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(62.05 KB 723x695 1664304074766991.png)
the /dump/ board is vandalized, fix it please Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 16:26 [Preview] No. 19011
I would like to make use of the already existing /dump/ board
But the last owner purposely vandalized it with custom css, by making the input form unusable

The common input fields, like subject, name, mail, comment, etc, have a custom css making them display: none;
It's possible to circumvent that vandalism by browser direct css editing, but that doeasn't change the board is currently vandalized

My test attempt which confirmed the input form still works but it's vandalized by css

Can any admin or site moderator clear the css vandalism? And remove the previous person responsible for the vandalism?
There are also some leftovers of porn spam vandalism, in addition to the css vandalism, could the porn spam be removed too by a site mod?

On a side note, I wouldn't mind taking ownership of that board myself, but I'm still waiting for the confirmation email to validate my account, which isn't coming at all

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 16:33 [Preview] No.19012 del
The porn spam seems to have been cleaned up, was that automatic?
The previous threads, including the porn spam ones, were dated around 2016

The input form in the catalog page is a little less vandalized, but the subject and file input fields are still hidden

Anonymous Admin 01/26/2024 (Fri) 16:34 [Preview] No.19013 del
Okay, we'll see what can we do about it.

Anonymous Admin 01/26/2024 (Fri) 16:37 [Preview] No.19014 del
Do you want to claim the board perhaps?

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 16:39 [Preview] No.19015 del
I would be interested in managing it, yes.

Anonymous Admin 01/26/2024 (Fri) 16:59 [Preview] No.19016 del
Make an account (usernames are case sensitive).
Send an email here, that you want to claim the board:
Usually it could take some time, but perhaps today we can transfer it to you.

Anonymous Admin 01/26/2024 (Fri) 17:44 [Preview] No.19017 del
Send the username too. (Don't forget it's case sensitive.)

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 18:16 [Preview] No.19018 del
sent email

I've also just discovered one more vandalism
it appears the /dump/ board is set to allow only 1 thread, so every new thread autodeletes the previous one

new thread
the previous thread 7 is already auto-deleted

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 18:19 [Preview] No.19019 del
Which also explains how all the previous porn spam suddently vanished after the first test thread was made

Anonymous Admin 01/26/2024 (Fri) 18:23 [Preview] No.19020 del
Board should be transferred to you now.
I have to note: what you describe isn't really vandalization. Both custom css and the thread limit are board settings, and legitimate to change. Granted it's not the usual way how boards look and behave.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 18:32 [Preview] No.19022 del
(45.93 KB 680x684 abstract feel.jpg)
>it's not the usual way how boards look and behave
It's an abstract kind of board.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 18:34 [Preview] No.19023 del
Thanks, I'm making it usable again

I called it vandalization because those previous settings were devised to make the whole board unusable
But yeah, that "act" woulodn't have been possible if the site settings didn't allow it to happen

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 18:53 [Preview] No.19024 del
(59.05 KB 500x375 2deep4u.jpg)
Could you share the CCS that makes a board unusable? I want to create my own board for the sole purpose of using that CCS. Call it a personal art project.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 18:56 [Preview] No.19025 del
(115.40 KB 1024x867 1702162888332459.jpg)
Something about:
table tr {display:none;}

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 19:19 [Preview] No.19026 del
Just wondering, is there a setting somewhere to allow images uploaded on a board to appear on the site index?
Or it's just a selected few boards to have that feature?

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 19:40 [Preview] No.19028 del
(9.45 KB 533x225 board settings.png)
Also, in the board settings, what does the little "2" stand for?
I couldn't find any reference about those, what are the max and default limits for each field marked with "2"?

Anonymous Admin 01/26/2024 (Fri) 19:40 [Preview] No.19029 del
Just set relevant dom elements to display: none.

The posted images do show up on the new images feed. Then disappear as other images get posted, the feed is live. When the site is very active some images might skip I imagine, and if displayed they won't spend much time like that.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 19:41 [Preview] No.19030 del
(114.32 KB 550x647 thanks jesus.jpg)
I think you have to be a SFW Christian board to have such privileges.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 19:44 [Preview] No.19031 del
images from /dump/ don't seem to show
Guessed it was that stopping images from showing up, and how are boards set to either sfw or nsfw?

But guess, for a matter of safety it would be better to keep /dump/ as it is, not showing images sitewide, i can't guarantee to be always ready to stop a sudden porn spam attack

Anonymous Admin 01/26/2024 (Fri) 19:51 [Preview] No.19032 del
I guess the 2s signify some footnote. I've no idea.
Maximum files, I think 5 the max.
Max file size is 350MB on paper. But even with JS disabled it's hard to upload a ~300 MB file. I managed couple of times. With JS on don't expect nowhere that. Still even a 100 MB is insanely large compared to other imageboards.
Thread limit is how many threads are allowed. I think 160 max.

There is a checkbox above the new images feed on the home page. For displaying NSFW boards (well, all boards really). If it is unchecked for you, then for you it won't show up.

Anonymous Admin 01/26/2024 (Fri) 19:54 [Preview] No.19033 del
See the last line in previous post.
If your board is set to NSFW, then the images will only show up if the NSFW checkbox is marked on the home page's new images feed.
That new images feed needs JS to work however. If on your browser it is turned off (like on Tor browser perhaps), then it won't display it to you.

Anonymous 01/26/2024 (Fri) 20:06 [Preview] No.19034 del
Yes, /dump/ right now appears to be set a nsfw
but how are the whole boards themselves set to either sfw or nsfw?
There doesn't appear to be a setting for that in the board settings, so I guess the whole board sfw/nsfw setting can be changed only by side mods and owners?

Anonymous Admin 01/31/2024 (Wed) 09:52 [Preview] No.19042 del
Ah, sorry for no reply. We're going to get the bottom of this, hopefully will can say more, or fix/change how NSFW/SFW is issued.

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 11:09 [Preview] No.19098 del
(88.88 KB 399x240 1702763974686124.png)
Hello, i'm here again for more problems
lately the moderation action of spoilering images isn't working anymore

before it worked like this:
-post images inside a thread appear as spoilered right after spoilering them by moderation
-OP images didn't spoiler right away after getting spoilered by moderation, but the change appeared only after the catalog got refreshed by a new thread or an other thread bump

how it works now:
-OP images remain unspoilered after getting marked as spoiler by moderation actions, and even after a catalog refresh the OP image remains unspoilered

examples (nsfw bot spam)
the image in that thread op was already spoilered by moderation actions, but it's yet not spoilered even after the catalog did change
this same bot spammer thread had the image just deleted because this no-spoiler issue started to be noticeable yesterday
>>>/dump/432 this was the first occurrence of this same bot spammer

I know I can just delete the rule-breaking images(that still works at least), and wide range ban the bot, but I'm interested to know why this specific spoilering action isn't working anymore, I'd rather still have that tool available if possible

Are OP images no longer be spoilerable only for /dump/ or is this happening on other boards too?
Has something changed in the site-wide page structure lately, and could that change be causing this?
Or what could otherwise be the cause of OP images no longer spoilering by moderation?

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 11:11 [Preview] No.19099 del
and just out of curiosity:
is there any way to unspoiler images?

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 11:14 [Preview] No.19100 del
also, i'm keeping the op image of >>>/dump/1122 unspoilered/undeleted for the mean time, even if it's clearly against site rules, only so that the admins can possibly test for themselves if the spoilering actions are working as intended or not

Anonymous Admin 02/11/2024 (Sun) 11:18 [Preview] No.19101 del
I'll try to make sense of that a bit later, but I have a question:
Why would you ban illegal content but not delete it? Please delete it next time. If you ban or not beyond that: whatever you like.

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 11:54 [Preview] No.19102 del
>Why would you ban illegal content but not delete it?
1) in the short term, spoilering rule-breaking images allows me to extract as much information from the bot post to better fine tune the anti-spam filters, while saving my mind from having to continuosly see mindrot images
2) in the long term, every illegal image and every post feeds into the r9k filter, building up an automatic and passive resistance for the board even when i'm not around, lessening the human moderation workload (it's building up an immunity system)
2b) having an automatic immunity system for a board doesn't reduce to zero the spam, but it makes it more annoying and more burdersome for any spammer to carry on their activities, i just like to spite the fuckers
3) allowing rulebreaking content to remain undeleted on the board, but spoilered so to avoid gore/porn shock flashing and saving the eyes of the random and innocent board visitor, allows any random board tourist to evalue by themselves how much the board is currently under attack from bots or from shills; i'd rather the random visitors to see what is really going on in the board even if that means having it more messy, rather than having the board be always perfectly tidy while the visitors have no clue of the minefield they are walking on (this reason also runs on the assumption that i'm fully expecting lots of spam to come to the board later on as the board progresses, and i'm trying to anticipate it in any way possible)

There are then few other reasons of lesser importance, but those run more on wishful thinking on my part than anything, so they're unimportant compared to the first ones.
Mainly because of (2) and (3) it's /dump/ board policy to never delete any post and any image, even when they are rule breaking, but to only spoiler them (as a soft removal) and to remove the malicious links, except in extreme cases where deletion is the only reasonable option.
For those reasons, I would very much like to still have the ability to spoiler OP images, which currently seems to be bugged.

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 12:04 [Preview] No.19103 del
a live example of reason (1) from the latest porn-bot-spammer: (now deleted >>>/dump/1122 )
it was finding out the ip of the bot spammer did come from sweden

and as for reason (3):
having the swedish flagged porn-spammer be openly visible was more valuable as proof for bystanders than any claim of my part that the bot-spammer was using a swedish ip

and for reason (2):
after the first bot-spam almost two weeks ago, the bot-spammer was nowhere to be seen for two weeks,
but only yesterday and today it came back after both the illegal image and the message were modified to don't be the same as the previous ones,
meaning the bot spammer was now getting forced to generate unique images and messages to get its spam to pass the filters (if the bot spammer wasn't doing it already)
meaning the passive filters were effective, in a first time in blocking the bot spammer, and in a second time in making it more burdersome for the spammer to continue the automated spam

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 12:07 [Preview] No.19104 del
But then again, regardless of any other options or reasons, I wish to see the OP image spoilering mod action to be properly working again

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 15:51 [Preview] No.19105 del
(152.23 KB 898x473 regular 1.PNG)
(32.68 KB 582x670 regular 2.PNG)
(109.94 KB 934x512 op 1.PNG)
(13.21 KB 912x249 op 2.PNG)
I have tested it on one of my boards, and it works perfectly fine, both for regular post images and thread OP images.
Regarding image spam, you can ban images by file hash, specifically on your board. Probably not very useful if the spammer keeps finding new shock content images, but at least it's something.

Anonymous Admin 02/11/2024 (Sun) 21:30 [Preview] No.19106 del
I understand what you wrote.
Thing is we scrub the spammed images from the database, so it'll disappear from your board too. On one hand we don't want illegal stuff on the chan, and on the other we don't want users' browsers downloading them accidentally, and on the third hand occasionally we get notices from the hosting company, CloudFlare, private online csam monitoring services, and governments that they found some fishy crap and they want it gone.

Heh, you are a cool fella.
The cp spam is posted on most days of a week. Sometimes it rests for longer than a coupe of days, but usually it doesn't. On an average day it is posted several times, on 8-12 boards. If we are lucky we can catch it right away and delete everything. Sometimes it stay up for a while, probably these are the occasions when you notice it.
He never does the spam from the same IP. Most likely he uses Tor on one of the clearnet domains.
The spam is ongoing for years now. And he does it on several imageboards. Probably everything was tried to stop if, with filters, hashbans and whatever. It's no use. The easiest thing to do is deleting it in timely fashion.

Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 22:57 [Preview] No.19107 del
Your tests seem to confirm the issue is limited to /dump/
I've tried to spoiler a new thread and the op image isn't spoilered after action, so the bug on /dump/ is still unresolved

wonder what may have changed in the board to generate this bug,
the custom css has not been changed in a long time, and the first case of the spoiler action not working was after the last css change, so the custom css shouldn't be the reason (i'll go check any css irregularities just to be sure)

For the record, I've noticed for the first time the spoiler-mod-action not working only yesterday, but what caused this bug may have happened before that, since the last spoilered thread was some time before that
The possible timeframe in which the bug did happen should be between:
02/10/2024 >>>/dump/1104 (the first time the spoiler action didn't work)
02/06/2024 >>>/dump/818 (the last time the spoiler action did work)

Ah I get it, I'll remove anything too questionable as to don't create problems for the site

Anonymous Admin 02/12/2024 (Mon) 11:06 [Preview] No.19111 del
(38.49 KB 691x368 spoil-error.png)
I also did some tests. On a board I own I can spoil images just fine, OP images ditto - takes a reload of the page to change the thumbnail to the spoilered one.
I couldn't test on /dump/, I got an error, tried on /test/ where same error appeared. I assume as a global I can't spoiler images.
>Are OP images no longer be spoilerable only for /dump/ or is this happening on other boards too?
Seems to be fine elsewhere.
>Has something changed in the site-wide page structure lately, and could that change be causing this?
>Or what could otherwise be the cause of OP images no longer spoilering by moderation?
I have no idea. Will think some more.

Anonymous Admin 02/12/2024 (Mon) 11:11 [Preview] No.19112 del

/dump/ bo 02/12/2024 (Mon) 11:38 [Preview] No.19113 del
(113.93 KB 870x425 op image spoiler bug.png)
I've reuploaded the custom spoiler image just in case (images stored in the database getting broken wasn't new), but the bug is still present on /dump/

Currently on /dump/:
-posts inside threads can be spoilered perfectly fine
example of regular post getting spoilered by mod-action: >>>/dump/1188
-op images instead remain unspoilered after action
example of op image not getting spoilered by mod-action: >>>/dump/1184 <- pictured, the site gives the notice that the image has been spoilered, but nothing really happens, and the image remains unspoilered

I've noticed the different layouts of your screenshots, makes me think this may be a browser compatibility issue, but it's strange, the spoilering of op images did work before, so it shouldn't be a browser compatibility issue, since nothing changed on my side in that regard.
I'll test the spoilering with a different browser just to be sure

Anonymous Admin 02/14/2024 (Wed) 19:32 [Preview] No.19117 del
We figured out spoilering is reserved for board staff, so that's not an error.
I don't think it's browser dependent.
What is the situation with spoilers now?
Do you have JS turned off?

Anonymous 02/14/2024 (Wed) 21:04 [Preview] No.19118 del
>What is the situation with spoilers now?
Nothing has changed for the better yet, OP images still can't be spoilered
>Do you have JS turned off?
I've tried to spoiler OP images both with and without JS, same result: I get a message that the image has been spoilered, but it's a false message as it remains unspoilered
I've also given a try with a different browser but it was a failure there too

If it's neither the browser, and neither the presence or absence of JS, what else could it be the reason? What other board specific settings are there which relate to spoilers?
Something has changed between 02/10/2024 and 02/06/2024 leading to this bug,
could it be a third party dependency inside the spoilering function which got updated by the third party library and which introduced some kind of incompatibility?
(i'm totally trying to guess, as i've no clue how the spoiler funcion is coded)

Anonymous 02/14/2024 (Wed) 22:58 [Preview] No.19119 del
Are you spoiling from "Moderate Thread" or somewhere else?

Anonymous 02/15/2024 (Thu) 12:48 [Preview] No.19123 del
The sequence of actions I do to spoiler an image are:
1) open the thread
2) click on "Moderate Thread", to enable the moderation actions
3) select the checkbox of the post to spoiler, in this case the OP post
4) click on the "Spoil files" button, from the actions panel at the page bottom (this action doesn't seem to require the captcha)
Then I get the "Files spoilered" confirmation message, then nothing happens
This same operation did work previously, these OP images were spoilered manually >>>/dump/432 >>>/dump/818 now it no longer works

Out of curiosity, there exist other places from where it's possible to spoiler, aside the "Moderate Thread" viewmode?

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