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Welcome to /agatha2/ Anonymous Board owner 05/30/2020 (Sat) 17:15:53 [Preview] No. 27 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
This is an adaptation of the former 8chan board and it's antecedent, /agatha/.
The general purpose of this board is to serve as a place for the discussion of e-girls and the sharing of their content.
Please keep to one thread at a time for each individual e-girl. When bump limit is reached you may make a new thread. Threads made in addition to a still active thread will be deleted.
If a thread for the e-girl you wish to discuss does not exist feel free to make one. When making a thread be sure to include the name and image of said girl in the OP.
If you want to talk about off-topic subjects do so only in a designated thread. If a thread for off-topic discussion does not exist make one.

Posts of an exceedingly low quality may be deleted.
Posters who exhibit persistently poor behaviour may be banned.
Any images containing nudity must be spoilered.

General Rules:
-Do not post, request, discuss, or in any way attempt to facilitate the sharing of illegal content
-No overtly lewd images or depictions of persons underage
-No doxxing
-Follow global rules at all times

Any user who violates these rules will be banned.

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Edited last time by Octave on 02/18/2021 (Thu) 15:33:18.
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Anonymous 05/07/2021 (Fri) 20:43:07 [Preview] No.1711 del
when was this? banned him for what?

Anonymous 06/05/2021 (Sat) 14:06:20 [Preview] No.1897 del
the absolute STATE of this board

Anonymous 06/19/2021 (Sat) 17:12:44 [Preview] No.2521 del
the lily and kennedi threads are almost entirely just one guy who is very unhealthy. i know where i am and to not moralize about health here but he genuinely shouldn't be enabled and he makes the rest of the board look even worse

Anonymous 06/20/2021 (Sun) 18:59:53 [Preview] No.2546 del
(180.20 KB 860x838 nigger cuck.png)
>the lily and kennedi threads are almost entirely just one guy who is very unhealthy. i know where i am and to not moralize about health here but he genuinely shouldn't be enabled and he makes the rest of the board look even worse

Anonymous 06/20/2021 (Sun) 21:23:00 [Preview] No.2560 del
you are mentally ill and unhappy. LOL

(55.40 KB 800x600 nazi kaya.jpg)
Sunny Thread #3 - Literal Nazi Edition Anonymous 03/29/2021 (Mon) 16:14:54 [Preview] No. 1488 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Anonymous 06/20/2021 (Sun) 04:19:40 [Preview] No.2540 del
The young witch studied her unfamiliar reflection. She held out her pale, foreign hands in front of her, a feeling of astounded elation floating in her chest. The appearance in the mirror was not Hermione's, but that of Draco Malfoy's. Her clothes and shoes discarded beside her on the bathroom sink next to an empty glass, she stood in the prefects' bathroom staring at herself in a stranger's body. Hermione turned around, then faced herself again and ran her hands over her chest... or was it really his, then? Malfoy's body was thin but just slightly muscular in the arms, most likely from his Quidditch playing, she commented to herself mentally, raising her eyebrows, and his, as she shamelessly looked at Malfoy's pale loins, which exceeded her expectations. At one point, Hermione had playfully explained Draco's rude and arrogant behavior with an assumption that he was "inadequate", but as she hated (or didn't) to admit, he had a very good body.

Hermione had stolen the ingredients for her own brewing of Polyjuice Potion from the Potion Master's stores for the second time during her education at Hogwarts - this time, without the knowledge of her friends Harry and Ron, and certainly not for any noble purpose, though once again concerning Draco Malfoy. While on her rounds after dark in the castle corridors, she'd broken into (or "checked in on", as she preferred to put it) Slughorn's office in the dungeons to steal ("borrow") the ingredients. She had taken to getting distracted by Draco's presence whenever she saw him. In the Great Hall, between classes, in Care of Magical Creatures and Potions... Fantasies built up in her head, distracting her from her studies, so that while she tried to maintain her status as the perfect student, she found herself glassy-eyed, wondering what was under Draco's robes. And to allieviate a bit of her own curiosity, Hermione took advantage of her genius to brew the difficult potion in secret. A piece of her hoped that as soon as she had become Draco and her curiosity disappeared, her fantasies and her irrational attraction towards the young man who'd belittled her and her friends and family for five years would disappear as well. But, much to Hermione's dismay, being handed a mental image of Draco's thin but fit body only fueled her fantasies further.

Ever since their sixth year at Hogwarts started, and Malfoy had hardly paid any mind to Hermione, she realized how much she missed his routine beratement of her. Her feelings for Ron didn't quite evaporate, but it seemed her subconscious mind had latched onto Draco. Now and then she spent many waking (and sleeping) hours of her leisure time thinking about Draco. Admittedly, the fantasies she often had during all hours of the day were mostly very plain. She'd never considered herself abnormal in any way when it came to her sexuality, and being entirely inexperienced, she had no way of knowing what she wanted beyond her sexual instincts. Deep down, Hermione knew there was no chance Draco would ever be loving or gentle towards her, even if he was interested in a "Mudblood" like her. However, there wasn't any harm in simply dreaming, she'd reassure herself. That is, until she brewed the potion.

Anonymous 06/21/2021 (Mon) 09:30:07 [Preview] No.2569 del
(17.68 KB 571x98 Screenshot .png)

Anonymous 06/21/2021 (Mon) 22:53:46 [Preview] No.2587 del
wanna slide an invite?

Anonymous 06/22/2021 (Tue) 00:50:38 [Preview] No.2589 del
Stop asking lol If anything interesting happens it’ll get posted here.

Anonymous 06/22/2021 (Tue) 01:13:16 [Preview] No.2590 del
don't have one. not sure if the server still exists

(197.17 KB 960x1280 1532075198754.jpg)
Anonymous 06/14/2021 (Mon) 01:08:47 [Preview] No. 2211 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Misc E-girl thread
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Anonymous 06/21/2021 (Mon) 20:28:12 [Preview] No.2583 del
lmao calm your tits broski lmao she died

Anonymous 06/21/2021 (Mon) 20:39:57 [Preview] No.2584 del
why not?

Anonymous 06/21/2021 (Mon) 20:52:20 [Preview] No.2585 del
doesnt really make sense in a miffy thread

Anonymous 06/21/2021 (Mon) 21:04:40 [Preview] No.2586 del
do you not know what "misc" means, ESL? it's not a Muffy thread.

Anonymous 06/21/2021 (Mon) 23:36:34 [Preview] No.2588 del
nice muffy rares fren

(123.83 KB 1080x1129 1601242966773.jpg)
kennedi thread Anonymous 03/29/2021 (Mon) 15:21:31 [Preview] No. 1483 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
post and discuss kennedi
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Anonymous 06/21/2021 (Mon) 14:18:56 [Preview] No.2575 del
Okay lol I was curious, you seem very defensive? It would definitely matter if I was going to date her, which I wouldn’t because she seems like dead weight.

Anonymous 06/21/2021 (Mon) 14:46:15 [Preview] No.2576 del
it doesn't matter
it will never matter

Anonymous 06/21/2021 (Mon) 15:14:16 [Preview] No.2577 del
That’s entirely up to the other person in the relationship, you can’t dictate whether it would matter to them or not. I get the feeling you’re Ken, but regardless why do you think it doesn’t matter? It might not matter to you but that’s a preference.

Anonymous 06/21/2021 (Mon) 15:15:31 [Preview] No.2578 del
i meant it doesn't matter because youll never date her and dont want to anyway

Anonymous 06/21/2021 (Mon) 18:50:15 [Preview] No.2581 del
I wonder what John Maus thinks of her

British cutie Lily
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Anonymous 06/19/2021 (Sat) 19:08:42 [Preview] No.2528 del
(23.92 KB 800x533 1601053189317.jpg)
(27.32 KB 494x600 1609215833179.jpg)
(1.36 MB 796x904 1609803521226.png)

Anonymous 06/19/2021 (Sat) 19:09:09 [Preview] No.2529 del
(507.74 KB 750x865 1614262502316.jpg)
(212.02 KB 750x440 1623965167501.jpg)
(18.66 KB 250x320 lily's legs.jpg)

Anonymous 06/19/2021 (Sat) 19:17:35 [Preview] No.2530 del
(572.06 KB 750x930 1586297312065.jpg)

Anonymous 06/19/2021 (Sat) 20:09:09 [Preview] No.2534 del
god she is so addicted to editing her pics. look at the floor boards in the leg pic. they're so warped. and her nose looks differently edited in every pic. her wrists are fatter than her legs are because she forgets to edit them consistently. creepy as fuck, tries looking like a little kid to pander

Anonymous 06/21/2021 (Mon) 10:08:22 [Preview] No.2573 del
all of her pics look like a fat girl trying to hide that she's fat

Tahlia General Anonymous 05/31/2020 (Sun) 22:24:44 [Preview] No. 29 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
what happened to her?
does she have a new youtube channel?
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Anonymous 06/10/2021 (Thu) 21:09:40 [Preview] No.2091 del

who is decwan

Anonymous 06/10/2021 (Thu) 22:51:05 [Preview] No.2098 del
a friend of Tahlia for years

Anonymous 06/16/2021 (Wed) 15:48:30 [Preview] No.2359 del

Anonymous 06/21/2021 (Mon) 03:00:45 [Preview] No.2565 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=zH-ma-2UqLA [Embed]

Anonymous 06/21/2021 (Mon) 10:02:17 [Preview] No.2572 del
lol wtf is this

asteriaa thread Anonymous 11/23/2020 (Mon) 22:08:35 [Preview] No. 239 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
post some rares
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Anonymous 06/18/2021 (Fri) 01:29:06 [Preview] No.2429 del
id love to motorboat her big fat fucking British tits id have so much fun

Anonymous 06/18/2021 (Fri) 05:38:34 [Preview] No.2452 del

Anonymous 06/19/2021 (Sat) 15:13:33 [Preview] No.2486 del
(83.97 KB 750x494 asteria.jpg)

Anonymous 06/19/2021 (Sat) 15:15:31 [Preview] No.2488 del
(221.26 KB 1080x1080 another one.jpg)

Anonymous 06/19/2021 (Sat) 15:16:21 [Preview] No.2489 del
(356.10 KB 482x847 T3.jpg)

(160.29 KB 1080x1350 1564499130844.jpg)
Marky Thread Anonymous 03/27/2021 (Sat) 07:20:56 [Preview] No. 1427 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
thread for beautiful angel marky
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Anonymous 06/17/2021 (Thu) 19:20:18 [Preview] No.2416 del
she looks her age, also 30 year old women dont even look that different from women in their 20s. its like youve never seen actual 30 year old women and assume once you turn 30 you turn into curdled milk as if its a magic number

Anonymous 06/17/2021 (Thu) 19:43:28 [Preview] No.2417 del
>and assume once you turn 30 you turn into curdled milk as if its a magic number
No, that happens when they turn 20

Anonymous 06/17/2021 (Thu) 22:19:57 [Preview] No.2424 del
post face
im sure youre as youthful and beautiful as ever and not totally covered in grease and pimples and premature wrinkles

Anonymous 06/17/2021 (Thu) 22:30:22 [Preview] No.2425 del

Anonymous 06/19/2021 (Sat) 10:42:09 [Preview] No.2477 del
So you admit you look old and busted, Marky? Ok then...

(862.20 KB 640x1136 1609827539193.png)
Avery Thread Anonymous 05/06/2021 (Thu) 19:33:06 [Preview] No. 1701 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
thread for avery
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Anonymous 06/16/2021 (Wed) 05:15:28 [Preview] No.2353 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=WwBL0UOw0Xk [Embed]

Anonymous 06/16/2021 (Wed) 18:21:56 [Preview] No.2360 del
Her proportions are so fucked up lmao

Anonymous 06/17/2021 (Thu) 00:47:03 [Preview] No.2375 del
lmfao whos that one lanky skeleton in a suit, animated

Anonymous 06/17/2021 (Thu) 03:02:28 [Preview] No.2380 del
jack skellington

Anonymous 06/19/2021 (Sat) 09:32:38 [Preview] No.2476 del
ewww she is too thin, she needs to get fatter

(961.02 KB 3264x2448 345345.jpg)
Kasper Thread Anonymous 01/23/2021 (Sat) 23:24:35 [Preview] No. 660 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Thread Dedicated to Monkey Rat Angel Kasper
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Anonymous 06/14/2021 (Mon) 01:09:57 [Preview] No.2213 del
(1.00 MB 1551x1080 1555123679395.jpg)
(1.22 MB 3264x1836 1604303393088.jpg)
(1.27 MB 3264x1836 1604303239373.jpg)

Anonymous 06/14/2021 (Mon) 01:11:16 [Preview] No.2214 del
(520.38 KB 720x1280 1593033901562.jpg)
(457.72 KB 2301x1827 1604304170082.jpg)

Anonymous 06/17/2021 (Thu) 04:06:13 [Preview] No.2386 del
(8.66 MB 960x720 bgl4hz.mp4)

Anonymous 06/17/2021 (Thu) 05:51:28 [Preview] No.2392 del

Anonymous 06/18/2021 (Fri) 13:55:54 [Preview] No.2464 del
imagine choosing to burn in hell because her friends think its cool to be a "lesbian" and "poly"

lmao, these people , its really sad