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(221.93 KB 576x245 Yoram Hazony.png)
PLAYING BOTH SIDES: America's Most Important Right-Wing Conference Of The Year Is An Israeli Influence Operation Reader 10/28/2021 (Thu) 01:22:55 Id: bfccef [Preview] No. 17872 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
From October 31st to November 2nd, the mother of all right-wing intellectual conferences is scheduled to be hosted in Orlando, Florida. The event, titled the National Conservatism Conference, will include keynote speeches from three Republican 2024 presidential contenders (Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley), a prominent billionaire (Peter Thiel), anda 2022 Senatorial favorite (J.D. Vance), whose campaign is being bankrolled by said billionaire. They are joined by 86 of the most prominent paleo-conservative, Traditionalist Catholic, neo-reactionary and conservative writers, academics and pundits in the United States. The conference is being hosted by an Israeli, Yoram Hazony, through his non-profit, The Edmund Burke Foundation. According to the description of the event, the National Conservatism Conference seeks to chart a new path for the American right, with a special focus on the "best path forward for a democratic world confronted by a rising China abroad and a powerful new Marxism at home." The section expresses interest in creating an "intellectually serious alternative to the excesses of purist libertarianism" that is "in stark opposition to political theories grounded in race." Yet despite the large number of Jews and even Rabbis set to speak at the conference, the Edmund Burke Foundation and Yoram Hazony do not mention a pertinent fact: the conference is a Zionist influence operation being directed from Jerusalem. According to The Edmund Burke Foundation's Form 990 tax filings obtained by National Justice, the group shares the same Israeli staff as the Jerusalem-based Herzl Institute: Yoram Hazony, Ofir Harvry, and Rabbi Raphael "Rafi" Eis. Burke Foundation employees not listed on the Herzl Institute's website, such as David Brog, belong to other pro-Israel activist groups like the Maccabee Task Force, whose sole purpose appears to be to fight Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns. The Herzl Institute is, according to its own description, a propaganda initiative that specializes in training Christian scholars to advance Israeli and Jewish interests around the world.

The link between the National Conservatism Conference and the Herzl Institute is not advertised but neither is it hidden. While scrolling through the Florida conference's website, a link to its 2016 inaugural event is openly hosted by the Herzl Institute, with the theme "Christian-Jewish Alliance: Reclaiming and Building Conservatism." Many of the speakers from the 2016 conference will also be speaking at the 2021 meeting. What adds intrigue to the nascent network of prominent right, even "far-right," thinkers that will be present at the Florida event is that it appears to signal a Jewish abandonment of traditional conservative sources -- Evangelical, libertarian, and so on -- for a new neo-conservatism that is Catholic, somewhat illiberal, and fixated on combating China. Some of the sponsors listed for National Conservatism 2021, such as The American Conservative -- which in the past has published numerous articles critical of Israel -- are surprising. Others represent the new reactionary tendency in American politics, such as Peter Thiel's Claremont Institute, along with the Catholic stalwart First Things. Many liberal outlets have commented on the rise of this new "reactionary right" as being centered in Hungary around the presidency of Viktor Orban, which deliberately ignores the Israeli nucleus that seems to bring all these disparate actors together. The Danube Institute, which is based in Hungary, is listed as a sponsor and represented at the conference through its president John O'Sullivan. Many Catholic and paleo-conservative figures present at the National Conservatism Conference such as Rod Dreher, Patrick Deneen, and others have recently been traveling to and from Hungary and meeting with prominent state figures there. One stark omission at the coming event is Tucker Carlson, who is arguably the most important right-wing figure in America at the moment. [continued]

Reader 10/28/2021 (Thu) 01:26:17 Id: bfccef [Preview] No.17874 del
Carlson was a keynote speaker at Hazony's event last year and has also been traveling to Hungary, yet he will not be present at this event. The Fox News pundit's high profile jousts with the Anti-Defamation League this year is undoubtedly playing a role in him not attending. Yoram Hazony's 2018 book, The Virtue of Nationalism, promoting what he believes are Anglo-Saxon liberal civic values as an alternative to both racial nationalism and leftism, quickly came and went without leaving much of an impact. Yet the low level Israeli academic's mysterious ability to introduce often ignored and fringe intellectuals in Catholic and neo-reactionary groups to European leaders, American presidential contenders, and deep pocketed billionaires is bound to undoubtedly influence their discourse on Jews and Israel as the conservative right and Republican party move on from Trumpism. - Eric Striker of National Justice reports


Reader 12/03/2021 (Fri) 18:53:27 Id: 4c1234 [Preview] No.17958 del
(45.36 KB 500x500 98c4w6.jpg)
(80.02 KB 1024x576 Éric Zemmour.jpeg)
(244.03 KB 2048x1456 vox.jpeg)
(38.88 KB 763x431 geert2.jpeg)
>PLAYING BOTH SIDES: America's Most Important Right-Wing Conference Of The Year Is An Israeli Influence Operation

Unsurprising. They always do something like that. Wether it be groups, politicians, or political parties.

Let's see

France = loaded with kikes or patsies all over you absolutely cannot criticize kikes in France. Eric Zemmour and Marine LePen are some examples

Spain = pro-israeli Vox among other parties

Netherlands = "Far-right" anti Muslim party literally headed by a half breed kike named Geert Wilders


And that's off the top of my head. Even Eastern Europe has the same problem. They always play both sides anon

(164.10 KB 705x470 evergrande.jpeg)
Chinese real estate group Evergrande's $300 Billion debt share could cause global economic collapse Reader 10/12/2021 (Tue) 22:56:33 Id: 4dd5c0 [Preview] No. 17841 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>Shares in the embattled Chinese property giant Evergrande have slumped again after two credit downgrades in as many days amid concerns that it will default on parts of its massive $300bn debt pile.

>Evergrande, which is one of the world’s most indebted companies, has seen its shares tumble 75% this year. They fell by almost 10% on Thursday morning before recovering on reports that the authorities may allow the company to reset its debt terms.

>Shares in the embattled Chinese property giant Evergrande have slumped again after two credit downgrades in as many days amid concerns that it will default on parts of its massive $300bn debt pile.
3 posts omitted.

Reader 10/13/2021 (Wed) 09:48:53 Id: f33b36 [Preview] No.17845 del
That's more billions in debt than Jeff Bezos's net worth. So much for Chinese "Communism" trying to apply Marxist corrupted Socialism which Karl never invented but stole the concept. It ends up not being Socialism at all, but extreme Capitalism. Of course the wise know you can't apply Marxist doctrine without 1984 consequences. Fools cling to it anyway. The majority of retail items in the United States are "Made in China". If China collapses, the U.S. collapses. When starvation hits after hyperinflation and kikes in authority and media positions start fleeing the nation, we'd better rise before Bolshevism and Holodomor is repeated.

Reader 10/18/2021 (Mon) 22:13:57 Id: 3fc24b [Preview] No.17857 del
(301.99 KB 595x470 ocllt.png)
(225.62 KB 1352x391 chinaexpose.png)
>That's more billions in debt than Jeff Bezos's net worth.
China's a mess/ a paper tiger. Like israel both run by the same people. It may look "mighty" on the outside, but it has too many problems going on to be an actual thread. That and the fact that it's compromised

> It ends up not being Socialism at all, but extreme Capitalism.
China basically has ultra dog eat dog capitalism + slave labor from an inexhaustieve supply of cheap laborers. It's pretty bad. The salaries are pretty bad along with retirement plans there

>If China collapses, the U.S. collapses.

Who knows? I think most countries will be fine.
But probably because, like the cold war, both sides are owned by the same group

Reader 10/18/2021 (Mon) 22:35:03 Id: 3fc24b [Preview] No.17861 del
>5th picture

The Romanov's are back to having Royal Weddings in Russia by the way. Didn't know if I should make a new thread for this or just post it here





So all that communism shit resulted in pretty much nothing because people still prefer the "old ways" of Europe + Europe still has royalty/nobility around it. And nobody in Eastern Europe misses commie regimes either. Except from senior citizens I think

Reader 11/15/2021 (Mon) 20:14:26 Id: 382561 [Preview] No.17913 del
>Except from senior citizens
brainwashed* senior citizens
I have some in my small nation too

Reader 11/23/2021 (Tue) 00:04:46 Id: 02cca6 [Preview] No.17934 del
>brainwashed* senior citizens
>I have some in my small nation too

You must be from Eastern Europe then. I'm really sorry for all the stuff your ancestors must have gone through. I know a few people from Eastern Europe, so I know how things go around there.

(221.82 KB 1024x683 hideous jew gremlin.jpg)
jew CDC Head Announces Plan to Brainwash Unvaxxed People Reader 10/28/2021 (Thu) 00:55:39 Id: dad33e [Preview] No. 17870 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Appearing on Fox News Sunday, the CDC Director Rochelle Walensky declared that the Biden regime is planning to provide vaccine hesitant police and other government workers with “education and counseling” to make them “comfortable” about taking the shots. Walensky told Chris Wallace that “We have seen that these mandates are getting more and more people vaccinated. What we know from the police workforce is there have been more deaths from the coronavirus over the last year and a half than all other causes of death for that workforce combined,” she claimed, adding “So we believe it is very important to get these people vaccinated.” Then came the kicker. “There is a plan, should these people not want to be vaccinated, towards education and counseling to get people the information they need so that they are feeling comfortable in getting vaccinated,” Walensky declared.

Police and firefighters all over the U.S. have formed resistance groups against the vaccine mandates, and many officers have made videos of themselves signing off after being forced to resign. Washington State trooper Robert LaMay, who infamously signed off after 22 years in the job by telling Democrat Governor Jay Inslee to “kiss my ass”, has warned that the Biden administration has “awoke the sleeping giant,” and that “extreme” numbers of police are walking off the job. Former Cincinnati and Detroit police chief James Craig told Tucker Carlson last week that “This is all by design. It’s not by accident,” further declaring that Democrats forcing good cops out of their jobs is a continuation of the “utterly ridiculous defund the police” agenda.


(131.24 KB 625x399 897.jpg)
(642.63 KB 608x486 unnamed.png)
(91.03 KB 607x304 gasparro1.jpg)
(89.29 KB 608x342 the-herp.gif)
jewish Cop Killer And Child Abuser To Avoid Death Penalty By Claiming Judge Hates jews For No Reason Whatsoever Reader 10/14/2021 (Thu) 19:53:14 Id: 7b0667 [Preview] No. 17848 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
A Jew who was serving a 30-year sentence for beating an infant almost to death — and then murdering a police officer while attempting to escape from prison with six other inmates — will be granted a new trial in an attempt to overturn his death sentence because — his army of 100 pro bono Jewish attorneys claim — the presiding judge in his trial “hated” Jews for no reason whatsoever.

Randy Halprin, 44, was originally set to be executed on Oct. 10, 2019 but won a stay from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals after he alleged that the judge who presided over his 2003 murder trial was biased against Jews and referred to him using anti-Semitic slurs, including “fuckin’ jew” and “kike.” The stay sent Halprin’s case back to Dallas County, where Judge Lela Lawrence Mays heard Halprin’s arguments in June and this week issued a decision granting Halprin a new trial. [I'm not going to include the rest of negro cuck to kikes Lela Mays bullshit]

Several Jewish groups got involved in Halprin’s case in recent years as he sought a new trial. The American Jewish Committee, Central Conference of American Rabbis, Men of Reform Judaism and Union for Reform Judaism were among those filing a joint amicus brief in support of Halprin’s 2019 appeal, and more than 100 Jewish lawyers in Texas signed on. The brief made the case that the appeal was not about Halprin’s guilt, but about Cunningham’s antisemitism.

This is a textbook example of how Jews have perverted the American justice system — a cop killer and psychotic child abuser could escape the death penalty because the judge allegedly called him a name that he found “offensive.” Is it fair to ask whether or not Halprin’s “Jewishness” has anything to do with his abuse of a child? This case is yet another example of how when Jews attempt to combat “antisemitism,” they always seem to manage to create even more antisemitism. Prior to his participation in the murder of a police officer during his escape, Halprin was in prison serving a 30-year sentence for the psychopathic abuse of a 16-month-old infant, breaking his arms and legs, fracturing his skull and beating his face until one eye filled with blood — he must have thought the baby called him a “kike” — or burbled something that sounded like “kike.”

We have to wonder how many times during his incarceration other prisoners have called Halprin a “kike” — or “Jew boy” — or any other racial term of endearment. But does referring to Halprin as a “fucking jew” in any way impinge on his ability to freely practice his religion? — After all, the foundation of Judaism — and secular Jewish identity — is that all Jews — from cradle to the grave — believe that they are hated by all non-Jews For No Reason Whatsoever™. Antisemitism™ is a “law of nature” — without which Jews would have no identity — an identity that is so nebulous and fragile that Jews actually fear they would lose their sense of “peoplehood” without the constant threat of antisemitism™. The Jewish “holy” book — the Talmud — is clear on this point — when a Jew kills a “goy,” no crime has been committed:
Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no death penalty.

And the Talmud exonerates Halprin against the charges that he abused a child prior to the commission of the murder:
Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals.

From the perspective of Jewish law, Halprin’s only “crime” is that he brought unfavorable attention on his fellow Jews:
Moed Kattan 17a: If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 10/18/2021 (Mon) 22:18:02 Id: 389c28 [Preview] No.17858 del
It's to be expected. (((those people))) have probably had the same thing happen for centuries, so they already know what B.S thing to say and get out of trouble. Doubt this is his first time doing something so looney

(321.75 KB 1248x2048 ADL.jpg)
Gab CEO Andrew Torba: ‘ADL Is Anti-Christ, Anti-White, Anti-American’ Unregistered Foreign Agent Of Israel Reader 10/14/2021 (Thu) 18:54:38 Id: 94f830 [Preview] No. 17847 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab — a free speech social media platform — which the Anti-Defamation League has repeatedly accused of allegedly promoting “hate speech” — pushed back against the ADL, accusing it of abusing its “Jewish privilege” as an unregistered foreign agent and propagandist for Israel:

On Tuesday, the Gab social media network sent an email out to members in response to demands by the ADL that the FBI probe the platform for allegedly allowing anti-Semitic content to be uploaded without restriction. The ADL also cited comments by Gab CEO Andrew Torba earlier this year against prior criticism from the ADL, in which Torba vowed never to censor comments on the platform. “We will never bend to their demands and we will never censor legal 1A [First Amendment]-protected speech that hurts the ADL’s feelings,” Torba was quoted as saying. “Jesus is king.” Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL chief and a former Obama administration official, called Torba’s response earlier this year “thinly veiled anti-Semitism.” “As our open letter makes clear, Gab is not moderating this extremist content, and their CEO seems to be encouraging users to upload it.”

Torba fired back Tuesday, writing to Gab users that the ADL enjoys “Jewish privilege”, and accused the organization of anti-Christian, anti-white bigotry. “I often wonder if this repeated pattern of the ADL smearing and attacking good Christian people as ‘anti-semitic’ is a result of their profound Christophobia or if it’s just merely an expression of their Jewish privilege,” Torba wrote. “Gab will never bend the knee to hateful extremist organizations like the ADL.” Torba also accused the ADL of working as an unregistered foreign agent of the Israeli government. “The ADL is an anti-Christ, Anti-American, and Anti-White hate organization. They should be registered as a foreign agent under Foreign Agents Registration Act for their operation in the United States on behalf of foreign interests in Israel.”

Of course, the ADL worked hard to ignore and suppress an unpublished government report — submitted to Congress by the U.S. Department of Congress — that contradicted any and all of the ADL’s false claims that online “hate speech” results in real life “hate crimes” — especially about so-called “White supremacists.“ And the ADL has never acknowledged that over 70% of all reported “hate crimes” turn out to be hoaxes — and Jews are among the greatest purveyors of staging fake “hate crimes.” And while there is no doubt that the Anti-Defamation League is an out-spoken and unapologetic mouthpiece and defender of the foreign state of Israel, the U.S. State Department will never require them to register as agents of Israel because of their “Jewish privilege” established during the JFK administration.

Back in 1962-63, then-Attorney General, Robert Kennedy attempted to force the American Zionist Council — the precursor to the American-Israeli Political Action Committe (AIPAC) — to register as a foreign agent of Israel. At that time, Senator J. William Fullbright’s investigation had uncovered massive amounts of Zionist lobbying money pouring into American Jewish organizations — like the AZC and ADL — but the murder of John Kennedy in 1963 put an end to this scandal, and any U.S. opposition to Israel’s quest to develop a nuclear arsenal. Of course, the Mossad and Zionist groups in America never forgave Robert Kennedy for exposing and opposing them — and they made sure he would never become president and reopen the investigation into his brother’s murder — or the Israeli hand in it.


(501.93 KB 1080x608 Real Life Ripper.png)

Milley assured China in days leading up to 2020 election and after Jan. 6 that he would tip them off to any U.S. military action, according to book "Peril."

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley staged a coup against President Donald Trump in the days leading to the fraudulent 2020 election and in the days after January 6, according to a new book.

The book, called “Peril,” by journalist Bob Woodward and Washington Post reporter Robert Costa, claims Milley made two top-secret phone calls to Communist China assuring that he would tip them off in the event of an attack by the U.S.

From The Washington Post:

One call took place on Oct. 30, 2020, four days before the election that unseated President Trump, and the other on Jan. 8, 2021, two days after the Capitol siege carried out by his supporters in a quest to cancel the vote.

The first call was prompted by Milley’s review of intelligence suggesting the Chinese believed the United States was preparing to attack. That belief, the authors write, was based on tensions over military exercises in the South China Sea, and deepened by Trump’s belligerent rhetoric toward China.

“General Li, I want to assure you that the American government is stable and everything is going to be okay,” Milley told him. “We are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

1 post omitted.

Reader 09/14/2021 (Tue) 23:49:47 Id: c1a1c3 [Preview] No.17790 del
Trump responds >>17789

Reader 09/15/2021 (Wed) 07:16:59 Id: 3f7ae0 [Preview] No.17791 del
This ain't coup d'état.
Where are those times when wars were preceded by their declaration?

Reader 09/15/2021 (Wed) 11:22:12 Id: 295db7 [Preview] No.17792 del
(1.71 MB 3335x1651 Trump is Ashkenazi.jpg)
(353.73 KB 970x1601 family tree.png)
(597.02 KB 983x1201 1499275729901.jpg)
(491.77 KB 691x539 9.png)
>other sources: CNN

Reader 09/17/2021 (Fri) 02:20:22 Id: 862e26 [Preview] No.17796 del
yeah kikesrael did something similar 2 decades ago OP. And more times before and after that

FBI Director Skinner Hunts X Files CNN Tapes Mulder's Schnoz 02/06/2021 (Sat) 18:05:35 Id: 3d29c7 [Preview] No. 16966 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
"All 56 FBI field offices are engaged in a huge investigation that ranks alongside the biggest the bureau has conducted. As Michael Sherwin, acting US attorney for Washington DC which is leading the hunt, has put it: “The scope and scale of this investigation are really unprecedented, not only in FBI history but probably DoJ history.”

FBI Assistant Director Walter Sergei Skinner is a fictional character in the Fox science fiction-supernatural television shows The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen portrayed by American actor Mitch Pileggi. Skinner supervised the X-Files office, which is concerned with cases with particularly mysterious or possibly supernatural
2 posts omitted.

Colonel Balls 02/07/2021 (Sun) 04:27:08 Id: 3d29c7 [Preview] No.16972 del
(205.21 KB 720x400 skinned1.gif)
(4.62 MB 875x534 rockem1.gif)
Well, Walter Sergie Skinner, was an United States Marine just like Lee Harvey Oswald was. That's all I know. This DC head lawyer sounds like some backwoods rube, if what you say is true. By the way of course, fuck wikipedia but it is useful for some stuff as long as you are using it to skewer the jews, as did Jesus, although he did not even have the Internet. and would he allow the FBI into his paradise? I think not. OC chops for you lets hope at least one titled illegal shmuck of the crap pile called lawyers can do right.
The X Files exist my friend.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=RUP4dCucVnY [Embed]

FBI Fails to Investiagte OSHA or Any Criminal Orgs in the USA Tardus 08/25/2021 (Wed) 14:06:44 Id: 2f2b0a [Preview] No.17757 del
Rather than make a new thread about OSHA quietly removing the policy that employers should record and report vaxx illness. I figured I would just bump one of my favorite threads that you guys never really sunk your teeth into.
No seriously, if you get clots or anything that causes damage, as a side effect of your employer threatening to fire you if you didn't get the shot, well, you're fucked. OSHA says it's not the employer's fault, for being a weasel and a dickhead pushing this shot lock step plan.
"The requirement to record "days away from work" would have been most applicable to COVID-19 vaccinations. Although the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that severe allergic reactions to vaccines are rare, many people have reported experiencing mild "flu-like" symptoms that may require a day or two of rest.
OSHA's initial guidance did not provide an exception for mild symptoms or days that employees may miss while out on a flexible leave policy, Hulse observed. Now that the requirement has been lifted, he said, employers can be more flexible with providing time off from work to recover from the vaccine.
OSHA may change its directive in the future but said it will practice its discretion and won't enforce the recording requirements through May 2022. "

Tardus 08/25/2021 (Wed) 15:36:51 Id: 2f2b0a [Preview] No.17758 del
whoops meant to bump

Reader 09/12/2021 (Sun) 08:17:40 Id: 62b45f [Preview] No.17785 del
Well Tardus I'm not the most knowledgable guy around, but I ain't the one to let something slip if I can gain some knowledge out of it.
PS: I didn't undestand a thing from this thread. Should I go watch the X-files? Maybe I'll have to ponder about it a bit, I'm a bit slow, but I always get to port.
>The X Files exist my friend.
Well they do like to rub it in our faces.

Endchan Audience Not Up On CIA Shitshow X Files: World Rolls Collective Eyes Tardus 09/21/2021 (Tue) 11:24:49 Id: f9ab02 [Preview] No.17807 del
(47.89 KB 332x500 mancuso1.jpg)
>I didn't undestand a thing from this thread. Should I go watch the X-files?

Chris Carter is a CIA glowmeister.
The show is what it is, literally they dredged up everything they could think of. In one episode, Sbufaluppaghus walks by in the background if you pause it real quick.
My friend, why don't you give us some data on yourself rather than asking for some tutelage. If you seem fake, your shit will be deleted faster than Il Duce's speeches. Anyway I haven't read any of them but I hear they were
[gangster voice] "Pretty good."
Dude, my broshep, if I am snarky it is because I have a lot on my plate ATM, so, if you have questions, ask them. As to if you should watch the show, good luck downloadiung all the episodes because as of this year, DMCA assbrains and their lawyer attack dogs, are shutting down people's internets.
So this thread hit a nerve and you won't have [thing whatever] in the future, so, crunch time's coming dude. NOW IS THE TIME to ask questions if there is info you lack.

(220.76 KB 726x785 greenberg.jpeg)
New FBI Initiative Will Put "Hate Crime" Quotas On Local Law Enforcement Reader 08/02/2021 (Mon) 12:38:02 Id: 24b4dd [Preview] No. 17715 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The Department of Justice and the FBI have a message for local police departments: start charging more white people with hate crimes or invite an investigation. Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta told an assembly of FBI agents yesterday that they are now tasked with hounding police departments in their district if they do not register any "hate crimes." Gupta and FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the Criminal Investigative Division (((Jay Greenberg))) have declared "hate crimes" by "racially motivated violent extremists" (a euphemism generally reserved for right-wing white men) to be a national threat priority -- a rare designation. According to (((Greenberg))), the FBI will be increasingly specialized in pursuing "hate crimes" through increased training in the matter, an aggressive media campaign designed to recruit victims in "underrepresented and targeted populations," and putting federal pressure on local law enforcement to charge and report hate crimes when they otherwise wouldn't.

Hate crimes laws are political and racially motivated. Blacks and jews are heavily overrepresented as supposed victims in the FBI's "hate crime" database, while whites are charged at higher rates than general crime rates. Blacks are rarely charged with hate crimes when they commit bias crimes against whites. For example, last month a black man who shot five white men in a multi-state shooting spree told police his sole motive was that he hated white people, yet neither local prosecutors or the FBI have charged him with a hate crime. According to the FBI's 2019 hate crime report, blacks are 49% of victims of racial bias while jews are 60% of crimes motivated by religious animosity. Most of the blacks in the data were victims of "intimidation," an often Constitutionally dubious charge. A large number of reported hate crimes targeting both blacks and jews are hoaxes, as seen in famous cases like the Jussie Smollett incident and the thousands of bomb threats targeting jewish community centers that were the work of a jew in Israel.

Just [July 28th], a white man was charged with "ethnic intimidation" for putting up stickers that say "I Love Being White." The FBI wants more police departments to exploit the legal gray area and lack of First Amendment advocacy groups for white dissidents to juke crime statistics and distort the reality of crime. Blacks commit roughly 90% of violent interracial felonies, a statistic the Critical Race Theorists at the FBI find inconvenient. The mad rush for white racists at the FBI is bound to cause more embarrassments for the increasingly discredited agency. Last year, the theater put on by the FBI over NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace's "noose," which turned out to be a hoax, served to reveal the hyper-politicization and lack of seriousness at the Bureau.

1 post omitted.

Tardus 08/02/2021 (Mon) 15:40:41 Id: cfcf82 [Preview] No.17718 del
This shit is making me want to do nothing but memes between now and Christmas. Stimulate me I don't need much for rent, heh.

Tardus 08/02/2021 (Mon) 21:53:53 Id: cfcf82 [Preview] No.17719 del
and this..

Florida Sheriff's Office Now Notifying People It Will Be Inflicting Its Pre-Crime Program On Them
"“You may wonder why you were enrolled in this program,” the letter continues. “You were selected as a result of an evaluation of your recent criminal behavior using an unbiased, evidence-based risk assessment designed to identify prolific offenders in our community. As a result of this designation, we will go to great efforts to encourage change in your life through enhanced support and increased accountability.”

Reader 08/03/2021 (Tue) 16:50:47 Id: 24b4dd [Preview] No.17720 del
(61.71 KB 709x353 found the kike.jpg)
>The stated goal of the Sheriff's "pre-crime" program was, in the department's own words, to make targets so miserable they either moved or sued the Sheriff's Office.
>multiple visits from officers who do little more than try to coerce people into consenting to unlawful searches ​
>and write out nuisance citations for things like missing mailbox numbers or uncut grass
Holy shit, this sounds fucking obnoxious.
>The Sheriff's Office has since spun this off to include students at public schools,
>presumably to prep kids for a future of pointless harassment by law enforcement officers
I remember something like that when I was a teenager. Everybody was crying about "black peepo bein harrassed by da poleese". Meanwhile, us peach skins were frequently stopped and patted down by negro or beaner police.

Reader 08/05/2021 (Thu) 04:31:33 Id: 74ee1b [Preview] No.17723 del
(124.87 KB 280x283 bssss.png)
Actual criminals already bribed the FBI for them to keep doing whatever they want. On the other side, feds also will continue to do their illegal bullshit without anyone stopping them (Like arming drug dealing criminals and running pedo entrapment sites)

So that leaves them with a lot of free time in their hands. And 0 justification for a high agency budget. And that's where "hate crime" convictions comes in.
They're just going after "low hanging fruit" I believe the phrase is. Just people who they know they can convict over bullshit charges and get away with it

Entire thing sounds retarded anyway. Hate and repulsion are natural human sentiments. Like hating pests that crawl inside your flat to infest the place

Reader 08/05/2021 (Thu) 04:33:18 Id: 74ee1b [Preview] No.17724 del
(((he))) just had to bring up NSDAP for no reason. He didn't insult Hitler at least. Maybe it would have been too obvious

(10.59 KB 500x300 net2.jpeg)
(69.01 KB 976x549 net1.jpeg)
Bye Bye BiBi. Netanyahu ousted as israeli PM after 12 year rule Reader 06/21/2021 (Mon) 23:51:43 Id: 2fe60e [Preview] No. 17683 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>Israel’s longest-serving leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been ousted from office by a loose coalition of rivals from across the political spectrum, united by their wish to end his 12-year run in power.

>The opposition leader, Yair Lapid, a centrist former TV news anchor, won a confidence vote in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, by a razor-thin advantage of 60-59 seats on Sunday evening.

>Lapid will not initially become prime minister. Instead, under a power-sharing agreement, his former foe and far-right advocate for the settler movement in the Palestinian territories, Naftali Bennett, was sworn in as the country’s leader.

>The self-described “government of change” is a mix of ideologically opposed politicians from hardline Jewish religious nationalists to a small Arab Islamist party.

>Speaking after Bennett, Netanyahu struck a different tone, first boasting that he had transformed Israel “from a marginal country to a rising force” and then slamming Bennett as weak in comparison.

>Sever Plocker, a columnist for Israel’s leading daily newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, wrote that Netanyahu was ultimately responsible for his own downfall.
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Reader 08/21/2021 (Sat) 21:02:15 Id: 78e2d2 [Preview] No.17744 del
>Didn't see anything about this on 4/pol/
Man that place is really slippin'

Reader 08/22/2021 (Sun) 13:54:33 Id: 4ef972 [Preview] No.17748 del
(43.50 KB 324x469 346783.jpg)
Ok. Show me where you used the "dictator" buzz-word before that post. Here's a tip: You didn't. No-one's here to read your mind. Even though you're shit at English, you're obviously also scattered in thought because you're brainwashed. I said Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu where the last Commies in power in Romania because you put up images of them. Do you actually think we're for Vladimir Putin's regime? He's a kike as much as the violent Bolsheviks who starved Russians. Hitler saw that the Allied brutally murdered Mussolini and Clara Petacci so he decided he wouldn't be taken alive. Revolutionaries who massacre women aren't brave. They're pathetic cowards.

Go ahead. Tell everyone how you feel about this man.

Reader 08/24/2021 (Tue) 23:51:57 Id: 2fe60e [Preview] No.17755 del
>2 days later
>still no answer from

As expected

Reader 09/02/2021 (Thu) 00:50:01 Id: 5c2f2f [Preview] No.17774 del
Maybe get rid of this picture or the entire post Board Owner


He's never going to answer by the way. Might as well get rid of it

Reader 09/02/2021 (Thu) 01:20:01 Id: 5c2f2f [Preview] No.17776 del
(127.49 KB 479x600 cover.jpg)
If any actual Russians are here, read this book before getting angry or posting here


https://youtube.com/watch?v=wrB9y2LsnGw [Embed] [Embed]

These are the real (((bad guys))), not us.
They currently rule over you now as absolute despots.

(428.37 KB 1200x686 prisonplanet1.jpg)
Tyrannical Assregimes Unite as Iran Becomes Chinese Colony Tardus 03/28/2021 (Sun) 17:00:15 Id: bc10d7 [Preview] No. 17445 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
China recently swore 25 years or marital government fealty to the lousy Iranians.
How incompetent are these tyrants? Can they do anything right?
How much do these untalented gimps plan to ruin the world between now and 2046? Do they both plan to rain spacejunk down on us? Do they want the USA to give them warhead tech like our US Congress did during Chandra Levy era? Check out Chinagate and the Cox Report on mid 1990s sellout of US nuke tech to the chicoms. Our Israel first congress literally builds up the enemies of America. Every communist and islamic front is a junkyard. Next I am sure chicoms will be praying in the street like the shameless muslims do.
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Reader 05/07/2021 (Fri) 23:25:17 Id: 1dc4e7 [Preview] No.17592 del
(1.79 MB 1056x2880 1510724279786.png)
China my ass. Communism will never go against jews. It's their love child. Those chinks have had a sweet deal in the U.S. going on for decades. Chinese make almost everything. Or have you not seen the "Made in China" labels everywhere? I keep posting this image yet people keep missing it.

Reader 05/08/2021 (Sat) 09:35:06 Id: 617b67 [Preview] No.17593 del
>Communism will never go against jews.
And you can take that to the grave, never trust a commie.

Reader 05/17/2021 (Mon) 13:56:05 Id: 776ad3 [Preview] No.17616 del

Reader 06/03/2021 (Thu) 14:41:25 Id: 360a6c [Preview] No.17651 del
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Stiff Upper Everyone Some Will Make It And They Will Remember Our Courage Tardus 08/26/2021 (Thu) 13:39:30 Id: ce08de [Preview] No.17761 del
Thanks man, great vid.
IMO the english language speaking people of Earth are its true holders.
All English colonies all Americans, everyone who adheres to English or tries to learn it, even these mexicans that flee their homelands to come here and swing hammers, at least the good ones try to fucking learn and speak English. The ones that do, have done a good part to keep civilization alive. Probably it would be best if all Spanish nations switch to english, let's face it. If Mexico switched to English they'd do better.
All wars are language wars, script wars, alphabet wars. Cyrillic versus Latin versus Greek versus Hebrew and so on. The future will yearn to gaze into our time, and they will study ENGLISH to know us.
English is what George Washington spoke, and I stand with him, he is my true founding father, and he understood well. Sayeth he:

"Christians will die on their feet rather than on their knees."