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Cewl Thread #9 Anonymous 05/13/2024 (Mon) 22:18 [Preview] No. 67979 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Opioid elf edition


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Anonymous 06/08/2024 (Sat) 01:22 [Preview] No.71228 del
shut up vamp, go back to spamming your thread.

Anonymous 06/08/2024 (Sat) 01:36 [Preview] No.71233 del
(69.00 KB 768x1024 1597377388912.jpg)
vamp literally invented all that shit with sammefagging included, she's probably not even a minor because she doesn't look like one either and elliot is a fucking retarded faggot
>and anyone defending you should be lynched
>muh war
>DUDE be a good goy and be productive for society!
i don't understand why anons keep falling for this meme, it's not like people are worth it, we are a literal cancer that spreads and destroys everything it touches. there will be nothing left alive in less than a thousand years for our cause, nigger

Anonymous 06/08/2024 (Sat) 12:18 [Preview] No.71358 del

Anonymous 06/08/2024 (Sat) 15:25 [Preview] No.71411 del

Anonymous 06/09/2024 (Sun) 00:10 [Preview] No.71526 del
i don't know about painting but at first glance it looks like a beginner's painting

(2.04 MB 640x1136 video.mp4)
/agatha2/ girls ranked from best to worst, based on everything Anonymous 03/11/2022 (Fri) 09:50 [Preview] No. 10757 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
1 - Kennedi
2 - Ashley
3 - (prime) Agatha
4 - Sunny
5 - Marky
6 - Lily
7 - Ciara
8 - Kelly
9 - Kasper
10 - Avery
11 - Erica
12 - Asteria
13 - Tahlia

The others aren't even worth mentioning.
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Anonymous 01/13/2024 (Sat) 10:48 [Preview] No.46627 del
You are unreasonably idealizing them. I've been friends with a few of them, even a big name, and overall it's a pretty terrible experience. They have too many people in their dms to genuinely care about any of them. You will be treated as an orbiter even if you make it clear that you don't want anything more than a platonic friendship.
You haven't missed out on anything. Only unbalanced relationships where you give 10 and receive 1 all the time.

Anonymous 01/13/2024 (Sat) 11:38 [Preview] No.46628 del
Fair enough. I'd say I idolize the experience everyone around them more than the girls themselves. The rational part of me already knows any friendship/relationship with them would be terrible in the long run. I'd probably be bitter from the experience, I just thought it would be better than how uneventful things have been for me over the years. But that drama isn't worth it.

Anonymous 06/04/2024 (Tue) 14:21 [Preview] No.70499 del
(192.23 KB 491x697 q7cCQou.jpg)
Ciara outshines everyone else in appearance so hard it's sad, making everything else unimportant and therefore winning effortlessly

Anonymous 06/04/2024 (Tue) 17:11 [Preview] No.70520 del
sunny's appeal was being underage. she had that soft, tight skin and chubby cheeks. the moment she grows up she will look average. ciara fogged her because she would've looked good even in her 20s

Anonymous 06/04/2024 (Tue) 22:58 [Preview] No.70567 del
Sunny's still cute but yeah she's nowhere near how she looked in her younger years. Maybe she shouldn't have lost the chub. It wasn't that bad and added to her attractiveness. The "Ms. Piggy" comments got to her.

(90.58 KB 2048x1448 fatjak.jpg)
Depression / Feels Thread Anonymous 08/04/2021 (Wed) 05:01 [Preview] No. 3912 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
let's hear your stories, bros. here's mine

>be NEET
>start orbiting e-girls when I was 15
>I'm now 30
>still NEET
>completely alone

boring I know but I wonder if anyone relates
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Anonymous 04/27/2024 (Sat) 02:00 [Preview] No.65557 del
Women don't like fit men because of attraction. They like fit men because it means you're a good slave. You work so hard she might be able to just suck you off once during the ten minutes at home you aren't eating or shitting! Hell she could stand to suck you off in the middle of the fattest shit of your life if you slave that hard!

This revelation has lead me to hate muscles

Anonymous 05/31/2024 (Fri) 00:58 [Preview] No.70011 del
Insane cope post even for here. That's like saying men like skinny women because they're good slaves since they have to deny themselves food.

Anonymous 05/31/2024 (Fri) 06:18 [Preview] No.70035 del
cope, what are you talking about

Anonymous 05/31/2024 (Fri) 11:34 [Preview] No.70043 del
Do you mean that women are primarily attracted to status/monetary value over beauty, personality, etc.? That's true

Anonymous 06/01/2024 (Sat) 07:51 [Preview] No.70166 del
My friend didn't show up for my birthday. He went drinking last night and was too hungover to come today. I'm still comfy though.

Anonymous 05/31/2024 (Fri) 04:12 [Preview] No.70025 del
Her taste in vidya is all over the place, she seems to like some decent stuff but then again she's into some other utter dogshit games as well. So tier 2 would be more or less accurate.

Anonymous 05/31/2024 (Fri) 05:12 [Preview] No.70029 del
I wouldn't be so sure
As redditors would say, bold of you to assume she doesn't send all sorts of shit to multiple guys

Anonymous 05/31/2024 (Fri) 05:25 [Preview] No.70032 del
She flicks her bean to the coffin of Andy and Leyley. Take that as you will

Anonymous 05/31/2024 (Fri) 15:20 [Preview] No.70064 del
Don't think so

Anonymous 05/31/2024 (Fri) 21:40 [Preview] No.70095 del

(39.16 KB 640x480 noriko.jpg)
zombiebeatz2000/noriko thread #2 Anonymous 03/24/2024 (Sun) 20:28 [Preview] No. 58249 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Anonymous 05/31/2024 (Fri) 20:59 [Preview] No.70088 del
Who was the first person to find ashleys address?

Anonymous 05/31/2024 (Fri) 21:50 [Preview] No.70099 del
the question that needs to be asked is how to conquer Ashley's heart 愛

Anonymous 06/01/2024 (Sat) 06:10 [Preview] No.70159 del
Someone make a new thread

Anonymous 06/01/2024 (Sat) 12:47 [Preview] No.70189 del
If anyone is going to make a new thread, do it with a photo of Ashley as an adult because there is no point in being stuck in such a distant past, she is a beautiful woman now explore this

bianca devins project m 06/25/2022 (Sat) 23:51 [Preview] No. 13486 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
new, more accurate, more concise thread.
gonna call this the BDP - bianca devins project.
i'm putting together a video essay about bianca devins.

i plan on telling an accurate story, detailing her online presence from the very beginning of her 4chan days up until the day she died.
including showing what a remorseless piece of shit she was and showcasing all the manipulation she did.
this is a passion project of mine, and i'll need help.
i'm looking for:

and things of that nature.

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Anonymous 06/26/2024 (Wed) 23:34 [Preview] No.75869 del
Theres been a new thread for a while

Anonymous 07/15/2024 (Mon) 08:24 [Preview] No.80128 del
what even is this typing. I can barely read it

Anonymous 07/17/2024 (Wed) 05:28 [Preview] No.80877 del
its called “crytyping” its a retarded way edgy teenagers write to try and get people to have “sympathy” for their shitty behavior

Anonymous 07/18/2024 (Thu) 21:23 [Preview] No.83014 del

This thread is now locked. Replies to posts here can be made in the current thread.

(598.84 KB 496x807 commieboo.png)
Vamp/commieboo the new r9k girl
https://www.tiktok.com/@commieboo [Embed]
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Anonymous 05/19/2024 (Sun) 02:11 [Preview] No.68677 del
(236.64 KB 720x539 1715719173652.jpg)
i knew that faggot was in this thread, he was probably behind the pedro posts too.
anyways, does this pic remind anyone of someone in particular?? i think she resembles a lot roz.

Anonymous 05/19/2024 (Sun) 02:50 [Preview] No.68691 del
there is definitely some resemblance there in certain features. they are both from the balkans so makes sense. I think she looks a bit like cewl in some ways too

Anonymous 05/19/2024 (Sun) 03:30 [Preview] No.68700 del
(697.14 KB 1440x1080 1715995382645.jpg)
yes i agree
here i drop more pics since vamp doesn't want to do her job as an e-girl .-.

Anonymous 05/19/2024 (Sun) 06:04 [Preview] No.68713 del
i think there are better pics for OP so i'll probably use something else

Anonymous 05/19/2024 (Sun) 06:22 [Preview] No.68716 del

(1.95 MB 2316x3088 IMG_2027.jpg)
Cewl Thread #8 Anonymous 05/06/2024 (Mon) 18:17 [Preview] No. 66640 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Painting edition


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Elliot 05/13/2024 (Mon) 21:46 [Preview] No.67967 del
I don't actually care about her now


Elliot 05/13/2024 (Mon) 21:48 [Preview] No.67968 del
replace "fiction" with "drugs" in your post and that's what your life is like

Anonymous 05/13/2024 (Mon) 21:51 [Preview] No.67970 del

Anonymous 05/13/2024 (Mon) 21:56 [Preview] No.67971 del

Anonymous 05/13/2024 (Mon) 22:19 [Preview] No.67980 del

Anonymous 05/07/2024 (Tue) 11:45 [Preview] No.66746 del
again, i'll wait for proof, it's up to you if you want to live in your fantasy world or not but it's up to you

Anonymous 05/07/2024 (Tue) 16:13 [Preview] No.66783 del
(223.43 KB 1280x960 1602467846926.jpg)
see anon, you're in so deep that you can't even come up with an original response and wouldn't know proof if it hit you square in the face. this is for your own good.

Anonymous 05/07/2024 (Tue) 17:17 [Preview] No.66795 del
He had a YouTube channel under his real name where you could hear his voice pre-hrt. His name is Brandon. He nuked the channel after 4chan found out about it some months ago. Maybe the clip is still around. Someonen on 4Chan had it saved as a WEBM and would post it in threads. Either way is the 4chan posts not enough proof? There are pre-trans photos of him too. The stuff he said on 4chan perfectly corresponds to stuff he's talked about in his streams.

Anonymous 05/07/2024 (Tue) 22:04 [Preview] No.66824 del
i accept your concession, anon

Anonymous 05/07/2024 (Tue) 22:48 [Preview] No.66833 del
in your state you don't have any other choice. enjoy your steak, anon.

(512.54 KB 574x559 doom.png)
What do YOU dislike about the orbiting community, anon? It may be on its last legs, but let's gather round the fire and reflect on mistakes, complaints, and everything that annoys us.

For me, I get annoyed at the amount of people (usually of a certain region of the world...) who make it harder to keep up with cute girls. It's fun to post about them but interfering with their lives just ruins EVERYBODY's fun. I also hate the superiority complexes people in the same threads will wield against each other as if we're not all in this pile of shit together for a reason.
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Anonymous 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:48 [Preview] No.43841 del
I dislike the stinky cheeto hands you have

Anonymous 02/01/2024 (Thu) 21:47 [Preview] No.47818 del
>people who try to push shitty instagram whores with 0 personality as egirls

Anonymous 04/26/2024 (Fri) 11:24 [Preview] No.65468 del
(1.18 MB 202x360 4541365146w.mp4)
Everything. Mainly because none of these girls are a 9 or 10/10 and the faggots just overrate them.

Anonymous 05/06/2024 (Mon) 00:16 [Preview] No.66554 del
There's nothing good about it in the first place. For me it's just a "depressive" phase. I play Warframe, I masturbate a lot or I obsess over bitches when I'm depressed or something. Is anyone else like me?

cewl 05/06/2024 (Mon) 20:36 [Preview] No.66689 del
noone can interfere with my life i live in hell
orbit me, op kun~