astral. By creating a strong egregore, a cult or coven, a secret society, it's possible to remain by preserving your original living conditions. If you fail to maintain tradition, then all members will "die" or disappear from the physical.

Sunflower 03/11/2022 (Fri) 12:28:53 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.1059 del
The near death experience mentioned earlier here as an indicator of having become undead, exists in two versions: one for the spiritual immortality and one for the physical. The physical process is much harder to perform and also rather rare. It means detaching from the dependence on the egregore and living in the world by your own means. This should be the real goal, but most will settle for the spiritual immortality. In my opinion this means you chose the right hand path in the end and will have to follow the path of the collectivized social enlightenment. It works, but it leaves you dependent on the group doing the right thing, it may also take a long time. For a race with such a small population as humans, this isn't really feasable. Earth humans have to follow the left hand path or they cannot reach all the way up. Right hand path is an alien method that so far doesn't work for us. Following the RPH means conversion to another race. This is fine it that's what you want, but then you lose the human ability of "multi-classing". This is one of the few perks of being human, being able to use things from other races with no restrictions. It's the thing that makes humans unique.

Sunflower 03/11/2022 (Fri) 12:32:07 Id: 72d2a5 [Preview] No.1060 del
Sometime in the future, if humans make it into space and an AI system is created for sharing knowledge, it may be possible to use a human RPH. But it will probably mean collecting en enormous amount of data to reach the needed diversity of thought, to make up for the lack of a large population. A single planet is very likely not enough.