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Just new ones seen.

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My testimony is Jesus loves me and died for my sins. He is King and Master of all. Praise ye the LORD let us worship Him with our lives. Honour Him and give Him all we can, meditate on His name which is what he represents and who He is, for He is a rewarder of them who seek Him and we will receive a good thing from the God of love and justice. Never give in to satan, but follow Jesus until the end and His promises of salvation. We are not God's champion, He is our champion. He is our fighter and our keeper and He will correct our paths so long as we know Him. Keep the knowledge of salvation and the Gospel soft and fresh in our hearts. Never let it become a mundane fact to us, but let it rent us in love please Father.

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PROPHECY- 'Preach My Gospel, My Son, To The Lands In Idolatry, I Have Spoken'

'Preach My Gospel, My Son, To The Lands In Idolatry, I Have Spoken'

“Buddhists don’t serve Me, My son. They serve themselves. All seek their own, they refuse to obey Me. That goes for Buddhists. They think that by worshipping idols they can gain enlightenment. What they gain actually is demonic power, My son. Demons go from one person to another, deceiving them according to the Buddhist scriptures. This has been going on for centuries, My son. Whole families and entire nations have been deceived this way. India is the worst, steeped in idolatry over thousands of years, not just Buddhism, but their indigenous false religions too. Many will go to Hell if nobody goes to tell them the Gospel. Multitudes are headed for Hell in idolatrous lands that worship the Devil. Behind every idol is a spirit that has been worshipped for thousands of years. Break the curse. Preach My Gospel. Maybe they will repent. Your LORD has spoken. Amen and amen.”

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Looking for a Complete VeggieTales Classic Collection?

Someone uploaded this a couple days ago. Most complete veggietales collection I can find out there

God bless!

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Christian Book Collection Downloads

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King James Bible Readings By Alexander 2.9 GB Download