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Welcome to /yuri/!
You will notice that the topics posted here aren't exactly yuri related. I created this board hastily since 8chan was rudely taken down by cloudflare. We're actually the former hobbies and discussion board /imouto/. I picked the name /yuri/ because I like yuri and I wanted to annoy some of my fellow board members. Sorry for the misunderstanding. If you're looking for a place to dicsuss and post yuri.
There you can post as much yuri as you want to!
1)Make sure that you are on the right board before posting.
2)No advertising, no one cares about your porn website.
3)Off topic thread will be deleted.
4)No illegal content per the global mods rules.
>Why do I have to keep filling out captchas every time I make a post?
There appears to be a glitch whenever you click on the Last 50 Posts in which you have to fill out a captcha each time you make a post. In order to avoid this, make sure to view the full thread when you make a post.

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New thread, "Australian tree sap" edition

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Come on the rising wind
We're going up around the bend

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Al gimnasio

Lift hard bros

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Las comidas

Fox no sabe cocinar.

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Café negro.

Dos tazas al día.

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Traps and femboys


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Whats for brekkie cunts? Mine was bolognese.
>Experts warn of continuing rental crisis amid claims landlords are hiking rents in response to interest rate rises
>Queensland man accused of shooting deaths faces court as lone survivor grapples with aftermath
>NSW's monkeypox vaccine rollout begins by targeting those most at-risk
>Barilaro to face parliamentary inquiry
>ARL to meet and decide grand final fate
>Discharge delays leaving patients stranded in hospital beds
>‘We’re in trouble’: Australia risks food insecurity, expert warns
>Revealed: car industry’s secret emissions plan would slow electric vehicle uptake
>Pocock wants forestry carbon credits scrapped in support for climate bill